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Chapter 627: Quarterfinals

Chapter 627: Quarterfinals

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At 8 p.m, the first match of the World League Championship Finale finally kicked off! Players from all around the world put everything aside and tuned in to watch the matches.

Battles between top Tier players would either last 10 seconds or drag on for hours. Truth be told, unless it is a battle between Thief Class players, the matches would typically last for tens of minutes before it ends with victor up top. After all, players who have made it this far must have been one of the top players in their own Regions.

The first match was won by the ‘Real Battle Team’ from South America. They won by scoring 5:1 as they defeated the ‘Azuma no Netsu Battle Team’ from Japan-Korea Region. They were now leading with a final score of 1:0 at the moment. One of many reasons they could triumph over the players from Japan-Korea Region was because they were in luck. Every player from their side happened to face an opponent that had a disadvantage in terms of their Classes. Secondly, none of the players from Azuma no Netsu Battle Team had reached up to Level 120 yet. With a detrimental combination of inferior equipment and ill-matched classes, their loss came as no surprise.

However, the second match was intense. This time, both sides had made some adjustments on the sequence of players who would go in first. Real Battle Team was not as lucky as they were in the first match. They no longer had the advantage in Classes. The battles were fierce and close. The round was concluded with the score of 4:3 after 7 matches. Therefore, the two Battle Teams had to participate in the 5 VS 5 Team Battle.

By the end of it, the Azuma no Netsu Battle Team lost because of their inferior equipment. They lost with the score of 3:6 in the second round. With the final score settling at 0:2, the Azuma no Netsu Battle Team was eliminated from the Championship.

The next rounds were the matches between the ‘Hell Battle Team’ from Europe Region and the ‘Holden Battle Team’ from Australia Region. After struggling through 3 difficult rounds, the Hell Battle Team won by scoring 2:1 in the final score and progressed into the Quarterfinals.

Zhang Yang felt that something was a little off. Dusk Phoenix who had been constantly hunting after him was supposedly on Hell Battle Team. However, there was no sign of her at all, in both the 1 VS 1 matches and the 5 VS 5 team battles!

She had a Class A Inheritance and had to be one of the most powerful members of the team. So, why would she not be battling in any of the matches so far? If she would just join in any of the battles, there would be 90% certainty that the Hell Battle Team would score 1 victory for themselves. They would not have to go through so much hardship. They even might have won their previous match by scoring 2:0!

It was indeed very strange. What could that woman be up to, then?

After that, the Philosopher’s Stone Battle Team from North America Region was defeated by the Steely Dangs Battle Team from India Region by the score of 1:2. They were the third to be eliminated from the Championship.

The following match was Zhang Yang’s battle team going up against the Moira Battle Team.

Because they were not familiar with the members of their opponents, they could not arrange the appropriate players to go up against their opponents based on their weaknesses and strengths. However, Zhang Yang and the rest of his members were very confident. After all, all of them had already acquired an Inheritance that was higher than Class B, at the least for themselves, other than Daffodil Daydream. This poor little lady still could not get her own Inheritance, as she had not come across any suitable ones so far. Hence, every single one of them should not have any trouble if they go up against their opponents in 1 VS 1 matches, regardless of who they were dealing with.

After the sexy host finished with her introductions, Sun Xin Yu was the first member of the team to step foot onto the battle stage. Meanwhile, her opponent - ‘The Reaper’ was a guardian who had only reached Level 120 recently. Judging from the looks of it, this Guardian was well equipped, with high Tier equipment. He seemed very different from the others.

It was an unfortunate turn of events for a Thief to go up against a Guardian. Tanker Classes had a natural advantage over Thiefs!

When they saw Sun Xin Yu walking up the stage, the members of the Moira Battle Teams broke in smiles of joy. Victory was theirs, even before the match has begun. How wrong would they be to think like that?

To them, it was simple math. Players would not be able to activate their Inheritance Transformation Skills in this competition. Although Sun Xin Yu was currently Level 126, her attributes would only be as good as a Level 120 can get, even with all the high Tier equipment she was equipped with. It seemed that The Reaper had the absolute advantage over Sun Xin Yu in the aspect of Classes.

As the night was packed with several matches in its schedule, the 5-minute preparation provided to all contestants was shortened to 1 minute. In just a brief moment, the system had announced the commencement of the first match.

Without wasting any time, Sun Xin Yu went into Stealth Mode. No words, no taunts, no flourishing of her weapons. She just vanished into thin air! Meanwhile, The Reaper walked towards where Sun Xin Yu had disappeared with extreme caution. He held a shield in his left hand, and a battle hammer in his right hand. He was moving around as carefully as possible. If he could just force Sun Xin Yu out of her Stealth Mode, victory would already be his!

"Noob tank, do you think that sister Sun can win?" Wei Yan Er was very nervous.

Zhang Yang laughed with ease and said, "Even I would have a 50% chance of being killed by her if she ever comes for me in the Open World map. So, what do you think?"

His gang members were very well aware of how powerful Zhang Yang was. Everyone became very confident that Sun Xin Yu would win the battle, upon hearing what Zhang Yang had to say. Most Warrior Classes could only be as powerful as 10% of Zhang Yang’s strength. If Sun Xin Yu could really fight Zhang Yang and stand a 50% chance of winning, then she would definitely stand over any other warrior, regardless of class.


A shadow appeared all of a sudden, right behind The Reaper. It was Sun Xin Yu! With {Ambush}, she stunned The Reaper for 4 seconds. The moment The Reaper was stunned, Sun Xin Yu began to whirl her weapons in both hands, and the HP bar of The Reaper began to drop.

The Reaper did not activate any Skills to dispel the effects of {Ambush}. Instead, he intended to keep his {Warrior’s Will} for the more dangerous {Kidney Shot} that had yet to be used on him. The duration of the status restriction from {Kidney Shot} could last for 6 seconds.

As for his accessory that could provide him with an invincibility effect, he decided to only use it after the second round of the {Vanish}.

However, even though he could not move at the moment, but his Battle Companion did not stay idle. The Battle Companion of The Reaper was a middle-aged human. There was no way of determining the initial Tier of the Battle Companion at the moment. However, his entire body was radiating in violet equipment. It was obvious that the Battle Companion was equipped with Violet-Platinum Tier!

However, this middle-age man was not a DPS Battle Companion. He was a Healer-type Battle Companion. He would remain behind to heal his master.

Just hit it, girl! Just hit it! The Reaper thought to himself as he had a thick layer of armor protecting him. Furthermore, he also had the Class B Aethereal Turtle Inheritance. Without the need of activating his Inheritance Transformation, he still had 10% additional Damage Immunity and 50% additional Defense increment. Therefore, his Defense should be as hard as a turtle shell! He was not worried about how much damage Sun Xin Yu could deal to him. Furthermore, he even had a Healer-type Battle Companion healing him up! After that 4-second of stunning, he would be the one torturing Sun Xin Yu!

The Reaper had a cold smile on his face. However, he realized that something was off after being hit for 2 seconds. How could his HP be reducing at such a rapid speed?

In merely 4 seconds, his HP bar had been reduced by 40%! Holy molly! He could swear that he had the Defense of a turtle! How did this Thief make it seem as if he was made of paper!

The brief 4-second stun effect was like four hours to him. He was anxious. After waiting out for the effect, Sun Xin Yu activated her {Kidney Shot,} as expected. He quickly activated his {Warrior’s Will} to cancel the negative effect on him and turned around swiftly to face Sun Xin Yu. The moment he faced her, he finally realized that Sun Xin Yu was not holding two daggers, instead, they were two swords!

The Reaper was astounded to see that. Did he not receive a {Backstab}? Well, {Backstab} was a Skill that can only be activated when the user has daggers in her hands. How could Sun Xin Yu be using the Skill with swords? What the hell?

Sun Xin Yu did not waste her breath explaining how she made it possible. It was the passive Skill that was provided by her Shadow Dancer Inheritance!

[Weapon Mastery (Passive)]: You can use a one-handed sword to replace your dagger and activate all Skills that require a dagger.

It was just like how Zhang Yang’s God of War Inheritance allowed him to equip two-handed weapons in his left hand while holding a shield in his right hand. It was a special perk that only the wielder of a Class S Inheritance could have!

In terms of DPS, the same level and same Tier of a one-handed sword and a dagger did not differ much. However. The speed of the weapons differed. The slowest attack interval for a one-handed sword was 2.8 seconds, while the slowest attack interval for a dagger was only 1.8 seconds. If both weapons end up with the same amount of DPS, it would only mean that the sword should have a significantly higher attack attribute to make up for its sluggishness. However, this DPS only took into account the normal strikes of a weapon. The DPS would greatly differ if the player activates the same Skills with two different types of weapons!

{Backstab} was a Skill that would cause 200% of the Attack that the main Weapon could deal. Upon a complete upgrade of the Skill, the player would deal up to 250% of the Attack that the main Weapon could deal! It could be considered as the main damage dealing Skill of Thieves. A player should be able to deal 45,000 damage to the target by using a dagger. On the other hand, the player should be able to deal up to 70,000 damage to the target, by using a sword!

That was a lot of difference!

Even though The Reaper had a thick Defense, it would still not be enough for him to tank against a {Backstab} that is fuelled by a sword. Fortunately, one {Backstab} would require 50 MP. Furthermore, Sun Xin Yu must be standing behind her target in order to activate her {Backstab}. Furthermore, a professional player like himself would definitely not give his back to his opponents!

However, The Reaper felt that his entire body was numb once again before he could begin his assault on Sun Xin Yu. He was stunned, again! A second Assassin had appeared behind his back!

Sun Xin Yu dashed over to The Reaper’s back to get ready for her next assault. She only needed 10 MP before she can activate her second {Backstab}!

With nothing left to back him up, The Reaper was forced to remove the restriction status on him by activating the Invincibility Effect of his accessory.

He attempted to fight back the moment he removed the status restriction effect on him. However, Sun Xin Yu was an extremely agile Thief. Her steps were as light as a feather as she retreated from The Reaper. She was stalling The Reaper until his Invincibility Effect fads.

The moment the Invincible Effect faded, Sun Xin Yu activated her {Vanish} and disappeared into the surroundings. Then she smacked an {Ambush} right on her opponent once again!

This time, however, The Reaper had nothing left to rid the Restriction Status effect on him. He could only activate his {Shield Wall} in an attempt to stay alive.

{Shield Wall} could last for 10 seconds. It was just enough for him to shield himself from the 4-second stun effect of the {Kidney Shot} and the 6-second Restriction Status Effect!

With that, Sun Xin Yu had succeeded in getting rid of all The Reaper’s life-saving Skills that he could spare!

Sun Xin Yu did not waste her Skills and MP on the {Shield Wall} of The Reaper. Instead, she turned her attention towards his Battle Companion as she began to launch her assaults towards the poor middle-age man. 4 seconds later, she turned her attention back to The Reaper as she activated her {Kidney Shot} and put another Restriction Status Effect on him!

10 seconds was more than enough for Sun Xin Yu and Ankh the Assassin to kill that Battle Companion several times over!

The moment the {Shield Wall} faded, The Reaper recovered from the stun effect. He immediately charged at Sun Xin Yu, roaring in anger. Ever since the beginning of the match, he had not been able to move at all. Also, his Battle Companion had been slaughtered, and he could not do anything about it! He felt extremely embarrassed!

{Blast Wave}! {Heroic Leap}! {Brutal Smash}!

He was not willing to show any sign of weakness as he kept spamming his Skills on Sun Xin Yu.

However, Sun Xin Yu dodged every single attack that The Reaper could throw at her. The Reaper could not do anything about it as Sun Xin Yu started beating him up.

Upon acquiring the {Weapon Mastery}, Sun Xin Yu no longer feared going head-on with other players in battles. Not only did she have the agility of a Thief, but her durability and stamina were that of an Assassin. It was just like the God of War Inheritance, her Shadow Dancer Inheritance had allowed her to have both advantages of the two Thief Classes!

Furthermore, Class S Inheritances could provide players with an additional 50% damage output. It had made her so powerful that she was now capable of facing a Tanker head on! She also had her Battle Companion - Ankh the Assassin to support her in dealing damage to her enemy!

The match ended with an unexpected outcome! A guardian with a Defensive-type Inheritance had been whittled to death by a Thief!

It was the uttermost humiliation that one could ever experience!