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Chapter 628: A ‘Different’ Tactic

Chapter 628: A ‘Different’ Tactic

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Silky Soft Battle Team obtained their first victory and they scored 1:0 against their opposition team. The next to go up the stage was Han Ying Xue.

The witchy Snow planted a kiss on Zhang Yang’s lips and said, "I’ll be right back, sweetheart!"

What the f*ck! This witch had turned him into the involuntary half of a couple displaying their affection in public!

Coincidentally, her opponent was a Level 118 Spellcaster with the name ‘Elemental Mistress’. She was a female Elf. She seemed to be well-equipped. Her Battle Companion was a female Hunter. It seemed that this player would be attacking the target together with her Battle Companion. They would attempt to go on an all-out assault.

Han Ying Xue summoned the whiner out. Before Messick could even begin with his perverted acts, she had already sent him flying with a kick to the face. Then she said, "Go, defeat the two enemies over there! Make them your girl slaves!"

"My queen, I’m always loyal to you! Other women are just sh*t in my eyes!" Messick spoke with passion and sincerity. However, his eyes were already set upon Elemental Mistress and her Battle Companion as he ‘scanned’ their body figures. He suddenly pulled out his long spear and charged towards the two women. He screamed, "The mighty Messick is here! Me! No one can hurt my queen! You two witches! Lay down on the bed ... I mean kneel down on the ground and die!"

The whiner charged out with admirable courage. He would only be so courageous in such a situation. Well... a pervert for life... who is to judge them?

Elemental Mistress did not even spare the Battle Companion a glance. Her primary target was the player. She gave her Battle Companion a command and both of them charged towards Han Ying Xue. Upon locking onto Han Ying Xue, they held nothing back and launched their assaults on Han Ying Xue.

On the other hand, Han Ying Xue had already activated {Milkmaid Deity's Protection} at the start of the battle. She threw her {Putrefying Poison} onto Elemental Mistress and began to heal herself. She stood there like a pillar, as the enemy bombarded her to no end.

Elemental Mistress grinned. This was a free win for her.

Before the Healers had been nerfed by the system, they could easily nullify the attacks that a single player could deliver. As long as their equipment were of the same standards, they should be able to maintain their HP and survive. As long as their MP bars were not emptied out, their HP bars would not be emptied out either! However, since the system had nerfed the Healers by one-third of their initial capabilities, their healing speed would no longer keep up with the speed of their enemies dealing damage on them.

Furthermore, she also had a Battle Companion to support her in dealing even more damage. Although this Battle Companion started out as a Gray-Silver Tier, her agility growth rate was a whopping 11 stars! Now her Battle Companion was mainly wearing Violet-Platinum Tier equipment and a few pieces of Mythical Tier equipment, the damage-dealing capability of this Battle Companion was as good as 40% of her own!

Under that sort of bombardment, how long could the opponent possibly remain alive?

98%, 96%, 94%, 92%, 90%, 88% ...

87%, 100%, 86%, 100%, 83%, 100% ...

After some time battling, Elemental Mistress realized that something was off! What was going on, exactly? How was her HP reducing steadily under the influence of Han Ying Xue’s {Putrefying Poison,} even though she was busy healing herself most of the time? Although the rate of reduction was extremely low, her HP bar was indeed decreasing in every passing second! How could Han Yin Xue’s healing capability be so powerful!? Elemental Mistress only managed to hit Han Ying Xue once before Han Ying Xue healed herself back to her full HP! She was basically unkillable!

Wei Yan Er laughed herself silly, then she said, "Haha! Trying to kill my cousin sis? Dream on! Haha! Even after I use {Destructive Smash} to reduce her Healing efficiency by 50%, she could still heal herself back up! This one here is just a Spellcaster! Cousin sis has a Class S Inheritance now! She’s the cow of immortal udders and endless milk! Haha!"

Healers would have an absolute disadvantage against Berserkers who can reduce their healing efficiency. Once they use their {Destructive Smash} on the Healer, they could kill the Healers with just a few attacks, even if their equipment was inferior to the Healer’s.

If the little brat could not kill Han Ying Xue, no one but Zhang Yang could possibly kill her. After all, Zhang Yang had an insanely high Attack and he was capable of reducing more than just 50% of a Healer’s healing efficiency! Therefore, Han Ying Xue could heal herself and outlast any opponent in any 1 VS 1 match!

Elemental Mistress was so overwhelmed by her own emotions that she began to panic. She was on the verge of crying! No matter how hard she and her Battle Companion tried, they could not even reduce Han Ying Xue’s HP down to below 70% before she heals herself back up --- actually, she managed to reduce Han Ying Xue’s HP bar below 70%. That was because she had activated a counter Skill on Han Ying Xue, causing her to not be able to use her Skills for a brief moment.

However, counter Skills had cooldown periods as well. The moment the effect was over, Elemental Mistress could only stare at Han Ying Xue helplessly as the super ‘cow’ milked herself back up to health.

Battling Han Ying Xue in a Player VS Player match was definitely a torture for most of the players!

Her complete lack of tactical knowledge further adds to the insult. She could not perform ‘Supporting Attacks’, and neither would she move around the arena! She would not even attempt to exhaust other players into using their Skills ineffectively! She only uses that one offensive skill on the opponent. The {Putrefying Poison} and healing herself combo... until her opponent dies of DOT effect!

Theoretically speaking, a player like her who would not even run around the arena would easily get overpowered by Berserkers with higher attributes. It would be even worse if those Berserkers would even know how to use ‘Supporting Attacks’ efficiently. They could just interrupt her chanting with their ‘Supporting Attacks’ and rid her of her healing capability in a battle. However, that annoying Messick would be guarding her, acting as her human shield when she goes up against a Berserker.

Furthermore, she still had her {Holy Shield} to protect herself. As long as her shield is not broken, her chanting would not be interrupted and she would never be pushed back. She could effectively counter the ‘Supporting Attacks’ from her opponents with her shield.

Hence, the current situation was totally one-sided.

Han Ying Xue did not possess any useful PvP skills. However, she managed to oppress Elemental Mistress by using many of her Healing Skills and the high Healing Efficiency gifted by her Inheritance!


After losing two matches in a row, the morale of the Moira Battle Team plummeted. It would require one great victory to reignite their fiery will!

Unfortunately, the opponent that they were going to face was the Strongest player in the Silky Soft Battle Team --- Zhang Yang!

The Moira Battle Team had sent yet another lady as the third contestant. She was a Level 118 Hunter who had a Wind Fox pet and a Healing-type Battle Companion with her.

This Hunter was called ‘Seductive Wild Pussy’, an elf. She was rather tall. The appearance and height of a player in the game would not necessarily reflect their real-life appearance. However, the attitude and behavior of the character would be the mirror-image. When the battle started, she began to launch her assaults on Zhang Yang, attempting to sway Zhang Yang’s ‘will’ by saying, "Hey handsome! Can you really prove yourself as a real man here? Why don’t you come over to my room later so that we can have a good ‘battle’ there! Hmm... you look ‘strong’... I’m thinking of filling up my void down here with that stick of yours over there!"

Zhang Yang frowned intensely as he never thought that a woman would seduce him during a battle! He continued to push the woman to the corner with all his assaults, pretending that he did not hear a single word she said.

The movement of Seductive Wild Pussy around the arena was smooth. She used her pet as an obstacle between herself and Zhang Yang to slow him down a little. She continued to tease Zhang Yang as the words she said never left the topic of ‘come between my legs’. Well, everything she said to Zhang Yang so far was more than enough to turn into an erotica masterpiece.

In his previous life, Zhang Yang had encountered various players who loved to use foul language to tease and provoke other people. However, he had never encountered a player who would use the sexual approach on him during a battle! This woman had no sense of shame in her at all! She was using every possible word that would turn a man on. She would even take the opportunity to shake her boobies and her butt between her attack intervals. Zhang Yang believed that she would have stripped completely naked if the equipment did not give any boosts to her attributes. Because that would definitely be more effective to seduce a man.

"Hey, we could have a threesome as well! I don’t mind you bringing another woman over to my place. Or you can even bring another man to f*ck me! Hmm --- to be honest, I prefer 3 or 4 men to f*ck me up at the same time! The pleasure is just heavenly when you’re being filled up and down!"

This b*tch is really gifted in such a way that she could bombard Zhang Yang with all her horny words as her arms spoke a completely different language. Her arrows flew at him relentlessly. He could help but to feel impressed by this b*tch.

Every match of the Championship was being broadcast live. Everyone could observe their battles from all 360 degrees of angle and hear every single word they say during the battle. With the string of vulgar moans and garbage coming from Seductive Wild Pussy, some of the players were agitated, while some of them were turned on instead. These perverts were hoping to switch places with Zhang Yang right away so that they could have a great time with that little b*tch.

The arena was not particularly large. If she was battling some other player, Seductive Wild Pussy could still agilely dodge all assaults from her opponent by moving all over the place. However, her opponent was Zhang Yang, the best player in the entire China Region! Therefore, her only way was to retreat until her back was against the wall of the arena.

Truth be told, even if Zhang Yang did not approach that little b*tch, Felice alone was enough to torture Seductive Wild Pussy with her assaults in her Dragonhawk form. Currently, the {Fire Missile} of Felice could deal up to 46,000 damage to her target. Even if that little b*tch had a Healing-type Battle Companion to heal her from time to time, she would instantly burn up.

However, knowing that her words should have won over more than one fan, Zhang Yang had to hold back to prevent making enemies out of those horny fans!

Seductive Wild Pussy was not able to deal much damage to Zhang Yang for the moment, because she had been forced to move around frequently. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had insanely high Defense! Gradually, slowly, she was still losing more HP than him!

"Armor-Piercing Arrow!" Seductive Wild Pussy knew very well that she would get killed by the Dragonhawk lady in the sky before she could even seduce Zhang Yang into wanting her! She fixed her eyes on her target as she began to load an arrow onto her bow. She pulled the string back and released the arrow straight towards Zhang Yang. The arrow was radiating in dark energy as it flew towards Zhang Yang.


The arrow went straight onto Zhang Yang’s neck. Blood was spilled across the ground violently and Zhang Yang realized that he had acquired a new Negative Effect.

[Armor-Piercing Arrow]: All Defense provided by Defense-type equipment will temporarily lose their effect. Lasts for 10 seconds.

What an insanely powerful Skill!

Although it could last for a good period 10 seconds, it would not do much good in a boss battle. However, it could become an extremely useful Skill in a Player VS Player match! Temporarily losing one’s Defense provided by Defense-type equipment would mean total vulnerability! Be it Defense attribute or Passive Immune Damage, everything would become nullified for 10 seconds!

This would finish off any Tanker in the game!

Seductive Wild Pussy took the opportunity to strike out with her ultimate Skill! She stood still and released a powerful arrow at Zhang Yang!


Zhang Yang only had his 20% damage reduction passive Skill left. That one strike of the arrow had struck Zhang Yang with over 40,000 damage! Of course, that was all thanks to Seductive Wild Pussy’s ultimate Skill effect!


Another arrow was released from her bow and struck Zhang Yang. This time, it was a normal attack. It was much lower than the previous hit.

If anyone would ever underestimate this woman, thinking that she only knew how to talk dirty, they could be taken out by her {Armor-Piercing Arrow} without even knowing what had struck them!

Zhang Yang managed to close in on her. With a {Charge}, he dashed up to Seductive Wild Pussy and swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] at her.

Zhang Yang had been receiving damage from the woman throughout the entire battle. Meanwhile, he could acquire 2 Rage Points in every second when he is in battle mode. He had accumulated over 120 points of Rage Points. Zhang Yang had finally let out the tiger in the cage! He began by activating his {Destructive Smash}, followed by a series of normal slashes in order to maintain his Rage Bar at maximum --- if he just kept using his normal attacks, he would have been wasting the opportunity to collect more Rage Points, as his Rage Bar was already full. Therefore, he used his Skill first before using his normal attack on the opponent. If he had used his normal attack first before using his {Destructive Smash}, Zhang Yang would only have 75 Rage Points left.

Sometimes, small details do matter. It sets apart the professional and the regular.





However, two ‘Switch!’ words popped up on top of Seductive Wild Pussy. She did not receive damage from the 2 hits that landed on her. Instead, her Wind Fox pet was the one that received a large amount of damage. That two damage values instantly killed the pet, even though it had full health!