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Chapter 630: How to Treat Your guest

Chapter 630: How to Treat Your guest

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As for how the lady did the translation, Zhang Yang had no idea about it. After all the talk, it only meant one thing: Let’s go!

The three of them walked out of the room. Zhang Yang followed the two of them through a few twists and turns. There were really many buildings, halls, and chambers within the vicinity of the castle. The three of them walked all the way from the east side of the castle to its west side. Then, they entered a small building that reminded him of ancient palaces.

There were 4 bodyguards standing by the entrance of the building. They wore black suits with earphones over their ears. They looked like those FBI and CIA officers in the movies. After walking through the entrance, Zhang Yang could also see several other large men wearing black suits lined up by the walls. It seemed that the place was heavily guarded.

So, who could this owner be? Why would he need so many bodyguards then?

Zhang Yang was haunted by questions as he followed the old butler and the lady through the corridor. He went up to the fourth floor. The old butler escorted him to the front of a room. Then, he knocked on the door gently. After 3 to 4 seconds, he opened up the door and let Zhang Yang in.

Finally! Zhang Yang was about to meet the mysterious owner of this castle!

The old butler made a gesture, beckoning Zhang Yang into the room. Zhang Yang walked right in without any hesitation.


A powerful blow landed on the back of his head all of a sudden. Zhang Yang could not react in time. He let his guard down just for one second, and he got a knock right on the back of his skull! Even though he tried to react, it seemed that the person who sneaked an attack on him was a professional! One hit was all it took to send Zhang Yang into unconsciousness! Zhang Yang could only feel his vision blurring as he began to lose consciousness.

He did not know how long he was knocked out. The moment Zhang Yang regained his consciousness, he realized that he was tied up to a wooden chair! Holy sh*t! Did he just get kidnapped!? He struggled in the chair and attempted to get free, and the chair was shaken about by him pretty violently.

"Stop struggling! It’s futile!" A woman’s voice was heard in his ear. It was Chinese, but layered with a thick accent. He knew that it was a foreign woman speaking.

Zhang Yang looked towards where the voice came from. However, there was only a small lamp in the entire room. The room was dim. A faint, single source of light was all that barely lit the place up. Most of the room was dark, so Zhang Yang could not see the face of the woman standing in the dark corner.

"So, is this how you treat your guest?" Zhang Yang smiled weakly, as he was not expecting the owner to be a woman. Furthermore, the voice sounded vibrant and youthful!


The woman began to walk up to him. Slowly, her features started showing themselves in the dim light. Although her face still remained hidden in the shadows, Zhang Yang could already vaguely make out the perfect curves of the woman’s body that were tightly wrapped in that tight dress! That body figure was heavenly!

The black dress was short. Her fair and long legs stood bare in front of Zhang Yang. Her skin was so fair that the color resembled the color of snow! The thin cloth material was wrapped tightly around her small little buttocks. They stood out like the rear end of a peach, able to get men to drool all day long!

"Zhan Yu, Zhang Yang. I told you before that I will never forgive you, and that I’ll get you someday!" The woman continued speaking in that weird accent through gritted teeth.

So, who could this be?

Although Zhang Yang was not considered to be a morally abiding player, he had never toyed with a woman before in the game. So how could he suddenly get a woman to hate him so much? Furthermore, this was a foreign girl!

Wait a minute... speaking of foreign girls... he did make one of them extremely angry! Besides, it was not just a one-time thing!

--- Dusk Phoenix!

It would not be a surprise at all if it was her! She did ask all players that reached beyond Level 100 from the Europe Region to aid her in completing her Class A Inheritance quest. Then, she also used up two [Forbidden Scrolls] without any hesitation. That was not something that one could do just by using a lot of money. She must have come from a very impressive background.

So it would not be a surprise at all if she is the owner of this castle.

"Dusk Phoenix?" Zhang Yang guessed.

"Yes! It’s me! Dusk Phoenix!" the woman in the shadow was trying to act mysterious at first. However, her anger took over her the moment she heard Zhang Yang saying out her in-game name. She stomped up, revealing herself under the light. There she is! She finally revealed her face to Zhang Yang.

It was an elegant beautiful lady that seemed to hail from a western country. She had perfectly proportioned facial features which made her look naturally elegant in her own way. That elegance on her could really bring people down to their knees to worship her. Her beauty resembled a different kind of beauty compared to eastern beauties. However, her beautiful appearance was just as breath-taking as any other beautiful angel in the entire world. Her appearance was definitely on the same standards with Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. Well, she was one hell of a kind in her own way.

"Hey!" Zhang Yang smiled.

Hey your head!

Dusk Phoenix was on the verge of losing her own temper. Even now, he’s still as aloof as ever. Was he trying to treat her like a friend? Had it not been the palace aristocracy which had brought her up to be elegant and polite, she would have been cursing at Zhang Yang in a foul language!

She continued to stare at Zhang Yang, still fuming. She recalled suffering so many times at the hands of this man. She had dream many times that she would torture this man to retaliate.

Even now with this man in her hands, she had almost fainted in rage, because this man was still trying to ridicule her!

"Zhang Yang, today is the day I return all the humiliation that you put me through in the past!" Dusk Phoenix could not help but slap her own butt as she recalled all those angry moments with Zhang Yang. It was quite a ‘unique’ way of expressing her anger... She revealed a pinkish blush on her face as she reached for something behind her. Zhang Yang was wondering what she was up to. The next moment was the moment when he realized that he was truly in danger! She unfurled a long whip right in front of Zhang Yang!

Holy mother of god! This b*tch was serious!

A wise man does not fight when the odds are against him! Zhang Yang quickly laughed and said, "You don’t have to get so serious over it! It’s just a game! Just forget about it!"

Just forget about it? Did he just said ‘just forget about it’?

Dusk Phoenix tightened her teeth as she proceeded. The game has been made too realistic! Although everything in there was virtual, the characters, the buildings, the trees and many more, but the sensations were as real as they could be! Every single morning when she wakes up, she would remember how Zhang Yang had spanked her butt in front of everyone! The worse part of it was that every time she dreams about it, she would wet herself!

Zhang Yang was now her inner demon! If she did not purge all these negative thoughts from her mind, she would have lost her mind, sooner or later!


The whip stretched across the room like a dragon, and she began to whip Zhang Yang up! The first stroke went across his body. Zhang Yang could not take the pain of the first stroke, and he bit down intensely. After all, he was just a mortal of flesh and blood!

"You crazy b*tch! Have you forgotten the human rights bestowed upon mankind!?" Zhang Yang struggled even harder to get free as he started running his mouth at her.

"Haha! Don’t you even think about using that mouth of yours to distract! I’ll never forgive you!" Dusk Phoenix continue to stroke the whip on Zhang Yang repeatedly like a maniac. "I have used up all my connections for this moment! It was me who suggested that they switch the venue of the Championships all the way here!"

No wonder the venue of the World League Championship was suddenly changed from Los Angeles to Luxembourg! So it was her who did all that! So, who was her true identity? She’s even capable of deciding the location of organizing the Championship! That’s some serious influence!

"So you are one of those spoiled rich whelps!" Zhang Yang bit the pain down by thinking about something else.

Dusk Phoenix stopped her labors for a brief moment and spoke up haughtily, "I am Luisa.Bavaria.Doqminderh, the daughter of the Grand Duke Henri, the future Grand Duchess of the Grand Luxembourg! You should call me ‘My princess’!"

Oh sh*t! Zhang Yang felt his breath escaping his body! He had actually provoked a real life princess!

"You jerk! You jerk! Jerk!" Dusk Phoenix began to blush again as her cheeks were becoming redder at every passing second. Why exactly was she getting red? Was she tired after whipping Zhang Yang? Or was she just excited at the prospect of revenge? Her eyes were glaring at Zhang Yang as if there was a fire ignited in her pupils! It was like she was on drugs, or something! She was obviously overjoyed.

"Help! Someone! Help me!" Zhang Yang suddenly screamed for help as he began to lose himself in panic.

"Haha! Scream all you want! No one is going to hear you!" Dusk Phoenix was obviously satisfied with how things were going according to plan, and she said, "I’ve sent all the men away! Even if you scream through the rooftops, no one will come and rescue you! Just give up and stay down! Don’t worry! As long as your brain functions, you can still join the Championship later!"

As she watched Zhang Yang writhing about in pain, Dusk Phoenix could not help but to stick her tongue out from her mouth and swept it across her lips. She could no longer hold the heat that was rushing up to her chest!

"Beg me, and I might give you some mercy!" she said proudly.

"Haha! Are you trying to tickle me or what? That’s all you got?" Zhang Yang did not plan to give in to her at all, as he continued to agitate Dusk Phoenix with his mouth. He continued working to free himself. He could feel that there was a slight chance for him to set himself loose if he could just keep struggling. He could also deduce that although the person who had knocked him out cold was a professional, the person who tied him to the chair was not.

"Let’s see how long can you keep that mouth of yours open!"

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Dusk Phoenix continued to whip Zhang Yang. His shirt started to get shredded up by the whip. Torn fabric was beginning to fall off his body. Lo and behold, the firm and muscular upper body of Zhang Yang was revealed. His eight-packs stood out, proud and noble! The blood stains and the traces of the whip made him looked even more masculine!

She started to get attracted by the appealing sight, but did not show any sign of slowing down with her whipping on Zhang Yang at all. The unruly appearance of this man gradually coincided with that of the mighty and domineering figure in her dreams. However, Zhang Yang did not show any sign that he was willing to give in, like an untamed beast. Dusk Phoenix could not help but recall the mighty shadow of the Zhang Yang who had kept tormenting her in her dreams.

In her dreams, Dusk Phoenix had given in to that mighty shadow of Zhang Yang countless of times. The scene of her being spanked in the *ss had been repeated over and over again in her dream. Every time when she woke up from those dreams, she would find herself wet between her legs. She would feel the unexplained void inside her heart. She would feel ashamed of herself every time she looked at the wet bed sheets!

Suddenly, Zhang Yang got his right hand free! He continued to move his left hand around in an attempt to loosen his left hand as well. After just a brief moment, he freed his left hand as well. At that very moment, Dusk Phoenix was in the middle of lashing the whip at him once again! As the whip came flying towards him, Zhang Yang reacted swiftly and caught its end! Before Dusk Phoenix could even react to the situation, he quickly tugged on the whip with all his might. With his mighty strength, he pulled Dusk Phoenix straight into his arms!

Zhang Yang wrapped his left arm around Dusk Phoenix’s neck while trying to loosen up the ropes around his legs with his right hand. He managed to get himself out of the chair in just a brief moment.

"Wu ---" Dusk Phoenix swung her hands around as she was attempting to break loose from Zhang Yang’s chokehold. However, how would she be able to overcome Zhang Yang’s mighty strength? She could only widen her eyes as she let Zhang Yang took control of the situation.

Zhang Yang stood up, wincing. Although he was acting all tough back there, he was also overwhelmed by the excruciating pain caused by the whippings.

As Dusk Phoenix wriggled in his chokehold, Zhang Yang felt the fury burning up in his heart. He heaved her over to the sofa and pressed her down there, on her face. With a big swing, he lay the smackdown on that piece of royal *ss. Thus, commenced the royal spanking session.

Since she had taken things this far, it would take more than simple begging to convince Zhang Yang to let her off the hook. She had awoken "Dark Zhang Yang", and dark indeed was his power! She now had to experience the power of the dark force!

Piak! Piak! Piak!

Such is the quality of a royal pair of *ss. They were so bouncy that Zhang Yang's very palms resonated with the harmony of her plushness! He started to get lost in a whole new world of royalty! Some dark thoughts started rising up in his mind.

"Argh! Argh!" the miserable screams of Dusk Phoenix continued on as she was spanked into submission and despair. As she had sent all of her bodyguards away, no one would hear her screams, and no one would definitely be coming to rescue her!

"You b*tch! Apologize! Now!" As he gazed upon all the whip marks on his chest and his waist, Zhang Yang went deeper into the dark force as he lost himself over in spanking Dusk Phoenix!

"You jerk! You want me, a princess to give to you? Impossible!" Dusk Phoenix was acting tough on the outside, even though she was in an unfavorable position at the moment!