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Chapter 656: Light of the Rainbow

Chapter 656: Light of the Rainbow

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After distributing everything, the chest slowly vanished. The other two parties were finally willing to give up on their thoughts. It had proved to be impossible to slay the Frosty Ghost Dragon under 24 hours. Hence, the two parties decided to give up on the boss battle. Upon releasing their souls after their deaths, everyone was sent back to the other end of the Stone Bridge they were on.

Since they had no hope of taking down the boss, it would be better if they focus on killing the monsters to earn some experience points while they could still remain in the mist. After all, it was not easy at all to get their *sses over here. They had lost their chances of getting the treasure chest. If they also lose the opportunity to earn some experience points, they would have come here for nothing.

Zhang Yang and his party members did not leave the place immediately. They could still stay there for another 7 hours, more or less. Without wasting the opportunity to scoop up some experience points that lay before them, the gang started getting back from where they came in. On the way, they started slaying as many monsters as they could as they moved on. Everyone was violently collecting as much experience points as possible. After all, killing the monsters in this area would give them much more experience points.

However, the Inheritance Transformation forms of Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue had both come to an end. Hence, their pace of moving forward began to slow down a little. They played safe by taking on lesser monsters in each attempt. After all, they had claimed the treasure chest. They no longer required slaying bosses anymore. All they needed to do for the next 7 hours was to collect as much experience point as possible by using the safest method.

In the meantime, there were a few more parties entering the map as well. They were randomly assigned to each of the empty Stone Bridges on the map. However, these new parties were late for the ‘party’. There weren't many bosses left for them to slay anymore.

The time was up. Zhang Yang and his gang were teleported out of the map. They reappeared at their initial spots.

Everyone set their priority to get back to the Main City at once. They wanted to identify their equipment and weapon as swiftly as they could. Meanwhile, Hundred Shots and Zhang Yang were also busy making their [Repairing Machines] and [Identifying Scrolls] other than identifying their equipment. They had acquired quite a number of high Tier equipment from their expedition in the mist. They had also received an abundant amount of experience points.

Even though they did not really earn a lot of experience point, those who had their experience bars over half managed to level up after they cleared the map. Zhang Yang had reached Level 133. It seemed that he would be staying on the top of the level ranking list.

Zhang Yang went over to the Identifying Shop first. He was very eager to see the attributes of Wei Yan Er’s [Dragon Slayer Battle Axe] after it is identified. Well, after he manages to make his own [Identifying Scrolls], he would not be coming here to waste his money on this crooked Identifier anymore!

[Dragon Slayer Battle Axe] (Ethereal, Two-Handed Axe)

Attack: 13,006 - 19,006

Attack Interval: 3.8 seconds

DPS: 4,212

{Level 5 Socket 1}

{Level 5 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases damage by 21%

Equip: Increases Critical Rate by 3.5%


Required Level: 150

Special: Reduces Required Level by 20 levels.

Note: This axe once belonged to a Blacksmith who kept dreaming about slaying a dragon. You’ve come across this battle axe among the loot of slaying the Giant Dragon. So you can guess the fate of that Blacksmith with your common sense. So stay silent and pray for the unlucky Blacksmith. Well, one must know your own boundaries!

The [Sword of Purging Devourer] had the same Attack Interval as this weapon. However, its Attack only ranged from 7,400 to 9,672. The difference between these two weapons was huge!

Zhang Yang inserted all the sockets on the two equipment with [Level 5 Power Stones]. Upon all the power-ups, Zhang Yang’s Maximum HP had reached up to 509,390 (With Vitality Aura). Meanwhile, his Defense had reached over 8,680 and his Damage Absorption had reached up to 7,796 points. The most significant boost was his Attack. Now, his Attack ranged from 81,018 damage to 96,138 damage ((32,150 - 38,150)*2.52).

Unfortunately, he would have to return this weapon to Wei Yan Er when she manages to reach Level 130.

Hence, Zhang Yang decided to put his priority on unsealing the third seal of his [Sword of Purging Devourer]. Currently, his [Sword of Purging Devourer] was just a Mythical Tier equipment. So, he could guess that it would turn into an Ethereal Tier equipment at the least after he unseals the third seal of the sword. It was most probably not possible for the sword to turn into a Holy Tier equipment just yet. The reason was simple. The lowest Required Level for equipping a Holy Tier equipment would be Level 170. Meanwhile, the quest to unseal the third seal of the sword was located within a Level 120-150 map. It would be absurd if Zhang Yang gets a Holy Tier equipment by completing a quest in a Level 120-150 map.

The materials for making an [Identifying Scroll] were not hard to gather at all. No herbs were required. They could all be found in the Shop. Materials like Mythical Gold Wires and Ancient Gear Shafts were also available in the Identifying Shop. However, their prices were not cheap at all. The cost for each set of the materials to make one [Identifying Scroll] was 100 gold coins.

Zhang Yang attempted to compare the cost of letting the Identifier identify an equipment and the cost of using [Identifying Scrolls] to identify an equipment. He passed the Level 140 Mythical Tier equipment over to the Identifier to check on the price. Apparently, it required 500 gold coins in order to identify the equipment. On the other hand, it would require 10 [Identifying Scrolls] in order to identify the equipment. That was a total cost of 1,000 gold coins there.

Well, he had the title ‘Hero of White Jade Castle’. So he just had to pay half of the cost for every equipment identification and equipment repair. From that perspective, the cost of using [Identification Scrolls ] to identify an equipment was the same as the cost of letting a [Repairing Machine] to repair an equipment. No more, no less. In other words, one must be willing to spend some money to get convenient.

However, Zhang Yang was currently rich enough to ignore such significant amount of money. So it was convenience that came first, before money.

Zhang Yang could keep 200 pieces of [Identifying Scrolls] in one slot of his inventory. Therefore, Zhang Yang only had to take two slots of [Identifying Scrolls] to have enough for everyone in his party to use.

After making the [Identifying Scrolls], Zhang Yang traveled over to the Kandiya Grasslands on his Phoenix pet. The three quest items required to unseal the third seal of his [Sword of Purging Devourer] were located around that area. Well, Zhang Yang was required to find one [Rainbow Light], one [Mythical Dense Water], and one [Scepter of Fate].

Following the indication of the quest, he first arrived at the Rainbow Village to locate the whereabouts of the first quest item, [Rainbow Light].

It was a soothing and pleasant little village. Flowers were blooming everywhere. Green moss was spread across the land. The place looked like a fictional land of peace where anyone could retreat from the turmoil of the world. It was peaceful here. However, the villagers were not human. They were all Wild Boarmen!

These creatures had the bodies of humans. They were all muscular and strong. Meanwhile, they had the heads of ugly pigs with two long tusks coming out from beneath their lower lips. Their appearances looked wretchedly scary.

However, when Zhang Yang gazed from a high place down to the village, he realized that those Wild Boarmen were all green-named NPCs. So, it would be unwise to attempt murdering the entire village to get to the quest item.

Zhang Yang set his Phoenix pet down right by the entrance of the village. As the blazing bird approached the ground, the Wild Boarmen were startled by the appearance of a blazing giant bird. They thought that they were being invaded! So the Boarmen took out their weapons and pointed them at Zhang Yang and the Phoenix pet! They seemed very ready to engage in battle.

"Hey! I mean you no harm! Calm down!" Zhang Yang jumped down from the back of the big bird and unsummoned it. "Well, that big bird is always on fire. You’ll have indigestion if you try to eat it!"

The Boarmen heard Zhang Yang and they looked at each other. Suddenly, they laughed out loud. Some of them were even rolling on the ground with their hands pressing against their stomachs while they were laughing hard.

Zhang Yang could not do anything other than frowning intensely. Did he say something that was really that funny?

"Human! Hahaha! You... haha... you’re so funny.. hahaha! Are you a comedian that wanders around the world? Hahaha!" one of the Boarmen stood up to Zhang Yang and asked.

"My name is Zhan Yu. I’m a fellow Adventurer, a Mercenary. I’m here to see if I can get a job done for you!" Zhang Yang made a polite salute.

"You want to work for the great Wild Boarmen, us?" The same Boarman was talking, "Alright, then you should go have a chat with our chief. He’s just living by the farthest house in the west side of the village. Maybe, you can really do something for us after all! However, are you sure that you’re not one of those comedians?"

"No!" Zhang Yang summoned his Whitey and rode over to the house he was told about. The house was in the middle of the village actually. If he goes into the village with his Phoenix pet, the blazing flames on the big bird might have set every corner of the village on fire! After all, the houses and the facilities were all made of wood and dried grass. If that happens, these Boarmen would no longer act like the audience of a stand-up routine. Instead, they would be acting like beasts!

In a brief moment, Zhang Yang had arrived at the house by the far end of the west. He could only see that there was one Boarman sharpening his tusks. As for his appearance... well... all the Boarmen looked the same to Zhang Yang. He had no way of telling the difference between them.

[Shabu Canaans, Chief of the Rainbow Village] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 135

HP: 36,600

Note: The Wild Boarmen believed in the God of Lightning Canaans. They also believed that they were the sons and daughters, the descendants of Canaans! However, no one could have believed that a great and powerful, dignified god would actually impregnate a female piglet even if he accidentally takes a few hundred pounds of aphrodisiac!

"My respected chief!" Zhang Yang walked up to the chief and made a respectful gesture to show his respect. Then he got straight to the point, "I’m Zhan Yu, an Adventurer from White Jade Castle. I hope to earn some pocket money. So, I wonder if your village requires my service in any way."

"Zhan Yu from White Jade Castle? A human?" Shabu suddenly burst into intense laughter. He even flopped on the ground as he laughed. After laughing for what seemed to be half a day, he finally got back on his feet. "We are the great Wild Boarmen, the descendants of the God of Lightning Canaans himself! If we cannot solve the problem by our own, how would you, a human be able to solve our problems, then?"

Zhang Yang revealed a vague smile on his face. Then he said, " I can try! There’s nothing to lose! If I can’t get the job done, I shall not take a cent from you!"

"Humph! It’s not that simple!" Shabu shook his head. Looking at the two tusks sticking out from his lower lips, he looked extremely ferocious. Then he said, "I can give you a chance, however! If you cannot get the job done, I will tear you into shreds and use your meat for our barbeque materials! The precious time of the great Wild Boarmen shall not be wasted by an insignificant human!"

F*ck you! That wretched f*cker was so free that he was sharpening up his tusks! What was so precious about his time?

Zhang Yang faked a laugh and said, "Fine!"

"Alright then! Since you have such confidence in getting the job done, I’ll give you a job! Venture into the jungle and hunt 100 Jalhodi Tiger and bring 100 of their hearts to me!"

‘Ding! Shabu Canaans has a quest for you: Hunt for the Jalhodi Tiger. Will you accept? '


After giving Zhang Yang the quest, Shabu Canaans continued to sharpen his tusks. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang patted Whitey as he rode out from the village. Then, he summoned his Phoenix pet, lunged into the sky and made his way into the deep mountains.

[Hunt for the Jalhodi Tiger] (Difficulty: Rank-D)

Description: The hearts of the Jalhodi Tiger can be used to make some booze for the Wild Boarmen to drink. Drinking booze can increase their productivity by at least 3 times! Each Boarman will have to slay a Jalhodi Tiger in order to prove themselves in their Adulthood Ritual. They will have to take out the hearts of the Jalhodi Tiger and take them back to make booze. They will be drinking the booze on their wedding night! Warrior, if you want to work for the great Wild Boarmen, hahaha, then prove yourself worthy of being deemed as an adult first!"

Completion: Collect the hearts of the Jalhodi Tigers 0/100

It was merely a Rank-D quest. Zhang Yang sighed heavily. He made haste into the jungle. He could hear the roaring of beasts all around him.

The Phoenix landed on the ground and opened up its beak. Then it began to spread hellfire across the surroundings. A yellowish beast that looked like a wolf but also looked a little like a leopard was caught up in the blazing sea of flames. Its HP bar was reduced down to 50% in just an instant. Before the beast could even react to what just happened, Felice struck out with her lance and took out the beast immediately.

[Jalhodi Tiger] (Normal, Beast)

Level: 128

HP: 33,920

Defense: 2,120

Melee Attack: 9,748 - 13,748


[Pounce]: Pounces on a target and cause 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target. The target will fall to the ground and the target will be interrupted in the progress of chanting.

Note: Jalhodi Tigers are not real tigers. They are actually the descendants of the mixture of two species, the Coyote and the Leopard. Their weak bodies allow them to defeat even the jackals and the wild dogs!

...so these were the beasts that the ‘great’ Boarmen needed to kill to prove themselves in their Adulthood Ritual?

Zhang Yang could not hold his laughter anymore. This tribe was really good at making people laugh! They were definitely one of the best!

Upon its death, that Jalhodi Tiger dropped a few pieces of [Tiger Fur]. However, there were no signs of any sort of hearts. Well, it seemed obvious that the drop rate of the quest item was random. If Wei Yan Er was there, she would definitely be scratching her head, wondering how could the monster have lived without a heart.

The Phoenix pet carried Zhang Yang on its back and flew forward. Zhang Yang’s current Attack was high enough for him to kill a Jalhodi Tiger two times over with only one hit from his {Spear of Obliteration}. He had no problem at all in collecting the quest items. Although the drop rate was random, Zhang Yang had collected about 80 hearts after going around the jungle once.

Because of his divinely powerful equipment, pet and Battle Companion, Zhang Yang had no issues at gathering the quest items. Well, normal players would not have such powerful equipment. Zhang Yang only took approximately 15 seconds to slay one Jalhodi Tiger! How the hell can normal players do that?

In less than 20 minutes, Zhang Yang managed to collect a total of 100 Jalhodi Tiger’s Hearts. So he headed back to the Rainbow Village to claim his prize.

When ZhangYang handed over the 100 hearts to Shabu Canaans, he was extremely shocked to see that Zhang Yang was actually capable of completing the job. His face was filled with astonishment and he said, "Human, I can’t believe that you have actually such great capability in you. I’ve underestimated you! Could it be that you’re actually one of us, the great Wild Boarmen?"

What a narcissistic f*cker! He was behaving just like the Red-skinned Orc!

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Hunt for the Jalhodi Tigers. You have received a reward: 500,000 experience points!’

As expected. The quest was simple, so the reward was simple as well.

Zhang Yang laughed and said, "My respected chief, now that I’ve proven myself, can I be of service for the great Wild Boarmen now?"

"Yes! Yes, you can!" Shabu Canaans nodded immediately. He looked at Zhang Yang from head to toe, as if that he was trying to look for any sign of proof that Zhang Yang might be one of his ‘pig’-kind. After putting in all his effort on trying to make a connection between Zhang Yang and the Boarmen for a moment, he suddenly widened his eyes and pointed his finger at Zhang Yang’s eyes! "Your eyes! This must be it! You have the eyes of a Wild Boarmen! I’ve been wondering the moment I saw you! How could a warrior like you be one of those pathetic humans! Just think about it! The blood of the Wild Boarmen is flowing strong beneath your veins! There’s no doubt about it! You’re so strong because you’re one of the Wild Boarmen!"

You are the boar! F*ck! Zhang Yang launched out his fist straight into the face of that wild boarman with all his might. The boarman was sent flying into the wall of the room by the impact of Zhang Yang’s punch.

Shabu Canaans rolled around the ground in pain for a while before he got back on his feet. However, he was not mad at all. Instead, he was smiling with joy! Then he said, "Zhan Yu! Your strength is really admirable! That’s great! You shall be the pride of the Wild Boarmen! Maybe one day you might even get the praise from our ancestor himself! You might even get an audience with the great Canaans himself!"

"My beloved chieftain! Can we just get straight to the point now?"

"Alright! We shall do that! Listen carefully, Zhan Yu. I have a very important yet dangerous quest for you. The outcome of the quest shall bear the fate of the entire Rainbow Village!" Shabu suddenly changed the expression on his face. He became surprisingly serious all of a sudden. "I need you to gather some feathers of the Crimson Fire Harpies!"

‘Ding! Shabu Canaans has given you a quest: Gather the Feathers. Will you accept?’

Zhang Yang accepted the quest without any hesitation.

"Zhan Yu, please be extra careful on this. Those Harpies are extremely ferocious and deadly! Those Jalhodi Tigers are merely little kittens when you compare them to the Harpies!" Shabu Canaans told Zhang Yang with caution and care. It was probably because he did not want to see this ‘piglet’ of his kind face any unfortunate fate.

"Rest assured, I will get the job done!" Zhang Yang felt a chill up his spine while Shabu Canaans was staring compassionately at him. He quickly rode on Whitey and left the place as swiftly as he could. Upon reaching the entrance of the village, he summoned his Phoenix pet out and made his way to the Scorching Amber Canyon.