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Chapter 661: Deep Sleep

Chapter 661: Deep Sleep

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It has been a while since he last talked to Felice. Right then, when Felice had suddenly said something that was completely out of the norm, Zhang Yang could not help but to think about her past. He had no idea of Felice’s background.

She was a Battle Companion. Despite hatching out of an egg, the little powerful girl had a connection with the goddess of war! Whenever she goes berserks, she could even solo kill an S class Inheritance quest boss! If that is not weird enough, she also had the ability to morph into a Dragonhawk! What sort of being was Felice, really?!

Zhang Yang stopped the Phoenix and said, "Follow the voice that calls to you. I shall follow you from behind in case anything goes wrong."

"However, Felice thinks that Big Brother should go to Xixiluca Sea! Felice does not want to waste Big Brother’s time." Felice shrunk in guilt.

Zhang Yang could have hug the little girl with love. The girl was so thoughtful! If Felice is an angel, the little Wei Yan Er would be the devil!

Zhang Yang smiled and pats her head gently. "Do not worry about Big Brother. Time is nothing for me."

"Okay!" Felice squeaked with delight.

She then morphed into her Dragonhawk form and shot downward to the land. Zhang Yang followed her closely from behind. As they reached a lower altitude, Zhang Yang noticed that he was approaching a sea of forest that spanned out as far as the horizons. The trees that grew in the forest were extremely tall; measuring up to at least 200 to 300 meters high! Aside from the color green, there was nothing else that Zhang Yang could see.

Felice flew freely and quickly, as if she knew where she was going. As Felice flew towards a fixed direction, her speed gradually increased to a point where Zhang Yang was unable to keep up. At a certain distance, Zhang Yang could have sworn that Felice’s wings were emitting bright radiant colors of the rainbow.

What was going on?

Out of the sudden, Felice dived downwards and submerged into the thick forest, disappearing completely from Zhang Yang’s line of sight. Luckily, she was not really gone. Felice’s icon was still visible in the mini-map. Zhang Yang was still able to chase after her.

After 3 to 4 minutes later, Felice stopped at a position. Zhang Yang went through several thick trees and came to her position easily as the trees were gradually growing sparsely around her position. Felice was standing close to a statue. There were no trees around the statue for several meters, making it a light beacon in the dark thick forest.

The stone statue was at least a hundred meters tall. If the tree were not taller, the statue would be extremely easy to spot from the sky. If Felice had not sense it, no one could possibly notice its presence.

Zhang Yang got down and walked towards the stone statue. After close examination, Zhang Yang was thrown away. Although there were green moss growing at most of the status, Zhang Yang could still recognize the face. The statue was craft in the image of the Goddess of War!

Felice was already in her human form. She stood silently and stared at the statue with eyes that speaks of longingness.

"Felice…" Zhang Yang called out to her, worried that she might be sadden.

"…could feel….energy inside…power. Its calling for Felice…" In trance, Felice did not respond to Zhang Yang call. She then slowly reached out her pearl white arms to touch the statue.

Zhang Yang was not paying attention to Felice. By then, when he had, he was already too late. Felice had already had her hands placed on the statue. Right then, both Felice and the statue glowed with a bright radiant light, forcing Zhang Yang to shut his eyes.

When he come to, Felice had disappeared. The statue however had somewhat renewed itself into a marbled, polished appearance.

Zhang Yang panicked.

"FELICE! WHERE ARE YOU! FELICE!" Zhang Yang shouted manically. Felice’s dot in the mini-map had disappeared. She was also not in her Battle Companion U.I. She was gone.

"Big Brother…"

Zhang Yang turned his head violently towards the direction of Felice’s soft voice.

"I am here." Her voice echoed in his head.

"Felice?! Are you trapped in the statue?! Don’t worry. Big Brother will get you out!"

"Do not fear. Felice is in a safe place. There is a feeling of happiness and sincerity from within. Felice is not in harm’s way…"

"What are you saying…?" Zhang Yang could not help but to feel worried.

"Big Brother…Felice will go to sleep now…Fear not Big Brother. For when Felice wakes up. Felice will be stronger. Felice could not explain why…Please leave Felice alone for a while…Felice will search for Big Brother when the time is ripe…"

The soft, sweet voice of Felice died down and she stopped talking.

With the intimate connection between the Goddess of War and Felice, Zhang Yang took Felice’s word for it. He believed that the goddess would do no harm to her. Zhang Yang was at a loss. Such an event had never occurred in his life nor his previous life. Perhaps, Felice was the one and only battle companion in the entire game with such a lore hidden.

Zhang Yang lingered for a bit and tried calling out to Felice. However, after several futile attempts, Zhang Yang brushed off some dried leaves that had settled on the statue and said, "You best take care of my little Felice."

Zhang Yang trusted that Felice will be true to her word and search for him when she was done with whatever that was going on within the statue. He summoned the Phoenix pet and shot to the skies, leaving the statue alone.

With Felice out of the picture temporarily, Zhang Yang was left alone in deafening silence. He then called the little brat out and teased her a little as a means of killing time. A was…rather fun to occasionally make fun of the little brat until she does her usual threat of unfriending you… biting your head off…or that sort.

After flying for close to seven to eight hours, Zhang Yang reached the borders of Xixiluca Sea. He continued towards the west to search for the palace under the water.

By the time Zhang Yang had reached where he was, Zhang Yang was only a dive and swim away from the Karxilor Palace, however, he chose to log out and wake up, for the time was already almost dawn. He had personally set a timer to wake him up at 6am, sharp. Zhang Yang got up, changed into his jogging attire and ran out of the mansion. He jogged to the nearest food stall and bought large bags of breakfast for the girls in his house. After breakfast, Sun Xin Yu went to work in her office and Zhang Yang went to his.

When he arrived to the office, he wanted to hide in his office to play some games after he was done signing a bunch of documents. However, when he came to the office, his secretary approached him and informed him of some matters. "Mr. Zhang. You have a visitor today. It’s Mr. Lin. The Deputy Section Chief of the City Municipal Council."

Zhang Yang frowned. Although it was unavoidable for him to mingle with a few government officials since he was involved in a multi-million dollar business, most of the matters that involved higher ups did not usually require his individual presence. Why would someone from the Municipal Council would want to talk to him? For worse, the Municipal Council was remotely related to the business world!

No matter how much he sighed, the person was already there waiting for him. There was no way that he could sent him away. Even though he had Sun Xin Yu supporting him, he could not afford to make new enemies when a few lesser devils were still haunting him!

Zhang Yang came into the lobby and into the guest room. There, sitting on the grand sofa, was a thin, scrawny middle-aged man who was puffing on a cigar. Sitting by his side was man with glasses. He was carrying a suitcase and was extremely well-mannered. Zhang Yang could tell since the man sitting posture was stoic and bares no resembles to that of a ruffian. The man was probably a secretary.

"Mr. Lin. Happy to meet your acquaintance." said Zhang Yang as he tried his best to be friendly.

The middle-aged man smiled and stood up from the sofa and held his hand out to shake Zhang Yang’s. However, before he could speak, the man with glasses raised his voice. "Mr. Zhang, how dare you allow Mr. Lin to wait for you! Do you know how busy is Mr. Lin?!"

Did the man just scolded him when he was the one who came unannounced?

Zhang Yang was not famous for being patient. In fact, since he had been playing too much games lately, when he feels a conflict that could not be solve by talking arise, he would use his sword to do the follow-up "talk". Zhang Yang eye widened with rage and he threw a killing glare towards the man who had just scolded him. Although he was not the kind of person that would pick a fight with random strangers, he would be the first to step on his head when he reaches his limit. Then again, as long as he is not the first person to throw the punch, Sun Xin Yu, the ultimate backup, would cover his sorry butt.

"Zhou!" Mr. Lin turned his head and silently muttered something towards him. The secretary immediately retreated to his back and kept quiet despite remaining visibly furious.

"Mr. Zhang. I am truly sorry for that. My visitation today was actually in a favor of another person. I’m inviting you to a tea party," said Mr. Lin.

Someone had sent a Deputy Section Chief from the City Municipal Council to send an invitation to a tea party to Zhang Yang. Whoever that person was, he was big time. It was a gesture to display his power.

Zhang Yang smiled. "Mr. Lin. You could have just make a simple phone call or let this Zhou guy to send me a message? I’m honored that you would willing to make some time just to visit me."

The man in glasses was still fuming with rage, and when he heard what Zhang Yang had just said, he was even furious! Mr. Lin was a man who was extremely powerful in the city! Him, being the secretary to such a man shared a portion of that power! Zhang Yang had purposely been provocative to shame him!

"Haha! Nonsense. The honor of serving the citizens, that is the greatest aim for me. Isn’t that what a public official is supposed to do?" Mr. Lin laughed.

Zhang Yang was thrown, the man could perhaps be a genuinely nice guy. If he stills reject his invitation, it would be an obvious act of hostility.

The three men left the building. Zhang Yang personally led Mr. Lin and Zhou the secretary out to their own private car. It was a black colored limousine and the car brought all of them around the city and arrived at a small upscale, uptown, grand, little tea shop. Although the little tea shop could seat not more than 10 people at a time, the place was heavily guarded with security. Zhang Yang knew about the place. It was only when he became the C.E.O of Silky Soft Holdings. Only those that are invited could visit the shop, and most of them were billionaire! Normal people like Fatty Han would not even have a chance to glance into the shop!

Inside the shop were hostess that beauty could rival Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue! They wore short little Qi Baos, fully emphasizing their voluptuous breasts and filled buns! Anyone could have mistaken this little shop for a 5 star grand hotel!

The beautiful hostess walked towards the car and opened the door. "Sir." The girl addressed with the utmost politeness. She then led all three of them towards the inside of the shop and towards the innermost part. Surprisingly, there was a room inside the shop which the lady gently knocked.

A manly voice roared from the inside saying, "Come in!"

Zhang Yang and the two other men entered the room and the hostess close the door behind.

The room was not big, but it was grand and was brimming with elegance. At the center of the room, there was a small tea table that Zhang Yang recognized that something that was handcrafted. Surrounding all corners of the room were four different types of sofa that spelled the word EXPENSIVE!

There were two young man sitting at the polar opposite of the room. In their embrace were hostess. They were indeed beautiful. Zhang Yang could not deny that perhaps his little john would love to have a little dig in their caves! One of them had even misbuttoned her clothing, allowing the fairness of her skin to expose to the men. If Zhang Yang were to guess, that particular girl just had her cavern system explored by the men in the room.

Sitting at the north of the room was a man that was roughly 26 to 27 years old. He had a handsome face. If he wanted he could have been a supermodel. When Zhang Yang came in, the man was still nonchalantly rubbing his hands underneath the girls’ dress, which made them moan and twitched.

Sitting at the south of the room was the man that Zhang Yang could have killed not too long ago.

"My. My. What a crowd!" Mr. Lin laughed. "Allow me to introduce everyone here. This man here is Young Master Ma Zhi Hua from the Ma Family from Beijing. That man is Liu."

"LIU (motherf*cking) WEI." Zhang Yang muttered his name. Zhang Yang clenched his fist. He interrupted Mr. Lin and raised his voice.

"I don’t know why you have to put up with such a dramatic action just to have me invited here. Perhaps you want me to see how pathetic you can be?"

"HAHAHAHA!" Ma Zhi Hua laughed as if Zhang Yang’s angry utterance was a joke. At that, his actions alone was a declaration that he was much powerful than Liu Wei. Liu Wei said nothing. He merely smiled awkwardly.

"Hm…Let’s see. If we were to talk about age, I guess…you should be calling me your cousin brother!" said Ma Zhi Hua, as he laughed again hysterically.

Zhang Yang bit down his anger. "F*CK YOU. If you’re my cousin brother, I’d rather be the father of a donkey!" Zhang Yang mentally scolded.