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Chapter 644: Resurrection Monolith

Chapter 644: Resurrection Monolith

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The strongest aspect of the monster in the Gagaro’s Mist was their attack. The normal tier monsters there would have attack values several times stronger than an elite tier monster in the outside world. Who could tank 500 elite monsters in one go without dying?! It was possible, since the monster’s HP were low to start with. They could not even survive after moving a few meters! Zhang Yang easily defeated them even without the help of his Transformation skill.

It was easy dealing with the summoned soldiers. It was as simple as keeping them in place and not allowing any single monster to roam around and flank the party. 100,000 HP could be easily killed with two volleys of AoE attacks.

Fatty Han laughed manically as he boasted. "Hehehe! Screw them! They had Transformation skills but refused to use them! Who do they think they are?!"

It was inevitable. Fatty Han could say such things and nobody could say anything else. For he had obtained the powerful Legendary Beast, Phoenix pet! Its normal attack was already considered to be a powerful AoE attack!

"Please. Pervy bro, you are nothing without your Phoenix! Besides, you could only acquire the pet with noobie tank’s help! You’re lucky to be a Hunter or Uncle Hundred Shots would have been the master of that fire birdie!" Wei Yan Er muttered disgruntledly. If Fatty Han’s daily task is to spout some random pervert jokes, teasing Fatty Han was Wei Yan Er’s daily task.

Fatty Han puffed out a confident snort and said, "What are you saying? Zhang Yang is my bro! Everything he owns is mine! Everything I own is his! His wives are my wives! My wife is his wife! Both of us are practically brothers---OWIEE!"

Before he could finish his sentence, Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu had already stomped over to him and smacked his butt hard.

"Then again, the two Phoenix pets are truly spectacular." Hundred Shots could not hide his admiration for the pets. He was a Hunter and a Beastmaster specialized class. His specialized class prioritized pets. Hence, it was not odd for him to crave for strong pets. If Zhang Yang were to have his Phoenix fight with Fatty Han’s, Fatty Han’s Phoenix would win with all the buffs provided by the player’s class specialization.

Zhang Yang smiled. Based on the real timeline, it was almost high time for Hundred Shots to obtain his Red Dragon pet soon. When he does, he will shake the world. He will indefinitely be the world’s only Dragon Pet owner! All Zhang Yang could hope for was that he had not knocked Hundred Shots off the path to his destiny.

"Hundred Shots, you need not worry! I’m sure that you will get yourself an even stronger pet! No! I guarantee it!"

"*cough* Haha!" Hundred Shots was not the kind of person who would hold a grudge against someone who was luckier than he. He held no sort of negativity towards Zhang Yang and Fatty Han for acquiring the Phoenix pet. He merely smiled back and said, "Now that you had said it that way, I might actually take it for real!"

"Believe! My word is gold!"

"Puny…beings…live…die…" The Skeleton King roared. While they were fighting for their lives, its opponents were merely chatting nonchalantly and paid no attention to the fight! For a King of the Skeleton Soldiers, it was an offense that had hurt his own dignity!

The only AoE attack skill that the boss had was the {Decay Aura}. It was a permanent DoT skill that did not require any activation. Hence, all it could do was to hack at Endless Starlight as much as it could.

"Hey hey hey! Da*mn! The boss is fighting like its on steroids! Come on bro! I’m not the one who is poking your butthole! Fight Zhang Yang! Not me! I’m not at fault here!" cried Endless Starlight. The guy was just like Fatty Han; if he had to keep quiet for a day, he would probably drop dead!

"Death…eternal death…" The green flare in the boss eyes burst violently as he struck his blade into the ground once more. "Wake up, my servants. Heed my call and destroy my enemies!"

The blade created a huge crater and from the abyss of the void, out came 500 skeletal soldiers!

Zhang Yang called for Fatty Han and organized their Phoenix pets to gather and killed all the skeleton soldiers.

"Hm…That’s weird. After the first wave of skeletal soldiers, the other party had not lost any more members…" Han Ying Xue pointed out. She had been paying attention to the actions of the other party and had calculated the time taken. Now that Zhang Yang’s party was already facing the second wave of skeletal soldiers, the other party should roughly be at the same stage. Theoretically, the other party had lost 3 member when the boss had summoned the first wave of skeletal soldiers. Yet, with fewer members of the party, they had not lose any more players. It should not have been that way.

Wei Yan Er shouted. "Hey Hey! I know why! Hee hee! Someone in their party had used their Transformation skill!"

Everyone nodded and laughed awkwardly. It was too obvious.

Zhang Yang had only stated that if they activate their Inheritance Transformation skills too soon, they would not be able to rely on the power up to push all the way to the end. Everyone had no idea of what that awaited them at the end of the bridge. However, through experience, everyone in the map knew how to push forward while saving their trump cards for the last.

The party lost 3 players during the first wave of summoned soldiers, they would have been completed wiped out if no one used their Transformation skills. On the other hand, if they were to be wiped out, they would have to start from the beginning again. Right then, the monsters behind would already respawn.

Still, even though fighting normal monster were fast and easy, in addition to the boosted experience points, there were bosses waiting for them in the end, who would want to spend their effort killing monsters?! Then again, though the map had not provided any descriptions, it was clearly a race. The first to reach the end will attain something! Be it a treasure or a boss, no one would allow themselves to fail in the middle!

They knew that it was wrong to use their Inheritance Transformation skill, but it was the only current solution that they had.

"We better hurry. There’re three more parties starting their boss fights." Han Ying Xue reported. The King of Skeletons had allowed everyone to catch up, even though they had started at different times. Additionally, the boss is able to heal itself. Having only 10 players fighting it, the firepower was not sufficient enough to bring it down quickly. As such, the boss battle was dragged long and every party on the bridge was held back at that point.

Han Ying Xue continued her report and stated that all parties in all bridges were stuck at the same position. That alone determined the strength of the boss.

With the Blood Alliance and the Land of Savages competing in the same race, the distance between the bridges was shortened as the party moved closer towards the center. By then, the distance should be at least 4 kilometers apart, yet players seemed to have gained a huge boost to their sight. Zhang Yang could somewhat make out the silhouette of the regular players on the other bridge. On the other hand, Zhang Yang could clearly see two players who have activated their Transformation skills. Like Endless Starlight, the players towered over everything else. It was so big that Zhang Yang could spot them at a glance.

Since they encountered the boss at approximately 20% of the journey, there should be 4 to 5 more bosses appearing before they reach the final point. To put it mildly, it was best to have two players activate their Transformations skill at every boss fight to survive until the end.

Zhang Yang’s party had no need to activate anyone’s Transformation skill, or their original attack power was already top tiered. B class Inheritance Transformation skill will only provide 300% attack boost and HP boost. They just intended to play it safe.

Among the 12 parties in the map, the two parties were making extremely quick progress. In the beginning, they had started out at the 9th place. After joining hands and pushing forward, they had made it to the 4th rank in no time at all. The advantage of numbers were partcularly handy during the boss fight.


Everyone present was racing to be the first to end the boss fight to proceed. Zhang Yang’s party had strong attack power, with the additional top class potions that Zhang Yang provided them, their total cumulative attack power could rival a party of 100 players!


Arrows, blades, spells, and other attack landed on the boney character of the boss. Although it did not bleed, the attack had still managed to create visible cracks in the bones of the boss. Enraged from the violent attacks it received, the boss roared wildly and shot out the spikes that grew on its back. It was no problem for him to do so since the spikes will regrow almost instantly.

It was a little problem to Zhang Yang party since the player with the lowest HP was Fantasy Sweetheart who had just slightly over 250,000 HP (mounted). It was impossible to kill the healer in a single strike. Hence, the problem was so little that it could not be considered to be a problem at all. It was merely an annoyance.

As time passed on quickly, the team managed to bring down the HP of the boss to 20%.

"Starlight boy, get ready. I’m going to go all out. Make sure you have enough aggro on you!" said Zhang Yang. Endless Starlight nodded. Zhang Yang immediately consumed a bottle of Tier 10 Power Potion and activated {Indiscriminate}. All the skills that he had reserved for this moment were unleashed.

‘-519,870!’ Killing Cleave, Critical

‘-379,536!’ God of War Crushing Devastation, Critical

‘-257,890!’ Destructive Smash, Critical

Endless Starlight had been wondering why did Zhang Yang unequip his shield. His intrigue was answered when Zhang Yang’s deadly combo attack had not made the boss turn its head to him. Even though Endless Starlight had gained an enormous damage boost after transforming, the damage he dealt was through a one-handed weapon. Hence, it was not all that high. There was no way that his damage would compete with Zhang Yang!

Even without his Transformation skill activated, Zhang Yang’s DPS power was higher than Endless Starlight’s. Luckily, tank class character had skills to generation extra aggro value when they attack. That was the reason why Zhang Yang had removed his shield. That, or the boss would have targeted Zhang Yang the moment he attacked! Naturally, there was still a possibility that he will OT the tank. Hence, he had the skill {Shadow of the Void} ready to prevent that.

10 seconds of the {Indiscriminate} skill duration, Zhang Yang’s non-stop critical damage had nearly caused his aggro value to exceed Endless Starlight. Endless Starlight was so terrified of that happening that he placed his utmost focus on to attacking the boss with all skills he had, to prevent anyone from taking the spotlight. At the same time, he had been calling Zhang Yang a godlike being for able to take away the aggro-control despite not being in his Transformation form! Then again, the big boss does own one of the only six S class Inheritance in the world!

On the other hand, Sun Xin Yu’s attack was almost the same level as Zhang Yang. However, unlike Zhang Yang, she would not allow her aggro gain to reach a dangerous level to scare Endless Starlight. When her aggro value reaches a certain point, she would use {Vanish} to clear all her aggro and start from the bottom once again. That alone had earned a praise from Endless Starlight. Sin Xin Yu did not exactly appreciate Endless Starlight calling her elder sister.

After the team’s combined attack, paired with Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er {Killing Cleave} and {Indiscriminate}, the party had managed to take down 2% HP in just 10 seconds. If they could just maintain the entire battle at such a pace, they would have cleared the boss fight in just 10 minutes and not 50 minutes!

Zhang Yang flicked his finger and sent out a cloud of smoke.

{Glare of the Death God}!

Technically, the cooldown of the skill had allowed the skill to be used only once or twice in a boss fight. Zhang Yang had calculated the time taken to kill the boss had decided to use the skill at the very last minute. Even though this particular boss does not have a "Berserk" state, it does repeatedly use its skills.

Hence, if he were to use {Glare of the Death God}, he would choose to use it when the boss has 10% HP left. If the boss does use some super power up skill, it could be killed easily with the skill.

A large skull formed on the boss character. The bosses quickly gazed upward and stared at the skull. The scene was rather funny, as the skulls were grinning at each other.

"What is this!?" The skull dispersed and the boss suddenly cried out in anger as he sensed something amiss.

"Hehe! Time for you to turn into dust! Rest in pieces while we turn you into pieces!" Wei Yan Er laughed.

The skill triggered and the party attack rapidly to proc the damage. As such, each proc had taken away more than 5,000,000 HP at an instance. Such an amazing skill! Truly a hack!


After all 10 procs were triggered, the boss’ HP dropped to only 5%. The party would only require 2 minutes or less to win the battle!

"All who live…must die!" As the boss started to lose more and more HP, its skill usage frequency increased dramatically. However, as predicted, the party had taken less than 2 minutes to end the boss. The massive boney character of the boss fell into countless pieces and dropped a few shiny equipment.

"Little brat, loot all the drops. We must keep going. Endless Starlight still has his Inheritance Transformation going, we will go ahead first."


Endless Starlight mounted on his Black Rhino and rushed forward. Although the Rhino was as large as an elephant, how could it ever carry something as large as a 12 storey tall King Kong! It was like a grown-up adult riding on a tiny little pussycat!

"BUAHAHAHAHAHA!" Fatty Han laughed. It was extremely hilarious to see how Endless Starlight flattening the poor critter. Even the Ice Queen had smiled a little.

With the boosted HP and attack, Endless Starlight rushed forward and kited close to 10 elite monsters in one shot. After the first boss fight, the monsters deeper were stronger and fiercer. One volley of attack was enough to take away more than 100,000 HP. With a stomp of his feet, Endless Starlight activated an AoE skill that was similar to {Thunder Strike}. The stomping attack slowed down all enemies around him, enabling Endless Starlight to create breathing space for him to attack safely.

Even though the little girl had finished picking all the loots, everyone resisted the urge to review items since they knew every second in this place counted. With Endless Starlight leading the way, the party had not need to do anything else but to spam all their AoE skills while keeping the monsters from splitting up too far apart. As long as the skill does not require too long of a casting time, they could continue spamming it and all would be fine.

Wei Yan Er attacked while reviewing the items in her inventory U.I. Feeling a little discontented, the little girl complained, "The stinky skeleton boss had only dropped two Ethereal, and three Mythical. There’s one Skill Point Crystal and one more…Hmm. Resurrection Monolith? Noobie tank! What is a Resurrection Monolith?"

Zhang Yang turned around and rolled his eyes at her. "Are you daft? The item is in your hands. Read the description as tell me!"

"Hmph! If you’re going to call me stupid, say it to my face directly! I’ll show you my wrath!" The poor little girl does not have a wide range of vocabulary and had only puffed her cheeks at Zhang Yang. She then posted the item description on the party chat.

[Resurrection Monolith] (Special Item)

Description: Allows your soul to remain by the side of your body after death, saving you the travel. After the first usage of the Resurrection Monolith, the Monolith will have a 30 minute cooldown. Any death during the cooldown period will result in your soul appearing in the nearest graveyard. Ineffective in dungeons.

Level Requirement: 100