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Chapter 626: World League Championship

Chapter 626: World League Championship

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Despite the fact that Death Arbiter was suffering at the hands of Zhang Yang, his outstanding battle performance stood out while he was battling One Sword Stroke. Many players praised and recognized him as one of the best players in the entire game. It could be said that he would be famous, a new rising star in the China Region over night after that battle. A large number of players believed that Death Arbiter deserved to be ranked as one of the top Tier player with a special title!

Little did they know that they had been underestimating Zhang Yang all the while.

Zhang Yang was indeed worthy to be the Number One in the entire China Region. It seemed that he was so powerful than those beneath his ‘throne’, that the gap of strength between Zhang Yang and the rest were blurred greatly. No one could seem to shake his title up to this point!

However, the players were debating intensely to whom shall hold the title of being the Number Two player in the entire China Region. Since there were true individual ranking competition held in China to determine the player’s rank, everyone could only rely on debates to determine the ranking position. The name One Sword Stroke had struck out prominently while some had suggested Sword of Light. There was even a few who suggested that Snow Seeker was the one that should be ranked second.

Furthermore, some players even tried to urge the official to organize a yearly ranking contest to satisfy the players’ curiosity.

Dream Technology had addressed the issue and responded. They had announced that a consideration to organize a qualifying contest in every Region after the World League Championship had ended. A list would be made to rank the professional players according to their performances. The lists would be classified according to each Class as each list would list out the Top 100 players of each Class in each individual Region. In other words, there would be Top 100 for each of the available Classes in the entire game.

After being reminded by the official, many had only come to realize that the finale for the World League Championship was just around the corner!

The World League Championship in each of the main Region was held in a full swing. Other than the Class S matches, the Class A matches were being monitored closely by many as well. Even the Class B matches were attended with large crowds. In the upcoming finale of the World League Championship matches, each main Region would send their best and second best Battle Teams to join the fight against the best and second best Battle Teams from other main Regions! The matches should be interesting to see. So more people were paying attention towards the event!

Players from all 8 main Regions were hoping that they would be the ones who could acquire the Champion Trophy for their own Regions.

As everyone had turned their attention towards the finale of the World League Championship, only a small number of attentions had been put on the progress of the new Level 120 dungeon called the ‘Red Garnet Palace’. There was a reason why players had picked to focus more on the World League Championship instead of focusing more on the progress of a new dungeon. Firstly, only a small number of players were able to reach beyond Level 120 at the moment. Secondly, this would be the second world-class dungeon. The definition of first and the definition of second would differ largely. Therefore, no guild would actually put so much effort as they did with the progress on the Dragon Throat Fortress.

Zhang Yang was currently grinding his level as hard as he could. It was only approximately 10 days before he would depart for America. He was only 4 levels from reaching Level 130. Hence, there was still hope in attaining that target.

Wei Yan Er had been complaining and blaming Zhang Yang for not taking her with him while he was acquiring the Phoenix Pet. By the end of it, Zhang Yang bought a puppy and gave the little canine as her pet. Only then, the little brat was calmed. Unfortunately, that little brat only had a brief period of enthusiasm towards that puppy. When Zhang Yang brought he puppy back to her, she swore to take care of the puppy for better or worse till death do them apart. Like Sakura trees, the enthusiasm to take care of the puppy died down after three days. The little poor canine was left to starve to death on its own in the corner of the house.

Sun Xin Yu hugged the puppy into her room without make a sound about it. At the very least, the puppy did not die of starvation.

However, Zhang Yang had a new problem. The pug had acquired a habit to stash food. It was most probably because Wei Yan Er starved it for a while hence this little fellow learned to reserve food in the case of emergency. Zhang Yang could find tons of bones and meat underneath his couch...

Even though Sun Xin Yu looked all cool and ‘icy’, but her heart was filled with compassion and love. The pug had gotten a fat and round stomach after a few days being pampered by Sun Xin Yu. The way it walked looked absolutely adorable! When the little brat came back one week later to stay for a night, she could not recognize that it was the same pug that she had almost starved to death.

Time passed without mercy. In a blink of an eye, it was already the day that Zhang Yang and his gang depart for America. However, the game company suddenly sent them a message saying that the venue of the contest had been changed to the city of Luxembourg in the Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (Grand Duchy of Luxembourg). As visa had become a major problem for most of the contestants, the date of the contest was delayed by a week.

It was actually a fortunate thing for Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was currently at Level 128. His experience bar had filled up to 89% at the moment. One week of extra time could provide him buffer period to reach Level 130.

Upon acquiring their visa passes, Zhang Yang led his party of seven and departed for the contest. Meanwhile, Crimson Rage had won the contest that was held back in the China Region and became the second qualified guild to enter the finale of the World League Championship. However, Zhang Yang and Snow Seeker were living too far away from each other. They did not depart together. They only met up when they arrived at the hotel that was arranged by the organizer of the event.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg was a country that was known to have the best living conditions among many European countries. The country had many mansions and castles of all sizes. The country was well known to be the country with a thousand castles. The venue of the contest was being held in one of the large castle. The exotic style of foreign countries was always so amazing.

It was quite a rare occasion to travel across another country. Therefore, they did not spend all their time on the game. Instead, the seven of them went out to feast their eyes upon the historical culture of the Europe countries. The only time they were playing the game was when they were all sleeping,

Finally, Zhang Yang had succeeded in reaching Level 130 before the opening ceremony of the competition. He could finally take out the {Python's Helmet}, {Amoss’s Nose Hoop} and {Knight's Glory Chest Plate}. Upon switching the three equipment on, his attributes increased by a notch.

[Player: Zhan Yu]

Level: 130

HP: 346,550 (With Vitality Aura)

Defence: 5,640

Strength: 8,306

Attack: 52,416 - 57,551 ((23,193 - 25,465) *226%)

Damage Absorption: 5,987

Luck Attribute: 28 (Lucky Strike rate: 2.8%)

Critical Rate: 15%

The two Level 150 Ethereal equipment had really boosted Zhang Yang up to a whole new level. Compared to his previous attributes, his Attack and HP had been increased 2 times over! It was surprisingly terrifying! That was also why Zhang Yang had pressured himself to reach Level 130 before the competition.

As the day of the competition was approaching, Zhang Yang could also see other contestants in the game. Members of top Tier guilds such as Land of Savages and Paragon were wondering about in the palace.

"Zhan Yu?" a beauty with the look of a foreigner came right up to Zhang Yang. This beauty had an extremely ‘intoxicating’ hot body figure. She was really tall. Although it was the middle of the winter, but the woman took off her coat as soon as she entered the castle. Upon taking off her coat, she revealed her extremely hot body figure to everyone in the castle. Her waist was extremely slim. She was a true marvel sight for sore eyes.

She appeared Indian. However, her skin was very fair. She had blonde hair and her eyes seemed to whisper in mystery. They were really electrifying to look at! She had to be of mixed-descent.

She was quite tall among her own people. There were many men following her from behind. By the looks of it, they were her bodyguards. Other than that, there were also some admirers laying their eyes upon her. When she walked up to Zhang Yang, the bodyguards went into alert mode, and the admirers revealed a sense of hostility towards Zhang Yang.

"You are ---" Zhang Yang could not remember the last time meeting such a beauty that could be seen as the same level of Sun Xin Yu and Wei Yan Er in term of their looks.

"In ‘God’s Miracle’, my name is ‘Hourglass Figure’!" The beautiful woman laughed, "Amisa Tarta. That’s my real name."

The woman was speaking fluent, Oxford English.

Zhang Yang had encountered a world-class apocalyptic problem. All the while, Zhang Yang had been relying on the in-game automatic translator to communicate with players of different languages. However, now that he was in the real world, he could no longer rely on the Translator. With the little English that he knew, Zhang Yang could still manage to understand a word or two of what she was trying to say. After all, introducing themselves to each other was a rather simple step.

However, this Hourglass Figure was worthy to be the Number One beauty in the entire India Region. Furthermore, she was the successor of the Steely Dangs Holdings. Who would know how much assets she had in those pretty hands of hers? No wonder there were so many admirers trying to pursue her. No wonder those admirers would look at him with such hostility!

Zhang Yang had only crossed path with this beautiful creature once. Why would they be so envious? Why did they look at him as if he had tainted their goddess? If they can not get the woman, why would they blame their own failure on others, then?

Zhang Yang sighed quietly, deep in his heart. Then, he attempted to speak to Amisa with his half-baked English. However, the conversation was basically like a duck trying to quack at a clucking chicken. None of them were able to fully understand each other.

In the end, Han Ying Xue had to step up as the interpreter. She had learned English when she was studying back in London a few years ago. Her English was rusty, but still fluent. Although the two of them seemed to be smiling and giggling as they spoke, Zhang Yang could see sparks flying from one side.

That’s right. Han Ying Xue was defending her ‘sovereign property’. However, Amisa did not express anything but friendship towards Zhang Yang. She only wanted Zhang Yang to join her ranks. That sort of hostility between the two of them was just odd. There was no other way to describe the situation.

Zhang Yang was very familiar with the Battle Teams from the Chinese Region. However, he was not familiar with the Battle Teams from other Regions. Other than players who had acquired a Class S Inheritance like Amisa herself, Zhang Yang would not waste his effort and time, digging deep for the information about someone. After all, he had only been struggling about in the Class A League Championship matches in his previous life. He was not even qualified to represent China Region when competing for the crown in the World League Championship.

For the next two days, Amisa kept coming over to visit Zhang Yang and his Battle Team members at their hotel rooms. She kept trying to invite Zhang Yang... not just Zhang Yang, she even tried to invite Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu and the others to join her! Zhang Yang could not help but frown. This woman was actually attempting to poach his members right in front of him!

However, none of Zhang Yang’s gang had shown the slightest interest in joining her --- although Amisa did try to pique their interest by offering a great deal of conditions!

However, all of them felt that as long as they had enough money to spend, that would be sufficient. There were no greedy persons in Zhang Yang’s gang. They were quite content with their current life.

"Pui! 30,000,000 dollars a year to get me over to your side? Are you underestimating me?" Wei Yan Er was angered, then she said, "Noob tank could give me a hundred millions in a year! If you want to recruit me, at least offer me 200 million to 300 million dollars!"

Erm... well, there was still someone acting greedy, after all...

On the 22nd of January, the World League Championship Finale had finally raised its curtains! It was 7 p.m, the 16 Battle Teams arrived and lined up by the hall. After a short and brief opening ceremony, the organizer announced that the matchings of each Battle Team would be decided by lucky draw.

Although the opening ceremony was short, the ‘God’s Miracle’ was, after all, the most popular game in the entire world. Naturally, many celebrities and VIPs attended the event. That included some of the top influential people and some of the finest actors and actresses in the entire world! The opening ceremony was so grand that it felt like a Winter Carnival!

It was finally the moment that the players had been waiting for. The Lucky draw session.

To prevent any possibility of cheating, the two Battle Teams from the same Regions would be arranged to compete in two different sections separately. In other words, the 16 Battle Teams would be separated into two sections, with 8 Battle Teams competing against each other in each section. Of course, the Battle Teams from the same Region would not be arranged into the same section. Therefore, it was not possible for two Battle Teams from the same Region to run into each other before the Finals. The schedule of the contest would be as follows:

22nd , Quarterfinals (Top 8); 23rd ,

Top 4 on each different section; 24th ,

Semifinals (Top 4); 25th ,

Finals (Champion, Runner-Up, Third-in-place, Forth-in-place).

The final rewards for the winners of the competition were finally announced: Champion Team will acquire 5,000,000 USD and one Class A Inheritance Fragment. Runner-Up Team will acquire 3,000,000 USD and one Class B Inheritance Fragment. Second Runner-Up will acquire 1,000,000 USD and one Class C Inheritance Fragment.

Money aside, the main attraction would naturally be the fragments of Inheritance!

As long as one obtains a single piece of an Inheritance Fragment, the person would be able to gather the other missing pieces and activate the Inheritance Quest. It would just be a matter of time before that happens.

Although there were quite a number of players in the game who had already acquired an Inheritance for themselves, it did not mean that the value of the Inheritance would drop.

Lone Desert Smoke was already packed with 3 players carrying Class S Inheritances, 1 player with Class A Inheritance, and 5 players with Class B Inheritance at the moment. Even so, they were still hoping more of their members would obtain Inheritances to make their guild even stronger!

In another aspect, if the contestants were not interested in acquiring the Inheritance Fragment, they could still sell it after they manage to acquire it. There would be countless of guilds willing to offer their higher tier equipment, and some would even fork out large sums of gold coins for the Inheritance Fragment!

"It’s a Class A Inheritance! If it’s a Spell-type Inheritance, then sister Daffodil will finally have her own Inheritance!" Wei Yan Er clapped with joy as she said. Among the seven of them, only Daffodil Daydream had not yet acquired an Inheritance.

"Alright! Let’s do our best and help Daffodil get that reward!"

As captain of the battle team for Lone Desert Smoke, Zhang Yang and the rest of the party captains went up to the stage. The matches they were going to go up against would all be decided by lucky draws.

The organizer had applied the best 2 out of 3 method to determine the winner of the match. Every match would be following the same protocols of the previous League Championship. Firstly, they would set up 7 matches in the form of 1 VS 1. If none of the two sides could score 5 wins for their side by the end of the 7 matches, the competition would switch things up a little. It would become a 5 VS 5 party battle. Every team that is going to participate must acquire two victories in order to proceed into the Quarterfinals, to become one of the Top 8.

Zhang Yang managed to draw a number that set his team up against ‘Moira Battle Team’ from the Europe Region. Their match would be the fourth match of the day.

Upon the completion of the lucky draws, all battle teams went to the rest area and got ready for the competition. Currently, everyone had the information about all 15 battle teams, which including all players’ levels and their Classes. However, their Skills, especially their Inheritance Skills were not listed on the sheets. Of course, it would be better to keep those a secret to make the competition interesting. Right before the competition starts, the two battle teams must confirm their members who would be participating in the matches. Upon confirmation, they could no longer make any changes afterward. Or else, the entire battle team would be forfeited!

The Moira Battle Team came in full force. All 10 slots were filled, and the contestants were all ready to roll. The player with the highest level among their members was a Level 122 Spellcaster named ‘Light of Hope’. Meanwhile, the player with the lowest level among their members was a Level 117 Priest named ‘King of the Jungle’.

After reading the sheet lists of the other Battle Teams, Zhang Yang had to decide on which member of his team would take part in this competition.

"A team of high Tier horses versus a team of middle Tier horses, and then a team of middle Tier horses versus a team of low Tier horses. Then the winner shall be revealed by the end of all these matches!" Wei Yan Er wrinkled her nose as she spoke.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Hmm, are you a high Tier horse, a middle Tier horse, or a low Tier horse then?"

"Pui! You’re the horse! Not me!" Wei Yan Er did not fall into Zhang Yang’s trap, not admitting herself as a horse. She rolled her eyes at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang made a final headcount, then he said, "We don’t know them well, and we don’t know who’s strong and who’s not. However, we shall remain the best, always! We don’t need to think about cheating or anything else! We just have to prove ourselves by doing our best and taking out anyone that stands in our way! Well, the first one to go up stage will be Ice queen. The second one will be Witchy Snow. I’ll be the third. We shall use three Class S Inheritances to show them who’s the boss and destroy their confidence. Little brat, you’re the 4th one going out. If you still can’t win with your Class A Inheritance, we’re going to punish you by forcing you to stand outside of the door for the entire night! After that, Lost Dream and Hundred Shots, you guys just have to win once each. By then, we can end the battle earlier without getting ourselves into a Party Battle!