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Chapter 629: A Wild Pussy has appear!

Chapter 629: A Wild Pussy has appear!

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It was a Pet Skill, similar to the Player’s Skill - {Sacrifice}. The damage that the owner of the Pet receives will be switched over to the Pet instead!

Unfortunately, Wind Fox was a Spell-type Pet, so it did not possess a high amount of HP and Defense. Upon receiving two extremely high damage values dealt by Zhang Yang, the Wind Fox was instantly killed.

However, the sacrifice of this little Pet had granted Seductive Wild Pussy an opportunity to survive! The moment she recovered from the stun effect, she activated {Ice Trap} and she leaped back at high speed. She leaped over 10 meters back --- that was the Hunter’s {Tumble}.

Zhang Yang reacted very quickly as well. He activated his {Heroic Leap} and got away before the {Ice Trap} could trigger its effect. He went flying straight towards Seductive Wild Pussy like a fearsome speedster.

{Fake Death}!

Seductive Wild Pussy suddenly let out a miserable scream and she collapsed onto the ground. Not a second later, she had already leaped back up to her feet.

It was definitely not just a useless act!

Every Skill would lock on to a target upon activation. However, if the target dies halfway through, the Skill would stop --- although {Fake Death} does not really kill a player, the system would consider the target to be lost!

Zhang Yang fell to the ground halfway through his leap. His {Heroic Leap} was forcefully halted, as his target was ‘lost’ all of a sudden!

That was a true demonstration of a skill! She actually managed to pull it off!

Zhang Yang was astounded by her performance. Though using a {Fake Death} to avoid being hit by another Skill sounded easy, but it would require absolute precision in doing so. The activation of {Heroic Leap} only took a split second. That being said, the reflexes of Seductive Wild Pussy had to be very swift and sensitive for her to react in such a short period of time!

Although this woman seemed to be all about sex and lust, she is one hell of a marvelous player. She should not be underestimated! Furthermore, it confirmed Zhang Yang’s suspicion. She was hiding her true strength with all the dirty language. It seemed that she wanted people to believe that they have lost thanks to her endless distraction, rather than actual skill!

Seductive Wild Pussy had her back against the wall as she leaped forward. The wall actually served as a trampoline, allowing her to leap to the other far end of the arena!

She giggled like a little girl as she moved around in the arena. As she ran around the arena, she would leap and turn 360 degrees in the air while shooting out her arrows one after another. Each of the arrows landed on Zhang Yang precisely. She did not lose any speed after landing either, every time she did that!

It was a demonstration of her true professional skill!

Zhang Yang could not help but admire her even more!

That sort of leap and turn 360 degree in midair is called {Leap Shot}. It would not affect the movement speed of a player when using the Skill. At the current build of the game, Hunters could deal a substantial amount of damage as the cooldown periods for their Skills were much shorter, after the developers made some adjustments. They were now the best DPS Class in Party Battles or Boss Battles! However, the disadvantages that Hunters had in PvP matches were glaringly obvious. Once their opponents get closer than 3 meters, they would be helpleess.

Though Hunters had {Tumble} and {Breaking Shot} to make distance between themselves and their opponents, but there were ways for players of other Classes to counter these Skills as well. Their opponents of other Classes could ignore the stun effect of the {Breaking Shot} by taking a [Mobility Potion]. As for {Tumble}, Warriors could activate their {Charge}, Thieves could activate their {Sprint} while Spellcasters could use their {Apparate}. Each of the Classes would have their own Skills that could be used to approach the Hunters!

Therefore, a Hunter’s attack would be like shooting arrows at the target from a range. When the target is approaching, Hunters could activate {Tumble}, {Breaking Shot} or {Ice Trap} to pull some distance between themselves and their target before they continue to shoot their arrows at the target. If the Hunters still could not take out their target upon repeating the pattern of attacks, they would be as good as dead.

However, the appearance of the {Leap Shot} was a game-changing Skill for the Hunters in PvP matches!

Because Hunters could now run and shoot at the same time while maintaining a certain distance between themselves and their targets. There was no longer a blind area for them to worry about.

However, normal attacks were not the same as Skill attacks. Players were required to stand still and aim precisely. Meanwhile, leaping and turning 360 degrees over in the midair put a player in full motion across the air. It would be extremely difficult for a player to aim, pull the string on the bow and release the arrow at the target!

Furthermore, the most important thing was precision!

Normally, there would be at least 30% rate of landing an arrow on the target while a Hunter is leaping across the air. So, if a Hunter Class player could increase the hit rate up to 60%, that player could be deemed as an expert. When a Hunter Class player could increase the hit rate up to 90%, that player could be deemed as the master of experts in the Hunter Class!

Seductive Wild Pussy was that kind of a master among experts!

Up to this point, her hit rate was maintained at 100%! That was a full mark of perfection in hitting every single arrow on her target!

Zhang Yang recalled back from his past life that this {Leap Shot} was only widely known among the players of this game, three years from today. As he recalled, only a few Hunter players were using that Skill in battle when he first joined the ‘God’s Miracle’.

"Holy god! It’s my first time I’ve seen a Hunter being so agile! A hunter can do all that?"

"Shooting while running? I have not thought of this!"

"That’s only 0.1 second for her to aim! That woman could still hit her target so precisely! This little pussy is really great!"

Everyone was astonished by her performance as they were watching the match through the ‘god’s view’ function of the game. It seemed that the big change in the way Hunters are playing would be happening much sooner than anyone could think of.

"Felice!" Zhang Yang called out to Felice. Felice knew exactly what Zhang Yang had in mind. So she went straight down from the air and transformed into her human form. Then she put herself in between Zhang Yang and Seductive Wild Pussy.

The movement speed of a player could not be compared to the movement speed of a flying unit. So Seductive Wild Pussy could not stop herself in time and she collided into Felice.


Upon the collision, the person who would be bumped back would depend on their Strength values. Meanwhile, a Hunter always relied on Agility to perform. It would be a lost cause if a Hunter were to try to compare Strength attributes with the humanoid Felice. Seductive Wild Pussy was sent staggering back.

She had been maintaining a distance of about 10 meters between herself and Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang would eventually catch up to her if she takes one step slower. When she was knocked off her momentum, Zhang Yang had enough time to make a dash up to her.

"You want to have a hot sex with me?" Seductive Wild Pussy winked at him as she made a throwing gesture at Zhang Yang. Countless strings of spider webs poured out from her hand and tangled Zhang Yang! Zhang Yang instantly lost his mobility!

[Web Entanglement]: Locks a target and disables the target’s mobility for 10 seconds. The target will not be able to move or attack at all. However, any attack the target receives will cancel the effect.

It would really be a grave mistake to underestimate this little b*tch! She really had countless unpredictable tricks up her sleeves!

{Warrior’s Will}!

Zhang Yang immediately activated his Skill to break himself out of the effect. With a swing of his [Sword of Purging Devourer], he gave the little b*tch two slashes straight on her chest.



Two splashes of blood were spilled across the ground as Zhang Yang landed the highest attack of his {God of War Devastation} on Seductive Wild Pussy, followed by a normal slash. The two attacks caused 210,000 damage to the woman!

That was series of destructive attacks! The woman let out a miserable scream as she collapsed on the ground.

Zhang Yang fixed his eyes on her body as he realized that the battle was not over yet. The system had made no announcements! Neither has he been teleported out of the arena!


A dark arrow came flying from afar! Seductive Wild Pussy had appeared 30 meters from Zhang Yang. She seemed to be walking out of a void. Meanwhile, she had already loaded her second arrow and she was ready to send it flying at Zhang Yang!

Was that a Skill similar to {Rise Anew}?

Zhang Yang did not ask because he knew he had forced that little b*tch to use her trump card! He could only be scolded and cursed at, as that Wild Pussy had to be extremely mad right now!


Zhang Yang called out to Felice again. The two of them had a very deep mutual understanding as they had been working together for so long. Felice nodded and transformed into her Dragonhawk form. Then she flew into the air and began her chanting for {Fire Missile}. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang took a few steps back as swiftly as he could.

"God damn!" Seductive Wild Pussy realized that Zhang Yang had already gone out of her attack range before she could launch her second arrow.

The key for a Ranged Combatant to defeat a Melee Combatant in a battle would be the ability to maintain a distance between themselves and their opponents. If the Melee Combatant could not get near enough to attack, the Range Combatant would certainly win the match. As Seductive Wild Pussy was used to staying 30 meters away from her opponent, she had never thought expected Zhang Yang to step back instead!

She was forced to Zhang Yang by herself. However, Zhang Yang turned tail and started running in the other direction. Even she was a little faster than Zhang Yang, it would take more than a few seconds for her to catch up with him!

Meanwhile, Felice took the opportunity to bombard Seductive Wild Pussy with her fireball attacks from midair. Every single hit the little dragon lady threw at Wild Pussy dealt up to 45,000 damage. That amount of damage was not an amount that the Battle Companion of Wild Pussy could heal back. Therefore, her HP bar began to drop steeply.

Seductive Wild Pussy let out a raging roar as she began to shoot some arrows at Felice. They were both 30 meters away from each other. If Felice could hit her from where she was, then Wild Pussy could also hit back on her from where she stood!

After throwing arrows and fireballs at each other, Felice flapped her wings and began to withdraw from the fierce exchange of fire.

At the same instance, Zhang Yang came back swiftly at the little b*tch with his {Charge}!

Seductive Wild Pussy was knocked into a stun!

Although it was just 1 second, it was enough for Zhang Yang to finish the job! After all, his Attack was terrifying!



A {Frost Strike} followed by a normal strike took out the remainder of Wild Pussy’s HP bar. This time, she could no longer get back to her feet, because she was dead!

The match had finally ended. Zhang Yang was teleported out of the arena immediately. Coincidentally, that sexy Wild Pussy was walking towards Zhang Yang while shaking her sexy *ss. Her face was lit up, and she did not seem to be disappointed. She seemed very interested in Zhang Yang as she looked at him with her eyes. Then she said, "You’re the first man to beat me in a 1VS1 match!"

"Should I be flattered then?"

"Hehehe! I’m interested in you... a man from the east. If you’re ‘interested’, just come by to my room after the competition later. L1209, remember my room number. I’m looking forward to conquering you!" Seductive Wild Pussy gave Zhang Yang a flirtatious wink as she walked away with her two round buttcheeks.

"You prolonged a 10-second battle to a 2-minute battle?!" As Zhang Yang walked back to his own teammates, Han Ying Xue gave him an angry face as she was envious. "Why didn’t you prolong the battle for the entire night then?!"

Zhang Yang decided to ignore that witch as it would only be a waste of his time. When he saw that Wei Yan Er was biting her lips as she could barely contain her excitement towards the match, he smacked the little brat on her head and said, "Stop dreaming and get ready! You’re up next!"

"Woi! Stop hitting me in the head, noob tank! What if I get dumber if you keep hitting me in the head!?" The little brat jumped in surprise and rage.

"Don’t worry. You’re already stupid to the point of no turning back. Who knows, if I keep on knocking, something might fall into place, and you might get clever one day!" Zhang Yang laughed.

"You bus tart!" Wei Yan Er pouted as she rolled her eyes at Zhang Yang. As the fourth match was about to begin, the little brat was teleported into the arena.

Her opponent was a Thief. After playing hide and seek for half a day, she finally forced the Thief out of his hiding! After all, she had been taught by master Sun Xin Yu. Learning from the best of the best!

The moment when the Thief got caught, there was nothing left to describe. Wei Yan Er swung her giant axe at her opponent and turned the Thief into pile of bloody meat. She claimed the match with ease!

4:0! Silky Soft Battle Team had acquired the absolute lead. As long as they could score one more match, they would not have to participate in the Team Battle.

Moira Battle Team was forced into a difficult position. However, they had sent their best player, Seductive Wild Pussy. There was no one with the same standard with Wild Pussy left on their team. They could only wish that the remaining 3 of their contestants would be lucky and acquire all three wins. By then, they would still stand a chance by participating in the Team Battle.

It was great to have wishful thoughts. However, the reality was cruel. Lost Dream had shattered their ‘wishful thoughts’ by winning the next match.

By scoring another point, Silky Soft won the round by scoring 5:0. They led the round by having a final score of 1:0.

The second round began right after that.

Now that their opponent knew more about Zhang Yang’s members, they might arrange the sequence of their members going into the arena appropriately, based on the sequence of Zhang Yang’s team. To prevent that, Zhang Yang decided to let everyone on his Battle Team roll to decide who would go up first. By using such random numbers in it, he managed to confuse his opponents.

On the second round, Silky Soft lost one point to their opponent --- Hundred Shots was only considered as a professional player, not a Master player, not until he gets his Red Dragon Pet!

However, it did not matter at all, as Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, Wei Yan Er and Lost Dream won. They scored 5:1 and eliminated Moira Battle Team out of the Championship with their final score of 2:0. They managed to push themselves into the quarterfinal.

Zhang Yang and his team members left the hall as they made their way back to their own rooms to rest for the night. Although they did not have to battle for the day, they logged into the game to watch the battles between other contestants. They planned to observe and analyze their potential opponents in the upcoming quarterfinals.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

Suddenly, someone was banging the door loudly. Zhang Yang was wondering who could it be. Could it be Han Ying Xue or Sun Xin Yu trying to sneak into his room to have some ‘alone time with him?

--- the Organizer was being very generous. Everyone got their own personal rooms.

Zhang Yang walked up to the door and opened the door. What he saw was an old man in his fifties standing right in front of his door. He had golden hair, and was dressed in a neat tuxedo. This man looked like an old butler that Zhang Yang kept seeing in the Hollywood Movies. Out of his habit, Zhang Yang looked up at the top of the man’s head. He did not see an exclamation mark that would indicate an available quest just like in the game. After doing that, only did he realize that he was currently not in the game! This was a man standing right before him in the real world! He was not an NPC!

Right beside the old man was a girl that seemed to hail from the east. She seemed to be in her 20s, with an averagely good-looking face. She wore a pair of glasses rimmed with golden sides, like an educated girl.

That old man began to talk in his own tongue. Zhang Yang could not help but frown as he could not understand a single word coming out from that old man’s mouth.

"Mr.Zhang, this is Taj Rosh, the butler of the castle. I’m his translator." The lady from the east explained. Zhang Yang felt more comfortable upon hearing the Chinese language that she spoke, "Mr. Taj Rosh would like to inform you that he is here to invite you over to see the owner of this castle. Such were his orders."

After Taj Rosh and the lady were done talking, both of them bowed and made a gesture of ‘This way please’.

The owner of the castle was inviting him?

Zhang Yang was flattered as he was very confused. As he recalled, he did not even know who the owner was. So, why would the owner invite him over?

After giving it some thought, he said, "Your owner has spoken! I do not dare to defy his good will! Let’s go!"