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Chapter 648: The Necromancer Garces

Chapter 648: The Necromancer Garces

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After seeing that the boss only had 100,000,000 HP on her, everyone was happy. However, when their eyes came across the Skill descriptions of the boss, that happiness was snuffed out.

"What the f*ck! It’s not like the boss is launching a rocket into space! She has a stage one and two? Are you kidding me?" Fatty Han was infuriated because he knew that they would go through hell, battling this boss.

Such bosses that could turn into something more powerful would definitely be annoying as f*ck! It would definitely be narrowing the potential effect of {Glare of the Death God}. Of course, the rate of success for using {Glare of the Death God} is extremely low, to begin with. So there was nothing to be upset about.

"Well, at least there are not many things to look out for in her first stage. Let’s move out!" Zhang Yang led his party into the battle as he charged up ahead while his other members followed him from the rear. Everyone was charging as quickly as possible as time was of the essence. After all, the boss only had an Attack Skill in her first stage form. There was nothing difficult about it at all. All they have to do to defeat the boss is to focus their assaults on the boss as hard as they could.

"Filthy men!" Garces detected that Zhang Yang and his gang were approaching. She immediately frowned as she revealed a disgusted expression on her face. She raised her staff and pointed it straight at Zhang Yang who was at the forefront of the party. A dark shroud gathered at the tip of the staff swiftly as it began to form up into a wretched looking skull.

The skull left the tip of the staff and went straight for Zhang Yang at an incredibly fast speed.

There was no way of dodging the boss’s Skill, not at all. So, Zhang Yang took the first hit head-on without showing any signs of flinching. He threw his {Spear of Obliteration} back at the boss.

"Argh ---" the boss let out an intimidating roar, "Filthy men! I will kill you all! I will crush your bones into pieces!"

The moment he was 10 meters within range of the boss, Zhang Yang activated his {Charge} and clashed into the boss, followed by a swing with his [Sword of Purging Devourer]. He began to get a solid hold of the aggro of the boss.

Meanwhile, the other members were getting into position as they got ready to launch their assaults on the boss.

As the little brat was still in her Transformed state, Zhang Yang could not afford to be careless at all. He rode on his Phoenix pet and attempted to get as much aggro as possible. Every single Skill that he activated managed to deal high damage and created high aggro values. He even activated his {Dance of the Heaven and Earth} without any hesitation.

He had to go all out the DPS of Wei Yan Er was a little too much for him to handle. After all, that little brat had a Class A Inheritance backing her power up. Even Zhang Yang might not be able to fully maintain the aggro value that she would get from the boss when she launches her full assaults on the boss.

Whenever Zhang Yang had used up all his Skills that could create a large amount of aggro, Wei Yan Er would catch up with him and even go beyond that! Naturally, the boss turned her attention over to the little brat and launched her assaults on her.

Fortunately, even though Wei Yan Er was not a Tanker, she could resist most of the Shadow Damage that was dealt by the boss. It was all thanks to the attributes that her Darkness Inheritance bestowed upon her. Furthermore, she also had help from Han Ying Xue. With some healing support from a super Healer, Wei Yan Er managed to tank against the boss! She actually did it!

"Hahaha! It seems that you’re not that big a deal, noob tank! I can also tank against the boss even though I’m not a Tanker! Are you so ashamed of yourself that you’re thinking of banging yourself to death with a bean curd?" Wei Yan Er was very cocky. Her tail perked up high into the air.

After activating her Class A Inheritance, she would actually be capable of going up solo against a boss of the same level and same Tier as her and her equipment.

However, Zhang Yang decided not to bother himself with her. He just smiled vaguely and swung harder at the boss. Since that he was no longer the Tanker at the moment, why not deal more damage to the boss while he was at it?

The boss had a ridiculously long HP bar. However, the party could deal 400,000 damage in every passing second. If nothing goes south, they could take down the boss in approximately 4 minutes. Once the amount of HP on the boss is reduced to a certain amount, the effect of {Spectre Build} would be weakened. The boss could only heal 1,000,000 HP every 30 seconds now. The recovery rate has been reduced down to 33,000 damage per second. The boss was so much weaker now!

After just 5 minutes, the boss let out a miserable scream and fell before the blades of Zhang Yang and his gang. She also dropped quite a number of loots upon her demise. However, a blood-red mist started rising around the boss, all of a sudden. The blood mist began to hiss out of the boss’ body, and she started rising back to her feet again.

The darkness in her eye sockets flickered, followed by two greenish flames bursting to life, right in the middle of each eyes sockets. Although her eye sockets were now hollow, something that appeared to be smoky red sclera settled down around the flames.

[Blood Necromancer Garces: The Disorientated] (Ethereal, Spectre)

Level: 146

HP: 200,000,000

Defense: 9,410

Magic Attack: 42,128 - 52,128


[Corruption Arrow]: Corrupts the target, causing 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to the target. Casting Time: 2 seconds.

[Spectre Build]: Recover 1% HP once in every 30 seconds. Recovery rate will not be affected by any other effects.

[Blood Shadow Arrow]: Fires out countless blood arrows in all directions that disorients the targets, causing 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to each of the targets. Targets will enter a state of confusion for 3 seconds.

[Undead Regeneration]: Resurrects from death and evolves into Blood Necromancer Garces: The Annihilator.

The boss actually dropped an equipment! Wei Yan Er picked it up with her fast hands. However, she pouted after having a look at the equipment, then she said, "God damn it! It’s just a Mythical Tier equipment!"

"Haha! Not bad at all! So the boss can drop some equipment every time she dies, I assume. This is the first time we have actually encountered such a boss! It will get even better if we can kill the boss a few more couple of times!"

"However, the boss becomes two times stronger after she resurrects herself! That’s horse sheet!"

After the boss had resurrected herself, her HP bar was restored back to full. Furthermore, all negative effects on her before that were all gone. Her aggro list was reset. It was like a new boss battle for Zhang Yang and the gang.

Zhang Yang threw his Skills at the boss consecutively to regain the boss’s aggro. However, what he did there was just temporary. The amount of damage that Wei Yan Er could deal to the boss while she was in her Transformation state was far too great. She would just end up diverting the aggro of the boss over onto her.

As expected, in just tens of seconds, the aggro of the boss flew over to her. However, the situation was only temporary. The little brat became so full of herself that she began to taunt Zhang Yang. Even Endless Starlight could not escape the little brat’s taunting even though he did not say a word. Every word stabbed into his collateral heart, wounding the tank’s pride.

In this second form, the boss had gained another new Skill. Healers now had a tougher time. Furthermore, her HP had been doubled. {Spectre Build} now gave her, even more, HP recovery. The boss battle just became much harder than before!

"You weak living beings are not worthy of even existing in this world!" the eyes of Garces gave out a cold, murderous chill as she let out a thunderous roar. Countless blood red arrows flew out right from her body towards all directions into her surroundings.

{Blood Shadow Arrow}!

This was a troublesome Skill for every player in the boss battle. Not only it could strike out as an AoE attack that could deal an immense amount of damage, but it could also afflict the players within the effective range of the Skill with Confusion Effect. They would be turning around in confusion upon getting hit by the Skill.

"Chaos... blood... suffering..." Garces sang out in the soprano voice of a lady as she waved her staff and shot out a buckshot of {Corruption Arrow} at Wei Yan Er. Wei Yan Er managed to snap out of her Confusion Effect a little sooner than the others.

"Stinky boss! Don’t be cocky now! Let me teach you a lesson that you will never forget!" Wei Yan Er was infuriated. She was an extremely emotional person. Game or no game, NPC or no NPC, she would not tolerate any loss on her end.

Everyone gradually recovered from the Confusion at their own paces. Then, everyone focused back on launching their assaults on the boss. Spellcasters had the disadvantage of being interrupted as they chant their spells. If they get interrupted 0.1 seconds before they can finish chanting their spells, they would be forced to chant all over again.

The amount of 200,000,000 HP was not an issue at all for Zhang Yang’s party. Under the oppressive assaults of the party, the HP bar of the boss reduced at an extremely fast rate. In just about 10 minutes, the HP bar of the boss had dropped below 20%. It was once again the ‘killing cleave’ stage of the boss battle.

The {Glare of the Death God} that Zhang Yang threw on the boss was resisted, once again. Because the boss would be resurrecting herself one more time, the amount of HP that the boss would have when she comes back again would be much higher, theoretically speaking. Meanwhile, the {Glare of the Death God} would reduce the HP bar based on percentages. Obviously, the higher the amount of HP the boss would have, the more damage the {Glare of the Death God} could cause on the boss.

"This world is bound to be doomed! You all are going to die!" Garces screeched out as she realized that her HP bar was getting lower and lower. The rate of her activating her {Blood Shadow Arrow} was getting higher and higher. The players spent half the time fighting off the Confusion effect, more than anything. They could not even launch their assaults properly as their HP bars reduced steeply at every passing second.

"Hit harder!"

Even though the party was supported by two powerful Healers, the HP level of every member of the party was making its way down to the critical level. The {Blood Shadow Arrow} was activated on the basis of once every 6 seconds. Without the support of the Inheritance Transformation Skill, any player would be in grave danger of being killed any time soon.

Daffodil Daydream had removed herself from the front line. Under the frequent bombardment of {Blood Shadow Arrow}, she could only launch a spell attack at the boss once every 6 seconds. Not only was her damage output poor, she also required the healing attention from the Healers which would reduce their healing efficiency. Instead, she decided to remove herself from the effective range of the {Blood Shadow Arrow} and stay idle for the moment. By doing that, she could at least reduce the pressure that is placed upon Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart.

Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight took turns in activating their {Vanguard’s Aggression}. By doing so, they managed to maintain the rate of HP reduction of each of the party members. Everyone grit their teeth as the heat of the battle was getting worse and worse by the second. However, they managed to empty out the HP bar of the boss by the end of it.

Garces let out another miserable scream as she collapsed to the ground. This time, she dropped two pieces of equipment. Once again, the dead body of the boss began to get shrouded in blood mist. As expected, the boss got back to her feet again.

[Blood Necromancer Garces: The Annihilator] (Ethereal, Spectre)

Level: 146

HP: 400,000,000

Defense: 9,410

Magic Attack: 42128-52128


[Corruption Arrow]: Corrupts the target, causing 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to the target. Casting Time: 2 seconds.

[Spectre Build]: Recovers 1% HP once every 30 seconds. Recovery rate will not be affected by any other effects.

[Blood Shadow Arrow]: Fires out countless blood arrows in all directions that can disorient the targets, causing 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to each of the targets. Targets will enter a state of confusion for 3 seconds.

[Woeful Wound]: Causes 200% Magic Attack of Spell Damage to the target. The target will suffer a reduction of 10% on the amount of damage they can deal. Lasts for 15 seconds. The effects will not stack.

"What the f*ck! Her HP has been upgraded again! It was not stages 1 and 2, what’s this a cancer? Stage 1, 2, 3?! F*ck my life!" Endless Starlight let out a roar of disdain.

Well, taking on a boss with 400,000,000 HP instead of 300,000,000 HP would mean that the party would have to deal 33,000 damage more than what they previously attained. In other words, the amount of damage the party could deal on the boss every second had been reduced by a total of 33,000 damage. That was approximately 10% of the party’s firepower.

Zhang Yang went straight up to tank the boss as per usual while Wei Yan Er got to picking.

"Wow! The boss was so generous this time! Other than a useless Mythical equipment, there is an Ethereal Tier equipment!" Wei Yan Er was surprised as she shared its attributes.

[Blood Necromancer’s Casual Boots] (Ethereal, Cloth Armor)

Defense: +64

Vitality: +2,178

Intelligence: +745

Spirit: +318

Equip: Increases Maximum MP by 1,490 points.

Equip: Increases both Damage and Healing Efficiency by 5.6%.

Equip: Absorbs 641 damage when being hit.


Required Level: 140

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

This equipment was already better than three pieces of Cloth Armor even before it has been identified. Therefore, Han Ying Xue and the other two ladies rolled to decide on who would get it. By the end of it, Fantasy Sweetheart got lucky and won the bet. She put the equipment on the moment she got it. Switching an equipment while the player is in battle state would be much slower than switching equipment during a casual time. Although Fantasy Sweetheart momentarily lost some healing per second rate, it was a loss worth taking. With her attributes boosted further, her healing efficiency became much higher than ever.

"Damn you!" When the boss saw that Fantasy Sweetheart equipped the pair of boots, she suddenly got infuriated as if she was stabbed in her ‘pressure point’.

Fatty Han immediately pointed at the boss’s feet and said, "Haha! So the equipment that she dropped earlier on were her own equipment! Look at her bare feet now! Haha!"

Everyone glanced down and they saw that what Fatty Han said was true! The boss was now barefooted. In fact, the boss had also dropped a ring and a pair of gloves. However, no one had noticed that at all. If Fantasy Sweetheart did not wear the equipment that she just acquired, who would have noticed the small details of it?