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Chapter 662: Brain Dead

Chapter 662: Brain Dead

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"I don’t recall there being a branch family." Zhang Yang commented coldly.

"I don’t see the reason that why she would tell you about it! After all, our family is the main branch!" Ma Zhi Hua denoted his statement with a stoic stance. "When I say "she", I meant my cousin sister. Sun Xin Yu."

Did he just claim to be Sun Xin Yu’s elder cousin?

Zhang Yang examined his behavior and believed his words. Such a statement could either be true, or he had the balls to proclaim something as absurd as him being the ruler of China. However, even if he were to marry Sun Xin Yu, there was some sort of feeling that he was unable to shake off. Now that this self-righteous bastard was there talking bullc*ck, Zhang Yang felt that he was no one being married into a royal family. Everyone will be looking and judging him.

"Zhang Yang…I…I’m asking for peace between us. Let us shake it off and forget whatever that had happened past." Liu Wei stood up and solemnly held out his hands. The look of regret and fear in his eyes were genuine.

Perhaps only then he had realized who Sun Xin Yu was and what she was capable off. Perhaps that was the reason he would voluntarily offer his "non-conditional surrender". Furthermore, would not be for the best of he make peace with his rival. Even though he did not seem to have any sort of enmity towards Ma Zhi Hua. If he had not made peace with Zhang Yang, it will be Liu Wei himself be digging his own grave.

Even if he wanted to, he could not forgive what Liu Wei had done to him in his previous life. He would rather die than allowing Liu Wei to get the better of him! So far, he had even hired private investigators to dig out every past crime that Liu Wei had commited. As long as the investigators find the evidence, Sun Xin Yu could act and catch the bastard, red-handed.

Zhang Yang ignored Liu Wei’s handshake and sat on an empty sofa. It was a deliberate move to declare that the war was not over.

Liu Wei sulked even harder and sat down to his seat with a long puff of angry breath. The girls that were his side attempted to console him but was awarded with a good slap to the face. Her fair white skin gained a red glowing palm mark.

"Fuh! Young Master Liu’s quite the man, isn’t he?" Zhang Yang scorned. He then lifted his index finger and gestured. "Come here, lady," said Zhang Yang with a soft, inviting voice. "Sit with me."

"You dare!" Liu Wei turned to the girl and snarled at her. He only dared to do so because the Liu Family was the dominant driving force in the region. Even if Sun Xin Yu was politically powerful, she had no power in the region. Her "reign" lay from afar and the Liu Family was the local dictator! With vast resources and fortune at hand, Liu Wei could do whatever he wanted there.

Liu Wei respected Sun Xin Yu even though she was generations after the real powerful members of the family. However, respect does not mean that he would surrender willingly and wait for his demise. Even the fish would struggle to break the net when it is caught.

The beautiful little hostess was conflicted. She knows that anyone who sets foot in the establishment was someone of power. Anyone of them would write her destiny. If she offends the wrong person, its either death or torture, figuratively and literally at the same time. Zhang Yang could see the look in her eyes that she had lost the will to stand on her own ground. She had become the toy that Liu Wei wanted, being thrown around like a valueless toy.

Zhang Yang felt the need to do something and he stood up immediately. Since Liu Wei had ordered the poor girl to sit by his side, she could not move without his permission. Hence, Zhang Yang waltzed over to the girl, dragged her by her hands, and brought her to his side without saying anything. He crossed his legs and threw a challenging stare at Liu Wei. If it was a fight of fists, no one in the room could take him, even if they were to jump at him at the same time.

Liu Wei was pissed. However, he knew when not to act. He too, had investigated about Zhang Yang and found out the man had been growing up with fist fights and street brawls. His martial arts was not something a man born with silver spoon sticking out of his butt could compete with. If he still insists on fighting, there will be a 90% chance that Zhang Yang would beat the living crap out of him, till his mother could not even recognize his face!

Furthermore, he had Sun Xin Yu supporting him! Even if Liu Wei is beaten senselessly, nothing would happen. He might only be the laughing stock among his peers! But back then, when he was in Shanghai, he was imprisoned for nothing! The memories of being in the cold dark cell still haunt him till this day. However, if he were to allow Zhang Yang to continue his insolent actions, he would lose his dignity!

As such, Liu Wei was thrown in between two difficult situations.

"HAHAHA! I like this man! As expected of the lover of my cousin!" Ma Zhi Hua laughed loudly. Ma Zhu Hua broke the tense up atmosphere by clapping happily. Liu Wei took the chance to back away from the "fight", allowing him to end his "move" with a mere scoff.

"Old Lin! Sit! Please sit down! Why are you still standing for?" Ma Zhi Hua was surprisingly proactive in reading the atmosphere of the room. He noticed that Mr. Lin and his secretary was shrinking away to a corner as Zhang Yang and Liu Wei were silently having their intense fight. Ma Zhi Hua was less than 30 years of age, yet he addressed Mr. Lin with such casualness that it expressed Ma Zhi Hua’s higher position.

Mr. Lin was an old veteran. He knew clearly when to keep his mouth shut to avoid unnecessary attention. He smiled and sat down on the last empty sofa.

Right then, when everyone was at the very least comfortable with their own skin, the door was opened and three hostesses came into the room. However, out of the three hostesses, only two had chosen to stay. Two of them sat at Mr. Lin and Liu Wei’s seat. Because the man with the glasses was a nobody, the girl had left the room, leaving the poor soul crying in his heart.

The two fresh blood hostesses came and one of them sat beside Liu Wei and the other sat beside Mr. Lin. Both of them immediately embraced the two men. Mr. Lin played it cool and played with the girl. Zhang Yang read his movements and could tell that Mr. Lin had been here before.

Liu Wei was still angry at Zhang Yang then. He dove his hands into the hostess’ dress and forcefully ripped the buttons of the Qi Bao. Her black laced undergarment was revealed to the world. Before she could do anything to fix her clothing, Liu Wei had brutally torn off her bra as well.

"Don’t you dare resist." Said Liu Wei coldly. The poor hostess was so frightened till her cheeks were drain of blood. She sat still like a doll, allowing the bastard to play with her exposed breasts.

Zhang Yang knows that what Liu Wei was doing. He knew that Liu Wei was trying to force Zhang Yang to throw the first punch. However, Zhang Yang could not act. The women who decided to get a job here know very wellll what they were getting themselves into. Before, if Liu Wei had thrown the first punch, Zhang Yang could still retaliate. But now…the degrading acts…wasn’t that what the girls have signed up for? Zhang Yang gritted his teeth in anger.

"HAHAHA! GOOD ONE!" Ma Zhi Hua laughed as he stared lustfully at the girl beside Liu Wei. He then turned to the girl by his own side and smile innocently. "Strip."

The hostess flinched. She must have been hoping that Ma Zhi Hua would not do the same thing. Without resisting, she started to reach for the buttons on her clothes and pulled her Qi Bao off.

Zhang Yang grew tired of the disrespectful acts and roared. "Young Master Ma. If you have something to say, say it now. I’m extremely busy with other matters."

"Hahaha!" It seems that laughing before saying anything is Ma Zhi Hua’s annoying habit. He did not turn to look at Zhang Yang, instead, he continued his demeaning plays with the girl beside him. "Recently, I joined the popular game ‘God’s Miracle’. And I’ve heard that you own a guild! A pretty powerful one at that!"

"That’s true. His guild is China’s strongest guild now," said Liu Wei.

Zhang Yang immediately raise an eyebrow. Was he expressing his wants to be invited to the guild? Zhang Yang mentally declined. Even if he had a full set of Celestial tier equipment, he would not allow such a troublesome fellow to be in the guild.

"Since you’re my cousin sister’s…consort? I’ll assume you’re one of the Ma Family. I’ll be frank. I’m interested in expanding my business into the game. When you get back, I want you to hand over the guild master position to me. Ah right, those two territories you own, I’ll take it as well." Ma Zhi Hua spoke his demands nonchalantly as if Zhang Yang’s fortune was nothing but worthless gifts.

Zhang Yang could have sworn that he had just popped a vein in his forehead. Was this man out of his mind? Was he brain dead? Doesn’t he know that Lone Desert Smoke was the world’s strongest guild? With the name itself, Zhang Yang could have gained countless of sponsorship requests! Doesn’t he know that the territory is as valuable as an oil rig!?

There were approximately 70 million players who have already set foot into the Chaos Realms. If every player had used the portal once a day, he would have earned 70 million gold coins daily! The cost price of the Energy Crystal to power the portals were so low that it was negligible to the profit earned! 70 million gold coins is as much as 25,500,000,000 dollars!

It was inevitable that there would be new Territory in the Chaos Realm itself, players moving between the two realms will reduce. However, there will always be new players coming into the game! Although there are only 70 million players in the Chaos Realm, there was a total of 300 million players in China! At most, in the next year, the profit that Zhang Yang would be earning will only increase!

Just who was the bastard that could casually ask someone to gift them 300 million dollars worth assets?!

Zhang Yang smiled through his suppressed anger. "Young Master Ma. I think you have too much melamine in your blood stream. Did you eat too much deep fried food that have been fried with recycled oil? How else would you speak out of your *sshole? No wait. You’re a young master that feeds off your parent’s hard work. All the food that you eat should be those greens or organic hipster stuff! Oh I see. Perhaps you had your head kicked by a donkey on your way here. In that case, why didn’t you go to the white house and asked to be a president for a few days?"

Everyone in the room froze. The secretary dude was sweating crazily. From his point of view, Zhang Yang must be someone out of a forest! Even he had to smile at every stupid comments and cold jokes of Mr. Lin. Even Mr. Lin would have to do the same to Ma Zhi Hua! Out of the blue, came a man named Zhang Yang that had insulted Ma Zhi Hua as if he knew no repercussion. Compared to that, the previous demeaning comments made by Zhang Yang back at Silky Soft Holdings were nothing!

"Acting tough now, eh?" Ma Zhi Hua uncrossed his legs and slammed the table hand. "Zhang Yang. I have you understand that Sun Xin Yu’s mother is my aunt. I am her favorite nephew. I can squash your dreams to marry Sun Xin Yu easily by saying a few words to her mother. Remember this, you’re nothing but a tiny weed. Without Sun Xin Yu’s help, you’re nothing!"

Zhang Yang scoffed. As expected a man who was born into a family of riches. The man was thinking with his groins! Since when did Sun Xin Yu marriage had anything to do with a mere cousin? This man’s self-righteousness is over the roof! Did he really think that he could control everything?

Without having a proper discussion about it, the man had blatantly expressed his intention to take away his family! Zhang Yang was done. He could not even find the urge to have a rational debate with the retarded, brain-dead, son of the beach. Zhang Yang stood up. Right before he was about to leave, he stopped his track and dragged the poor hostess out of the room with him.

Ma Zhi Hua crossed his leg and raised his voice one last time. "Zhang Yang. Don’t think that you can walk away from this. I’ll make sure that you’ll regret it."

"You might want to check your privilege there. I pray that you’re the one who will regret it." Zhang Yang walked out of the room and slammed the door.

Ma Zhi Hua slammed the table disgruntledly. Discontentment was written all over his face.

Liu Wei quickly consoled the man. There was a hint of a grin in the corner of his mouth. Liu Wei had paid the price, but he finally understood Sun Xin Yu’s background. The name of Sin Xin Yu’s real family was something that could shake the world of China’s politic. Even Liu Wei himself found it hard to believe.

If Zhang Yang was serious in taking him down, she could have just use Sin Xin Yu’s name and pressure the Liu Family easily despite having hundreds of millions of fortune in their hands.

Right then, he was extremely lucky to befriend Ma Zhi Hua, the branch family of the Sun Family.

Although the Ma Family shared a portion of the Sun Family fame, they were but Beijing’s lower tier. Their name and fortune were not something that would rival that of the Sun Family. However, due to someone in the Ma Family being married into the Sun Family, they had gained a boost in fame and power. Especially the new generations of the Ma Family, for they had used the Sun Family’s name to do what they want! The overly self-righteous Ma Zhu Hua was one of them.

In fact, Ma Zhi Hua was the idiot. A man that who no will of his own and acts with his instinct. He thought he was the smart one but it was Liu Wei who had planted words into his mind to take what Zhang Yang owned in the game. He had also used Sun Xin Yu’s name to trick Ma Zhi Hua to demand the things that he wanted from Zhang Yang. Liu Wei had made Ma Zhi Hua think that the things that he demanded were nothing but gifts. After all, aren’t they all virtual pixels?

Zhang Yang’s instant rejection was also part of his plans, but he had not expected Zhang Yang to bare his fangs at Ma Zhi Hua with such ferocity. However, Zhang Yang’s actions had saved him some time, for it was also part of his plan to have the two men ready to tear each other apart. By then, there will be an internal conflict between the Sun Family and the Ma Family. As such, although Liu Wei was just someone doing errands for Ma Zhi Hua, he was the real mastermind.

Internal conflicts would have to be settled quietly and discreetly, hence, no matter how bad it gets, it would not affect the Liu Family’s business.

In the end, Liu Wei was the smart person in the room. Or rather, the cunning snake.