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Chapter 637: The Soul Breaker

Chapter 637: The Soul Breaker

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After a few days of boredom, Daffodil Daydream had managed to obtain the Soul Breaker Inheritance that she had been eagerly waiting for.

Despite being an A class Inheritance, the Inheritance was Lone Desert Smoke’s one and only magic class specific type A class Inheritance. Hence, Daffodil Daydream became the center of attention for a short period of time, and everyone was interested to know of her abilities. The young woman happily obliged.

[Understanding of the Soul]: Permanently increases your damage by 45%.

[Soul Pierce]: Directly attacks the soul of the target. Deals 300% Magic Shadow Attack. Stuns the target for 5 seconds. Cooldown: 1 minute.

[Soul Breaker Transformation]: Transforms into the Breaker of Souls. Increases HP by 3000%, Attack by 400%, Defense by 400%. Gains a chance to nullify magic attack by 30%. Gains 1 Soul Breaker Energy Point every second. Lasts for 2 hours. Cooldown: 72 hours.

[Soul Rupture]: Ruptures the souls of all target within an area of 100 meters x 100 meters. Deals Shadow damage based on the value of Intelligence of the caster, multiplied by 8. Costs 3 Energy Point.

[Souls Substitute]: Creates a Soul Substitute that shares the same appearance of the caster. The Substitute would not deal any damage. When the Substitute receives damage, the damage will be converted into HP and heals the caster. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

[Soul Manipulation]: Takes control of the soul of a target. The inflicted target cannot control its character. Requires 10 Energy Points to activate. Lasts for 5 seconds. Every 2 additional Energy Points will increase the skill duration by 1 second. Cooldown: 30 minutes.

With Daffodil Daydream obtaining her Inheritance, all his core members of the party, except for Fantasy Sweetheart, had obtained their Inheritances, with none of them being lower than B class! If Zhang Yang is to lead the team to another nation to start a war, they would be capable of inciting massive chaos! That would be even without the use of Transformation skill! If they did, their attack would be depicted as the Valkyries of the heavens!

A few days later, Dream Tech "loyally obeyed" their customers. They went ahead and created the Individual ranking system. Unlike the other PvP system, the Individual ranking systems do not include any rewards but the title itself. Still, having the title of being the best player will definitely be cool! The patch was extremely well-accepted by the mass and induced a momentarily heated fever.

The rules of a 1v1 Individual match was, that there are no rules. Besides the limitation of only two players in the arena, all players could use anything and everything to defeat their enemy. All skills, all potion, all scrolls, all tools of any cooldown will be refreshed immediately upon entering the arena! The winner of the match will be awarded a few points while the loser will have their points deducted. As such, for balancing, all competitor will only be fighting players who have roughly the same points. It is to prevent cases where strong players will only target weak ones.

Despite being an Individual competition, the match had three different categories. The Regional All Rounder Rank. The Regional Class Rank. The Regional Sub-Class Rank.

The All Rounder ranking system judged players by their strength from all regions of all classes.

The Class Ranking system had 6 different ranking boards based on the player’s class type. There were a total of 6 boards, that is the Warrior, Knight, Hunter, Thief, Spellcaster, and Priest.

Lastly, the Sub-Class ranking board was a more specific ranking system. It would be divided into Guardian, Berserker, Sacred Knight, Templar, Beastmaster, Sniper, Pyromancer, Cryomancer, Priest, Assassin, and Bandit.

The rules of being listed on the board were simple. Every 10 alternate days, players who have participated in 10 matches will have their scores calculated and ranked. If players have joined less than 10 matches, the score they had collected would be voided. The ranking system refreshes every 10 days; hence, players would have to repeatedly battle to maintain their rank. If players do not continue their streak, they would have all their points reset to zero.

All players can check their own ranking on all the boards. However, each board public display would only display the top 100 players while players below rank 100 would be omitted. Naturally, players that would be enlisted in the ranking boards would the regional pros! If any of the players that were enlisted on the board were not in a guild or perhaps not in a strong guild, they would automatically be a large bait for hungry sharks, big guilds like Imperial Sky or The Myth.

Right then, the system had brought a massive positive change to the gaming community. Instead of asking for their equipment, they would ask for your ranking. Players would not care about equipment since they could be bought or farmed easily. The real deal was the ranking system, since it all depended on your own capabilities. As such, guilds started using this method to set a minimum requirement for recruitment.

Besides the Regional Ranking boards, there was another ranking system. It was called the World Ranking board. In this golden board, only the top 20 regional players could register themselves to fight. The world ranking system shared the same rule and regulation as any other ranking system. Again, they would have to fight 10 matches in 10 days to have their name enlisted on the Global Ranking Board.

Since there were 8 Regions in the entire world, only 160 players could participate in the Global ranking board. There are limited by how many players from a single region could be enlisted in the Global ranking. Hence, there would be cases such as the top 40 ranks being dominated by only one region. If that is to happen, it would bring glory and pride to the nation! Hence, countless players would be willing to walk through the valley of shadow and death just to be enlisted in the Global ranking board. It was the ultimate certification a man can accept!

Zhang Yang had no intention of joining the ranking board since he felt like it was fictitious. Even if he takes the number 1 position in the Global Ranking system, what good would it be for him? Right then, he was the guild master if the world strongest guild, while also being the leader of the world strongest Battle Team. He owns two Territories! Money, Fame, Equipment, even babes, all that he could ask for are already his. So why bother with the trouble?

After 10 days, all ranking boards would be refreshed to display the first few pioneers. However, most of the "real" players shared the same view with Zhang Yang and did not participate in the fight. Hence, when the first Ranking Board was put up, there were plenty of random players. All of them were still familiar names and had appeared once or twice in the forums. Still, the top ten players in the list were still the usual strong such as One Sword Stroke, Sword of Light, Death Arbiter, and even the little brat!

Wei Yan Er did well. She had fought hard and was enlisted in the China’s Regional Sub-Class Berserker Ranking list as Rank 1. She was also ranked 1in the Regional Warrior Ranking list, and China’s All Rounder rank 1.

The only reason she could be in the first place was because players like Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu had not participated in the ranking competition. Another reason was that there were no restrictions to skills. She had literally used her Transformation skill at the beginning of every fight!

Every battle started with all skills, item cooldown reset to zero. Everyone would have the same equal chance to fight with all their skills ready to be used. However, when the player ends the fight, the skills’ original cooldown will be set back to before they had entered the arena. The complete skill cooldown reset was made purposely by the officials to allow players to be at their best to fight for the best!

10 days after the regional ranking board had been up, all top 20 players from each region had joined the fight in the Global ranking board. As such, after 10 days, the first ranking list was published. The result was unexpected but not shocking. A large portion of the ranking board was dominated by the European players. Not only they had claimed the top 19 positions in all ranks, they had taken the top 4 positions. Unexpectedly, Sexy Wild Pussy had claimed the number 1 All Rounder Rank. As such, it could be said that the European has the upper hand in the world while the Indian (Region) had the best raiding team.

On the far end of the scale, The Japan-Korea region had performed the poorest. Amongst the top 100 ranks, they had only managed to secure the last 5 positions. Their poor performance was understandable, since Zhang Yang had taken their Territory for as long as 6 months. With the further Level deduction penalty during the Ancient Creature war, all the players in the Japan-Korea region were on average, 10 levels behind other players from all other regions.

When the new Global ranking list was published, the entire globe was shaken. Players of Europe and India were celebrating with their great achievements and had been posting slanderous, and provoking posts in the forum to incite disdain. As the war of words went on between regional players, the ranking system which was used to judge the level of a player had became a marker of regional strength.

Since the situation had morphed into a global problem, Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, and the other true professionals had to enter the ranking competition or they might be deemed as traitors of the nation. With great power comes great responsibility.

Hence, almost all strong players from all region who did not wish to enter the useless squabble were forced to join in. As such, the previous ranking list was refreshed, removing all the "normies" from the list and replacing them with the real deal.

The 10 matches required was just the lowest requirement. Stronger players could keep on going if they wanted to. Since consecutive wins will accumulate more points and as the points accumulate, the challengers will be harder and harder.

As such, the more points the opponent has, the more points you will obtain when you win the match. However, there is a limit to it. 3000 points would be the limit. After a player has obtained points surpassing the 3,000 threshold, they will not obtain any bonus points even if the opponent has more points than you. All in all, the beginning journey will be slow, while the speed will increase in the middle ranks, and will be slowed down immensely when you reach the top ranks.

Everyone will have 1,000 points at the start. Wei Yan Er, who was ranked at the first place in China had accumulated a total of 4,208 points. At that point, if she fights and wins a round against China’s second-best player, she will only gain 4 or 5 points. On the other hand, if she loses the match, she will lose more than 20 points!

That was why Wei Yan Er had only insisted on playing 10 matches in 10 days.

Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, and Han Ying Xue had spent a day to fight a total of 13 rounds. They had accumulated more than 2,500 points in one shot. It was rather fast and easy for them. Each time they entered the arena, they would nonchalantly use their Transformation skill and kill the opponent with relative ease. If the player is a C class Inheritance holder, defeating them would be a matter of seconds.

After 2 days, everyone had accumulated more than 3,000 points. From there on, the points accumulation speed had started to grow slower.

However, Zhang Yang had no intention of snagging the first position. Let the little brat have the glory. Zhang Yang only wanted to obtain the top 20 rankings to allow himself to enter the Global ranking board.

After the 30th days, all ranking boards were refreshed and Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, and other S class Inheritance players had easily positioned themselves in the China Regional All Rounder top 20 positions. Zhang Yang was ranked 18th, Sun Xin Yu was ranked 11th, and Han Ying Xue was ranked 15th. All three of them had gained the qualifications to enter the Global Ranking All Rounder competition.