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Chapter 633: Let the Finals begin!

Chapter 633: Let the Finals begin!

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"Other than that, Bloodbath Apocalypse, the other player with a Class A Inheritance known as the ‘Swampy Inheritance’. I only know one of the Inheritance Skill called ‘Swamp’. The Skill could turn a radius of 30-meter into a swamp. It will reduce 50% Movement Speed of all non-flying units."

Zhang Yang moved his finger and pointed at the other name on the list.

"That sounds troublesome!" Lost Dream frowned.

Bloodbath Apocalypse was a Spellcaster. Although a Spellcaster would not have a blind spot or a minimum range, they were disliked being approached by their opponents. Because their opponents could interrupt their spells or stun them. They basically worked like how a Hunter would. They would need space and time before they can launch an assault. If they get interrupted while chanting their spells, they would not be able to attack or heal their comrades.

Now that Bloodbath Apocalypse had acquired a Skill which could slow down all his enemies within the effective range of his Skill, he could toy around with Melee combatants in the game.

Fortunately, Sun Xin Yu had an Ultimate Skill called {Soul Cleansing}. It would not matter what type of enemy she goes up against. As long she wished to win, it would not be hard at all for her to play hide and seek with her opponent for 3 minutes until the effect of {Soul Cleansing} kicks in. After all, she was the Number One in stealth.

The bigger question is, would this pride woman win a battle with such a ‘shabby’ tactic?

As he did not know much about the Skills of the other four Inheritances, Zhang Yang only roughly briefed his team members about them. However, he was very impressed with the standard of the opponents. Lone Desert Smoke could become so great and powerful, mostly because Zhang Yang had lived 2 lives.

However, the Steely Dang Holdings could build up such a powerful battle team mainly because they were quite rich. They must have invested quite a large sum of money in order to prepare for the Championship.

Just look at the amount that Hourglass Figure tried to offer Zhang Yang and his gang. She could flippantly promise Zhang Yang and his gang a yearly salary of 30,000,000 dollars, 50,000,000 dollars, and even 100,000,000 dollars! How many people in the world could resist the temptation of such amount of money if they were ever offered with this sum of money?

So, what they say about money is true. Money is the root of all evil.

"It’s alright to be careful about them, but remember, don’t fear them! We’re stronger than them! We’re better than them! I believe that they are having a bigger problem in figuring out the order of their line-up! They must be dying to know about the order of our line-up as well!"

Zhang Yang concluded their tense discussion and made everyone smile.

He guessed it right though. The Steely Dang Battle Team were indeed squeezing their brains out trying to figure out how Zhang Yang would arrange the line-up order for his team. Although they were really strong and powerful, the players from Silky Soft Battle Team seemed to be more well-equipped than them. Three players with Class S Inheritance, one player with Class A Inheritance and two players with Class B Inheritance were really a little too much for them to take in.

After all, the skills that a player had on them mattered the most. A player with Class D Inheritance would not necessarily be able to defeat a player with Class E Inheritance. As mentioned earlier on, players who have made it this far into the finals would definitely be very skillful and powerful! Even if there is only a 5% difference in the Attack of a player between a Class S Inheritance and a player with Class A Inheritance, anything could happen by the end of the battle. Even a 1% difference in the Attack power on both sides could be a deadly number!

As the two sides were preparing for their final clash for the crown of the World League Championship, the 2 battle teams that were eliminated earlier on in the semifinals were ready to battle for the title of being the 3rd place and the 4th place in the competition. Crimson Rage Battle Team managed to break out of their shell as they struggled on to survive. They managed to score 5:2 on the first round and 5:4 in the second round of the matches. They turned the table over and claimed the third place in the competition.

In that sense, even if Silky Soft Battle Team could only claim the runner-up, it would already prove that the power of the China Region is outstanding. Of course, every player from the China Region would want to see their favourite Silky Soft Battle Team claim the crown and be the champions of this competition! That would be the only ideal ending everyone is hoping to see!

It was almost 9 p.m. The final round of the matches were about to begin.

On the list of Silky Soft Battle Team’s line-up list, Zhang Yang had put Daffodil Daydream as the last on the list. Meanwhile, the others were told to roll in order to decide who goes first. Zhang Yang would be speechless if the Steely Dang Battle Team could still predict the line-up order of his team and act accordingly.

The first round was Wei Yan Er versus King King Arcane.

Well, King King Arcane was the battle-type Thief of the Steely Dang Battle Team. He had a Class B Inheritance called ‘Blood Wolf Inheritance’. Although it was not a Class A Inheritance or a Class S Inheritance, the power it provided to the player must not be underestimated! After all, the difference between the Attack of each class of the Inheritance would only be 5%. Of course, the Inheritance Skills had their own differences as well.

The Blood Wolf Inheritance was a very flashy package. Every time when King King Arcane launched his attacks, there was a certain rate of triggering a Blood Wolf Shadow that would snap at the target and cause quite a certain amount of damage to the target. Furthermore, the Blood Wolf Shadow would appear to be much larger than its usual size. Not only could it deal a lot more damage than it could when it is smaller, the Blood Wolf Shadow could even stun the target.

Fortunately, the rate of Blood Wolf Shadow triggering the Stun Effect was extremely low. Furthermore, the control style for a battle-type Thief was not the same as the control style of an agility-type Thief. Battle-type Thieves worked dealing more damage and killing their enemies before their enemies kill them! Their style is all about DPS! On the other hand, Berserkers lacked Status Restriction Skills. They would also try to kill their enemies before getting killed. They are a Class born to bring destruction to their enemies!

Therefore, these two would have to compete and see who deals more damage in the end!

In term of normal attacks, King King Arcane had the upper hand as he was equipped with two one-handed swords. However, in term of the Skill attacks, the Attack of a two-handed weapon would be much higher compared to the Attacks of a one-handed weapon.

The little brat seemed to have finally used ‘Supporting Attacks’ in the battle. As she was swinging her large battle axe around, trying to slash her opponent up, she would also throw a punch or two at King King Arcane whenever she saw an opening. On the other hand, King King Arcane had super high agility. Since it was not possible for him to go head-to-head against a Berserker without getting himself crushed to death, he attempted to dodge the attacks coming from the little brat as swiftly as he could. He was reacting really fast. The little brat could not land her quite a number of her attacks!

However, that was also when a Class A Inheritance started to shine.

The Darkness Inheritance had a passive damage increment of 45%. On the other hand, the Wold Blood Inheritance only had 40% passive damage increase. Furthermore, the Darkness Inheritance provided the little brat a 10% passive damage immunity while the Blood Wolf Inheritance did not provide any to King King Arcane.

As the little advantage accumulated its value over time, it became the one factor that would decide who wins by the end of the battle. By the end of the battle, Wei Yan Er still had over 17% HP while King King Arcane collapsed onto the ground with an empty HP bar and died. The little brat had earned the team a good start by scoring the first point for the team.

"Wahaha!" upon claiming victory over her first match, Wei Yan Er came back with an exaggerated laugh. She put her hands on her waist as she raised her nose up high towards the sky with pride.

"Sigh... no matter what happens, you’ll still be a flat-chest little girl..." Han Ying Xue sighed as she gave a spank on the little brat’s bum, "But the sensation of giving your *ss a slap is really addictive!"

"Argh! You’re so mean!" Wei Yan Er pressed her hands on her butt as she tried to avoid being spanked in the *ss again.

The second round of the match would be Zhang Yang versus Savage Lord!

The battle was a showdown between two Guardians. It would also be a good comparison between the ‘God of War Inheritance’ and the ‘Twin Blade Inheritance’!

The moment each of them set foot onto the arena, Savage Lord glared at Zhang Yang with his angry eyes and said, "Zhan Yu, you have defeated the four of us with the aid of the Class S Inheritance that you acquired! Now, I have an Inheritance as well! It’s time for me to get my revenge!"

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "Well, many have claimed that they would beat me. But unfortunately, not a single one has managed it! You will be no exception to that claim!"

"Just wait and see!"

1 minute had passed and the two of them were ready to engage! Let the match begin!

Savage Lord had a healer-type Battle Companion to back him up. The Battle Companion had thick metal plates covered him up from head to toe. He seemed more like a Knight than a Priest. As the battle had begun, Savage Lord charged out at Zhang Yang swiftly while his Battle Companion stayed behind to support him. The two of them maintained a distance of 30 meters, the furthest healing range of a Healer.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and commanded Felice to act, "Felice, go get that Knight. I’ll handle this Indian boy! Let’s see which one of us takes out our enemy first!"

"Alright, big brother!"

After accepting Zhang Yang’s challenge, Felice transformed into her Dragonhawk form and glided straight towards Savage Lord’s Battle Companion.

{Charge}! {Charge}!

Zhang Yang and Savage Lord activated their {Charge} almost at the same instant as they clashed into each other like two trucks clashing head on! Both of them were stunned for one second!

However, Savage Lord had a look of dismay on his face because Zhang Yang had activated his {Charge} a little later than him!

It was not because Zhang Yang had reacted slower. On the contrary, it was because Zhang Yang knew the game too well. He performed like an outstanding player by showing Savage Lord his excellent in-game coordination!

The player who activates {Charge} slightly slower than the others would recover from the Stun Effect quicker than the others. Even though it was just a difference of 0.01 second, that little amount of time would be sufficient for an excellent player like Zhang Yang to activate another Status Restriction Skill on Savage Lord to be in control of the battle. It was proven by so many other players that such a stunt is extremely difficult to be executed.

The range distance of {Charge} was only 10 meters far. The moment the Skill is activated, the player would charge towards the target at high speed. That entire process would only require 0.1 seconds. Even the top Tier players would find it hard to create the opportunity to activate their {Charge} so precisely! One brief moment of delay would result in being knocked into Stun Effect by the opponent instead.

Once players with excellent skill sets approach each other, it would become extremely hard for any of them to get away from each other. So, any of them would have an extremely rare second chance to activate their {Charge} again!

Savage Lord knew that he suffered a tremendous setback the moment he realized that he had activated {Charge} slightly earlier Zhang Yang. He did it because he was too worried that he might lose the gap to activate his {Charge} on Zhang Yang! Though Savage Lord was speaking confidently, he was in fact overwhelmed by the fear of being defeated by Zhang Yang again. He had seen Zhang Yang’s excellent performance previously, after all.

Zhang Yang smiled vaguely as he swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] at Savage Lord right after he recovered from being stunned.


His Rage Bar got filled up straight away in that instant. Meanwhile, Savage Lord had also recovered from being stunned as well!

{Blast Wave}!


Just as Savage Lord was beginning to swing his sword at Zhang Yang, he was knocked into another Stun Effect which would last for 4 seconds long!

Without wanting to suffer the disadvantage of being stunned for 4 seconds, Savage Lord activated his {Warrior’s Will} to lift off the effect. He would probably lose half of his HP if he does not do that.

{Brutal Smash}!

By the time when he activated his {Warrior’s Will}, Zhang Yang had moved to the back of Savage Lord as he launched another Skill to stun Savage Lord for another 4 seconds! Savage Lord could not react in time at all as he had to accept the fate of being stunned again. The hand with his sword that was lifted up was once again laid down --- basically, Warrior’s Skills would require the player to face their target before the Skills can be activated. Therefore, Savage Lord would need to face Zhang Yang first before he can activate all his Status Restriction Skills such as {Brutal Smash} and {Blast Wave}.

"Damn!" He cursed right before he activated his accessory which would give him a brief period of invincibility.

--- in a PvP match, the most important thing would actually be the ability to get rid of the Status Restriction Effect on oneself. The ability to restrict your opponent’s movement with your Status Restriction Skills or your ability to deal damage would not matter as much. Once a player is afflicted with Status Restriction Effects of any kind, the player would not be able to attack or even move! By then, everything would become futile even if the player had tons of Status Restriction Skills on him or her. Therefore, top Tier players would always equip one or two accessories that could provide them invincibility over a brief period of time. That is also one of many reasons that Zhang Yang encouraged all his team members to acquire that Gray-Silver Tier accessory back in the days.

However, it would not do good for the players if they were to equip too many accessories at the same time. While a player is in battle mode, the player could just switch their equipment or accessory with a click in their mind. However, it would also mean that they would be required to unequip the current equipment or accessories that they are equipped with, before equipping their desired item. That was a full 2-step procedure which would require some time. During a battle, it could be a fatal mistake if a player wastes that one or two seconds on switching their equipment or accessories. The players could have been killed several times over in that period of time.

On the other hand, switching weapons during a battle would be more convenient in such regard.

A golden light surged across the entire body of Savage Lord as he began to radiate in light. He had waited so long for this moment!

He turned around swiftly as he faced himself at Zhang Yang. Then he swung his weapon as hard as he could towards Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang engaged by raising up his shield. He activated {Block} to shield himself from the first attack by Savage Lord. Then, he activated his {Shield Wall} without any hesitation --- well, it would be a waste to not use it since he was still pretty ‘free’ at the moment!


Savage Lord swung another attack at Zhang Yang. However, the attack was so pathetic that it did not even penetrate through Zhang Yang’s Defense. It did not even deal any damage to Zhang Yang! It was actually a natural occurrence. Zhang Yang had a 20% damage immunity passive ability. However, the 75% damage immunity that his {Shield Wall} provided does not stack with the 20%. The percentages do not stack up by method of addition. Instead, it was a percentage over a percentage. The end result would be 0.25% * 0.8% = 20.2%

Even if Savage Lord’s basic Attack reaches up to 30,000, but it would still be extremely difficult for him to deal damage to Zhang Yang!