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Chapter 647: Necromancer

Chapter 647: Necromancer

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Huh? This Skill had the exact same name as the Skill that Seductive Wild Pussy was using during the World League Championship!

[Skill Book: Armor-Piercing Arrow]

Use: Teaches you the Skill {Armor-Piercing Arrow}.

Required Class: Hunter

Required Level: 100

Fatty Han and Hundred Shots were in immediate agreement. After all, Fatty Han was not suited to using such Skills that would require precision upon activation. Therefore, he gave the [Skill Book] to Hundred Shots without the slightest hesitation.

[Armor-Piercing Arrow]: Crushes the target’s Defense, causing all Defensive-type equipment and accessories to malfunction. Lasts for 10 seconds. Cooldown: 2 minutes.

This Skill did not seem to be useful in a boss battle. That was because the duration of the Skill was too brief. However, this Skill could be really effective in a PvP match, especially when going up against a Tanker with super high Defense.

Hundred Shots was beaming with joy as he was smiling like a little kid who just got some sweets. Everyone could not help but laugh upon seeing such a side of him. After all, he was a middle-aged man who always had that serious, stern expression. It was truly a rare thing to see him would actually reveal such a side.

"So how about the Ethereal Tier equipment then?" Han Ying Xue had nothing on her hands for the moment. So she reached out and gave a gentle pat on the little brat’s cheek. She also took the liberty to pinch the little brat’s cheek out of fun. Han Ying Xue laughed and said afterwards, "Yan Er! Your skin is getting better and better, to pinch of course!"

Wei Yan Er rolled her eyes backward at Han Ying Xue and muttered, "You deserve to be bullied by noob tank! You hoodlum!"

The little brat then reached into her inventory and took out the other two pieces of Ethereal Tier equipment. One of it was a gray armor plate while the other was a light blue cape.

"So which comes first?" The little brat moved her head around and fixed her eyes on Zhang Yang.

"Let’s have a look at the armor plate then."

[Ghoul’s Armor Plate] (Ethereal, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +320

Vitality: +4356

Strength: +1490

Agility: +635

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 8,710.

Equip: Increases Damage by 5.6%.

Equip: Absorbs 641 damage when being hit.


Required Level: 140

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "I already have my [Knight's Glory Chest Plate]. So I’ve no need for this. Little brat and Endless Starlight should roll and see who gets it."

"Oh right!" Endless Starlight was excited over it. After all, that piece of equipment was an authentic Ethereal Tier piece. It would definitely boost one’s attribute up by a lot! He put his palms together as he made a praying gesture. Then he revealed a sincere look on his face and said, "I believe in Brother Chun! Give me 100 points on every roll!"

He threw the dice out as the dice spun one round in midair. As the dice landed, the number ‘0’ came out!

"Hahaha!" Wei Yan Er laughed to the point that she doubled over. Then she said, "Wretched Starlight, are you one of those people from the circus? Haha! I shall show you how to roll out a 100 points, then! Abracadabra, may the high lord of the gods bless me! 100 points! 100 points! 100 points!"

Wei Yan Er threw her dice out. She managed to roll out a number that was ‘slightly’ above 0 points. The dice stopped at ‘1’ point!

"You two are really... Hahaha! This is what I call a pot calling back the kettle! Hahaha!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud as he also shook his head around. Then he turned to Endless Starlight and said, "You’re so outdated! The time is so modern now! You should find your way out of the ancient ages! You’re really something to be able to roll out a 0 point!"

Endless Starlight filled his eyes and cheeks with his tears as Wei Yan Er was laughing out loud by his side. She took up the [Ghoul’s Armor Plate] and equipped it straight away. Although the equipment had not been identified yet, it already boosted the little brat’s attributes significantly.

However, the appearance of this piece of equipment was a little too horrific for many people’s eyes. The piece was covered with skulls all over it. It would definitely not be the first choice for ladies. However, the little brat was different from normal ladies. She believed that those skulls that were decorating the equipment could bring out her ‘personality’. She appeared to be very content upon acquiring it.

Even so, she did not forget to show the other Ethereal Tier equipment to her party members.

[Underworld’s Blue Cape] (Ethereal, Cape)

Vitality: +1,089

Strength: +373

Agility: +373

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 2,170.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing efficiency by 5.6%.

Equip: Absorbs 321 damage when being hit.


Required Level: 140

Special: Reduce Required Level by 20 levels.

That cape was one hell of a powerful equipment under the category of Physical-type equipment. Even Zhang Yang felt an itch in his heart as he wanted it for himself. Well, the [Destroyer’s Madness ] on him right now was just a Mythical Tier equipment after all. It was much more inferior than this cape that just came out right in front of him. However, among all party members that were of Physical-class, he already possessed the most number of Ethereal Tier equipment.

Although packing and gearing up a Tanker on a party was priority number one, the Defenses of Zhang Yang were more than enough for him to tank against any Ethereal Tier bosses without much of a problem. Therefore, he decided to stand back from the rolling session and let others have the chance at obtaining the equipment.

After an intense session of rolling, the luck of Endless Starlight suddenly turned as he rolled out 100 points that beat up the others. So this cape became his to claim. The little brat was not happy with the outcome at all and said, "Wretched Starlight! You only get 50 points on average! So you’re not fit to get it!"

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "So you only get 49 points averagely in your two rolls! You’re still worse than him! Haha!"

Wei Yan Er immediately rolled her eyes backward at Zhang Yang as she began to curse Zhang Yang instead of Endless Starlight.

The progress of the party did not get dragged out as they were distributing the equipment among themselves. That was because they were clearing out the monsters and pushing forward as they were distributing the equipment at the same time. However, the party suddenly realized that they had dropped behind to number 4! It was obvious that the party that just overtook them had activated multiple Inheritances. It was true that they were progressing at a much faster rate than Zhang Yang and his party, but can they keep up that pace till end of it?

However, it was a completely different thing to know that they lagged behind. Wei Yan Er has always been brash and impatient. She began to reveal her worried look on her face as she was very tempted to activate her Inheritance Transformation right away! She believed that she could just push her party straight to the finishing line.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Don’t get all nervous now. We shall activate all of our remaining Inheritance Transformation Skills at 70%. By then, we should be able to surpass every other party! So, be patient now."

Wei Yan Er could not calm her anxiety just yet. So, she unleashed her frustration onto the monsters that got in her way. She whirled her battle axe and chopped the zombies into pieces like nobody’s business. All she did was pure violence!

After a brief moment, the number of monsters in the area dwindled. What replaced them was a bunch of Necromancers!

[Mist Necromancer] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 140

HP: 2,800,000

Defense: 3,780

Magic Attack: 16,457 - 20,457


[Shadow Arrow]: Strikes the target with the power of Shadow, causing 200% Magic Attack in the form of Shadow Damage to the target. Casting time: 2 seconds.

[Strong Will]: Chanting cannot be interrupted.

Note: These foul necromancers were once very gifted Spellcasters. Even though they are already dead for a long time, they must not be underestimated. Or else, you will have to pay the price with your life!

Fatty Han was in high spirits as he threw a {Bloody Feast} towards the monsters. However, things did not go well for him. With that Skill of his throwing out without thinking about the consequences that might be wrought upon him, he lured over hundreds of dead Necromancers over to him. As the Necromancers attacked him all at the same instant, Fatty Han was almost killed instantly. His 6,000,000 HP was reduced down to a critical level. He was so terrified that he had to transform himself into small bats to suck some blood from the Necromancers closest to him.

"Little brat! It’s time! Activate your Inheritance Transformation now!" Zhang Yang quickly gave the command to the little brat. The advantage that Spell-type monsters had was that they would not be affected by the terrain across the ground. If they were encountering 100 Melee-type monsters, they could just let them pile up, out of reach. Only the monsters on the front would be able to attack them. However, Spell-type monsters could just cast their spells even if there are monsters right in front of them. It would proven to be a fatal mistake to lure so many Spell-type monsters to attack oneself at the same instant. Even Fatty Han who had activated his Inheritance Transformation was almost killed in an instant!

"Roger!" Wei Yan Er immediately showed her acknowledgement and activated her Transformation Skill. Her body instantly turned into a grayish black shroud. Now that she could change into whatever form of shape she liked, she began to swing her huge axe at the monsters as she charged forward.

Upon acquiring her Darkness Inheritance, Wei Yan Er became immune to Shadow Damage. If she would activate her Inheritance Skill {Shadow Orb}, she could turn herself into a shroud that no one could touch. As long as there are no airtight surfaces, Wei Yan Er could just go through any wall like how air travels through the holes and cracks on the walls. It was fantastic at the least!

Unfortunately, flying was currently forbidden by the system. Agile as she was, she was unable to perform at her best.

Because she could only accumulate 1 EP every 30 seconds, Wen Yan Er could not activate her {Shadow Curtain} just yet. Therefore, she could only snatch the aggro of about 60 monsters over onto her. The remaining 30 Necromancers were still focusing their assaults on Fatty Han.

Zhang Yang activated his {Vanguard’s Aggression} as light blue translucent barrier expanded across an area of the ground. Everyone stood within the effective area of the Skill. Instantly, their HP bars were reducing much slower.

10 seconds later, Endless Starlight had also activated his {Vanguard’s Aggression}. After two {Vanguard’s Aggression} were over, Wei Yan Er had also managed to get most of the Necromancers’ Aggro in the surroundings fixed on her. Then, the entire party began to launch their full assault on the monsters.

Wei Yan Er had over 30% Magic Resistance upon activating her Transformation Skill. Her Darkness Inheritance could even cancel out most of the Shadow Damage . However, her HP bar was reducing at a very fast rate, while she was the main target of most of the necromancers. While the 100 Elite Tier monsters was launching their assaults on Wei Yan Er, even Han Ying Xue, Fantasy Sweetheart and other 3 Healing-type Battle Companions could not maintain Wei Yan Er’s HP bar from dropping down swiftly.

Fortunately, two players in their party had activated their Inheritance Transformations. The damage they could deal to the monsters were not to be trifled with. Furthermore, Zhang Yang and the two Phoenix Pet could deal quite a substantial amount of damage as well. The three of them did not even activate their Transformation Skills yet! By the end of it, the party annihilated the monster army in the surrounding without much trouble, though the situation got them worried sick.

However, the moment when they were done, the party sat down on the ground with cold sweat dripping across their faces. The situation had been intense. Zhang Yang even activated {Rearm} so that he could use his {Vanguard’s Aggression} once more. He also activated {Sacrifice} on the little brat twice and activated his {Shield Wall} twice to forcefully get through the battle. With all the effort he had put out, only did the party manage to stabilize the f*cked up situation they were in.

Only Wei Yan Er who had little regard for niceties and Han Ying Xue were energetic at picking up the loots across the ground. The others were so exhausted, sitting on the ground catching their breaths. The eyes of the two ladies were glittering as they could only see money and gold in their eyes at that moment. They had totally forgotten about the dangerous situation that they just went through.

"Haha! The parties coming from 1 o’clock, 5 o’clock and 11 o’clock are out of the picture now!" Fatty Han was taking pleasure in others misfortune.

It was understandable though. Zhang Yang and his party were almost wiped out. If the other parties had also lured that many monsters to them at the same time, even players with their Transformation Skills activated would still have to be torn into shreds by the assaults of so many monsters!

However, Zhang Yang and his party also realized that two of the three parties that were wiped out still remained at the same spot on the map. Only one party was sent back to the beginning point. It could be said that the party had dropped out from the competition in reaching the finishing point on this map in getting the ‘treasures’.

Zhang Yang smiled and said, "These two parties must either have the Skill {Rise Anew}, or they also obtained [Resurrection Monolith] the same way we did by defeating the first boss."

However, even if the players could get back on their feet after they heal themselves up with Skills and items, but the cooldown of {Redemption} was 5 minutes long. Therefore, it would take some time to get the remaining 9 players on the same party to get back on their feet.

Zhang Yang and his party members continued to move forward after they were done healing themselves up. Meanwhile, Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er managed to pick up almost everything on the ground. Their faces were filled with content as they grinned from ear to ear.

This time, the party did not dare to lure so many monsters like they did in their previous encounter. With their current capabilities, they could only handle as many as 50 Elite Tier monsters at a time without much of a problem. After all, Zhang Yang’s life-saving Skills also had cooldown periods to consider.

Because Wei Yan Er’s Class had an advantage towards the Spell-type monsters, the little brat managed to unleash hell upon the monsters. She was basically the nemesis of these Spell-type monsters the moment she has enough EP. The party managed to progress at an accelerated speed. After just a brief while, the party became number one!

The situation was not simple at all. It could not be solved by activating a few Inheritance Transformations. Of course, upon activating the Inheritance Transformation Skills, the players would become very powerful as their attack range would be expanded many times over. Meanwhile, players would have 20 times to 30 times the boost of their Maximum HP. With that much HP, they should not be taken out so easily by the monsters. However, the key point of surviving the battle against a horde of Elite Tier monsters would still be the ability to heal. Without the capability to kill the monsters instantly, the players would have to slowly reduce the monsters’ HP bars. If their Healers on the party could not keep up with the rate of the party members losing their HP, the party would be wiped out sooner or later. Everything would just be a matter of time.

Therefore, every party that was headed towards the finishing point reduced the number of monsters they would lure towards them. After all, the capability of each party differed from the others. Wei Yan Er was ‘compatible’ with Shadow Attacks. Furthermore, she had a Class A Inheritance. Therefore, Zhang Yang and the rest of the party members could lure up to 50 monsters at a time. On the other hand, the other parties could only lure as many as 20 to 30 monsters at a time. That gap was the reason why Zhang Yang and his party members had managed to leap ahead of other parties.

Zhang Yang and his party members were leading way ahead of the other parties as they gained an absolute advantage over the others. Meanwhile, their progress speed could not be replicated by the other parties as well. Unless they were willing to use a mass destructive item [Forbidden Scroll], they could just stare at the map, witnessing Zhang Yang’s party progressing swiftly across the map.

Meanwhile, using a [Forbidden Scroll] to clear up monsters in an area would not grant a single digit of experience point to the players. The monsters would not even drop anything.

Witnessing Land of Savages and Blood Alliance falling further behind, the party could also vaguely see the scornful faces on their opponents. The gang was laughing out loud as they were even more motivated to press forward.

Another hour had passed. The Transformation Skill of Fatty Han was over. Meanwhile, the gang were now meeting the third boss.

It was a bewitching woman with a long and slender body figure. She was wearing a red robe with a high neckline. Her skin was so fair that it could enrapture a lot of eyes just by a fleeting gaze. She had blonde hair and a pair of blue eyes. Her body figure definitely fell under the category of ‘hot’! Her two peaks were pushing her robe high up. Her round butt was wrapped around tightly in a thin cloth. The cloth was so tight that it totally revealed the boss’s two round and sexy buttcheeks.

[Blood Necromancer Garces: The Nauseous] (Ethereal, Spectre)

Level: 146

HP: 100,000,000

Defense: 9,410

Magic Attack: 42,128 - 52,128


[Corruption Arrow]: Corrupts the target, causes 200% Magic Attack in the form of Shadow Damage to the target. Casting Time: 2 seconds.

[Spectre Build]: Recovers 1% HP once every 30 seconds. Recovery rate will not be affected by any other effects.

[Undead Regeneration]: Resurrects from death and evolves into Blood Necromancer Garces: The Disoriented.

Note: Garces was once a gifted Spellcaster. Unfortunately, she has fallen into the arms of Darkness.