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Chapter 624: Phoenix Transformation

Chapter 624: Phoenix Transformation

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Death Arbiter was shocked, and he let out a breath of surprise. He quickly hopped onto his Pet Mount and did a tactical retreat. Who would want to get caught in the swing of a {Killing Cleave} from Zhang Yang!

However, Zhang Yang did not intend to activate his {Killing Cleave}. As the guild master of the Lone Desert Smoke, Zhang Yang wanted to get even for his guild members. He wanted to show that Death Arbiter had made a grave mistake by shaming them with his foul words!

So, Death Arbiter wanted to retreat, huh?

Could he be faster than the speed of a Phoenix Pet? Is that a joke? The Phoenix was a legendary beast. It would be the best among all Pet Mounts in the current stage of the game. It would remain as number one until the first appearance of a Dragon pet.

Like a flaming ball of fire, Zhang Yang arrived right in front of Death Arbiter. While the opponent was still glaring at Zhang Yang with his frightened eyes, Zhang Yang bashed his shield right onto Death Arbiter’s face!


3 teeth flew right out from Death Arbiter’s mouth, followed by small splashes of blood. Half of his face started swelling up. The HP bar of Death Arbiter remained untouched.

However, Death Arbiter felt worse than being dead!

All he did was to underestimate his enemy, and next thing he knew, he almost got killed by a series of attacks from Zhang Yang! He would rather be dead than be smacked in the face by Zhang Yang. It felt like a part of his reputation had been smacked off of his face!

Zhang Yang did not continue to launch his assaults on Death Arbiter. He commanded his Phoenix Pet back to the enemy crowd. With a swing of his sword, he began to slaughter the members of the Myth like a farmer with his scythe!

Zhang Yang had over 5,230 Defense. Upon the activation of his {God of War Transformation}, he had over 40% of Damage Immunity and 4,612 points of Damage Absorption! In other words, if his enemies wanted to deal a Physical Damage that could penetrate his Defense to cause effective damage to him, they should be able to deal 13,000 damage at the very least! Even with their magic attacks, they must also deal at least 7,500 in order to cause effective damage to Zhang Yang!

Meanwhile, normal players would only have Level 110 Violet-Platinum Tier equipment on them. Even if they were to hold a weapon with 3.8-second Attack Interval, they would only deal approximately 18,000 damage to their target. So, how much damage could they really deal to Zhang Yang, then?

On the other hand, how powerful could Zhang Yang’s attack be?

With Zhang Yang, the Phoenix Pet and Felice combining their assaults together, their enemies were on the verge of being annihilated! Wherever they passed by, they leave tons of bodies behind them!

"Heal! Heal Death Arbiter now! Heal him like there is no tomorrow!" Liu Wei screamed as loudly as he could. No matter how many men he had with him, they would still be unmatched to the oppressiveness of Zhang Yang --- tens of players had not been able to accumulate enough firepower to turn the tide of the battle. They were there just to let Zhang Yang slash them up. The only player who could withstand the power of Zhang Yang was Death Arbiter.

When Death Arbiter had finally succeeded gotten Zhang Yang’s full attention fixed on him, the other members of the Myth were only able to launch their assaults on Zhang Yang without that much pressure.

The other players in the surroundings were shocked to see everything that was happening. Death Arbiter had taken on numerous members of Lone desert Smoke at the same time earlier on, slaughtering them up. He seemed so powerful back there. Who would have thought that Death Arbiter would be forced to retreat just because of one person! Meanwhile, Zhang Yang was slaughtering up the players in front of him! That was just...

Zhang Yang was to answering Death Arbiter’s slaughtering of the members of Lone Desert Smoke in kind! He went up against numerous players of The Myth like how Death Arbiter did!

What the hell! Zhang Yang was showing his oppressive power off to his enemies! He was braver than a man!

"Zhan Yu!" Death Arbiter let out an angered roar. He had never felt so puny ever since he joined the game. Although he had encountered some high Tier players, he would never lose a single match, unless his equipment are too far off compared to the equipment of his opponent! Ever since he joined The Myth, Liu Wei had been very focused on building him up. The standard of his equipment would surely be among the top players --- his equipment standard would not be far off, at least!

Death Arbiter thought he could win all battles that came at him. Apparently, he was proven wrong by Zhang Yang. Of course, he could not accept the reality!

Roaring in rage, he activated his Inheritance Transformation Skill without any hesitation!

A pair of dark sharp horns appeared right above his head. A pair of black wings taking the shape of the bat’s wings came out of his back. His eyes turned red as his body mass began to increase drastically. The armor on his entire body began to sink into that large body mass of his. By the end of it, Death Arbiter had transformed into a large muscular being that only wore a pair of long trousers.

The naked upper body of his was covered with dark green, mythical runes that were radiating with ghastly flames!

Although he had two wings behind his back, Death Arbiter did not seem to have the ability to fly. With a deafening roar, he charged towards Zhang Yang while riding on his mechanical tiger.

That was the Class B Demon Hunter Inheritance!

Although the information about high-Class Inheritances were very hard to obtain, Zhang Yang had over 3 years in his previous life to gather enough information about them. Anyone would have been able to retrieve a certain amount of information in that amount of time.

Upon activating the Inheritance Transformation Skill of the Demon Hunter Inheritance, the player would have all the basic attributes of a Class B Inheritance: Increases Maximum HP by 20 times, Increases Attack by 300%, Increases Defense by 3 times, and increases the rate of Magic Immunity by 20%. Upon activating the Transformation Skill, players would also be able to deal 50% additional damage to demons. However, the user would also be afraid of Sacred Spells and Holy Spells as the user would receive additional damage.

However, even though Zhang Yang was not equipped with any sorts of Holy attack, he would not be affected by the 50% additional damage that Death Arbiter could deal. The same goes for Felice and Phoenix Pet. None of them were demons! Therefore, Death Arbiter had no chance at all but to unleash his full potential.

Zhang Yang was confident enough to engage in battle with a player with Class C Inheritance without activating his {God of War Transformation}. But a Class B Inheritance ... Furthermore, Death Arbiter was a high Tier player. Zhang Yang would be digging his own grave if he ever thinks of holding back against Death Arbiter by not activating his {God of War Transformation}!

{Phoenix Transformation} activated!

The Blazing Fire Phoenix immediately let out a long roar as it began to light up with blazing flames. The heat waves were overflowing into the surroundings, as everyone around it was forced to retreat tens of meters back in order to flee from the scorching heat from the Phoenix!

In the midst of the blazing flames, the feathers of the Pheonix Pet had turned from crimson red to Violet-Golden color. Its body mass had also increased tremendously while its attributes were insanely boosted up!

[Royal Blood Phoenix] (Mythical Tier Flying Battle Mount)

Level: 124

HP: 5,454,400

Defense: 15,600

Attack: 94,308 - 124,308

Upon the power-up of the Phoenix Pet, the Maximum HP of Zhang Yang had reached up to 5,600,000 HP! Although that was still a little far from the power he could obtain by activating his God of War Transformation Skill, it was enough for Zhang Yang to go up against Death Arbiter. Unfortunately, after Zhang Yang had mounted onto the Phoenix Pet, his Defense would still be based on his initial amount of Defense. Therefore, the 15,600 Defense of the Phoenix Pet would not be accounted for as long as Zhang Yang is on its back.

As the attributes of the Pets were only accessible by their own owners, Death Arbiter could not have known the Blazing Fire Phoenix was, in fact, a legendary Tier. He activated his Demon Hunter Transformation, and his confidence came flooding over him. He swore to humiliate Zhang Yang as hard as he could and get back his ‘face’.

"Zhan Yu! I shall make you regret everything you’ve done all along!" Death Arbiter raised up his battle axe and swung it straight towards Zhang Yang. Under the influence of his Demon Hunter Transformation, his axe was flashing with ghastly green flames.

Zhang Yang smiled coldly as he raised his weapon to engage Death Arbiter.


The {Tornado Cleave} that was struck upon Zhang Yang by Death Arbiter had finally dealt an unexpectedly high damage on Zhang Yang. Even though Zhang Yang had activated his {God of War Shield}, he still received about 90,000 damage! However, Zhang Yang was currently mounted on his Phoenix Pet. The amount of his Maximum HP had reached over 5,600,000 HP. 90,000 damage would mean nothing compared to that amount of HP he had!

At the same time, Zhang Yang returned Death Arbiter’s favor by swing his sword back at Death Arbiter. His Phoenix Pet spat out a blazing fire 20 meters across the distance! Not only were the flames torching up Death Arbiter, the Healers right behind Death Arbiter were also lit up!

‘-72,226!’ {Frost Strike} by Zhang Yang!

‘-95,320!’ {Flamethrower} by Phoenix Pet!

‘-118,033!’ {Flamethrower} by Phoenix Pet!

Three extremely high damage values popped out at the same instant. Although Zhang Yang was not powered up by his Transformation Skill, the Phoenix Pet was already extremely powerful at that moment. Its Attack power could match the Attack power of Death Arbiter! Furthermore, its attacks were basically AoE attacks. Not only it dealt approximately 100,000 damage to Death Arbiter, the Phoenix Pet also almost took out the Healer instantly!

The Healer tried to escape after being left barely alive. However, he failed.

Felice charged up to that Healer with her lance pointed straight at him! With a basic strike, Felice killed the Healer instantly.

"Felice, go get the others! Little Fiery and I shall take care of these nincompoops!" Zhang Yang told Felice. Obviously, Zhang Yang was referring to the Phoenix Pet as Little Fiery.

"Roger, big brother!"

Felice transformed herself into her Dragonhawk Form and began her reign of chaos upon the formation of The Myth, as she tore them apart!

"Impossible!" Death Arbiter was horrified at seeing Zhang Yang having with such abundant amount of HP without his {God of War Transformation}. Other’s might not have known how much damage Death Arbiter could cause in a single hit, but he himself knew about it too well!

That was approximately 90,000 damage he had dealt on Zhang Yang. That one hit should have taken out a player with high Tier equipment! It could even reduce half of the HP bar of a player mounted on a pet! Therefore, he was terrified to find out that the 90,000 damage was merely 2% of Zhang Yang’s HP!

Furthermore, a blazing bird that could cause a damage over 100,000? What the f*ck!? Was there anything worse than this?

What the f*ck was going on?!

Death Arbiter could not begin wrapping his mind around anything as he began to break down from the inside!

Even Zhang Yang would go crazy with the thought of not having his Phoenix Pet. He would not have known that a Legendary beast would have the ability to activate a ‘Transformation Skill’!

What’s done is done. Death Arbiter knew that he had to continue the battle no matter the consequences. Furthermore, he would not be willing to admit defeat just like that! He was not the type that could afford defeat!

Everyone had seen how powerful Zhang Yang could become once he activates his {God of War Transformation}. Now that Death Arbiter had activated his Transformation Skill, if everyone sees him getting defeated even before Zhang Yang activates his Transformation Skill, how would he be able to hold his head high after all these? Would he still have the face to look at others? Would he even have what it takes to look himself in the mirror?

With a very violent Felice swinging her lance about, the members of The Myth were no longer capable of launching their assaults on Zhang Yang. They were too preoccupied with saving their own *sses from being skewered or burned up by the little dragon lady!

Although Felice did not have any sort of Transformation Skills, once she activates her {Absolute Defense}, she would instantly become the most ferocious Tanker in the entire ‘God’s Miracle’! Some would call her invincible!

Cling! Clang! Cling! Clang!

Zhang Yang and Death Arbiter were exchanging hits. Both of them were aggressive as hell! This time, Death Arbiter did not dare to underestimate Zhang Yang anymore. He could not even afford the slightest mistake. He went all out on Zhang Yang with every possible skill that he could use. He had an advantage, that was being real-life experience in the field of martial arts. From the perspective of ‘skill’, Death Arbiter could be on a whole new level, compared to the normal players. Therefore, his ‘Supporting Attacks’ were a little hard to handle, even for Zhang Yang!

However, Zhang Yang has lived two lives. So he was basically trained in Martial Arts for approximately 7 to 8 years! He would not be far off from the standard of Death Arbiter if he were to be a little weaker.

More importantly, Zhang Yang had the advantage of having better reflexes than Death Arbiter!

In the previous battle, One Sword Stroke had managed to match the ‘Supporting Attacks’ of Death Arbiter with his all, because of his outstanding reflexes. Zhang Yang’s reflexes in battles were definitely on par with One Sword Stroke’s. Furthermore, Zhang Yang’s martial art standards were not lower than Death Arbiter. Combining the two forms of art into one, it was enough for Zhang Yang to dominate Death Arbiter!

Bam! Bam! Slam!

Zhang Yang would usually hit his target in the face. It was just his habit. Bashing his shield over and over again on the face of Death Arbiter, he had knocked all teeth off Death Arbiter’s mouth early in the battle. The face of Death Arbiter was so swollen that he looked exactly like a pig at the moment! It was the most miserable moment in his entire life!

The players from Lone Desert Smoke were very contented to see that son of the b*tch suffering for his deeds!

Hit them in the face! Burn their *sses! Hit them hard so that they would remember this for all eternity! Who told them to be so full of themselves to launch a full-scale assault on other’s Territory! Didn’t they just shove their own faces over just to get smacked?

"Guildmaster is fearsome!"

"Guildmaster is almighty!"

"Guildmaster is fearsome and almighty altogether! No debate needed!"