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Chapter 643: Mist Skeleton King

Chapter 643: Mist Skeleton King

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"Woohoo! I’m getting excited by the minute! I wonder what will we get in the end!" said Fatty Han as he drooled all over the place. With the Phoenix pet in hand, Fatty Han’s DPS had finally received an upgrade, allowing him to rise from the bottom to the middle tier.

"Anything is fine as long as there some Ethereal equipment for me! I only have two here!"]

"Hey! I only have one!"

Everyone started to be chatty when it comes about Ethereal tier equipment. Zhang Yang could not deny that fact that he too wanted more Ethereal equipment although he already possessed four of them!

"Heeheeeheeeheee! Look at you guys squeaking about equipment!" Fatty Han points his fingers here and there as he making fun of the party member.

"You pig! You too, want the Ethereal equipment, don’t you! If you deny it! Give us all the equipment you have and switch them with a White-Wood tier!"

"Yeah! I’d say, I’ve been eyeing at your Ethereal pants you have. Come on! Give it to me as a bro’s gift!"

"…You…have some really weird taste…Why would you even eyeing my crotch!"

"WHAT!? THAT’S NOT—I mean--!"

"ENOUGH!" Zhang Yang roared. "We’re not done yet! Fight now, talk later!"

The party continued pushing as far as they could and after 10 minutes or so, they had finally spotted the 13th party joining the map. The newly joined party appeared at the 3 o’clock bridge. Since all party marked with a blinking dot, the two dots on the bridge began to approach each other. The one in the front started to withdraw while the newly joined party beginning to push on.

However, little did Zhang Yang had expected, the two dots did not reduce in size! That only means that the two parties did not fight each other but chose to go with the cooperation route!

Their sudden unexpected reaction had the other 11 parties startled. Right then, they knew that experience points do not really matter anymore but reaching the final goal was. All 13 parties, including Zhang Yang, felt the stress building up on them. However, Han Ying Xue’s sudden report had eased the tension by a huge mile.

"We are only 300 meters away from the first party!" Han Ying Xue had her world map U.I out since the beginning of the raid. She had been keeping track of each party’s progress.

Zhang Yang’s party was the fourth party that had entered the map. When they had just set foot on the map, the fastest party was already 1 kilometer ahead of them. Right then, Zhang Yang had already managed to catch up! They had shortened their distance by a whole 700 meters despite starting out late!

"Don’t stop now! Fight on!"

"200 meters!"

"100 meters!"

"30 meters..."

"Wait. Something’s not right there. We’re not catching up! They’ve completely stopped in their tracks! Ack-!" Han Ying Xue eyes were glued to the world map U.I and did not see where she was going. She had walked into Zhang Yang and bumped her head against his metal armor.

"Life…the scent of life…Meat…FRESH MEAT!" A deep, distorted voice could be heard emerging from afar. The bridge tremored as a large skeletal soldier walked towards them. It wore a full set of heavy silver, metallic armor and carried a long, rusted cleaver that was dripping with blood. Unlike the other skeleton monster, this one was overly large and had three long spikes protruding out of his spine.

Han Ying Xue then realized why the other party had stopped moving forward.

[Mist Skeleton King] (Ethereal, Spectre)

Level: 140

HP: 500,000,000

Defense: 9,950

Melee Attack: 80,289 – 90,289


[Constitution of the Afterlife]: Restores 1% HP every 30 seconds. Restoration amount cannot be affected any skills.

[Boney Pierce]: Fires a bone spike and deals 150% melee physical attack.

[Sanrenzan]: Unleashes a barrage of sword attacks, dealing 100% melee physical damage with each strike.

[Decay Aura]: Deals 80,000 Shadow damage to all targets every 5 seconds within a certain area.

[Summoned Skeletal]: Summons 100 Skeletal Soldier to aid the King in battle. 5 seconds casting time.

Note: The Mist Skeleton King was a mighty warrior who was famous for his brute strength. No one had heard of him after he had set foot in a mysterious land. No one knew about him but the man who had sworn to protect the living and exterminate all Spectre had become the very entity that he had sworn to kill.

"Aw yiss! An Ethereal boss! JACK POT GUYS!" Fatty Han laughed happily. Although they had fought Ethereal bosses during a few Inheritance quest lines, the bosses require a month (real time) to respawn. None of them could wait that long! If it had not been that way, everyone would already be having Ethereal tier equipment on hand!

Endless Starlight approached Zhang Yang and asked, "Boss, I think I should use my Transformation skill first."

Both of them were tanks, hence, it would be sensible for one of them to use their Transformation skill at a time.

Zhang Yang nodded. "We have no choice here. We’ll be in your care then."

Endless Starlight smirked and activated his King Kong Inheritance Transformation skill. His character grew in size. Golden fur started to grow all over his body as his armor seeped underneath the coat of golden fur. His arms grew in length as well as the muscle mass around his chest and biceps.

"UU UUU OH OH!" Endless Starlight beat his chest and roared like a true King Kong!

Fatty Han laughed. "Starlight boy. You may be big, but I bet that your little junk is still the size of a tiny worm!"

"Fatty bro. No offense. You can take my junk and cut it into 10 pieces and I would still have a cock 3 times larger than yours!" When it comes to a man’s honor, no man, not even Endless Starlight would allow himself to lose.

Endless Starlight, in his gorilla form, stomped over to the boss, leaving a cloud of dust and tremor in his wake.

"Death…Darkness…Freezing Void…" The Skeleton King muttered something inaudible as he hacked at Endless Light.

Endless Starlight raised his arms and block the incoming blade. Although in appearance, Endless Starlight was using his forearm to block the butcher knife, he was, in fact using his shield to block. It was just invisible to the public.

The two large characters crashed into each other and created tremors that sent pieces of the stone bridge to chip off. Zhang Yang leaped off the Phoenix pet, unequipped the shield and used {Charge} to glide towards the boss at light speed.

{Cripple Defense}! {Cripple Defense}! {Cripple Defense}!

Right then, Zhang Yang was not playing the tank role. If he continues to attack while mounted on the Phoenix, the damage the Phoenix causes will generate aggro value on Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was not like others, even if he dismounts, the Phoenix would not disappear, for he had the skill {Beast Taming} like a Hunter. The reason Zhang Yang had unequipped his shield was to disable the skill {Shield Oath} from generating too much aggro.

Endless Starlight did not have the skill {Cripple Defense}. Hence, he waited until Zhang Yang attack before he did. Wei Yan Er went up with Zhang Yang and landed one or two {Cripple Defense} to maximize the effect before attacking.

Zhang Yang had not have much opportunity of being an attacker. Hence, now that he was playing an attacker role, he moved behind the boss awkwardly and attacked from behind.

Fatty Han laughed at Zhang Yang sluggish movements and teased, "Little Yang! I think you have found a new fetish now! Do you really enjoy poking the boss’s butt?"

Zhang Yang sighed heavily. "Fatty, if you could just keep quiet for a day, the world would thank you for it!"

"Please. I’m me for my random utterance! If you ask me to keep quiet, it would be when I bite the dust," said Fatty Han as he shot an arrow that was imbued with fire. It was a newly acquired skill called {Incendiary Arrow}, which deals 150% ranged damage as Fire damage. Its power was strong for it cost him more than 20,000 gold coins.

Even Zhang Yang felt that 20,000 gold coins for the skill book was a complete bargain since the real value of the skill was more than 200,000 gold coins! Nonetheless, Fatty Han was being Fatty Han. He felt that spending that amount of money was extremely costly for him. Hence, whenever the skill was ready to use, he would not spare any idle second and use the skill whenever he could! He will make sure the skill will always be on cooldown to make full use of the 20,00 gold coins he spent!

"Ayy! Little Yang. You best not poke the boss too hard. Or else the boss might lose control of his bowel movement and sh*t all over you!"

"Urgh---" Everyone, including Zhang Yang, sulked.

"Die…Pathetic beings…." The boss gritted its teeth snarled with a heavy metal grinding noise. He rushed to Endless Starlight and jumped into a sword drawing stance. Before Endless Starlight could react in time, the Skeleton King performed three quick consecutive slashes without moving in inch and dealt three strikes dealing over 60,000 damage each. If Endless Starlight had not used his Transformation skill, he would have lost 50% of his HP! Right then, Endless Starlight had more than 6,000,000 HP. 200,000 damage was nothing but a tiny itch that could be ignored.

"Wake up my slaves! Serve me, your lord!" The Skeleton King lowered his cleaver and stabbed his boney fingers into the ground. A black aura seeped out from his character and entered the ground. Countless of boney skeleton soldiers started to burst out of the stone bridge and filled the entire bridge. A progression bar appeared on top of the boss’ character! Zhang Yang realized that it was the skill to summon soldiers out, which required 5 seconds!

Even though a great deal of skeletons were summoned, they were all but normal tier monsters. It was not a problem for Zhang Yang’s party to eliminate!

Zhang Yang instinctively re-equipped his shield and cast {Thunder Strike} in the middle of the swarm. That single attack had helped him capture more than 20 monsters at a time. Zhang Yang mentally controlled the Phoenix to fire its flamethrower attack to "gather" more monsters to his side. Fatty Han controlled his Phoenix as well to aid Zhang Yang.

While Fatty Han and Zhang Yang had already witnessed the power of the Phoenix, the party member around were witnessing the prowess of the fiery Legendary Beast’s power for the first time. With Zhang Yang taking the lead to attack the monster and Endless Starlight holding on the boss, the party had no trouble in eliminating all the summoned soldiers.

In less than 3 minutes, the party had all killed more than 500 skeleton monsters. 1 million HP might be a little too hard for some player but it was nothing but scrap for Zhang Yang’s party.

While they were busy fighting the mob, Han Ying Xue was paying attention to the other side of the bridge. "The other party lost 3 players during the boss fight!" Han Ying Xue reported. She was only able to divide her attention on the battlefield because Endless Starlight had used his Transformation skill, allowing him to practically survive the entire ordeal with little to no healing.

Zhang Yang concluded that the summoned monsters were rather strong to be able to wipe out the players. "Be careful. Do not let the summoned skeleton minions get close to you!"