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Chapter 625: A Torturous Torture

Chapter 625: A Torturous Torture

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Liu Wei could not help but feel a chill up his spine as he saw how swollen Death Arbiter’s face was.

Liu Wei had the same experience back then when he was trying to snatch a boss from Crimson Rage. It was one of the worst ways to be humiliated! If even Death Arbiter could not defeat Zhang Yang, would there still be someone who could? Would there still be anyone left to defeat Zhang Yang in a One-on-one battle?

The question could only be answered by Zhang Yang himself. He had someone in mind: Sun Xin Yu!

Only that Queen of shadows could pose a threat to Zhang Yang. As a Thief, she could just enter her Stealth Mode and stay quiet while approaching Zhang Yang. Upon the activation of her {Dance and Slash}, she could ambush Zhang Yang in silence and take him out instantly! Zhang Yang would not even have the chance to activate his {God of War Transformation}!

But, how about facing each other fair and square? A fair Player-vs-Player match?

To hell with that! Asking a Thief to battle players of other Classes would be an unfair act in itself! The developer had given the Thieves the ability to do stealth to allow Thieves to act in the shadows as assassins. Thieves would do no any good at all charging into battles like warriors.

In this battle, Zhang Yang was not the one causing high damage to the enemy. It was the Phoenix Pet right beneath his buttocks!

Death Arbiter could not understand it. How could a Pet Mount deal so much damage? The damage it could deal was enough to match with the damage a Transformed player could deal! There was nothing more absurd than this!

Surrounding players were stunned to see that!

Previously, they were not aware of the power this Phoenix Pet could wield. However, their intelligence should not be underestimated as well. Although they could not see how much damage the Phoenix Pet and Death Arbiter could cause, they could tell by the reactions of the combatants.

Death Arbiter is capable of activating an Inheritance Transformation Skill. He should have at least a Class C Inheritance. Furthermore, he had those shiny equipment strapped on, which appeared to be similar to the equipment that One Sword Stroke himself has. So, they could deduce that the standard of his equipment should be top tier as well!

Even if Death Arbiter could only deal a basic damage of approximately 10,000 damage, a Class C Inheritance could increase his basic attacks by 200%, which would allow him to deal approximately 30,000 damage.

On the other hand, Zhang Yang had not activated his Transformation Skill. His initial HP should be around 200,000 HP. After approximately 10 hits from Death Arbiter, Zhang Yang still had over 20% of HP on him. That could explain that the Maximum HP of Zhang Yang could have reached over 1,500,000 HP after being mounted.

It would not be possible that a player could have so much HP all by themselves. The only way of increasing the amount of HP to that extent would be by mounting on a pet! It was common sense!

Holy molly! So, what type of ‘creature’ could this be? How on earth could one pet provide over 1,000,000 HP to a player who mounts onto it?

This could be a unique, ultimate pet!

Players who saw through that began to discuss about it. They were debating on what Tier this Phoenix Pet had to be. How could it be so powerful?

Naturally, Zhang Yang did not waste his breath explaining all that to them. It was the {Phoenix Transformation}! It was a Pet Skill that was equal to an Inheritance Transformation Skill! Zhang Yang gave Death Arbiter a good bash on his face with his shield. Blood was spilled across the ground as Death Arbiter’s face looked so sh*tty, that words were not fit to describe it anymore.

Who told him to go way over his own stinky head in the first place then? Who told him to scream by saying he would defeat One Sword Stroke and Zhang Yang? Now that One Sword Stroke has been defeated, he turned his attention over to Zhang Yang, who was oppressively powerful. The situation was like a perverted man encountering an ugly woman! Of course, his ‘little brother’ would not stand still!

"Immolation Aura!" Death Arbiter roared in anger. He had been keeping his anger in for half a day. Now that he finally accumulated enough EP, he activated that one ultimate Skill that could only be used when he is in his Transformed form.

[Immolation Aura]: Expands an aura filled with torching flames, causing 6 times the Fire Damage that the user could deal to all target within the effective area of the aura, each second. {Immolation Aura} requires 3 EP of Demon Hunter Inheritance to be activated. Lasts for 1 second. Every 3 EP can extend the duration of {Immolation Aura} by 1 second. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

Zhang Yang did not know the attribute of this Skill at first. However, after he realized that the Skill could cause Fire Damage, he smiled. He found out by looking at his Battle Log. Upon the first tick of {Immolation Aura}, he hopped off the back of his Phoenix Pet.



Zhang Yang received a tick of damage from the {Immolation Aura}. However, not only was the Phoenix Pet immune to Fire Damage, it could also recover HP by absorbing fire attacks. Immediately, a green value popped right on top of the Phoenix’s head.

While a player is mounted on a pet, attributes such as Defense, Damage Immunity, and other special attributes would be based on the player’s. Therefore, the {Blazing Build} would not kick in. In order for the effect to kick in, Zhang Yang had to dismount and allow the Phoenix to be an independent unit.

After that wave of attack, Zhang Yang hopped back onto the Phoenix Pet. Instead of a reduction of their total HP, he gained almost 20,000 HP, due to the fire attack from the {Immolation Aura}.

Well... Death Arbiter did not know how to react to that situation!

He was on the verge of popping his veins. Even his ultimate Skill which should be causing grief to Zhang Yang, had ended up healing the man instead. What a tragic experience for him.

"Thank you!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he charged towards the Liu Wei and his men. He took the advantage of using the {Immolation Aura} to recover his own HP while ridiculing Death Arbiter without the need to say anything!

"Stop him!" Liu Wei screamed like a sissy as he gasped in astonishment.

"Just with these men of yours?" Zhang Yang gave him a disdainful look as he looked at Liu Wei’s men. Those men were beaten straight up in their *sses by Felice. However, he also realized that the number of Liu Wei’s men were increasing by the second! There were now hundreds of them! He also saw that Liu Wei’s ‘Suicide-Squad’ of 12 was lined up nicely by his side.

He commanded everyone to stop moving and said, "You guys, just stay and watch!"

"Zhan Yu! Are you still thinking of going against 100 men all by yourself?" Liu Wei had tasted defeat before, so he was extremely afraid of Zhang Yang, as he knew how powerful Zhang Yang could be. He had ‘fortified’ himself among his own men and had made it difficult for Zhang Yang to repeat history. Meanwhile, Liu Wei also had someone cast a {Sacrifice} on him. Furthermore, there were also 11 others lining up to give him {Sacrifice}.

"What’s so difficult about it?" Zhang Yang laughed as he commanded the Phoenix pet to activate its {Forbidden Firefall}.

Immediately, countless flames descended upon the ground from the sky as the flames spread across the area of 100 X 100 meters. The entire effective area became a land of living hell engulfed by flames. The flames were so blazing hot as no living thing was seen within the effective area.





At every passing second, players who were within the effective area of the Skill received approximately 30,000 to 40,000 damage! It was fatal to the players! Those players who did not have Inheritances to boost their HP were all burnt to crisps after seconds!

Even more unfortunate was the Guardian who had cast his {Sacrifice} on Liu Wei. He had to suffer two times the damage! Therefore, he was forced to activate his {Shield Wall} just to stay alive!

However, the range of the attack was terrifyingly vast! All 12 members of Liu Wei’s ‘Suicide Squad’ were forced to do the same to stay alive. They activated their {Shield Walls} to cover their own *sses. Because the {Shield Wall} could last for 10 seconds, upon the end of the first {Sacrifice}, Liu Wei could still enjoy a second {Sacrifice} from one of his Guardians.

However, no one was that stupid to stand still in the effective range of the {Forbidden Firefall}. As they started scattering like wild chicken, Zhang Yang came at them with a {Blast Wave}, stunning Liu Wei and three members of his ‘Suicide Squad’.

Could they attempt to lift the stun effects on them by activating their Skills?

Zhang Yang activated his {Heroic Leap} and stunned the four of them once again!

Liu Wei could not make it out. That being said, the other 12 members of is ‘Suicide Squad’ could not leave as well! Or else, they would be charged of ‘treason’ as they would be abandoning their ‘master’! Their ‘purpose’ was to protect Liu Wei, no matter the cost!

The miserable screaming continued to echo across the battlefield!

The {Forbidden Firefall} was basically like a mini-version of the effect of a [Forbidden Scroll]! See the resemblance? The word ‘Forbidden’ on the names of the two? In just 5 to 6 seconds, players with shorter HP bars began to collapse and die. The effect of the Skill was devastating!

Liu Wei was a real lucky son of the b*tch. He survived for 13 seconds long by depending on the {Sacrifices} that were being wasted on him. After that, he survived for another 10 seconds by activating his {Ice Barrier} as he entered a 10-second state of invincibility. Furthermore, he was the guildmaster of The Myth. Of course he would have an item or an equipment that would grant him another 5 seconds of invincibility.

After all, the {Forbidden Firefall} was not the real [Forbidden Scroll]. The flames blazed on for only 30 seconds before they faded away. Liu Wei only took two rounds of damage from the {Forbidden Firefall}. Apparently, he was still able to sustain so much damage and still be alive!

However, right after the {Forbidden Firefall}, the entire army of The Myth was annihilated. Only Liu Wei and Death Arbiter were left alive on the battlefield!

It seemed that the power of this Phoenix Pet could be seen in the destruction it left behind!

"Wow! When did you get a powerful birdie, noob tank? It’s pretty and I like it! I want it as well! Get me one as well!" Wei Yan Er heard the news as she rushed all the way over to the battlefield. She was just in time to witness the powerful Phoenix Pet sending hell down on The Myth. Her eyes were glittering as she stared at the flaming bird.

"Haha! Unfortunately for you, you have no chance of getting it anymore! Just feast your eyes upon it!" Zhang Yang laughed. The Phoenix Pet lunged over and pinned the ugly mount of Liu Wei firmly to the ground. With its sharp claws, Little Fiery began to tear that ugly fly creature into pieces! That ugly beast could not help but roar in misery as it was torn into pieces!

"Zhan Yu ---" Death Arbiter was charging straight at Zhang Yang from a great distance. He had fled to remove himself from the effective range of the {Forbidden Firefall}. Even the great Death Arbiter was forced to avoid remaining in contact with the flames of the Skill.

"Oh! You’re late!"

Zhang Yang revealed a cruel smile on his face as he sliced his sword across Liu Wei’s throat. With a powerful backswing of his sword, Zhang Yang cleaved Liu Wei’s head clean off his neck, and the head rolled across the ground like a football. Blood was oozing out from the stumps as the headless body collapsed onto the ground, making a great mess of its surroundings. The scene was spectacularly bloody.

"I will never forgive you!" Death Arbiter let out a desperate roar.

Everyone had witnessed what happened with their jaws dropped wide open. Although it was the Skill of Phoenix Pet, those who did not know the truth would believe that it was all Zhang Yang’s doing!

Words could no longer describe the oppressiveness of it!

So that was the power of the Number One Tank in the China Region! Worthy of it all!

"Oh! It’s your turn now!" Zhang Yang rode Little Fiery and charged forward. He swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] as swift as lightning. At the same time, Little Fiery was discharging its {Flamethrower}. Felice had also transformed into her Dragonhawk Form as she began to spit {Fire Missiles} repeatedly at the target.

"Mana Incineration!"

"Thorn of the Devil!"

"Crescent Moon Slash!"

Death Arbiter went berserk on Zhang Yang with the best Skills he had. The Inheritance Skills of his Demon Hunter Inheritance were being activated, one after another. There was no reason for him to hold back anymore. If he fails to kill Zhang Yang now, he would be shamed by his own deeds!

However, Zhang Yang had nothing to fear at all! Upon activating the {Phoenix Transformation}, the Maximum HP and Attack power of Zhang Yang were able to match Death Arbiter’s!

Zhang Yang continued to bash Death Arbiter up!

With a series of attacks, he began to overwhelm Death Arbiter with his mighty bashes and smashes. Death Arbiter was struck so hard in his vital parts that he could no longer differentiate the direction he was facing.

At the same time, Liu Wei and his men had run all the way back to their dead bodies as they began to resurrect among themselves.

"Kill them! Kill them all!" Zhang Yang commanded his guild members in a cold tone.

"Yes, guildmaster! Our swords belong to you!"

The fellow members of the Lone desert Smoke had been keeping their head down long enough. Upon hearing Zhang Yang’s command, they charged into the battlefield and launched their most brutal form of attacks on Liu Wei and his men.

Now that these scums were defeated by Zhang Yang all by himself once, no one would complain even if Zhang Yang would send 10,000 members of Lone Desert Smoke to slaughter them up. Even if it was true that Lone Desert Smoke was using numbers to overwhelm their enemy forces, no one would say a word anymore.

Liu Wei and his fellow guild members were aware of their situation at least. After a few attempt of charging at the Lone Desert Smoke army, they ceased fire. Upon resurrecting at the graveyard, they began to run off. However, Death Arbiter was continuously tortured by Zhang Yang for two hours long, literally! Everything was only over for him after his Transformation expired. Who knows if that experience would leave a deep mark that would haunt him for the rest of his life.