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Chapter 639: Game of Thrones

Chapter 639: Game of Thrones

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[McLaren Artilos, the King of Hansung Kingdom] (Mythical, Humanoid)

Level: 144

HP: 1,000,000,000

Defense: 9,410

Melee Attack: 70, 092 – 90,092


[Great Destructor]: Lays down a powerful strike to destroy the land. Deals 100% melee attack to all targets attacking the caster.

[Heavy Bash]: Bashes a target and deals 150% melee physical attack. Knocks a target back and reduces the aggro value held by the target.

[Constitution]: Restore 2% HP every 30 seconds. Cannot be affected by any effect.

[Wrath of a King]: If the battle was prolonged to 10 minutes. McLaren will be enraged and summons all his guards to destroy all enemies.

Note: The ruler of Hansung Kingdom. Despite his age, the man is powerful. He was a war general when he was younger and carried the skills of war to his old age.

"Zhan Yu! WTF dude! You said 400,000,000! The boss has 1,000,000,000 HP!" Sword of Light gasped.

Zhang Yang merely laughed. "In that case, let’s just try to make it within 10 minutes!"

Zhang Yang had already activated both his and the Phoenix’s Transformation skill. The combination of the two god-like entity was not something a regular player could comprehend!

Zhang Yang led the assault party towards the King. As they approached the royal highness, the older man merely raised his head and glared at Zhang Yang. When he noticed the White Jade Empire emblem on their character’s uniform, the King bellowed.

"White Jade Empire? Which backwater country did you come from! How dare you call yourself an empire!?"

Zhang Yang could not care less about the boss for time was not a luxury he possessed. He jumped towards the boss and threw out the first attack.

"Pesky rodent! You dare lay a hand on me!?" McLaren roared. Being as old as rock, the King moved as fast as an athlete on steroids! With quick movements of his hand, the King grabbed hold of the blade between his fingers. Although he had still taken the damage from the sword, he now prevented Zhang Yang from moving.

Zhang Yang grunted in annoyance. With the weight of the world, Zhang Yang tugged his sword out and managed to pull his sword out. However, it was not because of Zhang Yang’s own strength, the King had purposely loosened his grip on the blade. With a free hand, the King hurled a large battle hammer towards Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang saw the attack coming instinctively and raised his shield up.


With a powerful clank, Zhang Yang was able to negate the damage. However, the attack did not stop there. Instead, Zhang Yang was sent flying like a cannonball. His entire character flew into a wall, making a large hole in it.

It was not a normal attack. It was {Heavy Bash}.

"Puny warrior! Hmph!" The King scorned and turned to his next target, Sun Xin Yu. Unfortunately for her, Sun Xin Yu did not possess any damage blocking skills. With another quick swing of the hammer, Sun Xin Yu was sent flying and landed next to Zhang Yang on the same wall. However, unlike Zhang Yang who stood back up more or less unscathed, Sun Xin Yu coughed out a pool of blood.

Zhang Yang helped Sun Xin Yu back to her feet and quickly made his way towards the boss.

From the previous attack, Zhang Yang understood that the skill only has a cooldown of 5 seconds. Its effect is to prevent a tank from maintaining a solid aggro on the boss, allowing him to deal equal, devastating damage to all players around! If Zhang Yang had not requested for everyone to activate their Transformation skills, one normal attack and one {Heavy Bash} would be enough to kill any player. At then, among the 20 players, the lowest HP among them was already at 4,000,000! In such circumstances, it was almost impossible for the boss to instant-kill a player that easily.

The battle continued on and Zhang Yang had been paying attention to the boss’ skill cycle. By the time the boss lost more than 8,000,000 HP, Zhang Yang’s assault party have begun to show casualties. However, the boss had only managed to kill someone when Han Ying Xue was not healing.

At that rate, the boss’ DPS would be at most, 80,000. In 10 minutes he could only deal half of the party’s overall HP before he falls. In theory, it sounds simple. However, the skill {Constitution} and the {Great Destructor} would be a hassle to deal with.

"Die! Outlander!" McLaren roared and lifted his hammer up high. A glimmer of dark aura gathered at the tip of the hammer. After half a second, McLaren struck the ground hard with the hammer and created a blast wave that spread all around. Marble tiles were peeled off the ground and the shockwave continued on, unhindered. All players who were within 100 meters around the boss had taken close to 70,000 to 90,000 damage.

Luckily, the palace was huge! Most of the players who were guarding the entrance were not affected by it. Only the 20 strongest players in China had taken the skill damage.

"Die in the ashes of despair, regret the day you were born!" McLaren laughed maniacally and stuck another {Great Destructor}.

The blast wave spread further outward and broke the pillar that was supporting the royal chambers. The grand chamber of the King was destroyed and turned into rubble. Several broken water pipes started gushing, causing a minor flooding in the chamber.

As everyone took a great deal of damage constantly, Han Ying Xue’s superior healing powers was greatly brought to light. After activating the Milkmaid Deity’s Transformation skill, she was now the epitome of healing! Even though 20 players were taking some serious damage, Han Ying Xue had no problem squirting all her "milk," restoring everyone’s HP back up to the green zone.

Everyone had more than 4,000,000 HP. It was a level where the boss could not cause serious harm. It was also a good buffer for Han Ying Xue to heal everyone overtime with just the percentage-based{Regeneration}.

In a situation where the boss is an AoE attack berserker type, players with low HP would only be committing suicide. Hence, not a single Battle Companion had been summoned, fearing that they will immediately die after being summoned. Only Zhang Yang and Fatty Han could summon their pets to do individual damage. With 22 attackers, the overall DPS was extremely powerful. Zhang Yang was far stronger than anyone else in the party. After gaining more than 200,000 DPS in his God of War Transformation, Zhang Yang attacks had generated a massive amount of aggro on the boss. Even after taking several hits of {Heavy Bash} which was supposed to have "deleted" all of Zhang Yang’s aggro, the boss would still aim his attacks at Zhang Yang.

"We have to be quicker now! More NPCs and Japanese and Korean players are coming at us. We have already lost many players and if the situation gets any worse, we might lose this war!" Snow Seeker shouted in the public channel. Due to the limitations of the party size, guild master who leads a large party had to rely on the public channel to communicate with their members.

"No problem! 5 more minutes, and we’ll be done with the boss!" Zhang Yang replied.

"Heh. What makes you think you could kill the boss in 5 minutes?"

Zhang Yang pretended to not hear her reply. Instead, he cast a {God of War Devastation} and dealt "-603,922!". That was his reply.

"I will crush you to smithereens!" Just as Zhang Yang was about to lose the aggro hold on the boss, the powerful 600,000 damage had forced the boss to turn back towards Zhang Yang in the nick of time. Zhang Yang continued his normal attacks on the boss and felt a sudden glowing heat in his right palm.

{Rising Dragon Strike}!



It was the only attack that was able to make the boss groan in pain. The skill was powerful and vast enough that even several surviving Elite tier soldiers in the chamber had taken the same amount of damage. However, because the Elite tier guards had Levels that were too high for Zhang Yang to even see, the damage they took was slightly affected.

"D*mn you all!" McLaren bellowed. He used {Heavy Bash} on Zhang Yang again. Even after he was sent flying away, the boss still chased after him instead of changing targets! The skill was supposed to prevent that very thing from happening. Under normal circumstances, the boss would automatically switch to a new target in the aggro list after using the skill. Zhang Yang had generated so much aggro that even after the skill is used, Zhang Yang still remained first on the boss’ aggro list.

"Strong…" Snow Seeker muttered.

No one in the field then was a greenhorn in battle. Even though they could not observe the damage Zhang Yang dealt on the boss, they could gauge out the total damage dealt by him was far superior to anyone present in the battle.

Everyone knew about Zhang Yang owning an S class Inheritance. However, the fact that the Phoenix could transform was supposedly still a secret. Since Zhang Yang had been fighting in the ranking battles for quite some time, many would have already found out about the Phoenix’s ability. Although the information about the Phoenix was not spread, there was still the loudmouth Fatty Han who would boast his skills and the Phoenix pet to the world.

Still, even if they knew about the Phoenix’s power, what could they do surpass Zhang Yang?

One Sword Stroke, Greensleeves Prince, and many other guild masters felt immense grievance, for it was almost impossible for them to compete with Zhang Yang.

The battle continued on. Even though the boss had a powerful HP regeneration skill, the boss could not recover as much HP as it lost. In no time at all, the boss was left with 20% HP.

It was time for {Killing Cleave}. Every warrior present in the field activated their attack boosting skills and laid down the final waves of attack. Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er had activated {Indiscriminate} and struck the boss using {Killing Cleave} at full Rage!


Although the damage dealt was not as powerful as {Rising Dragon Strike}, it was still powerful enough, as all attacks during the activation of {Indiscriminate} will be a Critical hit. If a {Rising Dragon Strike} was procced then, the damage dealt would reach as high as 4,000,000!

"Lowly peasants! Die!" McLaren was losing his Kingly composure.

Zhang Yang laughed. "If a King wants his legions dead, his legions would have to comply. But you are not my king! Haha! If you call for my death, I’ll have your head instead!"

With a quick flick of his fingers, Zhang Yang cast {Glare of the Death God}. Dark clouds formed on the boss’ character and assembled into a large grinning skull!




1% of the boss’s 1,000,000,000 HP was 10,000,000! All hits that were required to proc the damage was quickly triggered, with all 22 attackers present!

"NO! NO! THIS CANNOT BE!" The King screamed and shouted disgruntledly.

It only took 4 seconds to proc all hits of the {Glare of the Death God}. As such, the boss had less than 4% HP left!

Everyone’s eyes glinted with intense focus. They knew that it was almost time to loot the rewards. A Mythical tier boss such as McLaren would surely drop a few Mythical tier equipment! That’s not all, this boss was considered as an open-world boss! They would only respawn once every month! Hence, the number of Mythical tier equipment circling around the market was extremely scarce!


Everyone made preparation and slowed down on their attacks. Right then, everyone had their own parties even though they were all under the command of Zhang Yang. Each of them had already laid an attack on the boss, hence, everyone had the "right" to loot!


McLaren groaned in great pain before dropping to the ground, dead.