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Chapter 655: Identifying Scroll

Chapter 655: Identifying Scroll

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This treasure chest could not be put into the inventory. It could only be opened up on the spot. No takeouts! Wei Yan Er leaped over to the chest and grabbed Han Ying Xue like how an octopus would do to its prey. Then she pulled Han Ying Xue away from the chest and smiled like a little b*tch. Well, she would always be the one opening the chest, anytime, anywhere.

The progress of opening the chest required 30 seconds. Not only were Zhang Yang and his party were staring at the progress bar filling up with their eyes widened, the players on the other two parties were also staring at the chest without blinking even once! They were curious to find out what Wei Yan Er would take out from the treasure chest.

"Aiyo... what a disappointment! Everything here is crappy!" Wei Yan Er screamed in misery after she opened the chest. She took out a total of 5 items: One piece of broken staff fragment, one Scroll, and three books with different colors.

Zhang Yang was not disappointed at all. Although these items were not unique or rare, he could always earn a lot of money by selling them! Remember the recipe for [Armor-Piercing Potion]? That was a really practical tool for Zhang Yang to make a fortune!

Everyone started off by putting their attention on the fragment of a broken staff.

[Succubus Inheritance Fragment] (Class: B)

Description: -

"Just a Class B? After all the trouble we’ve gone through, they gave us a Class B Inheritance as the final reward?" Fatty Han immediately complained. He believed that it was not worth it, after everything they have gone through.

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "Well, players can come into this mist once every 30 days. The bosses and the chest will be refreshed in 30 days as well. I think the game developer is very generous to give a free Class B Inheritance once every 10 days in real life!"

It made sense. Yes. The difficulty of clearing the monsters and bosses was extremely difficult at the current stage of the game. However, if players used and rationed their Inheritance Transformations wisely, a strong party could have been able to take out the final boss Frosty Ghost Dragon. They would only need enough Inheritance Transformations to spare for the final boss battle in order for them to win.

Furthermore, when normal players reach beyond Level 150, a normal party would have been able to clear the entire area without much of a problem.

By then, the chest would become something like a free gift. If the system had placed a Class A Inheritance fragment in there, then the value of having a Class A Inheritance would deteriorate.

"This is the first time this chest has ever been opened up. Yes, they only gave us a Class B Inheritance. But how about the second time, the third time and so forth? I believe others will only get Class C Inheritances!" Zhang Yang continued to say.

"Even if a Class C Inheritance came out just now, it would still be an Inheritance! It’s still something powerful!" Hundred Shots added on.

"Well, this chest is valuable in its own right. Furthermore, we still haven’t checked on the others yet."

"Fantasy, this fragment seems to be part of a broken staff. It looks like a Spell-type Inheritance. Do you want it?" Zhang Yang asked Fantasy Sweetheart.

She gave some thoughts about it and nodded. Although she would prefer more to get a Class A Inheritance for herself, the rarity of stumbling across one would almost be as rare as finding a Class S Inheritance. Up to this point, only Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream had managed to get Class A Inheritances. Somehow it made people feel that it was much more difficult to find a Class A Inheritance than it is to find a Class S Inheritance!

It is true that Class B Inheritance was a little less proficient, everyone in the party was more or less equal in power. So if she takes it now, she would no longer be the one holding back the party.

"Let us turn out attention over here, the scroll!" Wei Yan Er laid out the second piece of the lot. It was a Magic Scroll.

[Forbidden Scroll: Absolute Binding] (Consumable)

Use: Binds a target, causing the target to have a 10% rate of being afflicted with Stun Effect for 10 seconds once every 3 seconds. Lasts for 6 hours. Absolute Binding will be effective on any target that is under Level 180.

Required Level: 100

It appeared to be a [Forbidden Scroll]!

"Yes! We hit the jackpot! Yeah!" everyone was cheering in tears of joy! At last, something worth fighting for!

Previously, Zhang Yang came across a Forbidden Scroll that could deal a tremendous amount of AoE damage to all targets within a vast area. However, this Forbidden Scroll could potentially be one of the best [Forbidden Scrolls] that could use to kill a boss! When being applied, the target would have a 10% rate of getting stunned. This effect would have a chance of kicking in once every 3 seconds. The boss might spend a third of the time immobilized, which would also reduce its DPS by that relative proportion!

On the other hand, such a wonderful effect could last for 6 hours long on the target! Imagine what this Forbidden Scroll would do to a World Class Super boss! It could definitely provide one hell of a benefit to such a boss battle.

Zhang Yang and his party have slain quite a number of bosses in the past. They even killed a few big bosses in the Main Story Quests. However, they only came across 2 Forbidden Scroll so far. It could be deemed that Forbidden Scrolls are extremely rare in the game.

Naturally, Zhang Yang was the one who kept the scroll. There was no need for it if they were not going up against a World Class Super boss. However, they would really need what this scroll could offer them if they were going to battle against a super boss with extremely powerful AoE Skills, like Queen Serena herself.

"This should be the unique one-off item from the chest. The next person that opens this chest will not be able to get this anymore. Hehe." Zhang Yang smiled in joy.

"Indeed! Something we all agree on! It’s extremely difficult to get one!"

Players from the other two parties did not know what Zhang Yang and his party got from the chest. Judging from the joyful looks on Zhang Yang and his gang’s faces, they could deduce that the items they got from the chest must be something really good. They were so tempted to reach out and snatch everything from the chest over to themselves.

"So, what about the other three books?" Everyone looked at Wei Yan Er curiously. The books could be Skill Books, or they could be Recipes for a specific Profession. Well, their looks were basically all the same. The only thing that varied was their colors. They would need to look into them to know which specification they belonged to.

"Alright! The first book!" Wei Yan Er shouted out loud as he put up the description of the first book.

[Engineering Recipe: Repairing Machine]

Use: Teaches you {Repairing Machine}.

Required: Master Grade Engineering

Anyone could just guess what the Recipe was about by looking at its name. Meanwhile, there was only one person in the entire party with the Engineering Profession, Hundred Shots. So the Recipe went to him without any debate. Hundred Shots learned the Skill on the Recipe and posted out the description for the Repairing Machine.

[Repairing Machine] (Consumable)

Use: Place a Repairing Machine beside you. The Repairing Machine can repair equipment for you and your friendlies. At the same time, the Repairing Machine will gather back some of the items that you don’t need. However, the Repairing Machine consumes energy. The energy on the Repairing Machine is limited. Hence, you can only activate it for 5 minutes. Only the Engineers who are good in Engineering will be able to sue this sophisticated high technology machine.

Required: Master Grade Engineering

"Nice! A machine that repairs your equipment for free! That’s really neat!" Wei Yan Er was the first one who reacted to the description. It was not because she could not afford the cost of repairing her equipment. It was her miserly wretched self. Forcing her to spend her own money from her pocket would be like killing her slowly!

"Who says that it’s free?" Zhang Yang laughed.

"Didn’t the description say the machine will repair your and your friendlies’ equipment?" Wei Yan Er began to get nervous.

"But it never stated that it’s free! On the contrary, you need to pay for it! It’s going to be very expensive as well!" Zhang Yang patted the little brat and gave a gentle punch to her face. Then he said, "You can still get discounts on the cost of repairing your equipment when you’re in the Main City. However, you will need to pay the full amount of the cost of repairing your equipment. After all, the machine does not belong to any side."

"So does that mean that uncle Hundred Shots is going to be rich?!" Wei Yan Er widened her eyes, "He can just make one and place it anywhere he wants. Others will have to pay him every time they want to repair their equipment. Wouldn’t he be earning a fortune?"

"Hahaha! You stupid little girl! Didn’t I just explain it to you? The Repairing Machine does not belong to anyone or any side. So the cost that you pay for the repair will go to the system and only the system!"

"Then who would be so stupid to make such a thing?!" Wei Yan Er felt annoyed.

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "For example, when you’re challenging a dungeon, you need not go back to the Main City to repair your equipment anymore if Hundred Shots put a Repairing Machine in the dungeon. When you’re out in the Open World Map grinding your levels, you no longer need to travel all the way back to the Main City just because your inventory is full or your equipment is busted. You can save a lot of time, you know?"

"... well... it’s not that bad after all."

"Of course! Can’t you see that this Recipe only came out of a rare and unique treasure chest like this one?"

Well, though the little brat understood, she was not happy with it. As long as anything that involves her spending her own money, anything or anyone would become her mortal enemy! The little brat muttered on in dissatisfaction before she took out the second book.

[Skill Book: Lure]

Use: Teaches you the Skill {Lure}.

Required Class: None

Required Level: 100

"Oh ho! I probably know what this Skill does!" Zhang Yang was feeling proud of himself. "When you use it on a target, there will be two different outcomes under two different circumstances. One, if your Strength is more superior than your target, you will be able to pull the target to you. Or, if your Strength is lower than the Strength of your target, then you shall be drawn to the target instead!"

"If that’s the case, wouldn’t it be only available to Warriors and Knights?" Fantasy Sweetheart asked out of her own curiosity.

"It all depends on how you will use it!" Zhang Yang smiled and said. "If you’re not a Strength-type Class player, you can use the Skill on your friendlies and get away from the battle. It could get you out of a mess like an {Apparate}!"

"However, if you’re a Strength-type Class player, you can save your friendlies from a serious mess or you can pull a target over to you while your friendlies could focus fire on that one target. The effect would be greater in that sense!" Lost Dream thought it through and spoke out his mind.

Zhang Yang nodded happily and said, "That’s right!"

Everyone was looking at Zhang Yang and Wei Yan Er. By the end of it, everyone decided that Zhang Yang should have this Skill Book. Whenever Wei Yan Er engages in a battle, she would go all out crazy without a thought. She would not use the Skill for the sake of her other party members. So giving her the Skill Book would be a total waste.

Zhang Yang learned the Skill and pasted the description of that Skill. As expected, the description matched everything that he said earlier on.

[Lure]: Attempts to lure a target over to you. If your Strength is more superior than your target, you shall be able to pull the target to you.On the contrary, if your Strength is lower than the Strength of your target, then you shall be drawn to the target instead. Range: 30 meters. Cooldown: 5 minutes

Well, what can you say? That Skill was given to the right person after all. Zhang Yang had never lack Attack power up to this point. However, a Melee Combatant would always have trouble battling against a Range Combatant. Well, they would be short on legs because they would only be able to cause damage to their enemies when they were near enough. Range Combatant like a Hunter would usually use tactics such as kiting. For instance, in the open world, highly skilled Professional players like Seductive Wild Pussy could whittle away at Zhang Yang's HP as she flits about and kites him to his death. Hence, Zhang Yang would not have to fear something like that ever happening in the future ever again. This Skill could make him fearless against Range Combatants because he could use this Skill on any target within the range of 30 meters! So he would be having the absolute advantage in a battle against any player.

"This is the last book!" Wei Yan Er sounded a little dissatisfied.

[Alchemist Recipe: Create Identify Scroll]

Use: Teaches you the way to make Identifying Scrolls.

Required: Master Grade Alchemist

"Wow! It’s an Identifying Scroll!" Zhang Yang was surprised and overjoyed at the same time.

"What does this Identifying thing do? Why are you so excited?" Han Ying Xue was curious. Why would he get so excited over a small piece of Recipe?

Zhang Yang laughed out loud before he explained, "You guys were complaining about having new equipment that only functions at 70% of their full attributes right? This so-called [Identifying Scroll] is like an Identifying master. As long as you have enough scrolls, you can identify any equipment or any weapon you like! That includes legendary weapons and equipment as well!"

"That’s good stuff!" Everyone’s eyes were glittering.

Every single equipment or weapon would require identification before they function at full capacity. For instance, Zhang Yang and his party members were currently wearing a few pieces of equipment that had not been identified yet. If they could use these [Identifying Scrolls] on their equipment and weapons before they engage with the monsters and bosses, they could perform even better!

"Haha! Now this is what I call to return from a heist fully loaded!"