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Chapter 671: Exposing the Atrocious Side

Chapter 671: Exposing the Atrocious Side
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Of course, it would not mean that victory is claimed after a party managed to secure the center point. They would still have many other problems to worry about.

Yes, they would take control of the defensive facilities and the special Graveyard which would enable them to jump straight back into the battle without having to run through the entire pathway. However, the Region who gets hold of the center point would have to face the assaults from the other 7 Regions! The players able to stand on this map were all players that had been filtered out by the system, based on their equipment Tier. The system would only deem those who had higher Tier equipment on them to be eligible to enter the War Canyon. Therefore, the standard of the players from all Regions should not differ greatly among themselves.

By taking the advantage of the defensive facilities and the special Graveyard at the central point, one Region could possibly perform a 1 vs 2, or even 1 vs 3. But 1 vs 7? That would be...

The situation of this battle would be similar to playing a game of chess. One would need to adopt and discard a pawn with a critical eye. Even though one Region might take down the center point, it would not mean they would have to defend the spot to their very end. After all, the criteria of winning the first place in the contest was to kill as many enemies as they could.

Slaughter, that was the main theme of this war, after all!

Furthermore, defending the central point would not be the only way to win. They could also send a small strike team and ambush players at their Graveyards. The weakened players will surely be massacred before they can fully recover! Unless the numbers of players resurrecting far outnumbered the strike force, the strike team would be able to camp at the spot, leisurely killing off everything that spawned there!

Moreover, it would be extremely difficult to snitch out a few Thieves in their Stealth Mode in a canyon that was at least 50-meters wide!

In a nutshell, there were multiple means of claiming victory in the battle.

This would be the first grand battle in the War Canyon. Although there were actually more than 1,000 players beyond Level 140, it would not mean that each Region would be able to allocate 100 players to join the war. Powerful Regions such as China Region, Europe Region, North America Region and India Region would allocate about 120 or even 130 players to join the war. From that excessive number, the system would pick the 100 players with the best equipment.

However, Regions that were ‘wretched’ such as Japan-Korea Region could only afford to send 76 players. They had no choice at all but to send as many good players as they could. That number was the best that they could do for the moment.

It was only 5 minutes before the beginning of the battle. The 100 players from China Region were listening to every command of Mountain Mover. Everyone could only stay by their respective Graveyards before the battle begins. There was no way that they could head for the center point now.

Mountain Mover had checked on the information that the Officials provided. Hence, he had a deep understanding on the terrain of the area and the competition rules. With sufficient information, he could work his brain to his fullest potential.

However, the 100 players from the China Region might not be on the same page. After all, they were cobbled together from many top Tier guild in China Region. There were also 7 to 8 players who did not belong to any guild. They were feeling superior of themselves. They actually believed that they could take down the world on behalf of China Region all by themselves. Even though they could not leave the beginning point just yet, they were already staring far into the sky. They were not listening to everything that Mountain Mover was saying.

A tough rival beats you and a piggish teammate f*cks you up!

Zhang Yang did not expect anything from these piggish people. If each of them could just contribute by killing a few players, that would be more than sufficient.

After preparing for the battle, the grand battle finally began! Upon the system notification ‘Ding!’ -- the air walls right before everyone vanished. Everyone could now move around at will.

The map restricted players from flying. However, they could still get on their Flying Mounts and perform a close-to-land glide. It would not break the rule as long as they keep themselves at a low level. However, it would be impossible for players to fly over to another pathway where the other Regions were on.

The only way to get over to the other pathways was by going through the center point of the map.

Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were leading the others in the front. They were on their Phoenix pets, so they were able to glide forward at a super high speed! Currently, no other players had an Ethereal Tier pet mount. Mythical Tier pet mounts were extremely hard to come by. In the meantime, the Phoenix pets were actually much faster than the other pets of the same Tier. Now that their Tier had been advanced up to the Tier of Ethereal, their speed had increased even further. Though the increase was not significant, it was enough to showcase the advantage that the Phoenix pets had over the other pets.

On the large map, players from each Region were represented by flash dots of different colors. China Region players had their names in red, Europe Region players were yellow, North America Region were blue, Japan-Korea Region were orange, Australia Region were green, South America Region were purple, Africa Region were black, and India Region were white.

Everyone who was looking at the map could see clearly that two red dots approaching the center point at a speed so fast, that everyone was shocked!

According to information that the Official provided, the method of securing the center point was to plant a flag in the middle of the Graveyard. The players should protect the flag for two minutes without having the flag removed from its position. Any intrusion on the process would cause the progress to reset. The players would have to do the whole thing all over again when that happens. Furthermore, only one flag could be planted in the middle of the Graveyard at a time. If other players wished to plant their flags in the middle of the graveyard in the center point, they would be required to destroy the first flag before you could do that.

The process of planting a flag would require 10 seconds. If the player who is planting the flag ever receives any damage while he is in the middle of doing it, the process would be interrupted immediately.

However, even though Zhang Yang and Fatty Han were able to be the first to plant their flag, they were still not up to the standard that they could go 2 minutes ahead of everyone. After planting their flag on the center point, they would not be able to use all the defensive facilities and the neutral Graveyard just yet. At the same time, they would have to face the full assaults from the other 7 Regions!

That was one big issue that everyone attempting to secure the center points for their own use would have to face. After all, the center point was the one neutral point that everyone would want to secure for themselves.

Fortune favors the bold. Even though the process of acquiring the central point was extremely challenging, whichever Region that could get the central point would acquire a large advantage over the other Regions. That was a reason that was worth risking for!

Nevertheless, Mountain Mover did not put all his hope on securing the center point. In the meantime, he arranged a small and agile task force to infiltrate the Graveyard on the pathway of Japan-Korea Region. Well, the task force would be able to stay hidden the moment they entered the center point. Moreover, 19 players standing by at the Graveyard of the Japan-Korea Region was enough to wreck havoc on the players of Japan-Korea Region.

The moment Zhang Yang and Fatty Han entered the central point of the map, they quickly took out their flags that were given by the system earlier on and planted it right in the middle of the neutral Graveyard.

‘Ding! China Region is taking over the neutral Center Point. If their flag is not destroyed within 2 minutes, the neutral Center point will be secured by the China Region!’

The 10-second process of planting the flag was over. The system immediately notified every single player on the War Canyon map with a notification.

Zhang Yang let out a roar and activated his {God of War Transformation}. His also had his Phoenix pet activate its {Phoenix Transformation} while Felice activated her own {Dragonhawk Berserk}. On the other hand, Fatty Han also activated his {Vampire Transformation} and his Phoenix pet activated its {Phoenix Transformation}. By doing so, they had increased their forces from having 2 Inheritance Transformations activated to having 5 Inheritance Transformations activated. Nevertheless, the lineup was 1 Class S and 4 Class B super powerful Inheritance Transformations!

It would take quite a toll before anyone takes down such a powerful lineup!

Other players did not have a Phoenix pet of their own, but they were not too far behind. About 40 seconds after Zhang Yang and Fatty Han planted their flags, players from other Regions were already within the visible range of Zhang Yang and Fatty Han.

"Fatty, our priority will be guarding this flag! Not killing our enemies!" Zhang Yang did not charge towards the enemies. Instead, he was levitating 2 meters high up from the ground, fluttering his wings. He stayed low above the ground so that he won’t be too far from the flag.

"You still cannot trust me? I’m your brother-in-arms!"

"That’s right! I can’t!"

"F*ck you! You’re a bad friend, you know!"

While the two of them were teasing and laughing at each other, the first wave of the enemy assault reached them! The players charging from other 7 pathways were not of the same Region. However, they were very united in doing one thing right now, to lay waste on Zhang Yang and Fatty Han only! They did not slaughter each other, for now.

Everyone began to activate their Inheritance Transformation Skills. There was no reason to hold back anymore! The battle would only last for 2 hours. The duration of Inheritance Transformation Skills were 2 hours as well. Moreover, players who are killed will have the cooldowns of all their Skills reset upon their resurrection on the Graveyards. Therefore, everyone sent their most powerful Skills they could use at their enemies. Everyone would definitely have enough time to perform to their fullest potential with their Inheritance Transformation Skills activated!

Zhang Yang let out a battle cry and swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] and charged towards an unwitting Spellcaster. With his wings spread open, he moved extremely swift. In just a blink of an eye, he already arrived before the Spellcaster was ready to strike! He thrust his sword straight at the Spellcaster, leaving no quarter for the Spellcaster to dodge. As the momentum of his sword struck the Spellcaster in his face, and he received approximately 260,000 damage.

The Rage Bar was filled up instantly. Zhang Yang struck out again with another swing of his sword upon activating his {Charge Up Strike}!

The sword swung by without hitting anything. No damage was caused upon the Spellcaster. Of course, the Spellcaster was extremely shocked, followed by a sense of joy. He thought that Zhang Yang had missed! The Spellcaster was a Pyromancer. He immediately began chanting his spell, trying to activate his {Heart of Flame}.

{God of War Heavy Axe}!

Right after the 1-second shared cooldown, Zhang Yang thrust his weapon again at the Spellcaster. With his most powerful Skill which could let him deal the most damage, he caused an immense damage to the poor guy.


What the hell was that? The Spellcaster had a Class B Inheritance that could increase his Maximum HP by 20 times, but his Base HP was approximately 170,000 HP. Upon activating his Inheritance Transformation, he could boost his HP up to 3,400,000 HP. With the additional boost of his mount, he could get another boost which could provide him an additional 80,000 HP at most, leaving him with a total of approximately 3,500,000 HP.

However, Zhang Yang took out 76% of his total HP with merely two strikes! That two strikes almost got the Spellcaster into the ‘Killing Cleave’ stage! The Spellcaster was terrified of what just happened to him. He had no choice but to stop his chanting and activate his {Ice Barrier} instead. Powering himself up with a 10-second invincible effect, he managed to keep himself alive for now.

Other players in the surroundings had no way of seeing the Spellcaster’s HP bar and the damage that Zhang Yang dealt on the poor Spellcaster. They thought that the Spellcaster was just a half-baked player that did not activate his Inheritance Transformation Skill. They looked at the Spellcaster with scorn: Inheritance Transformation Skills would require no money to activate, why would this imbecile be trying to save it then?

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and fluttered his colorful wings again. He made his way to another Berserker. That Berserker was attempting to reach the China Flag that was planted in the middle of the center point.


Zhang Yang clashed into the Berserker and stunned him. With his [Sword of Purging Devourer] swinging again, he was ready to strike down his enemy. Right before the sword could reach the Berserker, Wei Yan Er arrived at the center point in her ‘dark mist’ form. With her {Strength Aura} kicking in at the perfect moment, Zhang Yang’s Strength received a boost of 14%! Immediately, the Berserker received a damage of 290,000 damage.

{God of War Devastation}!


Unfortunately, it was not a Critical Strike. There was no additional 50% damage on that strike as well. It was just normal Skill attack with additional 300% damage. That strike only managed to deal approximately 860,000 damage to Zhang Yang’s target. It was 3 times weaker than the initial amount of damage Zhang Yang could have dealt.

Zhang Yang could only shake his head and sigh. In the meantime, the Berserker from Europe Region was cursing the ‘f’ word repeatedly in terror. Well, he also had a Class B Inheritance like the Spellcaster. Although the HP of a Berserker was a little higher than the HP of a Spellcaster, this Berserker only had approximately 4,100,000 HP. One simple strike from Zhang Yang had managed to take out 25% of his entire HP bar! One word... ouch!

He quickly reacted and began to strike back. Swinging his battle axe straight towards Zhang Yang at his full strength, he managed to land his axe on Zhang Yang’s body. However, he only had a Class B Inheritance and his equipment were basically Mythical Tier. Let’s give him some credit and say he has one or two pieces of Ethereal equipment on him, his Basic Attack could only reach up to 130,000 damage at its best. On the other hand, Zhang Yang already had over 43,400 Defense! That strike from his axe only caused about 60,000 damage to Zhang Yang. The HP bar of Zhang Yang did not even move a little! Well, how significant could a 60,000 damage be for a 20,000,000 HP? Insignificant!

What the hell... that is really insane!

This was a battlefield. Zhang Yang would not play some 1 VS 1 match with his opponents. He commanded Phoenix pet and Felice to join in the battle as well. The three of them pummeled the Berserker.

The poor Berserker was now in a 3-on-1 fight against 3 transformed entities! The worst part of it was that one of it was a Class S Inheritance while the firepower of the other two were as powerful as a Class B Inheritance! Truth be told, Felice and the Phoenix pet were both as powerful as the Tier of Ethereal. They could have completely oppressed 99% of the players in the entire game in terms of ‘equipment Tier’. Only a small number of players who had obtained Ethereal Tier equipment could stand against the two of them in terms of DPS.

Under the insane bombardment of the assaults from three powerful beings, the Berserker got beaten up to death within tens of seconds even though he had over 4,000,000 HP! Well, he did activate his Healing Skill. However, his Healing Skill was more of a heal-over-time effect than a huge lump sum. Hence, his HP bar was emptied out after the Healing Effect only got to tick once!

Atrocity! It was necessary to reveal the atrocious side!

Everyone in the surroundings immediately felt a chill up their spines for good!