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Chapter 670: Charge Up Strike

Chapter 670: Charge Up Strike
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Upon visiting Gilstein, Felice had advanced up to the level of an Ethereal Tier. She looked almighty from all sides. The scene of her wiping out a large number of players from The Myth mesmerized the players who witnessed her actions in the surroundings. They truly believed that Zhang Yang had acquired this powerful Battle Companion by giving his blood to a statue.

The rumors spread on. Countless players went to the Goddess of War’s Statue and cut their wrists as well. They even needed to fight their way through in order to get close to the statue!

Some players who knew about the lore of ‘God’s Miracle’ immediately pointed out that the statue was actually the statue of the Goddess of War who had fallen during ancient times. After confirming the fact, the players became even more obsessed than they ever could. Was this the reason why Felice was so powerful? Was it because she had a direct connection to the gods in the ancient times?

Most players actually believed that there was a chance to get a similarly powerful Battle Companion and become all powerful like Zhang Yang!

For the next few days, countless players died from blood loss. White lights were seen flashing one after another because players were sent to the Graveyard upon their deaths for being total idiots.

As time passed, most of the players finally recovered from their insanity and obsession towards the idea, because no one ever succeeded in summoning a second ‘Felice’. However, there was still a small number of players insisting that the method they used might not be correct. Or maybe they were not giving enough blood to the statue. Rumors about using different methods spread across the server like cancer. A few days later, so many versions of methods had been told across the server: For instance, a player must give blood to the statue while masturbating. Well, this was thought true because Zhang Yang was rumored to be masturbating at the statue while he was giving his blood to it at the same time...

The ridiculous farce went so far that the official was forced to step up and make a statement. The official had to post an official announcement on the forum just to end the farce.


Not only Zhang Yang could transform himself into his {God of War Transformation}, his Battle Companion and his pet could also transform themselves! Would there still be someone on equal ground with Zhang Yang when he is so much more powerful than he already was?

The slight kink of the current situation was that the two Transformation Skills on Felice shared the same cooldown period. In other words, she could not activate both of her Transformation Skills consecutively right after her first activation. Because the cooldown for each Transformation Skills was 72 hours, Felice would have to wait for that long before she could activate another Transformation Skill on her. Well, if she could just activate one Transformation Skill and activate another one after the first one ended, Felice would be too broken for the game! She would become too much to handle for anyone, including Zhang Yang! Anyway, if the three of them activated their Transformations at the same instance, would anyone still be able to handle them?

On the ranking board, Zhang Yang had become absolutely invincible. When he activates his Transformation Skill at the same time as his Phoenix, no one could defeat him. With an additional Felice who could also activate a Transformation Skill? Her presence had just secured Zhang Yang’s Number One more firm than ever! Of course, only Zhang Yang and Fatty Han could attain a double activation of Transformation Skills in one battle. In the not so far future, maybe Hundred Shots would join under their ranks. Although players with Transformation Skill were powerful, they would still be taken out cold if they were to battle an army of hundreds of thousands.

Felice managed to unseal another one of her seals after she came out from the Goddess of War’s Statue. Her Tier had advanced up to the Tier of Ethereal while her Attribute Growth Star points had increased from 10 stars to 11 stars! In other words, Felice would receive an additional 10% effect on the attributes that any Battle Companion equipment had to offer. The perks she now had were so many times better than before when she only had 5 stars or 6 stars!

With Felice joining his team again, Zhang Yang managed to grind his level at an even faster rate. However, those lazy bumps like Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er were beginning to rely on him after seeing Felice’s performance. They kept requesting Zhang Yang to join their party in grinding their levels. Even though their Attack powers were not weak, who could compete with Zhang Yang in term of Attack power! So instantly, these b*tches held Zhang Yang back and reduced his efficiency in grinding his level.

Even so, Zhang Yang did not mind it at all. If he is the only one who reaches Level 140 first, he would have to wait for the others to reach Level 140 as well. There would be no fun in that at all. Regardless of whether it was the big battle coming up in the War Canyon or the dungeons, everything involved team effort.

Under the supervision of Zhang Yang, his gang was improving at a monstrous rate. Their levels were increasing rapidly over a short period of time! Well, it would not be a surprise actually, because they were pretty actually pretty good players, to begin with. In the meantime, Fantasy Sweetheart finally acquired her Succubus Inheritance. The party became complete with everyone having their very own Inheritances! Moreover, the lowest Class among their Inheritance were Class B! The lineup of the party had now become formidably strong and powerful!

Time passed quickly. They did not even realize that it was already the beginning of May. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang became the very first who reached beyond Level 140. His Strength alone did not improve much. After all, he had not been able to get higher Tier equipment for himself to equip. However, his Phoenix pet had reached Level 140 and its power level had advanced up to the Tier of Ethereal. That was some quality change happening there!

Currently, the DPS of Phoenix pet had reached up to 40,000 damage. Its Maximum HP under the influence of the {Vitality Aura} had reached up to 645,870 HP! On the other hand, the highest HP and Defense of Felice in her Humanoid Form could reach up to 710,450 HP and 9,419 Defense. When she is in her Dragonhawk Form and her Spectral Tiger Form, her Maximum HP could reach up to 446,010 HP and 535,200 HP respectively. Her DPS while in both forms was approximately 50,000 damage. The difference was not that big.

When Felice is in her Dragonhawk Form, she could be treated as an individual existence of a Spellcaster. Her Maximum HP would become the lowest among her attributes while her Damage output would become the highest among all her attributes. While she is in her Spectral Tiger Form, she could be treated as a Berserker on the battlefield. Her Maximum HP could become higher than the Maximum HP that she would have when she is in her Dragonhawk Form. At the same time, her Attack power would be a little lower than her Attack power while she is in her Dragonhawk Form as well.

Most importantly, these two Transformation Forms could solve the issue for Felice while she battles Natural-type and Fire-type bosses. With her weakness out of the way, she could unleash her potential to the fullest! Zhang Yang also believed that Felice would be getting more Transformation Forms when her third Seal is unsealed!

Currently, the Attack power of Felice had exceeded the Attack power of the Phoenix pet by a large gap. However, Phoenix pet excelled in normal Attack, Defense, and higher HP. If the two of them clashed in battle, there was no telling who would come up top just yet!

When Zhang Yang reached Level 140, the Officials immediately introduced the topic of the War Canyon. They introduced the details and entry requirements of the War Canyon to everyone on the public forums. Therefore, everyone understood that they must acquire Number One in the Region War in order to get a chance of acquiring the First Clear of the Death Abyss’s Hardcore Mode!

None of the players were slacking off after knowing about the criteria to enter the War Canyon. They were grinding their levels harder than they could. The War Canyon would be unlocked once the number of Level 140 players hit 1,000. It did not state that each state must contribute in such regard. However, if one Region could become significantly powerful that they could gather 1,000 Level 140 players before the other Regions, then all they needed to do was to allocate 1,000 players into the War Canyon and stand there for 2 hours long. They could just easily claim victory over the Region War staying idle in the War Canyon!

Of course, that scenario was too unreal to even think about it. Well, whichever Region with the most players reaching Level 140 would stand a higher chance of winning the Region War. Players from all around the world were trying to reach Level 140 to unlock the War Canyon. It did not matter how many Level 140 players each Region could contribute. As long as the number of Level 140 players in the entire game hits 1,000, the War Canyon would be unlocked. When that happens, only be 1,000 players from all Regions could join the Region War in the War Canyon. Hence, the Region with the most Level 140 players could join the Region War with more players. Because if they could allocate more Level 140 players into the War Canyon for the Region War, they could easily triumph over the other Regions. Meanwhile, the other Regions would be facing a deficit in the number of Level 140 players on their sides. Maybe they could only allocate 80, 70 or even 40 players in the Region War. They would not even stand a chance if that is really the case!

No one would want their Region to face that sort of crisis. Therefore, every available Top Tier player on each Region worked extra hard. They tried their best to reach Level 140 for their Region. After all, one man's loss is another's gain. It would not matter the number of Level 140 players from which Region surpass the requirement by the end of the contest, the War Canyon would be unlocked when there are 1,000 Level players in the entire server.

Upon reaching Level 140, Zhang Yang went to see God of War Ares to learn new Skill. Ever since he reached Level 120, Zhang Yang could only learn one new Skill every time his level increases by 20 levels. It was so long ago since he last visited Ares. He almost forgot the exact location of the cave!

The new Skill that Ares was going to teach Zhang Yang was called ‘Charge Up Strike’. However, the name did not suggest what the Skill had to offer.

[Charge Up Strike]: Feints a blow on the target. Target will receive no damage at all. Charges Strength. Gets prepared for the next attack. The next attack will certainly be a Critical Hit. Increases additional 50% to Damage Dealt as well. Effect lasts for 2 seconds at most. Cooldown: 1 minute.

Although this Skill also shared the same cooldown as the other Skills, the next hit would be guaranteed a Critical hit. It could really give Zhang Yang some benefit in some sense. Moreover, the Skill could also increase an additional 50% damage!


As each day passed, there would be more notifications about new players achieving Level 140. Without anyone noticing, the number of Level 140 players soon reached 1,000!

May 26th, 8:45 p.m, the server began to post the notification saying that there were now 1,000 Level 140 players in the entire server. The great Region War in the War Canyon would be held at 9 p.m on the next day. Players who intend to join the Region War must sign up, 10 minutes before the event.

Snow Seeker, Greensleeves Prince, One Sword Stroke and the other guildmasters of the Top Tier Guild went to see Zhang Yang. They had a meeting to discuss about strategy and tactics to use for the Region War and to find out the benefits of cooperating with each other --- with the current number of players with Inheritance in each guild, they could easily conquer a Hardcore Mode of a dungeon. If they could determine the benefits they were signing up for, they believed it would be wiser of them to cooperate. Each of the guilds was one of the best in the entire China Region. If they organized and delegated on the clearing up the sub-dungeons, they could acquire the First Clear of the dungeon in no time. However, if they competed against each other to clear one dungeon, they would waste too much time on slaughtering their own while the other weaker guilds might snatch the First Clear of the dungeon under their noses.

Zhang Yang did not have much experience on managing strategies for large-scale battles. Fortunately for him, he had Mountain Mover on his guild. Moreover, Mountain Mover had also reached Level 140 under the guidance of Zhang Yang. Although he was not particularly skilled in single combat, Mountain Mover was extremely good at arranging strategies and commanding troops. Because of him, Zhang Yang did not have to torture his brain to think something up.

He pushed Mountain Mover out to the front as he sat back with his arms folded around himself. Well, all he needed to do was to be the best fighter on the battlefield, nothing more!

The Battle Royale in the War Canyon would just be like the Individual Ranking Competition. Upon entering the battle, the cooldown of all Skills would all be reset. Moreover, the cooldown of Skills would not be brought out of the battle as well. In simpler words, after a player activates a Skill, the Skill would be under cooldown. However, if the player gets out from the Region War, the cooldown of the Skill would be reset. Or else, the situation among the guilds would be filled with doubt. Because if that wasn’t the case, everyone who takes part in the war would not be able to use their Transformation Skills after using them for the Battle Royale.

"I want a fight, right now!"

"Why is it not beginning yet?"

"Hmm, you look like an ugly horse, noob tank!"

The grand battle was about to begin. Wei Yan Er could no longer hold herself back. She ran out of patience and muttered on and on. She even tried to ridicule Zhang Yang with her immature words. Zhang Yang had returned the {Dragon Slayer Battle Axe] back to the little brat some time ago. However, the party only managed to slay a small number of high Tier bosses. Even though their equipment had improved, but the improvement was not much to tell.

‘Ding! You can now enter the War Canyon to join the battle!’

Zhang Yang’s vision blurred for a second. Instantly, he found himself in the middle of an unfamiliar canyon. He brought up his map to take a look. The interior of the canyon was actually similar to the design of the Gagaro's Mist map. However, there were only 8 paths instead of 12.

Every path led to the central point. There, players would find some defensive facilities such as mini Magic Cannons. Each blow could deal 100,000 Chaos Damage to anyone who gets caught in the middle of the blast. The blast from the cannon could spread out to an area of 10 meters squared. The cooldown of these Magic Cannons was only 30 seconds. The best thing about the cannons was that they had unlimited ammo!

Whoever who conquers the central point of the map could secure those defensive facilities for their own usage. They would be able to deal even more damage to their opponents. The winning party would be determined based on the number of players they kill. The party that could kill the most would be deemed as the winner. Therefore, these defensive facilities would play a significant role in aiding the players in claiming victory over the war.

Moreover, Graveyards were located on either end of the pathways. Whenever a player from any Region is killed, they would be sent back to their respective Region's Graveyard. They would need to run all the way to central point all over again just to kill or be killed once again.

There was also a special Graveyard located right in the middle of the center point on the map. Whichever party that conquers the central point would be able to use the special Graveyard to resurrect. By doing so, they would no longer have to run all the way back from the start when they die.

Therefore, the key to winning this war would lie in whether a party conquers the central point of the map, or not.