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Chapter 645: The Mist Blood Zombie

Chapter 645: The Mist Blood Zombie

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"Wow! This item is good!" cried the little girl. Everyone else agreed.

This item was extremely useful in the map. If the item was used on the healer, even if they were unfortunate enough to be party wiped, the healer could resurrect immediately on the spot and revive the rest of the party with ease. It was not just specifically for the healer, in fact, anyone could benefit from the Monolith. However, at that time and place, the party decided to just entrust the Monolith to Han Ying Xue.

"It’s sure nice if the next few bosses drop a few more Monoliths as well."

Besides the [Resurrection Monolith], the other rare item dropped was the [Skill Point Crystal]. After a session of rolling, Lost Dream won the item and used it for himself. The poor fellow smiled like he had just touched a pair of boobs for the first time in his life.

Wei Yan Er had skipped over the Mythical items since neither one of them could be equipped at the moment. She moved on directly to the Ethereal items, which was a hat and a pair of boots.

[Crown of Seeping Death]

Defense: +64

Vitality: +4356

Intelligence: +1490

Spirit: +635

Equip: Increases Maximum MP by 2,980.

Equip: Increases 5.6% damage.

Equip: Absorbs 641 damage on attack.


Level Requirement: 140

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

"Well. I can’t say anything else. Praise the Ethereal equipment, for their stats are so high even before even being Identified." Hundred Shots coughed. Even though the party had seen many Ethereal tier equipment, new equipment would always be a surprise!

There were three players in the party who could use the hat. Han Ying Xue lived up to her promise and let the other Ethereal tier equipment go. After two players rolled for the item, Daffodil Daydream won it fair and square.

"Little Yan Er! Come one! Show me them boots!" cried Fatty Han impatiently. He then removed his boots and showed it to everyone. "See this? This is a Level 120 Violet-Platinum boots! I need to change it, quick!"

"Awwww shucks! Put away those boots! It stinks! It’s worse than Stinky Tofu!" said Wei Yan Er as she pressed her nose.

"Is it? Hm…Let me see…*sniff* ahhh, sweet scent of lavender!" Fatty Han then shoved his nose into the boot and took a deep breath. That action alone was enough to send a few girls in the party squealing.

"Hahaha! Come on. I’m joking! It doesn’t smell like lavender! It doesn’t smell at all! Come on guys!" cried Fatty Han as he tried to talk it off.

Wei Yan Er retreated to a corner, away from Fatty Han and posted the boots properties.

[Golden Scale Thick Boots] (Ethereal, Leather Armor)

Defense: +192

Vitality: +2178

Strength: +318

Dexterity: +745

Equip: Increases your Maximum HP by 4,350.

Equip: Increases 5.6% damage dealt.

Equip: Absorbs 641 damage on attack.


Level Requirement: 140

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

The boots were catered for Thief and Hunter class players. Fatty Han was the first to roll and obtained a high score of 98 points. The man snorted proudly and unequipped his boots, getting ready to equip the new one with extreme confidence. However, lady luck was a little unfair that day, Sun Xin Yu rolled and scored 99 points. The poor fellow rolled on the floor crying like a little baby, while the party laughed at him.

"A pity that the equipment has only 70% of the original power…" Hundred Shots sighed.

"I agree. It’s like buying takeout! You have to wait until you get home to unwrap it!" Fantasy Sweetheart puffed her cheeks.

"Haha. No use in complaining now. Let’s hurry up." Zhang Yang reminded them.

Not long after, the skeletal soldier dwindled, while the enemies that replaced it were the undead zombies. All of them were still undergoing putrefaction and remnants of their rotten flesh dangled down, swaying left and right as they walked. Some had even had their eyeballs dangling out of their sockets. The scene was extremely vile and gory.

[Mist Blood Zombie] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 135

HP: 2,700,000

Defense: 3,540

Melee Attack: 55,789 – 65,334


[Infected Blood]: Throws a piece of rotten flesh towards a target and infects the target with the Zombie Virus. Deals 10,000 Shadow Damage to the target every 3 seconds. If the infected target dies during the duration of the skill, the player will turn into a zombie.

[Consume]: Devours a nearby corpse, restoring 5% HP per second for 10 seconds.

Note: A powerful being that reeks of hatred and vengeance towards all that bear life.

"Wuuu. That’s one ugly bad guy!" said Wei Yan Er as she cringed in disgust. She then turned to Fatty Han and gave him a good look.

"Huh? What? Did you just only realize that Fatty bro is handsome?" said Fatty Han as he put up a macho man pose while flexing his flabby arms.

Wei Yan Er narrowed her eyebrows and said, "If you’re the definition of handsome, the zombies there would be normal, then."

Fatty Han had always been the class clown his life. Sometimes, his irritable face had provoked many others to just make fun of him. However, the man did not take offense from any of the insults thrown at him. The guy would shrug, laugh, and walk it off like it was nothing. The little girl failed to pissed the guy off and resorted to simply sticking her tongue out at the man.

Right then, with Endless Starlight’s Transformation still active, the party was able to make faster progress by kiting a large number of monster and killing them in one go. However, as they proceed further on, the attack of the monster underwent further upgrades. No sooner later, the attack had gone beyond that of a Mythical tier boss and had reached to the point of an Ethereal tier boss!

Constantly killing and running on was tiring, however, the experience reward gained from the kill was enough to motivate the party to go on. The thought of training there for long was running in everyone minds since grinding levels in this place was far more efficient!

The important reason behind the high-speed killing was due to the number of monsters and their positions. All the party needed to do is to move forward! Unlike monsters spawning in fields, the monsters on the bridge were all in a straight line. Even though the monsters in the place had only provided 50% extra experience points, the experience points gained was at least twice normal since the monsters were all crowded together!

"24 hours…is really not enough…" While Endless Starlight sighed, everyone agreed with his resentment. After this trial, the next entry would be 30 days later!

The party continued on further with vigor and slowed down after Endless Starlight’s Transformation skill ended. By then, the party had progressed as far as 30% of the entire journey. Including Zhang Yang’s party, there were a total of seven other parties had already cleared their first boss fight. The fastest party to progress was definitely Zhang Yang’s party. Coming close to the second place were the two parties sharing the same bridge. With their combined players, their pushing speed was roughly the same!

At this rate, the two parties would definitely catch up to them and be the first party to reach the end goal!

"Sigh…Dragon O dragon. Why are you are not coming out to ravage the monsters now?" said Zhang Yang as he felt a little annoyed for the {Rising Dragon Strike} had not procced a single strike!

"Eh?!" Han Ying Xue exclaimed suddenly.

"What’s wrong?" asked Zhang Yang. He knew Han Ying Xue would not shout at anything random. Something bad must have happened.

"The party of Land of Savages is rocketing through their bridge!"

There was no need to use any special tools to see their progression speed. They had players with Transformation skills to push faster. A few other parties had noticed the sudden increase in speed of Land of Savages and were pressured to activated their own Transformation skills to maintain the gap between them.

By a rough estimate, all parties in the map were reaching the 40% mark, technically, they could use their third or fourth Transformations to continue their progress without stopping.

"Zhan Yu…Should we use one of our Transformation skills as well?" Hundred Shots asked with concern. The party had a total of 10 player Transformation skills and they had already used one. It should be alright to use another!

The main point of using Transformation skill when they are not battling a boss is the AoE skill. All Transformation skills would have a flashy, powerful AoE skill such as Zhang Yang’s God of War {Crushing Strike}, or the little brat’s Darkness Inheritance {Shadow Curtain}. Hence, the Transformation skill provides more of an AoE attack boost, stronger than their single target attacks. Hence, using the Transformation skill right there and then would be extremely beneficial!

Zhang Yang went silent for a brief moment before answering Hundred Shots. "You said that we have 9 more Transformations left, correct? Well, technically, we still have 11 left! The two Phoenixes each have their Transformation skills as well! I think, we have more than enough Transformations to spare for the last boss. Hmm, Lost Dream. Go for it!"

"Really?! Hell yeah!" Lost Dream nodded his head happily and transformed himself into a character made of ice. As he walked, a frosty mist started forming up, filling the air with frigid coldness and condensed the moisture in the air into countless ice droplets.

Now that Lost Dream had used his Transformation skill, the party progression speed had increased dramatically. Lost Dream used his special skill which was only available during Transformation and cast a long river of ice to deal heavy damage to all enemies as far as 50 meters away.

The skill was a monster magnet! Countless of monsters from afar rushed towards the party and were blocked efficiently by Zhang Yang, Endless Starlight, and the two Phoenixes. Coupled with a few more strong Battle Companion in the field, the monsters would have to circle around the front line before they could find their way to attack Lost Dream.

Zhang Yang and the two Phoenixes attacks were not too strong, but neither were they weak. Although the two Phoenixes did not own any AoE skills, their normal attacks were wide and far enough to deal damage to all enemies that were within 10 meters of their flamethrower attack. With ease, the two Legendary Beast scorched the floor clean!

Still, with attack alone, the party would not have able to last that long without Han Ying Xue’s turbo-charged healing powers. It was all thanks to her Milkmaid Deity’s power, or she would not have been able to handle such a massive workload.

The party was able to hold on as the first party with Lost Dream’s super-far, super-strong AoE attack skill. Although their progress toward the end goal was not too obvious since the other party had already used the fourth or the fifth Transformation skill to catch with Zhang Yang’s party. Little did they know that Zhang Yang’s gang had only activated their second Transformation skill!

In the end, no one can be sure about who will be the winner! They would have to fight until the end to find out.