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Chapter 631: Reverse Play

Chapter 631: Reverse Play

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So, she's not willing to give in...? Then, I shall bring you round a tour in smacktown!

Spanking a pair of jelly mountains would not cause lasting injury to a person, so Zhang Yang gathered his might and continued directing his spanks on her pom poms with all his might.

"Mmmmh ---" As the spankings got harder and harder, Dusk Phoenix suddenly let out a strange utterance, as if she had given in to her fate. This scene that she was in had happened before, in her dreams, countless times over countless nights. This man who was spanking her royal *ss hard had inadvertently turned into her inner demon long ago, even without his own knowledge!

If such is her fate, so be it! It was not their 'first time' doing it, anyway, not in real-life at least...she was ready to give in --- as long as Zhang Yang does not start bashing her face in!

Dusk Phoenix had completely surrendered herself to despair. The same situation had visited her dreams every night, again and again, until she no longer could feel anything about it. Now that these 'prophetic visions' have come true, she was far more relieved. It brought a closure to those fantasies --- it's really happening now!

However, another 'terrifying' sensation started creeping up her body!

Dusk Phoenix could feel a mysterious heat spreading across her body, coming from the core of something very tender and sensitive. The pain in her buttocks wasn't the only sensation bombarding her at the moment. Things were getting heated up, and her shame was being engulfed in waves of excitement!

"Please stop! No! Stop!"

Dusk Phoenix tried to hold it in, as she whimpered for him to stop. However, her will had long been lost to her body, as her dreams had left her sopping wet and heated up, night after night. This session was no different. The heat burst out through the most forbidden crevice between her legs as something gushed straight out, squirting through her dress and down on the sofa!

This mysterious pleasure was beginning to zap through every single branch of her nerves like an unstoppable tidal wave. Dusk Phoenix could not hold it in anymore and she screamed out in excitement. Fortunately for her, Zhang Yang mistook the scream of ecstasy as a scream of pain. Nobody would have imagined that this royal, dignified woman was actually getting off, being spanked like that!

In the beginning, Dusk Phoenix was still able to hold in her moans. However, as Zhang Yang continued to spank her harder and harder, the sensations got too intense and started taking over her body. It was an unmistakable, distinct cry, very different from what Zhang Yang recognized as a scream of pain. It seemed to turn the very air around them pink and blurry....

Zhang Yang got a shock upon hearing such an erotic melody! He turned his eyes upon her face as he saw that her face was as red as a rose. Her eyes were glazed over, and lost in ecstasy. It was the expression of a girl shrouded with lust as if she was on fire.

Holy sh*t!

Zhang Yang had spanked a woman into falling for him!

He had a great shock as he slowly put his hand down.

As she no longer felt the sensation from being spanked in her royal *ss, Dusk Phoenix regained her consciousness. When she realized that Zhang Yang was extremely shocked, she was overwhelmed with shame! She could swear that she wanted to bang her head against the wall at that moment. However, her shame over the matter had been obliterated by the repeated dreams that she had. The lust of her body went beyond her pride. She looked at Zhang Yang with her misty eyes as she began to speak in a weak voice, "Zhang... Zhang Yang... I surrender..."

Zhang Yang stood up and said, "Call for your men and get me out of here!"

Before he could walk away from the sofa, Zhang Yang could feel a pair of arms wrapping around his legs. Something had anchored him to the ground! At first, he thought that Dusk Phoenix was just attempting to fight back. However, when he looked down, he saw that the royal lady was hugging his legs as tightly as she could. She was obviously deeply obsessed with Zhang Yang, as her face revealed her true emotions. Her eyes were peachy as she left her sexy tongue lolling out of her half-opened mouth. She began to lick his leg with her small, fragrant tongue like a little horny slut.

"Mein God you horny thing! Get off me!?" Zhang Yang felt a chill up his spine. It was not because Dusk Phoenix was not pretty or sexy enough. It was because he already had two super tigresses by his sides. He did not intend to lure more women to his side. Furthermore, this woman was the type who would not budge once he sticks his d*ck up her!

Although Luxembourg is operated based on constitutional monarchy, the so-called Grand Duke or Princess were basically placeholder names. But, only God knows how influential and wealthy they had to be! So, this woman was not a woman that he could just toy with and toss aside.

Furthermore, Zhang Yang had lovers. He could even have multiple wives if he wanted to. There was no need for him to ‘restock’ on his Harem Palace. After all, Zhang Yang only had one d*ck.

"Zhang Yang! Conquer me please! Let me be your woman! I want you! I want to give birth to your child! Children! I will make you the future King!" Dusk Phoenix was caught up in her lost thoughts as she wrapped herself around Zhang Yang’s leg without any intentions of letting go. She looked at Zhang Yang with her watery eyes, filled with passion.

What the f*ck! Are you kidding me!? If he had only known that this would happen, he would not have spanked her *ss at all!

Zhang Yang quickly pushed the royal woman away, as the woman had reached her evil claws around his pants, trying to take his pants off!

"I have wife! Stop this, you black bird!"

"So what? Divorce her and come be with me! I don’t care!" Dusk Phoenix had once again grabbed on to his legs.

"Stop being so full of yourself! When did I ever say that I wanted you! Besides, you’re far behind, compared to my two wives!" Zhang Yang attempted to break her interest by purpose.

"Then ... I shall be your secret mistress!" Dusk Phoenix narrowed her eyes as she spoke. She had been completely ‘conquered’ in both her body and her will. In the past, she had been bestowed with the highest education that she could get in her country. Furthermore, her identity was royal. Therefore, it would make sense that she would turn out to be such a girl with such a twisted personality. In her eyes, she only had Zhang Yang as the only man who could conquer her!

"You must be joking, right? Wait... you’re not joking?"

"My king! Conquer me now!" Dusk Phoenix moaned erotically.

"Stop stop stop! I hate slutty women the most! Stop with all this nonsense!" Zhang Yang was forced to simply throw a reason at the royal woman to stop her from scratching at his pants.

Dusk Phoenix quickly pulled herself together. Zhang Yang was impressed by her sudden change of attitude. She got rid of the sluttiness in an instant and behaved like an elegant lady, as if nothing had ever happened. She just sat gracefully in front of Zhang Yang. Without looking her in her misty eyes and her beautiful cheeks, Zhang Yang would have thought her as a completely different person!

This royal woman could potentially be the finest specimen of an elegant wife and a slutty partner in bed! Unfortunately, Zhang Yang had no intentions of hunting for more women for his own pleasure.

"If you allow me to be your mistress, you shall have the wealth, the resources, and the connections that far beyond your imagination!" Dusk Phoenix looked at Zhang Yang sincerely, as if she was trying to market herself to him, "Our children will become the new Duke and Dutchess! All I want in return is to have you conquer me as hard as you can, as rough, as brutal as you possibly can!"

Zhang Yang had never been so frozen in fear before. He knew that this woman was not joking with him at all. She was dead serious!

This woman must have gone mad!

He should have just accepted the ‘offer,’ as the conditions that she laid out were extremely appealing. Such women do not exist in every dynasty! But why did he not feel anything for her?

"Wait wait wait... you’re a princess... and you’re just going to make yourself...this easy?"

"When one has found true love, wouldn’t it makes perfect sense to see money, fame, status as nothing less but a passing cloud?" Dusk Phoenix shot back a question of her own.

Zhang Yang thought of rejecting her directly again. However, he realized that it was not nice to hurt her just like that. So he said, "Stop joking around! You’ve just met me in person for the first time today! It would not be real love if you can just say you love me after meeting me like this, with a f*cking whip!"

The woman only blushed deeper. Although she had never once met Zhang Yang in the real world, she had been ‘conquered’ many times over by the shadow of this man in all the dreams that she had all this while. She had already raised her little white flag high up to show that she was willing to submit to him. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had brought up her desire to become his ‘personal slut’ by spanking her so hard in her peachy butts. It was the act of stirring her memories from her dreams which had gotten her so wet.

However, it would not be wise for her to tell Zhang Yang about all her wet dreams involving Zhang Yang! How would a man react if a woman tells him that she had been having wet dreams about him?

"I want to be your woman no matter the cost!" Dusk Phoenix hardened her tone.

Zhang Yang rolled his eyes at her and said, "Alright. Only if! If you can convince my two girlfriends, I won’t mind having you as well!"

"Okay!" Dusk Phoenix thumped her chest apparently very confident that she could seal the deal.

After hearing that conditional agreement from Zhang Yang, this black Phoenix was finally willing to let Zhang Yang go.

What the hell just happened back there?!

A woman from a royal family was willing to give him so much just to be with him! It was not like the other women who only looked at his money! This was a real princess in real life, a true descendant of a royal family! Zhang Yang could not help but wonder, was his appearance so charming that he could get a woman’s heart just by spanking her *ss?

His thoughts were scrambled as he made his way back to his own hotel room. That night, he did not even log into the game. He just went straight to bed and slept it off.

On the next morning, everyone was asking him about why he suddenly went offline. Zhang Yang did not waste his breath in front of everyone to spare himself the trouble. He only mumbled some vague excuses. Later on, he called Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue aside and told both of them about the incident.

Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue were both shocked to hear about it. Han Ying Xue even placed her hands on Zhang Yang’s forehead and said, "Huh? Do you have a fever or what? What kind of nonsense are you talking about?"

Zhang Yang could only smile bitterly and said, "Just stick to the gang and try not to get yourself alone from the gang. We will never know what that crazy b*tch would do to the two of you if she ever finds the opportunity! I bet that she would not dare to do anything in the crowd. After all, these Duke and Princess thingies are only being supported by their names!"

"Alright, cut it out. You can stop garbling about. Why would a real Princess in real life want to be your third woman then? My Silly Yu, are you becoming silly for real?" Han Ying Xue shook her head again and again.

Although Sun Xin Yu did not say a single word about it, her eyes spoke out everything that was on her mind. She doubted his words as much as the other woman.

Zhang Yang was actually amazed as the two ladies were. However, he was completely sure that he was not being delusional about last night. He had proof all over his body! The whip marks! He brought his two ladies over to his room and he started undressing.

"You horny dog! You were just talking about a Princess was trying to become your mistress and now wanna go, right now?!" Although Han Ying Xue was complaining, she had automatically lain on her back opening her legs up.

So who’s horny now?! Zhang Yang shook his head and took off his shirt completely. Then he pointed at the whip marks on his body and said, "Do these look delusional to you?"

Han Ying Xue instantly stared at Zhang Yang with her eyebrows raised and eyes distended with fury. Then she said, "You! Which b*tch did you sleep with, last night!?"

Zhang Yang sighed and said, "What kind of woman do you think could have done such a splendid job on my body? Look at the wounds! Even nails would not be able to do all these!"

"That being said... the incident with that Luisa Princess was for real?" Sun Xin Yu frowned as she asked.

"I rather believe that Silly Yu met an insane one! Pui!" Han Ying Xue put her hands on the wound on Zhang Yang’s chest. Then she whispered gently, "These should hurt a lot..."

Her soft and gentle hands were touching his soul. Zhang Yang could not help but flirt with her, then he said, "It won’t be if you rub them for me with your gentle hands!"

"... Silly Yu, I can rub them for you... but why are you pushing my hands down into your pants?"


The Top 8 had been decided through the matches on the night before. However, the Battle Teams that were eliminated last night were invited back to have a rematch among themselves as a token of goodwill from the organizer. In other words, these matches would be one of the entertainments before the finals.

It was 7 p.m and it was time for the semifinals of the Championship.

Even though everyone had made it this far to prove that they were very capable in the game, there were still differences in their capabilities and levels. After yesterday night’s elimination rounds, the eight Battle Teams were even more capable in terms of their gaming skills. Therefore, Classes became one of the most important deciding factors on the winners.

After a series of fierce battles, the final 4 Battle Teams that made it into the semifinals were: Silky Soft Battle Team, Crimson Rage Battle Team, Hell Battle Team and Steely Dangs Battle Team.