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Chapter 660: Phony Crap

Chapter 660: Phony Crap

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Quicker than Death Arbiter, Zhang Yang had gained instant popularity in just 5 minutes. Both guilds, The Myth and Sengoku Daimyo had resorted to vent their anger on the international forums. Naturally, the contents of their post were ill-voiced. Most of it was simple insults for stealing their loot, and running away without a fight. All in all, the sort of actions that does not befit a guild master!

The Myth had even hired a few members of Rogue Family to stand at the entrance of Morning Town to insult Zhang Yang. Naturally, without Zhang Yang’s master approval, a few members had launched an attack to get rid of the hooligans. However, before they could even start gathering, someone had stood out amongst the crowd stating that Zhang Yang had successfully stolen the boss loot despite having more than 20,000 players from each guild. With so many eyeballs around, how could they not be on the alert? What was there to blame, anymore?

The situation would be different if the thief were out stealing the loot from a boss that was defeated by a team of 5 players. That sort of movement shall be condemned by all players! However, if someone were to have the balls to steal a boss that was being attacked by two guilds with a total player count of 40,000, it was no longer considered to be thievery, but rather a feat that was worth praising for. Which guild would not set up perimeters to prevent any Thieves from infiltrating their formations? If anyone is still able to infiltrate the perimeters, break past several blockades, and steal the loot right under their nose, it would be a feat that is worthy enough of being praised.

Hence, when the two guilds had blatantly "broadcasted" Zhang Yang’s evil "feat", they were merely helping him to advertise his achievement! Zhang Yang had chosen to lay low until they realized what they have done and ceased their futile actions. That turn, it was really a fold.

By then, Phoenix was the one out of the only two Legendary Beasts that was turned into a pet. The other being, Fatty Han’s pet. It may share the same tier as other Mythical tier mounts but this burning fiery bird was far superior in every way. One of which, its movement speed was the fastest by far. Like meteor in the sky, Zhang Yang zoomed through the skyline, leaving a trail of fiery trails that burned beautifully amongst the clouds. In a blink of an eye, Zhang Yang had returned to Rainbow Village.

After he had turned over the Violet-Platinum Pillar to Shabu, the older, fat Wild Boarman hugged the pole with a lover-like caress. While Shabu was having the time of his life, Zhang Yang cringed hard. The pig was rubbing his face on a monster’s toothpick…

"*snort* *sniff* Hm? How is there some weird smell on the Sacred Keepsake? Perhaps the cave of the stone giant was extremely dirty!"

Whatever rolls your ball dude…

"Zhan Yu, Warrior of the Wild Boarmen, you have single-handedly saved the entire village. I, Shabu Cananns, hereby represent the entire village to express our appreciation." Shabu bowed.

‘Ding! You have completed a quest: Steal the Scared Keepsake. Obtained 5,000,000 experience points!’

‘Ding! You have obtained an item: Pillar of the Soul!’

Hoho. An item?

[Pillar of the Soul] (Accessory, Violet-Platinum)

Equip: Increases damage dealt and healing rate by 3%.

Use: Purges all status effect debuff. Cooldown: 5 minutes.

Level Requirement: 130

Hmph. Not bad. It was a common anti-skill accessory, though the [Pillar of the Soul] had an extra 3% damage and healing increment. Sadly, it was merely a Violet-Platinum equipment. Most importantly, it was an accessory of which a dungeon boss would never drop. Right then, there perhaps were countless of level 100 players that were still using level 50 or 60 accessories.

Sadly, [Pillar of the Soul] could only purge debuffs, but not grant Invincibility. At least a second would have been great. Then again, the item was just a Violet-Platinum tier, to have such stats would be considered good.

Zhang Yang bowed in return and asked, "Chief, now that the Sacred Keepsake is back in place, can it make the Rainbow Light?"

"Of course!" Shabu smiled. He then gestured for Zhang Yang to follow him towards the center plaza of the village. There, the chief called for the rest of the villagers to gather as he happily announced the return of the Sacred Keepsake. Everyone came closer and bowed towards Zhang Yang to express their thanks.

In the center of the plaza, there was a large water fountain that was spraying out water all over a pool. The light ray shone on it, emitting a beautiful rainbow. Shabu then placed the Violet-Platinum Pillar in the center of the fountain. With a little tremble of power, the rainbow that refracted out of the fountain grew brighter and wider. After the first wave of power trembled, a small piece of Rainbow Crystal dropped out of the air and fell into the pool. Shabu went ahead and picked up the thumb-sized crystal.

Zhang Yang interrupted Shabu and asked, "Excuse me Chief, could I have one Rainbow Light?"

It’s called manners. If they would not give it to him, he could just snatch it and run.

"By all means. Now that the Keepsake is back, we can easily produce more than 10 Rainbow Light a day! You are the village savior! One? I’ll give you 10!" said Shabu with delight. However, when Zhang Yang reached out his hand to retrieve the item, Shabu had only given him a single piece. Shabu then turned away with no intention to give Zhang Yang anymore.

Zhang Yang was extremely disappointed. He should have known not to trust a pig, for their words mean nothing! He had genuinely believed that the pig would give him 10 pieces! Luckily no one was around. It would be extremely embarrassing to let anyone know that Zhang Yang was tricked by a pig.

After Zhang Yang had obtained the quest item, he left the village that was filled with pigs and boards (not literally), and headed to the next town called, Eskbeak Town. There, the item that he sought for was called the Mythical Dense Water.

Even though Eskbeak Town was located in the same map as Rainbow Village, the vastness of Chaos Realm had the two locations placed extremely far apart. Even with the super speedy Phoenix, Zhang Yang traveled for 4 hours before he reached the far, secluded town.

There, the town was filled with only humans. Occasionally, there were one of two dwarven explorers with a few more gnomes around. Zhang Yang paid attention to the dwarf that he was looking for, since the quest had indicated for him to search for a dwarf named Felma – Iron Hammer.

Zhang Yang switched to the Gold Eared Bear King to travel in town and asked for news of Felma. He then made his way to the west of the town and found Felma in a hardware store. The man was a red beard dwarf. Even his skin carried a certain reddish hue. Naturally, the man had a long bushy beard that was braided into several locks. He wore a pair of round glasses that is usually worn by engineers. His style was completely self-contradictory. He looked like the kind of person who would not dwell much into studies, yet the ashen hands indicated that he had been tinkering on some mechanical contraption. On the other hand, the glasses and his tidy beard indicated that he was a meticulous man.

[Felma – Iron Hammer] (Normal, Humanoid)

Level: 130

Note: Felma Hardware Store! There’s nothing that he doesn’t sell!

"Welcome. Young human. What can I do for you?" Felma nodded as Zhang Yang came into his store. He then opened one of the display cupboards and started to promote his products. "Would you fancy a Snow Lotus Core? Or perhaps this Frost Heart. How about a roll of Silk spun from the Golden Silkworm?"

Zhang Yang shook his head as he examined the store. There were many weirdly shaped items placed on display.

"Perhaps…are you interested in the Miracle Root that could increase your *ahem* by 5 inches?"

Zhang Yang frowned and immediately found a seat and sat down. Even so, he was still taller by two heads!

"I’m looking for the Mythical Dense Water."

"MYTHICAL WHAT?" Felma exclaimed.

"Mythical Dense Water. You don’t have it? Oh well. I’ll look for it at the other store."

Felma coughed and stood up. "What joke is that? There’s nothing that I don’t sell in my store! Human! Are you humiliating me?!"

Zhang Yang laughed. "Ah. In that case, can I have a bottle?"

"I have them. But they don’t come cheap." Felma did not move. He glared into Zhang Yang eyes and hurled out his hands, demanding money.

"How much?" said Zhang Yang impatiently.

"Three…Wait. No. 500 gold coins." Felma twitched a little, and Zhang Yang immediately spotted it.

"Deal." Zhang Yang handed over 500 gold coins to the dwarf. He then went to the back of his store and came back out with a bottle of pale looking water.

Zhang Yang took the bottle into his hand and felt that something was extremely off. The quest should not have been that easy!

[Mythical Dense Water]

Description: A valuable and rare item.

Something was indeed amiss. Even though he had obtained the item, the [Mythical Dense Water] that he had obtained from Felma did not contain the item tag {Quest Item}! In his quest log, the quest had indicated Rainbow Light as 1/1 yet the Mythical Dense Water was still 0/1! It was a fake!

F*ck the dwarf! Greedy bastards!

Zhang Yang slammed the table and yelled, "Dwarf! What is this crap! You dare to cheat me with forgery?!"

"Fake?!" Falma yelled back. "Don’t you dare try to spoil my reputation by imposing false accusations! I’ll have you pay me 1,000 gold coins as compensation!" Felma jumped off the stool he was sitting on to stand toe to toe with the human. It only made him look even shorter in comparison.

Zhang Yang reached out and grabbed Felma’s neck with one hand and grinned. "1,000 gold coins yeah? Here, have it in your face!"


Zhang Yang slapped the cheater in his face so hard that it caused a powerful concussion to the dwarf. The dwarf was spinning around, disoriented!

"Hey! Is it enough? I have millions of gold coins here ready to be delivered to your face again!" said Zhang Yang.

The dwarf got a hold of himself and cried to stop. "No! Stop! Please!"

"Than, give me the real Mythical Dense Water!"

"URGH!" Felma cringed as he still trying to resist. However, when he saw Zhang Yang’s face tense up and his right arm was ready to deliver his "money", Felma jumped and gave in. "I don’t have the Mythical Dense Water! However, I do know where to get the real one!"

Zhang Yang waited for him finish his sentence, but he stopped talking and was rubbing his swollen cheek. "Well!? Continue then! Sit down! Tell me where is the Mythical Dense Water!"

"It’s…somewhere far…"


Zhang Yang grew weary of his trickery and slammed the table. "I think you could still use a few more gold coins in the face to wake up."

"Wait! Wait! It’s really in a place far away from here. In the Xixiluca Sea, west of the deep oceans lie ruins that was once called the Karxilor Palace. There were many merfolk living there but they were mostly evil pirates! Roughly four years ago, I have managed to find a bottle of Mythical Dense Water there. However, when I was on my way back to land, I was attacked by the wretched beings! If you are lucky, you can still find the Mythical Dense Water in their leaders’ hand. His name is Dormian." Felma gritted his teeth as he spoke.

Zhang Yang stood up with such speed that he had scared the little, red bearded dwarf. Zhang Yang turned around and left the store without saying another word.

"Hey! Human! Wait. When I was attacked back then, I was carrying many other precious items with me. If you do plan to attack their lair, could you…"

Zhang Yang interrupted him and said, "1,000 gold coins for each item I find!"

"…You robbing me!"

"What are you talking about?! I’m robbing them!"

Zhang Yang didn’t wait for long and left the town with the fiery bird.

Felma was right about one thing. Karxilor Sea was really far away. From the town, Zhang Yang would have to cross a Level 120 – Level 150 map called Gilstein. The total time taken would be close to 10 hours! However, Zhang Yang was not worried about it. The Phoenix will never get tired and could fly forever if it had to. Two hours later, Zhang Yang arrived at a place called the Cindia Flatlands, which was within the Gilstein region.

"Big brother…" Zhang Yang turned around when he heard Felice muttering something. The little girl was sitting behind Zhang Yang.

"What’s wrong?"

"Felice can feel something down there. Someone…is calling to Felice!"