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Chapter 635: Absolute Slaughter!

Chapter 635: Absolute Slaughter!

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Truth to be told, Zhang Yang could have just taken another bottle of [Level 5 Healing Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)] after that. He could still recover another 60,000 HP if he does that.

However, he would have recovered too much amount HP that he would have pushed Savage Lord into despair. When that happens, Savage Lord would have just given up hope and he might not use his third [Full Recovery Potion] if he really had one with him. Therefore, Zhang Yang had to maintain his HP bar at a certain amount to encourage Savage Lord that the match was not over yet. He could coax the other Guardian into giving his best and pulling out every other trump card.

Haih... more effort is required in order for one to be the villain these days.

Zhang Yang had to keep Savage Lord occupied while making sure that he could still make Savage Lord believe that he still stood a chance at winning the match. It was much more difficult than taking out Savage Lord just like that. After all, Zhang Yang must not let Savage Lord know that he was holding back. At least he managed to maintain the pace of the battle with his high standard of skill by utilizing his ‘Supporting Attacks’ and his facial expressions. He could really need to prolong the battle as long as possible in order to lure Savage Lord into revealing his remaining ‘tricks’. It was wise of him to use his ‘Supporting Attacks’ which would not cause a point of damage from time to time to create the illusion that he was trying his best to bring Savage Lord down to his knees.

Well, not everyone was born with the gift to act!

"Zhan Yu! You’re destined to fall before me!" Savage Lord began to laugh out loud as he was very content with his current performance. In his own eyes, he believed that he could equally match himself with the opponent that had kicked his *ss earlier on in the battle --- although he relied on some [Full Recovery Potions] while he was doing it, his opponent was a player with a Class S Inheritance after all. So it was understandable that he would become a little arrogant over it.

Zhang Yang was being extremely cooperative with Savage Lord. He humphed in annoyance and faked out a few fumbles and mistakes. He even purposely missed some of his attacks on Savage Lord. Furthermore, Savage Lord was also equipped with {Block}! Therefore, Savage Lord managed to hang on for more than 50 seconds before his HP bar dropped below 20%.

On the other hand, Zhang Yang maintained his own HP at approximately 25%. He kept his HP bar slightly higher than Savage Lord in order to pressurize Savage Lord without causing despair to him. In the meanwhile, Savage Lord still believed that there was still hope for him to defeat Zhang Yang as he saw that Zhang Yang’s remaining HP was barely higher than his.

As expected! The moment the Global Cooldown for potions was over, Savage Lord immediately took out a bottle of [Level 5 Healing Potion] and gulped it down. As the effect of the {Destructive Smash} was over at the moment, he managed to recover 30,000 HP.

Zhang Yang let out a breath of relief. At the same time, he was a little disappointed as well.

So, he now knew that Savage Lord had no [Full Recovery Potions] left on him. However, there should be more of this sort of potion with the other members of the Steely Dang Battle Team! It was really unfortunate for Zhang Yang. If every single one of the [Full Recovery Potion] was with Savage Lord, Zhang Yang could have lured Savage Lord into finishing up all his potions and bring Silky Soft Battle Team one step closer to victory.

"Hey, have you finished up all your Full Recovery Potions already?" Zhang Yang asked Savage Lord out of a sudden.

"How did you --- bastard!" Savage Lord was not that dumb as well. He immediately understood the situation after he heard Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud. If that is the case, Zhang Yang had no reason to hold back anymore.

{Destructive Smash}!


Normal attack!

{Rising Dragon Strike}!

Zhang Yang felt a heat rush in his right hand. A ‘Dragon of the East’ suddenly emerged from his [Sword of Purging Devourer]. The dragon lashed out with its outstretched fangs! Zhang Yang intended to activate his {Killing Cleave} as he saw that the remaining HP bar of Savage Lord was lower than 20%. However, since that the {Rising Dragon Strike} was triggered, it could finish the job as well.


Savage Lord received an unbelievably high damage and lay dead. The dragon slammed its claw straight on Savage Lord’s head and clawed his head opened! Savage Lord let out a miserable scream towards the sky before he died.

Zhang Yang could not help but feel lucky. If his {Rising Dragon Strike} had triggered a little earlier when he was battling Savage Lord, he might not have made Savage Lord use up two of his [Full Recovery Potions].

Meanwhile, the players who saw the {Rising Dragon Strike} dropped their jaws in shock. The situation was different compared to arena battles and the Open World battles. The system would ensure that everyone in the game could see the numerical damage values that pop out on top of players whenever they receive damage. The battle logs would even specify the amount of damage reduced based on the Defense, Damage Absorption and Damage Immunity.

This {Rising Dragon Strike} could actually cause up to 560,000 damage! More importantly, it was not a Critical Hit!

Holy god! Would anyone be able to withstand such a powerful hit from Zhang Yang and live after that? Engaging Zhang Yang in a 1VS1 match would definitely be a waste of time! He could just score an instant win by triggering {Rising Dragon Strike}!

However, that was merely wishful thinking. Zhang Yang had only managed to trigger the {Rising Dragon Strike} once, throughout the entire time. The rate of triggering the effect was so low that Zhang Yang would just ignore the existence of it! Or else, he would have timed it right and swept out every single enemy that he goes up against! He could have easily scored 2 points for the round!

Savage Lord finally made his way back to his teammates. He could not avoid being lectured by Hourglass Figure for the dumb things he did back in the arena. Now that he had the time and space to recall, he only realized that Zhang Yang was just having a good time toying with him. He could not help but feel shame as his anger towards Zhang Yang ignited brighter than ever.

The competition continued on with the third match of the round. This match was like a comet crashing into earth! It was Sun Xin Yu VS Hourglass Figure!

It was going to be a spectacular match between two players with Class S Inheritance!

Truth to be told, Sun Xin Yu could win the match easily if she is willing to throw a {Soul Cleansing } onto the Hourglass and stealth kill her to claim victory over the match. With her current skills in the art of stealth, Sun Xin Yu could sneak up on top Tier players like Hourglass Figure herself. Even a Hunter who excels in the arts of forcing out the stealthy ones would not be able to force Sin Xin Yu out from the shadows.

However, the Ice queen was too proud to win a match with such a ‘despicable’ method. She would prefer to win the match by showing off her skill sets.


Hourglass Figure threw out a {Flare} at the direction she was facing at and illuminated the surroundings. That was a Hunter’s Skill for revealing all units that are hidden from plain sight in the game. The Skill could reach out to a radius of 10 meters. Any Thief or other hidden units within the effective range of it would be revealed straight away!


Upon the 15-second cooldown of the Skill, Hourglass Figure threw another {Flare} to the opposite direction of the first {Flare}. The moment when she threw it out, she felt a sense of danger, however, she only smiled coldly and did nothing.

A blade emerged from the air and struck Hourglass Figure into a stunned state. A shadow faded right after the strike. However, right before the shadow could launch the next assault, she was frozen up in a box of ice, immediately.

--- that was the Hunter’s {Frost Trap}! The Skill could freeze any non-boss type targets (including players) for 10 seconds. The target would not be able to move or do anything during the effective period of the Skill. However, the effect would break if the target receives any attack or damage during the effective period of the Skill.

{Stealth} could stun the target for 4 seconds while {Frost Trap} could freeze the target for 10 seconds! Therefore, the Thief would be the one who suffers! 6 seconds was more than enough for a Hunter to keep a distance of 30 meters between themselves and their enemies. Meanwhile, Thieves who are already forced out of their ‘Stealth Mode’ would become very vulnerable as they could not withstand many hits.


The joy that Hourglass Figure felt did not last more than half a second. Another shadow emerged out of the air and two blades slid across her back! The HP bar of Hourglass Figure was reduced steeply after that! At the same time, she received a negative effect of {Soul Cleansing}: If Hourglass Figure could not kill her enemy within 3 minutes, she would die, literally!

Zhang Yang could not help but clap and praise his girl for what just happened. The first shadow that struck Hourglass Figure appeared to be Sun Xin Yu’s Battle Companion, Ankh the Assassin! As Ankh had stepped up to take the {Frost Trap}, she allowed Sun Xin Yu to go all out, launching her assault on Hourglass Figure!

This Ice queen really had her own personality going! She still wanted to attack her opponent head-on even after she had cast the negative effect of {Soul Cleansing}. It was obvious that ... she did not want to win the match by taking the ‘shortcut’. She wanted to give Hourglass Figure a fair chance to strike back at her!


Hourglass Figure’s pet came out of the shadow as well. It was a Wind Shadow Leopard that activated {Stealth} which knocked Sun Xin Yu into a Stun state.


Zhang Yang widened his eyes and stared at Hourglass Figure. She was a ranged-type Hunter. {Compel} could only be learned by the ‘babies’ of Beastmasters!

Obviously, it was the special ‘gift’ that only the Hunter’s Class S Inheritance could provide. That would really give Hourglass Figure the advantage of learning two different types of Skills.

The effects of {Compel} were similar to the effect of {Stealth}. However, the Stun effect duration of {Compel} was 1 second longer than the Stun effect duration of {Stealth}. A 5-second Stun effect would be far more practical than a 4-second Stun effect.

In other words, Hourglass Figure would be recovering from the Stun effect 1 second earlier than Sun Xin Yu. That would provide her enough time to get a distance away from Sun Xin Yu unruffled. That would prove to be unfavorable for Sun Xin Yu.

Sun Xin Yu activated her accessory and triggered the Invincibility effect. On the other hand, Hourglass Figure did the exact same thing and leaped 10 meters away from Sun Xin Yu. Both of them activated their accessories at the same instant. Therefore, Hourglass Figure did not launch her assaults towards Sun Xin Yu. Instead, she chose to get as far from Sun Xin Yu as possible.

Although Hourglass Figure no longer had any blind spots, a Thief would triumph over her in melee combat. By creating a certain distance between herself and Sun Xin Yu, Sun Xin Yu would not be able to deal damage to her from a distance. Meanwhile, the Skills that a Thief could have were too unpredictable and various. The situation would become unfavorable for anyone who thinks about going head-on with a Thief in a melee combat! Furthermore, Hourglass had just used one of two Accessories that could grant her the ability to become Invincible for a brief period of time. Although she could still activate another of her Accessory pieces to grant her another brief moment of invincibility, it would not be a wise move as there would be too much of a risk for her to do so. After all, she had no idea how many more ‘tricks’ were reserved under the sleeves of Sun Xin Yu!

A moment before the effect of invincibility ended, Sun Xin Yu immediately activated her {Shadow Step} and appeared right behind Hourglass Figure. With her two blades whirling across the air, she unleashed a series of flurry attacks on Hourglass Figure. Blood was spilled across the arena as she started slicing Hourglass Figure up!

{Breaking Shot}!

Hourglass Figure suddenly shot Sun Xin Yu into a 4-second stun as she took the opportunity to pull herself away. She ran 30 meters across the arena before she began to shoot her arrows at Sun Xin Yu.


As she was running towards Hourglass Figure. Sun Xin Yu accelerated, all of a sudden! She ran straight up to Hourglass Figure as swiftly as the wind and continued to launch her assaults as aggressively as she could.

The two ladies were exhibiting their best skills to everyone watching their match. The way they move, the way they used their Status Restriction Skills, the way they removed the Status Restriction Effects on themselves. Everything they did on the arena was immensely satisfying for the people to enjoy. It was a marvelous performance that the two ladies were putting up in the arena! Many Hunters and Thieves were astonished and ashamed of themselves. They had no idea that they could actually play the game in so many other ways!

The battle was at the peak of its climax. The two ladies would also use any opportunity that they could grab to patch themselves up with [Bandages], especially when they were throwing their Status Restricting Skills at each other. They were basically spamming the potions the moment the global cooldown for their potion was over.

They kept throwing their Status Restriction Skills at each other while dodging attacks from each other. However, the amount of HP that they could recover by taking [Potions] and [Bandages] could not make up for the damage they received from each other. In about two and a half minutes later, both of their HP bars were reduced down to approximately 10%.

The potions’ global cooldown for both ladies were over at the same instant. However, Hourglass took a bottle of [Full Recovery Potion] instead of a [Level 5 Healing Potion (Grade 10 Transmutation)]!

Her HP was restored back to full in just a brief moment! Her Focus Points were restored back to 100 points as well!


Upon taking her potion, Sun Xin Yu vanished into thin air with her Skill, without any hesitation. Then... there was no then anymore. She went completely silent!

Zhang Yang was shocked, then he laughed out loud.

Although Sun Xin Yu was proud and competitive, she was not a fool!

If Hourglass Figure wanted to compete with her fair and square, she would not have taken a bottle of [Full Recovery Potion] which broke the status quo of the match. Without that, Sun Xin Yu would not have hidden and let her {Soul Cleansing} to finish the job! However, since that Hourglass Figure had decided not to duel with Sun Xin Yu in a fair manner, there was no reason for Sun Xin Yu to go head on with her like a fool!

It was just matter of seconds before 3 minutes comes to pass. There was no sign of Sun Xin Yu at all. Hourglass Figure was so badly infuriated that her eyes almost popped out from her eye sockets!

After all, she had just taken a bottle of [Full Recovery Potion], an extremely expensive and rare potion that they had spent a fortune on in order to get a few bottles. However, the effect of {Soul Cleansing} would not be affected by the amount of HP on the target. It would not matter if the target has only 1% or 100% HP. The target would have to die when the time is up! Therefore, it became a total waste for Hourglass Figure when Sun Xin Yu decided to vanish into thin air and wait out for the effect of {Soul Cleansing} to kick in.

Are you kidding me? What the f*ck!

Hourglass Figure was on the verge of losing her sanity! If Sun Xin Yu had just thrown the {Soul Cleansing} onto her and stayed quiet for the rest of the match, she would have given up and played along with it. She could have reserved the potion so that her other teammates could use it in the upcoming matches. However, Sun Xin Yu had given her some false hope! That had really tricked her into using one of her [Full Recovery Potion], that was really...

Were all the members of Lone Desert Smoke so cunning?!

Three minutes had passed. Hourglass Figure collapsed onto the ground with great grievance and died instantly.

The Steely Dang Battle Team had been ‘tricked’ into using 3 bottles of [Full Recovery Potions] in two battles. That was a great win for Zhang Yang and his team!

Furthermore, Silky Soft Battle Team was leading the matches with the score of 3:0. They could win the first round by winning another two of the 1VS1 matches.

The 4th match was Han Ying Xue’s turn. She took down Galavan with ease, just like how she did with her previous opponents. By doing so, the Silky Soft Battle Team scored 4:0.

However, Hundred Shots lost the 5th match to Almodo. Therefore, the Steely Dang Battle Team managed to score 1 victory for themselves. On the following match, Lost Dream won the 6th match with an outstanding performance as he scored the last point for his team to claim victory over the first round with a score of 5:1.

After a short break, the organizers carried on with the second round of the matches without any delay.

This round, Zhang Yang and his team were not that lucky. Although Sun Xin Yu and Zhang Yang won with ease, both of them managed to do that because their opponents were only players with Class B Inheritance. Meanwhile, Han Yin Xue was so unlucky that she actually had to battle against Hourglass Figure. Hourglass Figure won the match at the cost of one bottle of [Full Recovery Potion].

Lost Dream and Hundred Shots had to go up against players with Class A Inheritance. They waged an arduous struggle before they lost. As for Daffodil Daydream who was the weakest among the entire team, even though she outdid herself this time, she had not yet acquired her Inheritance. It was logical that she would lose to another player who already had an Inheritance.

Fortunately, Wei Yan Er performed superbly for her match. She won by whirling her huge battle axe around without giving space for her opponent to even flinch, securing the crucial point for Silky Soft Battle Team to stay in the game. Although Zhang Yang and his team were falling behind by scoring only 3:4, they managed to participate in the team battle.

Everyone, including the members from two teams that were competing against each other, the players that were watching the competition and the commentator were extremely nervous about the outcome of the team battle. After all, it would be the final match of the World League Championship!

Ding! The Team Battle had begun!

Zhang Yang charged at the front as he led his teammates into battle. He activated his {Charge} towards King Kong Wrath, followed by sweep with his [Sword of Purging Devourer] without any hesitation. After causing a damage of 58,000 on King Kong Wrath, Zhang Yang suddenly felt a heat rush throughout his right arm. A ‘Dragon of the East’ emerged out from the sword and struck out towards his enemies!

It was unbelievably lucky that Zhang Yang could trigger his {Rising Dragon Strike} with one single hit! Not to mention that it was only his first solid hit on his target!

In just one instant, Zhang Yang caused a damage of 580,000 to every single member of the Steely Dang Battle Teams, every single Battle Companion, and every single pet of the opposition team!

It was an instant kill for everyone on the Steely Dang Battle Team!

The world became calm in an instant!

Everyone had their jaws dropped in silence. That included the commentators as well! Even Zhang Yang and his team members, and every member of the Steely Dang Battle Team were stunned over what had just happened!

Did the match just end?

It was! The match was ended in just an instant!