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Chapter 623: Fight with Everything You Have!

Chapter 623: Fight with Everything You Have!

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Despite One Sword Stroke’s demeaning words. His true intention to not use his Transformation skill was because it was his trump card. In fact, Transformation skill is every player’s trump card. Only a few players would release information regarding about their Inheritance. The smart ones would not, tell everyone about your strengths, giving everyone a chance to exploit your weaknesses

A good example was Wei Yan Er’s Darkness Inheritance. Her Transformation skill maybe strong but she was extremely vulnerable to Holy elemental damage during the activation duration. If her weakness was discovered by outsiders, anyone could counter her with a bunch of Priests and Knights. On the other hand, if the Fire Immunity of the Phoenix is kept a secret, all dispatched Pyromancer will be completely be wasted.

It couldn’t be helped; class skills were exposed completely to everyone in the world. However, Inheritances, especially higher-class Inheritances are being guarded like a national treasure. It was rather simple, since the number of high-class Inheritances like Class A and Class S were extremely scarce. Hence, in normal circumstances, some even had refused to use their Transformation skills to prevent anyone from researching their weakness.

However, S class Inheritances were different from the norm. Even if the information about the Inheritance is leaked out, no one could really craft out a proper countermeasure!

Neither One Sword Stroke nor Death Arbiter would want to leak their own Inheritance Transformations to the world. Hence, the best scenario was for none of them to use their Transformation skills to fight. If either one of them used it, the other would be forced to use his as well to balance the power difference.

However, the two enemies were constantly provoking the other to use their own Transformations.

Sounds of heavy metal clashing with each other continued on. The two players’ movements and attack patterns had enthralled the audience.

‘God’s Miracle’ had been online for more than 1 year and a half. The Professional League had been going on for half a year. There would be more and more talented players emerging out of the crowd of greenhorns. Zhang Yang felt like everyone’s PvP skill had increased greatly. It was time for him to train, or else he might be left out as well.

One Sword Stroke and Death Arbiter were the best among the best. Just by watching the two titans clash with each other was enough to send shivers down one’s spine. Just like a sports player who enjoys watching other players fight, it was a way of improving oneself. Taking the best from their performance and applying to oneself. Like the display of supporting attacks by the two players.

Death Arbiter was a fighter in real life. He was trained to look for the opponent’s opening to strike an attack. His martial art skills were extremely useful in the battle. On the other hand, One Sword Stroke might not have been trained in martial arts, he had the reflexes that could rival Zhang Yang. His responses were lightning quick and fast that he could compensate his sluggish movement by dodging attacks and even counterattacks. To put it mildly, the two of them were almost at the same level. Even their HP drop rate was the same!

Amongst the audience, there were many Imperial Sky and The Myth members. Healers were standing out, but everyone had kept their hands in their pocket. If any side supports the battle, they would be forfeiting the match. There were eyes and ears watching from all corners. Any mistakes could not be forgiven! It was a matter of guild honor where only One Sword Stroke and Death Arbiter could settle the core.

Since Berserker’s Heal was removed from the game, warriors had been nerfed in long combat. However, that would not mean that the fight between the two would end quickly. Both players had been finding the chance to land a stun skill in order to provide time to use [Bandage] or [Healing Potion] whenever they can. Additionally, supporting attacks were used to break the combo of the opponent attacks, causing the entire battle to last as long as 7 minutes. At that moment, both sides only had 20% HP left.

Two players, two sides, two cheers. All sort of skills and moves were unleashed to kill but neither of them were actually landing a solid blow. Clearly, both of them were professionals, that even skills that were supposed to be used normally had been twisted and bent in a way that no one would believe without actually seeing with their own two eyes!

Both sides were far from each other. The atmosphere between the two was as tense as a steel thread holding a building together. Both of them were at the HP threshold where both of them could use {Killing Cleave}. One single mistake would spell doom for either party.

{Killing Cleave} ignores Defense, cannot be blocked, nor evaded. Hence, if the opponent mistakenly enters the range, it would be a sure-hit.

The two of them roughly had the same HP %. However, One Sword Stroke was a tank, therefore, even by percentages, this HP was much higher than Death Arbiter’s. However, Death Arbiter had the advantage of attack, for he wields a two-handed weapon. Even of the two of them launched {Killing Cleave} at each other, the damage dealt would be different, but the HP % deducted would be the same.

As such, if neither of them did something out of the norm, both of them would die together.

Liu Wei snickered. Without making a move, he nodded lightly to a person who was standing in the opposite crowd where he stood.

The players nodded back to acknowledge the command and quietly sneaked into the crowd whilst hiding his profile information. The player sneaked amongst the player of Imperial Sky and healed One Sword Stroke.



A large green color text floated up on One Sword Stroke character and everyone at present gasped.

It was a clash of titans, yet someone had purposefully sabotaged the fight. The entire match was suddenly brought down to a screaming match.

One Sword Stroke stopped attacking immediately and threw away his axe, refusing to continue. "WHO DID IT!" He screamed at the top of his lungs.

Players of Imperial Sky turned to each other. "Not us!"

Death Arbiter lifted his axe and placed it on his shoulder. With a smug look on his face, he scoffed. "So, this is the way Imperial Sky fights. You can’t rely on your own strength and had your healer sneak in a heal for you in the middle of battle. Did you think that the thousands of pairs of eyes around would miss such a cheat?"

The audience around who had nothing to do with Lone Desert Smoke, Imperial Sky, and The Myth booed loudly. Insults and demeaning words were thrown all around. Any healing skills would have a direction pointer and everyone had spotted the green stream of magic coming from the crowd of Imperial Sky.

One Sword Stroke opened his battle log to find the culprit. However, the name of the player who had healed him was concealed. Immediately, he knew that the culprit was sent by Liu Wei. He had been working with Liu Wei for quite some time before he had separated with him. He knew clearly that such a deceitful method was Liu Wei’s doing!

However, no matter how One Sword Stroke tried to explain himself, the power of ignorant players had laid down the final judgment. Everyone had already marked Imperial Sky as a guild of cowards and cheaters.

As such, One Sword Stroke picked up his axe and roared at Liu Wei for a final time before leaving the arena.

Liu Wei was disappointed at his reaction. He had thought that One Sword Stroke might still stick around a little longer to fall into more of his traps.

Zhang Yang kept his mouth shut. Unlike the other players, Zhang Yang’s eyes were as sharp as an eagle. He had spotted the sneaky players walking from The Myth and towards Imperial Sky. However, he had not done anything to defend One Sword Stroke. He was close enough to One Sword Stroke to defend the man in trouble. Secondly, if he had tried to clear his name, it might cause him to be dragged into the mud pit. Even though Zhang Yang was someone who could reason with the crowd, he was dealing with players of The Myth as well. Who knows what kind of trickery that man might pull off to cause him to be labeled as another cheater.

"One Sword Stroke…Just the name, and no honor." Death Arbiter turned away from the arena and stood beside Liu Wei.

The man had demonstrated his prowess to the crowd. Hence, his popularity had reached a point where he now stood on the same stage with Zhang Yang himself. No one, including Zhang Yang had thought that the man was a man of his words. He might occasionally be boastful of himself, but he played his game right.

Liu Wei was delighted. He had even thought of uploading the recording of the battle to the internet. It might increase the influx of strong players into his guild! The amount of money spent on Death Arbiter was worthwhile, after all! He had not even spent that much money on himself!

"Where is Zhan Yu! Bring the man here! One Sword Stroke has been defeated! Does he plan to hide his face forever! Is China’s number one fighter a coward!?" Death Arbiter roared.

"Zhan Yu! Call him! Call the coward out!"

"Tch…" Players of Lone Desert Smoke scoffed.

"Our big boss could defeat him with one hand behind his back."

"Hmph. I dare say that he could even win him with all his equipment off!"

Someone from The Myth had heard the conversation and started to lunge at Lone Desert Smoke. A screaming match started between guild, causing the mass to split itself apart. On the sidelines, audiences who were not affiliated to either of the guild were starting to gossip. As the gossip turned into greater insult, a hot-headed player had tried to settle the score himself by entering the arena to fight Death Arbiter. He was immediately stopped by his friends.


Zhang Yang reached out and held his shoulder firmly.

"That’s what I wanted to hear," said Zhang Yang with a smile. Zhang Yang moved forward and revealed his name tag and a string of title. "Allow me to prove what Lone Desert Smoke could do."

"Zhan Yu, Crypt Slaughterer, Physician’s Friend, Hero of Snow Sprite City, Warrior of Centaur, Hero of White Jade Castle, Warrior of Sacred Glory, The Challenger, Level 124, Male Human, Guardian, {Lone Desert Smoke}."

The crowd was stunned. No one made a squeak when the man, the legendary fighter, the person who Death Arbiter had been eager to fight, made his appearance.

The string of titles was not a feat that anyone could accomplish. Even if they did, the title was nothing of value. Zhang Yang’s title was obtained by completing the hardest challenges, proving himself as both a player and a guild master, to be the best in China. The best tank! The pinnacle of ‘God’s Miracle’!

Everyone shrunk away from the frontlines. Zhang Yang had nothing to say. In fact, he does not need to do anything. Players themselves know who Zhang Yang is and what he was capable.

"You’re finally here!" Death Arbiter cried. He had never fought Zhang Yang before and did not know what he was capable of. With the momentarily bolstered confidence after dueling with One Sword Stroke, the man brandished his axe and pointed it at Zhang Yang with utmost confidence. "Come! Let’s fight!"

Zhang Yang tapped the tip of the axe and sent it flying with just a flick of his index finger. "You…"

Zhang Yang gave the man a condescending glare and said, "You’re not worthy. In fact, none of you all are. Sigh…I’m disappointed." He shrugged.

"You. You. You with the stupid outfit. You. And You. Join Death Arbiter and fight me."

All of the players that he had pointed were all members of The Myth.

Such a bold statement…exactly the same words that Death Arbiter had spoken earlier. Zhang Yang took the liberty to have Death Arbiter eat his own words. All the previously defeated 13 players of Lone Desert Smoke teared up at his challenge, while others were started to get excited. Such a man!

Death Arbiter was enraged. "Zhan Yu. What are you playing at? Ahhh…I see what you’re doing. You trying to make an excuse when you’re defeated. Isn’t it! Haha! I might be wrong about One Sword Stroke. He might not have a d*ck anymore, but he had balls bigger than yours!"

"That’s true. Now that we’re done comparing d*cks. Shall we fight?"

Zhang summoned out his Blazing Fire Phoenix and mount on it. "I’m challenging all of you together to show a little handicap. Since you’re still complaining, shall I give you a hand and a leg?"

"What is that mount.."

"It’s…so cool!"

"It’s on fire!"

With the appearance of the Phoenix, the crowd’s attention was diverted towards it instead.

"Enough!" Death Arbiter bellowed. "I alone shall be your opponent."

He had been healed by the healers around and most of his skills were already ready to be used. With an angry roar, he hopped on his Mechanical Quad-Winged Tiger and flew towards Zhang Yang.

There were no reins on the Phoenix. Instead, Zhang Yang had only mentally commanded the Phoenix to move. With a flash, the mythical bird zoomed towards the guild, leaving a trail of flames behind as it did. With a blast of fire and a swing of a sword, Zhang Yang and the Phoenix massacred the players of The Myth. There was no mercy left to spare for him. They had intruded upon his peace and brought shame and humiliation to everyone around him. Blood must be shed!





Both Zhang Yang’s and the Phoenix’s attack had dealt roughly the same amount of damage to all the players of The Myth.

{Horizontal Cleave}!




Three players took the damage and were killed instantly. All three of them had only over 70,000 HP. Even though they had over 120,000 HP while mounted, their remaining HP after the initial attack had only left them with half of their HP. There were still two players around him that had over 20,000 HP left.

"ZHAN YU!" Death Arbiter roared and chased after Zhang Yang. The Phoenix was a Celestial tier beast, though it had not yet achieved that rank, its speed was not something a Mechanical mount could match. Before, when Death Arbiter flew towards him, Zhang Yang ignored him and attacked the players on the ground instead. Dearth Arbiter felt the utmost humiliation when Zhang Yang refused to fight him!

The two players with a tiny bit of HP left had tried to run away. Zhang Yang immediately summoned Felice out and have her kill one player with a normal lance attack and the other player with a {Fire Missile}.

The first two deaths had been confirmed.

"Stay in formation! Do not break your formation!" Liu Wei quickly took command and spread the players out to prevent multiple kills from Zhang Yang. The audience around the battle had retreated to a great distance to allow adequate fighting space for the two foes.

Zhang Yang laughed and sped through the air, breaking the sound barrier and blasted towards Death Arbiter.


Two blades clashed against each other, the muscles on the arms of both Death Arbiter and Zhang Yang tensed up.

"Zhan Yu. Today, I shall take your title of China’s number 1 player!" Death Arbiter gritted his teeth and knocked Zhang Yang sword upwards. With a quick duck, Death Arbiter swung his axe and aimed at Zhang Yang abdomen. Zhang Yang quickly raised his shield and blocked the predictable attack.

What that was shocking was not the fact that Zhang Yang could block the attack. Death Arbiter was extremely shocked at Zhang Yang remaining stationary! He was supposed to be knocked back! Zhang Yang’s array of equipment, followed by the immense Strength bonus and Defensive builds, Zhang Yang would not be weaker than any Berserker! Perhaps, only Wei Yan Er with her {Strength Aura} activated could surpass him.

Zhang Yang pulled his sword back and stabbed Death Arbiter in the chest. At the same time, he casted {God of War Devastation}!



Two damage texts popped up! But it was not done! Felice could not wait to cast an attack, hence, she morphed into her human form and stabbed the man with her lance for over 30,000 damage. At then, the Phoenix attack blasted him for over 40,000 Fire damage, dealing a total of 210,000 damage in a flash.

He had only over 250,000 HP when he was mounting! The combined attacks had nearly caused his death! Zhang Yang was a little disappointed that none of his attack had procced a critical strike, nor the effect of the Sword of Purging Devourer.


The audience gasped in horror. They were still admiring the beauty of the Phoenix and were stunned when they saw Death Arbiter’s HP dropping down so rapidly! The amount of damage had taken One Sword Stroke at least 8 minutes to deal!

As expected of China’s number 1 tank! NO! Perhaps even the number 1 attacker! How could someone deal so much damage without even using their Transformation skill!?