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Chapter 654: Dragon Slayer Battle Axe

Chapter 654: Dragon Slayer Battle Axe

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When they saw that the HP bar of the boss on Zhang Yang’s side was dropping down below 20%, the players on the two other parties started to discuss among themselves. They were trying to come up with a solution on getting the chest lying quietly on the stage.

"They’ve got the boss fight wrapped up. There’s no doubt about it!"

"Let’s try out our luck. I’m willing to make a wager. When the boss on their side dies, all air walls on all bridges would all disappear at the same time!"

"By then, we shall heal ourselves up first. Then we will kite the boss towards the Lone Desert Smoke and drag them into battle as well!"

"Most importantly, we need to get our hands on that chest!"

"That’s right!"

Zhang Yang would never believe that the system would be so idiotic to take away all the air walls on all 12 Stone Bridges the moment he and his party kills the Frosty Ghost Dragon. If that’s how it’s going to be, there would be no point in them competing against each other in the first place.

He was pretty sure that whoever kills the Frosty Ghost Dragon right in front first, the air walls on the bridge they are on would disappear first. Everything that was going on on that Stone Bridge he and his party were standing on would have nothing to do with the other 11 Stone Bridges at all.

Although he was thinking that way, Zhang Yang could not take any risks and had also made the arrangement that everyone on his gang would charge straight in to snatch the chest the moment they kill the boss. As for the loots that drop from the boss, the little brat would handle it all by herself.

"I’m the great Giant Dragon! My dignity and my strength shall not be bested by a bunch of mortals!" Frosty Ghost Dragon began to roar to the sky in rage. It could not accept the fact that its life was about to come to an end. However, it also began to activate its {Frosty Breath} and {Dragon Wing Strike} even more frequently than before.

Fantasy Sweetheart had to fall back from the front line. She went to the rear and joined Han Ying Xue in supporting the rest of the party by healing them!

17%, 14%, 10%!

When the boss’s HP bar finally dropped to 10%, the rate of the boss activating its Skills got even faster. The party faced even more challenges and threats because of that! Now, the battle had entered its most dangerous stage.

"If we would have known this earlier, little Yang should have kept the {Glare of the Death God} and used it now, not then!"

"But we have no way of knowing if the Skill would be resisted by the boss! Surely it’s wiser to use it once the cooldown is over! Then we should still stand a chance to use it again!"

"F*cking fatty just loves to beat his own sh*t and let everyone smells it! He only knows how to talk useless sh*t! Let’s ignore that f*cker and stop wasting our time. Let’s focus on taking down the boss as soon as possible!"

Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight had also activated their {Vanguard’s Aggression} to make things easier for Han Ying Xue. Even so, Han Ying Xue had not yet used her most powerful Skill --- the {Milkmaid Deity’s Ripple}. It was obvious that she still had some reserves for emergency purposes.

9%! 8%! 7%!

It took them approximately 1 minute to take down 1% of the boss’s HP bar. That amount of time could put a lot of strain on the Healers over time!

4%! 3%! 2%!

Buzz! Countless milk deities appeared right in midair and they started to pour gallons of milky white liquid across an area of 50-meter radius. Everyone within that effective range received a great deal of health. Their HP bars were recovering at the rate of 10% per second!

--- the {Milkmaid Deity’s Ripple} had finally been blessed upon Zhang Yang and the party!

"Keep it up! Hit harder!" Zhang Yang began to roar!

"Harder... hit harder... don’t stop!" Fatty Han was imitating the screaming of those girls in the Adult Videos that he would watch every night while his ‘wife’ slept.

"... you f*cking fatty... are you so itchy that you’re so eager to get a beatdown from us?!"


9,000,000! 7,000,000! 5,000,000!

"Ready yourselves! Get in position! We’re about to charge!" players from the other 2 parties had diverted their attention away from the boss. They only tried to heal as much as possible so that none of the party members are killed while waiting for the ‘precise moment’. They were fully focused on staring at the remaining HP bar of the boss in front of Zhang Yang and his party. They were ready to charge in and snatch the chest!

3,000,000! 2,000,000! 1,000,000!

"Mortals, you have... defeated... me..." it began with the two devilish flames within the eye sockets of the Frosty Ghost Dragon dimming down. The gigantic body of the boss then collapsed heavily onto the ground. Most of the bones of the boss had been crushed into countless broken pieces as the impact of collapsing was too great for the bones to sustain.

"Charge! Now!"

The three parties charged towards the direction of the chest at the same instant.

Bam! Bam! Bam! Bam!

Players from Land of Savages and Hell Family smacked facefirst into the invisible air walls right in front of them. All they could do was to fall on their *sses on the ground, staring at Zhang Yang and his party running towards the chest. They felt even more heart ache when Zhang Yang and his party jumped around the chest with joy.

"Argh---" they were pissed off. They were not willing to accept their defeat. But they could not do anything about it. They simply were not as powerful as Zhang Yang and his party. It would be best for them to admit defeat and do it better next time.

"Stopped in their tracks! Don’t you dare open the chest without me! Don’t you dare! I want to be the one who opens it! Let me!" Wei Yan Er was picking up the loot dropped by the boss as she screamed out loud at Zhang Yang and the rest of the party. Then she jumped over to the chest.

Everyone laughed seeing Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue attaining a new level of obsession over the treasure chest. That witchy Snow had a pair of glittering eyes as she wrapped her arms around the chest. Her face looked almost just like the face that she would make before she spreads her legs and waits for Zhang Yang to stick his ‘cannon’ in! Zhang Yang felt a little troubled. Was he just like a treasure chest to that witch?

Seeing that the air walls on the other 11 Stone Bridges were not going to disappear anytime soon, everyone had no reason to rush anymore. It would take tens of hours before the Hell Family and the Land of Savages takes out the bosses right in front of them.

Fatty Han walked up to the edge of the Stone Bridge. Then he took down half of his pants and mooned the Hell Family and the Land of Savages. He even started twerking at them, his fat bum rippling along while revealing a wretched smile on his face! The two parties were infuriated to the point that they could have killed that fatty f*ck in real life!

Wei Yan Er was done picking up the loot dropped by the boss. She smiled and said, "This time, the boss is very generous. It dropped three pieces of Ethereal Tier equipment and two Mythical Tier equipment!"

The number of equipment dropped from this boss was no different from the number of equipment dropped by the previous bosses. However, one piece of Ethereal Tier equipment could cost 10 times the cost of one Mythical Tier equipment. So the boss was indeed generous to them.

"Time to distribute!" Everyone was happy. After all the trouble they had been through, it was finally the time to get their rewards.

Wei Yan Er placed the three Ethereal Tier equipment on the ground. One of it was a pitch black axe that looked extremely sharp. The other one was a scarlet red Heavy Armor pair of pants. The third one was a bow made of bones. That bow was as tall as a regular person!

"Two-handed weapon! Little Yan Er is really hot and lucky! Come, let me give you a kiss!" Fatty Han put his lips up and he gave a gentle kiss on the smooth and small hand of Wei Yan Er. The next thing that happened was a large battle axe smashing straight into the wretched fatty’s face, sending that fatty flying away from the little brat. Well, at least he deserved that, and no one would feel any pity for him.

"That’s really a good touch, Yan Er! A two-handed weapon!" Everyone did not even blink after what happened to that f*cking fatty. They just ignored him and carried on with their own business with the loot. Other than Tankers, a weapon would be the most important piece equipment. A weapon could bring about either a tremendous amount of damage or a substantial amount of healing points. Meanwhile, even though Tankers needed shields more to survive, a good weapon could largely increase a Tanker’s ability to get more aggro value in a battle. It was the key for a Tanker to lure and fix the aggro of monsters and bosses before the Tanker can tank or kite.

"Let’s have a good look at the axe first, then. Based on the length, this should be a two-handed weapon. Endless Starlight has no part in this anymore. But he can stare as long as he wants! Haha!"

[Dragon Slayer Battle Axe] (Ethereal, Two-handed axe)

Attack: 9,204 - 13,204

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 2,948

Equip: Increases damage by 21%

Equip: Increases Critical Rate by 3.5%


Required Level: 150

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

Note: This axe once belonged to a Blacksmith that kept dreaming about slaying a dragon. You’ve come across this battle axe among the loots of slaying the Giant Dragon. So you can guess the fate of that Blacksmith with your common sense. So stay silent and pray for the unlucky Blacksmith. Well, one must know your own boundary!

"This is just awesome, you know!" Zhang Yang praised, "My [Sword of Purging Devourer] only has an attack ranging from 7,400 to 9,672 even after I identified it. It’s like comparing a blade of grass with a steel sword here!"

Only Wei Yan Er and Zhang Yang could handle two-handed weapons. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had reached the level requirement for him to take on the quest that could unseal the third seal of his [Sword of Purging Devourer]. Therefore, he decided to let Wei Yan Er have the weapon. This little brat was acting surprisingly generous today. She actually passed the axe over to Zhang Yang saying that she was just lending it to Zhang Yang for a couple of days.

--- Wei Yan Er had reached Level 128 at the moment. She would still need a few days before she reaches Level 130 and equips this axe. So, Zhang Yang gets to play with it for a couple of days before then. Truth be told, she passed the axe to Zhang Yang because she wanted him to identify the weapon for her. Even though she did not state her intention, Zhang Yang knew her very well. So, he had no choice but to do it. Well, he treated it as the fee for borrowing the weapon for a couple of days. By thinking it that way, he did not have much to lose either.

Wei Yan Er felt highly flattered by her own high intellect.

Zhang Yang shoved the [Dragon Slayer Battle Axe] into his backpack without any sense of care. Ever since the special effect of his [Sword of Purging Devourer] had been nerfed by the officials, the weapon was no longer the godly AoE weapon. However, he recently obtained a Phoenix pet which could deal extremely powerful AoE attacks on his enemies. It would not matter much at all.

Wei Yan Er posted the attributes for the Heavy Armor pants up on the party channel so that everyone could see it.

[Frost Giant Dragon’s Greaves] (Ethereal, Heavy Armor)

Defense: +320

Frost Resistance: +320

Vitality: +4,668

Strength: +1,586

Agility: +680

Equip: Increases both damage and healing efficiency by 5.6%

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 9,330 points.

Equip: Absorbs 679 damage when being hit.


Required Level: 150

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

"Give it to noob tank. He has not taken anything yet!" It was indeed a rare occasion for Wei Yan Er to act so generously.

Endless Starlight nodded as well. Previously, he got a pair of Ethereal Tier gauntlets because Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er did not roll for it at all. They just gave it to him for free. Furthermore, Endless Starlight and Wei Yan Er had not reached Level 130 just yet. So both of them could not equip the equipment yet. They thought that it was wiser to let Zhang Yang have it. By doing so, Zhang Yang could boost his attributes a little higher.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "Thank you! I shall not hold back on this one!"

He was currently wearing Level 120 Mythical Tier greaves. Compared to that piece of Mythical Tier equipment, the [Frost Giant Dragon’s Greaves] was an equipment of another Tier. Much higher, of course.

"Alright! Settle down! Now, for the final piece of the equipment! Let’s give some applause to it! Come on! Bring up the heat!" Wei Yan Er was waving her hands around while she posted out the attributes for that bow made of bones.

[Giant Dragon’s Strike] (Ethereal, Bow)

Range Attack: 7,618 - 9,618

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 2,268

Equip: Increases damage by 21%

Equip: Your ranged attack will gain a certain rate to trigger Critical Hit for your next 3 attacks.


Required Level: 150

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

The Attack Interval of this weapon was similar to the one before it. The DPS of this bow was a little lower than that of a two-handed weapon’s. This is due to the range of the weapon. Judging from that perspective, the DPS of the bow was considered to be similar to the DPS of a two-handed weapon.

The wretched fatty already had a Phoenix pet. So his capability of dealing damage was much higher than Hundred Shots. As a brother to him, that fatty decided to let Hundred Shots take the bow without any hesitation at all. Endless Starlight sighed heavily and cried in misery. He cried claiming that Fatty Han had forgotten his love for him as Fatty Han had already found a new love. The way he cried had given the ladies a chill up their spines. The gayness was overloading the scene!

Other than the three equipment, Frosty Ghost Dragon had also dropped a piece if [Skill Point Crystal]. Everyone rolled for it because no one would complain about having an extra Skill Point.

Although the Frosty Ghost Dragon did not drop much good stuff for the party, they had not looked into the treasure chest yet! Everyone was not disappointed at all. They were hustling the little brat to come over and open the chest. Even though they were eager to look into the chest to see what’s in it, but they did not dare to open it up. They knew the little brat would be twisting and turning on the ground like a crybaby if any one of them opened the chest before her.