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Chapter 632: Semifinal

Chapter 632: Semifinal

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For the semifinals, Silky Soft Battle Team would be going up against the Hell Battle Team. Meanwhile, Crimson Rage Battle Team would be going up against the Steely Dangs Battle Team.

The Battle Teams from China Region were performing at an outstanding level as two of their Battle Teams had managed to proceed into the semifinals. Everyone was impressed and shocked at the same time.

It was not a surprise to Zhang Yang at all. The Crimson Rage Battle Team was the Runner-up for the World League Championships in Zhang Yang’s previous life. Meanwhile, Silky Soft Battle Team had Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. The three of them had acquired their very own Class S Inheritances. Of course, they stood heads and shoulders above other players, for now.

Every single player from China Region where lifting their heads up expectantly. They hoped to see the two Battle Teams from China Region meet up at the finals and provide the world a spectacular battle of the century! Of course, there were numerous players from other Regions wishing for the two Battle Teams to fail in such regards. China Battle Teams should just kneel before the semifinals and get themselves eliminated from the competition.

The Hell Battle Team that Zhang Yang and his gang were going up against for that night was Dusk Phoenix’s Battle Team. That woman had participated in the quarterfinal in the previous night. She relied on the power-up from her Class A Inheritance to oppress her opponents, scoring two critical points for her own Battle Team. The Hell Battle Team scored 2:4 on the first round and 3:4 on the second round. Therefore, they succeeded in proceeding into the Team Battle. That was where Dusk Phoenix managed to team up with her teammates and turn the table around!

Before semifinals, Dusk Phoenix came up quietly to the room of Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu. She asked the two of them out and had a small ‘chat’ with Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue.

When the two ladies confirmed that she was indeed the Princess, the future Dutchess of Luxembourg, their faces were filled with silly looks as they were in shock. Who would have thought that everything that Zhang Yang had told them panned out to be true! Who would have thought that this Princess was not only into BDSM, but was also willing to make sacrifices just to be with Zhang Yang?! The fabric of reality itself must be collapsing!

The three women had their ‘chat’ for over an hour. Finally, black Phoenix left with a satisfied smile on her face. Zhang Yang could sense something sinister in that smile, something bad must have come out of this. So he went into the room and asked, "Did you two saved me or did you sell me over to that crazy woman?"

"Haha! The Princess must be blind to actually fall for you! It’s such a rare case, you know. You’re not that handsome yourself, and yet, you are capable of hooking the Princess’s heart by just standing there like an idiot!" Han Ying Xue pinched Zhang Yang’s cheek as she spoke.

"Hey! Watch your mouth! I will replace you with the Princess! I dare do it!"

"Ha! Let us tell you one piece of good news! Me and this cold-blooded woman have recruited you a Princess as your mistress!"

Zhang Yang stared at the two ladies with his eyes wide open, and then he said, "I told her to talk to you two because I was hoping that you two would reject her for me! What the hell! You two actually turned around and sold me out!"

Han Ying Xue rolled her eyes backward at Zhang Yang and said, "We made her a promise. She can only come to China once a year. The promise will be effective starting from next year! When she comes, you’ll be hers alone! Other than that, you’re still ours! Isn’t that great?"

Zhang Yang spun his eyes around. He pointed his finger at the two ladies as he was shivering out of anger, "You two are really evil!"

That black Phoenix was no ordinary woman. She was the heir to the throne of the Duke. She would really stand out when traveling across countries. After all, she represented her entire nation!

Under those circumstances, her actions would be under strict limitations. She would be escorted by members of the Parliament, her bodyguards, mostly! She would have a difficult time just traveling over to China!

Even if she could travel over to China as a representative of Luxembourg, there would be a bunch of people tagging along. Furthermore, the press, the reporters would be swarming around her. So how would she be able to have some ‘alone’ time to have a date with Zhang Yang, then?

Well, maybe this ridiculous ‘storm’ would blow pass after two to three years. Sooner or later, this Princess would need to marry someone.

Zhang Yang sighed heavily as he knew that women are much better at handling this kind of crap.

That royal woman was obviously unshakable in her own determination that carried the weight of a steelyard. Since there was no way of getting through to her, so the two ladies decided to agree to her terms. However, they did not lose anything in the process of negotiating with her.

"Oh, right! Before I forget, the Princess wanted us to pass her words to you. Even though she is already ‘yours’, she will not be holding back at all for the match tonight!" Han Ying Xue laughed her butt off.

With or without her holding back, it made no difference at all. With the current strength of his team, no opponent should really pose a great threat to them, not yet. However, his worst problem had been solved. Zhang Yang felt a lot more relieved as for now. So, he pulled each of the ladies into each of his arm and grinned lavishly. Then, he hugged the two ladies as the three of them made their way to the bed.

"That black Phoenix came at the wrong time... let’s carry on then! Oh, right! Who was on the bottom and who was on top?"


Time waits for no man. It was already 7 p.m. The first round of the semifinals had begun. It was the Crimson Rage Battle Team versus the Steely Dangs Battle Team.

It was beyond Zhang Yang’s expectation that the Steely Dangs Battle Team could be this strong!

Hourglass Figure had acquired the Hunter’s Class S Inheritance --- Shadow Striker Inheritance! Zhang Yang had no prior knowledge of what kind of Skills the Inheritance provides to the player who owns it. However, Hourglass Figure had revealed some information about the attributes of her Inheritance while battling the Crimson Rage Battle Team during her two matches.

Firstly, a much longer range of attack --- she could begin to launch her attack 40 meters away from her target! In her first match, she kited Snow Seeker around the arena and took her own sweet time at ending her!

Secondly, she had no blind spots!

As mentioned in earlier chapters, Hunters feared being approached by their opponents most of all. Letting their enemies approach them would cause them to lose 99% of their attacks! However, Hourglass Figure performed the unexpected in her second match. Even though Thorny Rose managed to approach her, whenever she did, Hourglass Figure would fire into the sky. Those arrows would just turn back towards Thorny Rose and make a hedgehog out of her!

Furthermore, Class S Inheritance increases a player’s damage by 50%. The attack power of Hourglass Figure was terrifyingly high. It did not take long before she killed her opponent and claimed victory over the match.

In the first round of their matches, Crimson Rage Battle Team were quite lucky. They had the advantage in Classes over a few of their opponents. Therefore, they managed to score 3:4 in the first round. Even though they were losing, but they managed to prolong the round by participating in the team battle. However, the team battle ended with the score of 3:5 with Crimson Rage Battle Team narrowly losing the battle. However, the lady army were not as lucky in their second round of the match. This time, their opponents were lucky enough to send their players in the sequence where their players had the advantage in Classes over the players of Crimson Rage Battle Team. So, Crimson Rage Battle Team lost with the score of 2:5. They did not even manage to participate in a team battle.

By the end of it, Steely Dangs Battle Team had eliminated Crimson Rage Battle Team with a final score of 2:0. They became the first team that would be proceeding to the finals.

Zhang Yang and his team members did not even have the time to feel impressed over the performance of the Steely Dang Battle Team as it was their turn to go into the arena. They were going up against the Hell Battle Team to earn their ticket to the finals!

Hell Battle Team had been holding a grudge over Zhang Yang and his team for quite a long time. If they did not exist, Han Ying Xue’s Class S could have been theirs to claim! Ironically, the first match was Han Ying Xue versus Hell Priest!

When enemies come face to face their eyes blaze with hatred. The moment the match begun, Hell Priest launched a series of aggressive assaults toward Han Ying Xue. She attacked like a pro, moved around like a pro, maintained a distance from her opponent like a pro. Everything she did on the arena exhibited her sharp and precise PvP skills. However, Han Ying Xue just ignored her. She only threw her {Putrefying Poison} onto Hell Priest as she began to heal herself. Her HP bar never got below 90%. She would activate her {Punishment Ray} once in a while when the time was right to attack her opponent.

The battle between the super Healers was obviously going to be long-lasting. No matter how interesting a battle starts out to be, it would eventually get boring. Furthermore, Han Ying Xue was showing no signs of effort in attempting to fight like a professional player. The only thing she did was to keep healing herself until her DOT Skill Effect eventually kills her opponent.

Moreover, Fell Priest was deemed to be one of the Top players in the entire Europe Region. She managed to complete a Rank-S Profession Quest all by herself when she was Level 30. Upon that, she acquired the {Divine Soul} that reduced 75% of her MP consumption when using her healing Skills. Thus, she was also capable of fighting a long battle.

Even though the in-game time was going much faster than the real-time, the battle between the two of them took up approximately 4 hours of real-time. It took Han Ying Xue that long to completely deplete the MP bar of Hell Priest and end the tormentingly long battle.

There was statistic chat to show how ‘tormenting’ a battle was to the players: When the battle began, there were 1.1 billion players watching the match. However, when the match was over, the number of players watching the match had dropped down to only 12,000,000!

The spectators were exhausted watching the match. Zhang Yang and his team members almost ran out of their patience, watching how that witch prolonged the battle unnecessarily. Even the commentators had run out of things to say and let the battle play along. All Han Ying Xue did was to heal herself. There was nothing much to talk about either.

Well, at least there was one person of all people was extremely happy after the match had ended. Han Ying Xue had tortured her opponent for over 12 in-game hours. Of course, she would be happy about it.

Fortunately for the spectacles and the other contestants, there was only one Healer on Zhang Yang’s team, Han Ying Xue. Hence, the remaining battles were smooth and brief. Zhang Yang encountered Hell Knight in his first match. It did not take much of his effort to defeat Hell knight. He was lucky that he did not have to face Dusk Phoenix in the arena. He was worried that if they did encounter each other in the arena, that woman might put up her *ss and beg Zhang Yang to spank her in front of the public.

The Silky Soft Battle Team had scored 5:2, getting their first point for the final score of the round.

After Zhang Yang had submitted to the line-up of his team, the organizer invited him over as they requested him and the captain of Hell Team to reorganize the line-ups of their team. The reason was due to the fact that Han Ying Xue was going up against Hell Priest once again...

Obviously, the Organizers were not looking forward for another long and tormenting battle in the upcoming round.

After changing the order of line-ups of their respective teams 4 times, Han Ying Xue was finally no longer going up against Hell Priest. The second round of the matches had finally commenced!

This time, the line-up of Zhang Yang’s team had put them into an unfavorable situation. Lost Dream, Hundred Shots and Daffodil Daydream were going up against players who had an absolute advantage over their Classes. Furthermore, their opponents were all the same standard as Dusk Phoenix. Therefore, the three of them lost by the end of their own matches. So the result of the 1VS1 became 4:3. Zhang Yang’s team had to join the team battle because they scored lower.

Truth to be told, it would not matter if the score was 4:3 or the other way around. As long as Zhang Yang and his team could score 2 more points, they would win the round.

However, players would still focus on only one opponent in 1VS1 matches. However, during the team battle, there were 3 players with Class S Inheritance, 1 player with Class A Inheritance and 1 player with Class B Inheritance. Even though Lost Dream was a little weaker compared to the other 4 members of his team, his Inheritance was still Class B nonetheless!

On the other side, Hell Battle Team only had 2 players with Class A Inheritance, being Hell Priest and Dusk Phoenix. Meanwhile, the other 3 of their members only had Class B Inheritance. The level power of two battle teams differed too much. It was like an elephant and a tiger in an arm-wrestling contest. Although a tiger is also extremely ferocious, how could a tiger beat an elephant in strength?

By the end of it, Silky Soft Battle Team scored a final score of 2:0 and eliminated Hell Battle Team with ease. So, they would be facing Steely Dang Battle Team in the final for the ‘Crown’ of the Champion.

"Our opponents are not weak at all! Look at them!" Before the final battle, Zhang Yang and all his team members were discussing the strengths and weaknesses of their opponents as they were attempting to exploit their weaknesses. They looked at the name list of the Steely Dang Battle Team as they dug further for more information about them. Although it was not possible for them to investigate so deep to know every one of their Inheritances, they could still know the names of their Inheritance.

There were 2 players with Class A Inheritance, 4 players with Class B Inheritance, 3 players without any Inheritance and 1 player with Class S Inheritance. That player with the Class S Inheritance was Hourglass Figure of course.

Zhang Yang took a deep breath and said, "Hourglass Figure is a Top tier Hunter who has the Class S Inheritance --- Shadow Striker Inheritance! I have no idea what kind of Inheritance Skills she might have, but we do know that she has no blind spots or minimal range of any kind while we were watching her match. Furthermore, her range of attack is beyond 30 meters! Take note of that!"

"We cannot assume that we can get 3 points to get ourselves into the team battle match even during the 1VS1 matches!" Hundred Shots made the worst case scenario, "We do have the advantage if we look at all of our levels combined. However, if two of us with Class S Inheritances ever encounter their players with Class B Inheritance, and one of us with a Class S Inheritance loses to Hourglass Figure, we might not even win the other four 1VS1 matches!"

Everyone who had made it this far into the finals must be very skillful and capable. Even if there was an obvious gap between the power level of two players, the battle between them would not become one-sided. The outcome of the battles between these capable players would be unpredictable. Those who had lower Class Inheritances would still stand a chance at defeating those who had higher Class Inheritances. Things would rather get more interesting during the matches for the Championship and the Runner-up.

However, if the Inheritance Classes of the players are far lower than the Inheritance Classes of the other player, then the player with the advantage over the Class of other player would become far more advantageous than before. If Zhang Yang and his team would be so unlucky to face players who would have an advantage over their Classes, Zhang Yang and his team might even lose all matches! Even if they have 3 players with Class S Inheritance on their team, there would not be a guarantee for all 3 of them to win.

However, everything that was being discussed mostly applied to the 1VS1 battles. It would become a different story when it all comes down to Team Battles. Having 3 players with Class S Inheritances on the same team would make the team undoubtedly invincible. Therefore, Zhang Yang and his team just had to make sure they make it into the Team Battles if they could not wrap it up before that.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "Let’s hope that Witchy Snow doesn’t have to go up against Hourglass Figure!"

As the line-up order was being randomly picked and submitted before the matches were even started, there was no way for anyone to arrange their line-up order accordingly. This was all pure luck. If one encounters an opponent that has a Class inherently weak against his or her Class, then it would be like hitting a jackpot!

"Don’t worry, I’ve never lost before!" Wei Yan Er tapped her flat chest and said, "Just count on me! I’ll give anyone 3 continuous slashes regardless of whether they are Class S, Class A! Pui!"

"So the best case scenario is having sister Sun encounter Hourglass Figure. Just give her a {Soul Cleansing} and go into stealth. It can be a guaranteed win in 3 minutes!" Daffodil Daydream said.

The threat that a player with Class S Inheritance could pose was just too great to most of the players. Excluding Han Ying Xue, who is a Healer with a Class S healing Inheritance, just look at the attack power of Zhang Yang and Sun Xing Yu. They had become so much more powerful after acquiring their own Class S Inheritances. Therefore, it would be wise to assume that this Hunter... a Hunter without a blind spot or a minimum range... her DPS must be insane! Therefore, only Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu could go up against a powerful Hunter like Hourglass Figure, no one else!

More importantly, Hourglass Figure could now attack 40 meters away from her target. Therefore, most of the Melee combatants would have no way of approaching her without having only 50% of their HP left.

"Hmm... so, other than Hourglass Figure, there are still two players with Class S Inheritances. Everyone needs to be extra careful about this! Beware of them!" Zhang Yang tried his best to recall his past life memories. Although he was not really familiar with the two Inheritances, he knew more about them at least, compared to the others.

"Savage Lord,Class A ‘Twin Blade Inheritance’. He can wield two swords at the same time, thus the name ‘Twin Blade’. He can just switch his secondary weapon slot to a shield whenever he needs to block attacks. He also can just switch his secondary weapon slot to equipping a one-handed sword whenever he decides to go all out on causing pain to his enemies. He should be fighting like a battle-type Assassin. However, the amount of Rage Points and Mp he can earn during a battle should differ a lot. In other words, he will become more powerful as he receives more damage!"

Zhang Yang pointed at a player named Savage Lord as he said.

"Judging merely by the Skills of a Guardian, Savage Lord should not have must boost on his Attack even after he equips a secondary-weapon. The main thing here is that he will definitely have some Skills up his sleeves that would involve him using his secondary weapon in his hand. After all, things are always aren’t they seem. His ‘Twin Blade Inheritance’ must be capable of more than just allowing him to carry a secondary weapon. Just keep that in mind!"

Zhang Yang gave it some thought, then he cautiously said, "Other than little brat and myself, anyone who encounters him later should keep a distance between him and yourselves. He is potentially a nuclear-level threat thanks to his Class A Inheritance. His power level should be terrifying! Do not underestimate him!"