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Chapter 665: The Dark Magician Brosh

Chapter 665: The Dark Magician Brosh

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"Heroes, I appreciate that you have taken the job. But, I have to ask. Do you really have what it takes to defeat the Dark Magician?" Ropolly was sitting on a magnificent throne and asked Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue worriedly. Sitting beside him was a noble woman, dressed in the grandest lady with her thick dress and fur coat. She was slightly younger than the baron himself. The lady was probably his wife.

Zhang Yang nodded. "I may not be strong, but I do have a band of friends. Together, we have killed countless evil and strong demons. Count. Rest assured that we will kill this Dark Magician that you speak off."

"Very well." Count Ropolly smiled with relief. "In that case, allow me to ask of you, my selfish request. Please make haste, for my 7-year-old daughter’s life rests in your hands."

‘Ding! Count Ropolly has a quest for you: Kill the Dark Magician. Will you accept it?’

Both Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue exchanged a look.

7 years old? What?!

Was the Dark Magician Brosh a lolicon? If he was, its really high time to kill his head, for the man’s brain is defunct!

The couple left the palace and Han Ying Xue asked. "Hmm…If you do put it in a different perspective, it’s like those 50 to 60 years old sugar daddies sleeping with those young 16-year-old sluts!"

Zhang Yang cringed a little at her example. Though it was roughly correct, it was still morally bad. Zhang Yang could not even imagine how would a rich, old, fat f*ck would manage to get a young girl to … and she would even take his old, rotten, limpy…into her…

Zhang Yang felt a cold shiver down his spine and sighed heavily. "I guessed the world has changed...Many would rather choose to cry in a Bugatti than laughing happily, sitting behind a bicycle. Humans had changed their concept of love from soul, spirit, to materialistic love."

Han Ying Xue understood what he was trying to say but she could not refute his words for she too was a little materialistic at times. "What are you sighing about!" Han Ying Xue tried to change the mood. "With your money, you can buy 365 Bugatti cars and have 365 girls warming up your driver’s seat. One car a day, 365 girls a year!" She slapped his back hard, although instantly regretting it since he was wearing a full metal plate cuirass.

They left the palace and rode towards the forest, west of the palace with the Phoenix. According to the quest guide, the supposed evil Dark Magician Brosh had set up his lair there.

"There’s one thing that I could not understand!" said Zhang Yang randomly. "Prostitution is illegal, right? And those who are caught will be prosecuted. However, how is that someone taking in a lover not a crime, but a mere morality problem? Could it be? After doing the big bam boom many times, it is no longer a crime?"

"…Hm…" Han Ying Xue went into deep thought.

"Perhaps…Ah. I got it. Having an affair does not involve monetary transactions! It is not a business!" said Zhang Yang as he had an epiphany.

"Dummy…! Are you thinking of having a lover?!"

"What are you talking about? I’m having two right now, aren’t I?"

"Stupid fool! I’ll bite you off next time!"

The two of them made dirty jokes at each other as they journeyed towards the forest. Following the quest indicator, Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue arrived at a small wooden hut, deep in the middle of the forest. Unlike most evil villain’s lair, the Dark Magician’s "lair" was rather…profoundly beautiful and peaceful. There was even a small garden of beautiful flowers planting outside his hut. However, there will always be something that can easily pinpoint a person’s true nature. In this case, there was a pair of bloodied hands sticking out of the earth, in the middle of the flower garden!

"Burn them all!" Zhang Yang patted the fiery bird’s forehead and commands it to torch the entire garden, along with the wooden hut.

As the flowers caught fire, the flames spread all over the garden instantly.

"KIYAAAAA—" Weirdly enough, the flowers started to shriek out loud as they wiggled around, trying to uproot themselves to run away. However, before it could even move, the flames of the Phoenix were so hot that the plants were all turned into ashes.

"Wha—What have you done!?" A middle-aged man, dressed in a black magician’s robe, with a dark purple-red magic staff in his hand, barged out of the house and roared at Zhang Yang in midair.

[Dark Magician Brosh] (Ethereal, Humanoid)

Level: 150

HP: 500,000,000

Defense: 9,950

Magic Attack: 45,314 – 55,314


[Shadow Arrow]: Deals 200% magic Shadow damage to a target. Instant cast. Cooldown: 2 seconds. Range: 40 meters.

[Dark Magician’s Curse]: Unleashes a condemning spell to inflict all targets within 40 meters. Has a chance to cause all target’s HP to fall to 30% in 10 seconds. Will not affect targets with 30% HP or less. Last for 1 minute.

[Abyssal Blast]: Deals 10,000 Shadow damage to all target within 40 meters of the caster.

[Magician’s Constitution]: Restore 1% HP every 30 seconds. Recovery rate will not be affected by any effect.

Note: A prodigy in magic. Excommunicated by the Arch Mages in the Magic Academy for dwelling too deep into the Dark Arts.

"Eat this! Shadow Arrow!" Brosh spun his staff around and blasted out a black skull that shot through the air and hit the Phoenix.

Zhang Yang was amazed. He had never seen a magic attack that could be cast at such a high speed. Zhang Yang did not even have enough time to dodge the attack and took 69,271 damage.

"Retreat!" Zhang Yang pulled back to create a large gap between him and the boss.

"Bastard! I will kill you all!" Brosh chased after Zhang Yang for some time before automatically turning back to the wooden hut as if nothing had happened.

After successfully escaping the battle, Zhang Yang returned to the wooden hut and equipped the [Party Summon Order] to bring in Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er, and the others.

Even when others might think he could, it was quite an impossible task for Zhang Yang to kill an Ethereal tier boss with Han Ying Xue alone. When the party was gathered, he explained the boss’ skills and shared the quest to kill the Dark Magician to everyone.

"Listen. When the boss uses the curse skill, he will also use the blast skill to instantly kill everyone around." Zhang Yang explained the crucial point to roughly pinpoint the boss’ killing skill.

"It will be tough. Unless we use our Transformation skills, we would only have 200,000 HP or so. 30% of that would only be around 70,000 to 80,000 HP. One single {Shadow Arrow} could kill us."

Zhang Yang shook his head. "An open-world boss is designed to handle a sea of players. However, I trust that with the battle mount and my [Vitality Aura], everyone should have just enough HP to take one damage tick before dying for real."

Zhang Yang added, "Keep the potions on hold. Only use it when the boss uses his curse skill or when your HP is less than 100,000. In this battle, survivability is key. We are trading firepower for HP now. Do not use the [Power Potion]."


Zhang Yang soared to the sky and commanded the Phoenix to torch the house again.

"D*mn you!" Brosh barged out of the house again and blasted a ball of black, arcane power. Miraculously, the fire was all sucked into the orb, immediately extinguishing all the flames and the amber that was on the wood. With malice, the boss glared at Zhang Yang and roared. "You won’t be getting away this time!"

The boss whistled loud and long into the sky. A dark cloud gathered in the high skies and a large skeletal dragon came bursting out of the clouds and descended down to the party. The dragon landed gracefully beside Brosh and treated him like its true master. The Ghastly Dragon was slightly smaller in size compared to the Ghastly Frost Dragon they had fought a while back. Still, it was several hundreds of meters long as it laid down like a mountain.

Brosh leaped upwards and rode the dragon. The dragon flapped its massive boney wings upward. Luckily, the boss may have flight capabilities, but it did not gain the buffs like players do. Looks likes the dragon was there, merely to provide flight power to the boss and not to increase the boss’ power and HP.

Zhang Yang rose to the sky and charged towards the boss. Almost everyone’s Inheritance Transformation skill was on cooldown. With that in mind, the only hopes to win the battle was through brute force and strong endurance.

Then again, the boss had only 500 million HP. The amount of HP recovered per second would be less than 170,000. Right then, Zhang Yang’s party combined DPS was at least 370,000. Technically, they would have to last for 40 minutes to kill the boss. Again, that was theoretical. If any of the party members are killed by the boss during the fight, the battle will be dragged longer.

If the battle does get dragged longer, the number of factors that could effect the battle will increase. If the boss chains his skills on and on, the chances of the party being killed completely will be absolute.


The boss soared to the sky and blasted a black ray, damaging Zhang Yang first.

"I’ll turn you all into fertilizers for my precious flowers!" Brosh yelled with anger. He then spun his staff in midair again and cast a black skill on every player. Everyone was afflicted by the boss’ curse.

"You pervy uncle! You wouldn’t even spare a young 7 year old girl! I’ll never forgive you! You son of a b*tch!" Wei Yan Er brandished her axe and roared at the boss.

"Son of a what…? Where did you learn that word from?!" Zhang Yang frowned.

"Hahaha! What do you know, young girl!?" Brosh laughed manically. He then did the same thing that every villain does when they thought they had the upper hand, and that is to reveal their secret plan. "Sheeny…that young maiden is a rare specimen! A rare kind of human! If I can make her my bride, I can sacrifice her soul to the Dark Lord! He shall grant me the power of the abyss!"

So…it was made clear that the villain still had some dignity to him. He was not a perverted lolicon, but a man who was obsessed with power.

Wei Yan Er pouted her lips and said, "My dorm mates! She told me that a son of a b*tch is a bad guy! Noob tank! I think you may have the potential to be a son of a b*tch as well!"

Zhang Yang was a little pissed off at the little brat. However, he was more worried about the little girl’s future. If she continues hanging out with the wrong crowd, she would be corrupted! Perhaps, its time to have her stay at home instead of the university dorm!

"Succumb to the power of the abyss!" Brosh raised his magic staff up high and blasted a dark shockwave towards all directions. Everyone was instantly hit by the skill and received 100,000 damage, dropping all their HP bellow the red line.

Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart got to work and quickly cast all their AoE healing skills. With three healer type Battle Companions participating in the battle, the party’s HP was slowly raised back up.

"Aiyayaya!" Just when Wei Yan Er wanted to swing her axe, her HP suddenly dropped down by a large amount. The HP that Han Ying Xue had just restored was all reduced down to 30%. Luckily, the boss had only just used {Abyssal Blast}, hence the little brat would not need to waste her health potion.

The curse’s triggering rate was random, yet high. It was infrequent but players will have their HP suddenly dropped down to 30%. With the curse still in its active duration, both Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart had to work extra hard.

"Don’t bother to heal us to full! Just keep us all at 100,000 HP and above! Enough for one shot of {Abyssal Blast}!" Zhang Yang cried.

It was a good strategy since after the curse was inflicted, having 100% or 31% does not matter for the curse effect will reduce the affected players HP to a fixed 30% flat line. It would be a waste to have their HP fully restored. Hence, Zhang Yang had ordered Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart to keep an eye on everyone’s HP and heal them up to at least 100,000 HP.