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Chapter 622: One Sword Stroke Versus Death Arbiter

Chapter 622: One Sword Stroke Versus Death Arbiter

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"You wanna go!? Let’s have a go!"

Unable to resist the provocation of Death Arbiter, all 13 members of Lone Desert Smoke present there had jumped at him altogether.

"Wah! 1 v 13?!"

"Death by a player’s hands would result in all experience points lost!"

"That man is bold! He could lose any one of his equipment!"

"That is what I call, balls of steel!"

The spectating players started to chat. The cheers and claps were directed towards the brave. Naturally, in that sort of situation, the audience was cheering for Death Arbiter. Liu Wei and his guild members enjoyed the show.

Zhang Yang laughed bitterly. Even though it was 13 players fighting against Death Arbiter, all 13 players were at a huge disadvantage. The highest leveled player then was only Level 110, the lowest being Level 102. At most, the strongest player there would be wearing Violet-Platinum armor and some Yellow-Gold. A guild can be strong, but only the strongest player in a guild would have the strongest armor. Take Zhang Yang for example, even if he was the strongest player in all of China, and perhaps even the world, he had a mixture of Mythical tier equipment, 3 Violet-Platinum, and 2 Level 80 equipment that was in dire need of being swapped out!

However, the most important aspect of an equipment was the tier! Not the level but the tier! A normal player with a full set of level 110 Violet-Platinum equipment would have over 70,000 HP and around 18,000 weapon attack. (Two-handed weapon with 3.8 seconds attack interval).

On the other hand, a player with a full set of Level 110 Mythical tier equipment would have HP as high as 150,000 to 160,000, and an average weapon attack of 36,000! (Two-handed weapon with 3.8 seconds attack interval).

Furthermore, Death Arbiter had a B class Inheritance in hand. Even if he does not use his Transformation skill, he would have a higher advantage over normal players! By then, even though Inheritance players were sprouting out like mushrooms after the rain, the number was still extremely scarce. In reality, out of 10 players who were mingling in the Chaos Realm, only 1 of them would have an Inheritance. In other news, players with high-class Inheritance such as Wei Yan Er or Zhang Yang would be like searching for a four-leaf clover in a football field!

Still, Zhang Yang silently praised Death Arbiter for challenging 13 players at one go. The man showed potential, there was no doubt about it.

The battle started when Zhang Yang was still in his sea of thoughts.

It was not a battle. It was an ambush. If this was a battle, the system would have set up a 5-minute timer to allow some preparatory time. In reality, it was like a random sudden encounter in the field. You would not expect a player to pop out suddenly and say, "Hey! I’m going to attack! Have you made adequate preparations?"

However, Death Arbiter was not the everyday jack you see in the streets. Zhang Yang judged from the sidelines. With a strong swing of his axe, Death Arbiter’s attack was strong enough to kill a player off with three simple swings. However, just raw power alone would not do you much in a fight. When 13 players jumped at him, he would have to take at least 50% HP as damage. However, the man was powerful. With coordinated Supporting Attacks, he had managed to avoid many attacks that could not be evaded. He had performed many moves which required one to be as quick and agile as Zhang Yang. Haymakers, uppercuts, lowkicks, clotheslines, knees, left, right hooks, the man was practically a powerful MMA fighter! More than 10 of the players who were attacking him could not connect their attacks! Death Arbiter had even used the enemy as a human shield to nullify damage!

"How strong…He had killed 3 players in just 30 seconds…"

"D*mn. Not even Zhan Yu could be that strong…"

"Please. Didn’t you hear about Zhan Yu taking on 30,000 Japan-Korea region players at the same time? He had also dealt with a bunch of Japanese and Korean players in Anjar Castle!"

"It wasn’t the same. Both attempts, he had help from NPC bosses! In fact, Zhan Yu used his Inheritance Transformation skill! Death Arbiter did not use anything!"

"Nonsense! If Zhan Yu had used his Transformation skill, don’t you think that the Japanese and Korean players would not do the same?"

"I think Death Arbiter is stronger!"

"No. Zhan Yu is the best!"

As the heated discussion went on among random players, Zhang Yang paid attention to the fight instead of the random useless chattering. Amongst the audiences, there were in fact, more players supporting Zhang Yang. However, after the first few moments, Death Arbiter’s popularity had risen up. As such, his name would definitely be jotted down in the list of professional players in China!

8…6…3 left.

As the number of players started to reduce, Death Arbiter’s started adopting a more fleet-footed style. In the end, he had only casually used {Cripple Defense} to kill the remaining three players. Even though it was rather bold, the audience around cheered for him, for that was the kind of battle they preferred – a one-sided massacre.

Even though PvP does not dictate a 100% chance of dropping equipment, out of the 13 players, 5 of them had unfortunately, dropped their equipment. Liu Wei had his crooks to pick them all up and arranged them nicely in a row. There were a total of 27 equipment.

They were placed blatantly in public as a public humiliation to Lone Desert Smoke.

Zhang Yang sight turned cold. His killing aura grew stronger. Just as he took the first step towards the plaza, a shadow flashed by. A large, golden-winged condor flew over the crowd and towards the plaza. Riding on the condor was a player equipped in Heavy Armor. There was a one-handed axe hanging from his waist and a large shield slung over his back. The name tag that was hanging on top of his character was none other than China’s second strongest tank – One Sword Stroke.

"Liu…Wei…!" The man dropped from the air and landed with a powerful slam to the ground, creating a small crater as he did. His glare locked on Liu Wei. He pulled out his axe and pointed it boldly at Liu Wei. "It’s time to settle our grudges."

"Pfft." Liu Wei cracked a smile which immediately burst into a laughter. "Hahahaha! Look who’s here! It’s the eunuch!" Liu Wei did not spare any second to humiliate him.

"I heard that someone chopped off your manhood! If you felt no shame of it, I could understand that, you didn’t lose much anyway. But I also heard that your wife was raped over a hundred times! It’s weird seeing you still alive. I wonder where did you get the courage to look at your wife without imagining a hundred d*cks inside her! How does it feel being a husband to a whore?"

One Sword Stroke snapped. Zhang Yang had even noticed when Liu Wei was talking, One Sword Stroke’s grip on his axe was so strong, it hat bend the metal handle of the axe. Just when he raised his head back to eye level, One Sword Stroke had jumped towards Liu Wei with his axe, ready to cleave Liu Wei in half.,


A large two-handed axe appeared in between the two players with Death Arbiter standing on his left, holding the axe with just one hand. With quick reflexes, Death Arbiter shoved One Sword Stroke’s axe upwards and pushed him backward with his palm.

"Please…if you want to kill me, do it properly." Liu Wei snickered. "Ah! I’ve forgotten to tell you. When you wife was in bed, she was practically as horny as a bitch in heat. Every time I stuck it inside, she would squeeze me dry! My advice to you? Please pleasure her like how the hundred men did. Or else she might just run into the streets and whore herself out for more cocks. Oh…Perhaps, it is already too late for you. HAHAHAHA!"

One Sword Stroke had enough. However, he was not alone. Liu Wei’s poisonous words had angered so many spectators around, resulting in a change from cheering to massive disdain.

One Sword Stroke drew in a deep breath and changed his target towards Death Arbiter. One Sword Stroke had just arrived at the scene. He had no idea on how Death Arbiter fought.

However, from the man’s masterful defense of his strike, One Sword Stroke had already concluded that the man was not to be underestimated. In fact, he might as well be as strong as Zhang Yang! There was no room for him to make a single mistake.

"I heard that you’re only second to Zhan Yu, the second strongest Warrior in China. Hmm…To tell you the truth, I’m not interested in your tank ranking, but I will take away the title as Warrior! Now that Zhan Yu is hiding like a coward, I shall be taking your position for now. When the time comes, I shall destroy Zhan Yu and stand tall as the strongest warrior!" Death Arbiter laughed proudly, filled with confidence.

One Sword Stroke scoffed and chuckled.

"What’s so funny?"

"Nothing. It’s just…For a second there, I had actually thought that you might be stronger than Zhan Yu. But now I see…You’re nowhere close to him. He might be an *sshole. But even I would recognize the man as the strongest tank and warrior in China! No! The whole world!"

Death Arbiter gritted his teeth and snarled. "I will defeat the both of you and claim the title!"

"You can try."

"And I will. When I do, I will dance on your corpse."

One Sword Stroke was not an ordinary man. He was, after all, the guild master of Imperial Sky. Even though his wrath was so strong that it could poison a man, he was still able to control his rage and focus on the real threat. A guild’s strength is decided by the strength of all the members in it. However, it requires guidance. Guidance that would never falter in the face of despair.

Lone Desert Smoke was under the care of Zhang Yang. Crimson Rage had Snow Seeker. Radiance had Sword of Light. Imperial Sky? One Sword Stroke, of course.

The man with the entire guild on his shoulder shan’t be shaken by mere provocations! For he holds the pillar that supports the entire guild. If he falls, so does the guild.

One Sword Stroke equipped his shield and his axe.

"Let me give you an advice. There is a fine line between courage and recklessness. Know the difference now before you ending up on the wrong side."

"Hahaha! Who you think you are? Trying to lecture me when you should take a good look at yourself!"

"I don’t need to. I know where I stand. Do you?"

Death Arbiter summoned his mount, a Mechanical Quad-Winged Tiger. "Enough! Time to end this!"

Zhang Yang could not hear their conversation. When he saw Death Arbiter summoning his mount, he could not help but feel a little jealous. The Mechanical Quad-Wing Tiger was a product of the Engineering Profession. The recipe to craft the item was extremely rare! Furthermore, when the mount is crafted it will be bound to the crafter. Hence, only a player with the Engineering Profession could craft and use it for themselves. It was a flying mount, a Mythical tier at that! At the stage where only a handful of players had reached Level 120, that mount was strong!

On the other side, One Sword Stroke’s mount, the Golden-Winged Condor was just a Violet-Platinum tier. One tier lower than Death Arbiter’s. That was not an issue. The main problem was that, One Sword Stroke was Level 118!

Even though the gap between them were only 2 Levels, the power that Death Arbiter held was stronger by 10 levels! Death Arbiter could equip Level 120 equipment while One Sword Stroke could only equip Level 110 equipment! Death Arbiter also had one extra Inheritance skill, and his mount would be on another level!

To put things in comparison, One Sword Stroke was out-classed in terms of attributes.

"One Sword Stroke! This is a fight of honor! Come at me with everything you got!" said Death Arbiter as he zoomed towards One Sword Stroke with his axe, ready to cleave.


One Sword Stroke raised his shield and blocked the attack. A blast of spark was unleashed and One Sword Stroke staggered back. He was clearly overpowered in terms of Strength value.

"Hmph. You’re nothing but words." Death Arbiter rushed onwards and cleaved One Sword Stoke.

"Don’t be too sure of yourself." One Sword Stroke scoffed. With a quick leap, One Sword Stroke dodged the attack and flew behind Death Arbiter, throwing out a counterattack.

After the attack landed, Death Arbiter turned around and punched the condor with his full might. The punch packed so much power that the condor was sent flying, pushing One Sword Stroke away with ease.

"Hahahaha! I’m invincible! This game…This game was designed especially for me to conquer!" Death Arbiter laughed manically. "I am China’s national Wushu Champion, many times over the course of several years! Even though my attacks could not cause any damage, it was strong enough to be a great support in battle! One on one fight? No one can defeat me!"

As he taunted One Sword Stroke, the man flew towards him and landed a barrage of attacks.

Even though One Sword Stroke had no talents in martial arts, there was a reason why the man was publicly recognized as China’s second strongest tank. His capabilities were not just for show! In fact, in terms of class prowess, a Guardian was designed to specially counter a Berserker! At the rate of their fight, the two of them might not share the same stats, the two of them were indeed standing on the same level!

"Use your Transformation skill! Or else, you’re not my opponent." Death Arbiter grinned evilly. "I’m not going to pull my punches."

"You don’t deserve to fight me in my Transformation mode." One Sword Stroke had collected his composure and replied coldly with no emotion.

Both fighters were pressuring each other to use their trump card, despite silently feeling out the other’s strengths.