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Chapter 672: One Trouble after Another

Chapter 672: One Trouble after Another
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Zhang Yang single-handedly took out a player with a Class B Inheritance who already activated his Transformation Skill in merely tens of seconds! Judging by the looks of it, Zhang Yang could do the same to 90% of the players his the surroundings in a brief period of time! After all, the number of players with Class A Inheritance and Class S Inheritance was extremely low. The majority of the players who made it into the War Canyon were basically players with Class B Inheritances.

"Take out Zhan Yu first!" Players from all other Regions immediately agreed on one thing.

It was futile for Zhang Yang to hide his character information at that point. Every single top Tier player already knew that there was only one player in the entire world who could raise a shield while holding a two-handed weapon in the other hand. Furthermore, his Phoenix pet had given up his identity to whoever was in the surroundings.

Zhang Yang had no fear at all. He activated his {God of War Shield} immediately. By doing so, his Damage Immune had reached up to 40% while his Defense acquired another additional 40,000 Defense. Meanwhile, he also acquired additional 40% Resistance. Upon getting boosted up by all those effects, Zhang Yang became the very existence of a Human Weapon! There were only 6 Class S Inheritances in the entire world. Not to mention that each of those Inheritances could be obtained by only one player. Once the specific player has obtained the specific Class S Inheritance, there would not be a same second specific Class S Inheritance for others to grab. Based on its uniqueness, the power of the Class S Inheritance was of course not a joke at all. The power level of a player with a Class S Inheritance would be significantly higher than those who wield Inheritances of lower Classes.

The full force of the China Region had caught up at the center point. Zhang Yang could finally release himself from the duty of guarding the flag. It would be a squander of talent if Zhang Yang remained alone to defend the flag. Just take a good look at his lethality!

Zhang Yang charged into the crowd of his enemies like a tiger lunging into a herd of sheep. The moment he landed among them, he unleashed every possible assault that he could do to them. A normal attack from the swing of his sword could cause at least 250,000 damage! Furthermore, Felice and Phoenix pet were not standing idle at the side. They were also supporting Zhang Yang in causing havoc to the enemy players! The assault from the three of them was so aggressive and deadly that even players with their Inheritance Transformations activated could not hold themselves up against them.

Regardless of how high Zhang Yang’s Damage Immune was, he could not hold long against the bombardment of assaults from so many players at the same time. Not to mention that these players have already activated their Inheritance Transformations! Though players were not allowed to fly in the War Canyon, the players could still keep their heads low and glide across the area on their Flying Mounts. They could still float themselves in midair while launching their assaults at Zhang Yang. With appropriate formations, they could utilize the space and launched their assaults at Zhang Yang at the same time without any other players blocking them. Therefore, even though he only received approximately 20,000 to 30,000 damage in each hit he took, he would not be able to take hundreds of hits from hundreds of players at the same time and feel nothing!

It was possible for Zhang Yang to tank against so many players with their Inheritance Transformation Skills activated because he had over 20,000,000 HP. Even if someone else were to have a Defense as high as Zhang Yang’s, they would only be able to last for two to three rounds of assaults from so many players at the same time before they go down dead.

Suddenly, streams of white milky light flashed across the entire body of Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang’s HP was struggling to recover. Although that did not stop his HP bar from reducing any further, at least the rate of Zhang Yang losing HP was under control. His HP bar was reducing at an extremely slow rate at the moment.

The sexy body figure of Han Ying Xue appeared right behind Zhang Yang. The appearance of her face may seemed to be very normal in the game setting. However, she looked elegantly differently from her initial appearance when the holy light from the heaven chiming down on her constantly after she activates her Inheritance Transformation. Appearing elegantly and compassionately, she looked glamorous in her own fine way.

Well, that was the appearance of a Healer who has already activated her Class S {Milkmaid Deity Transformation}. Upon casting her {Milkmaid Deity's Protection} on Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang receive a boost of 20% on his Healing Efficiency. Furthermore, Han Ying Xue had upgraded her {Healing Aura} up to Level 7. The effect of the aura could now increase a 21% of Healing Efficiency on every friendly unit within the effective range of the aura. Her Healing Capability was already impressive enough as it was. With the support of her Skills, her Healing Capability had just been powered up even further now!

Zhang Yang was acting very carefully to avoid Warriors as he was slaughtering his way across his enemy crowd. He had never been touched by any {Destructive Smashes} up to this point. Without the effect of the {Destructive Smash} in the way, Han Ying Xue managed to heal him at full capacity. Zhang Yang had his own radiating wings. He could move and fly around freely, giving no quarter to his foes. Moreover, he also had a sharp awareness of his surroundings. Not to mention that he had his ‘Supporting Attack’ trained to the grade of Master now. Whatever he was doing right now, it was like a walk in the park for him.

Under the crazy bombardment of assaults from the enemies for almost a minute, Zhang Yang Maximum HP had dropped from 20,000,000 HP down to 9,000,000 HP. Though it seemed that the circumstances showed a possibility that Zhang Yang could be killed, every Inheritance would definitely have life-saving Skills of their own. Normally, Class S Inheritance could allow the player who wields it recover a few full bars of HP! So, what good would it bring for others to be able to take out one bar of Zhang Yang’s HP then?

Players who made it in here were all professional players after all. Even though they were making a grave mistake at first by focusing their assaults on Zhang Yang, some of them eventually realized that they would have to take out Han Ying Xue first before they could take out Zhang Yang. So they were beginning to shout at each other, "Hit that Priest! Hit her first while some of you go get the flag!"

When the number of players are this abundant, it would be natural to see AoE attacks raining across the battlefield.

On the other hand, however, although the players from other 7 Regions were on the same page to focus their assaults on the China Region, the system would not allow different Regions to form Alliance among themselves. Therefore, the impacts of all AoE attacks would hit any player regardless of the Regions they were from, as long as they were not on the same Region as players who activated the AoE Skills.

Any super AoE skill that becomes available when the Transformation of an Inheritance is activated, would cover a radius of 30 meters, 40 meters, sometimes even 50 meters. Those super AoE skills would always cover extremely vast areas. Every single activation of such Skill would definitely hurt their ‘allies’ from all other Regions. Such a situation had caused the players from 7 other Regions to feel depressed about it. If they decide not to use their AoE skills, they would lose out on opportunities of dealing tremendous damage to their enemies. On the contrary, if they decided to use their AoE Skills, they would be dealing damage to players from other Regions as well. It would also be like aiding the China Region in dealing damage to their newly formed ‘alliance’. So now everyone, except the players from China Region was caught up in the knot of whether they should use their AoE Skills or not.

On the other hand, the situation did not affect the players from China Region at all. For them, all other 7 Regions were their foes. They would need as much AoE Skills as possible for them to deal immense damage to all of their enemies. Therefore, the more clumped up their enemies were, the more suitable it was for them to activate their AoE attacks. They could really spread as much hell as they could unto their enemies!

Even though Han Ying Xue became the primary target of the enemies, she was a Ranged Combatant. As she could heal the others and support her own people from a distance, Han Ying Xue hid among the crowd of the players from China Region. In order words, she was well protected by her own people. Meanwhile, the Melee Combatants from other 7 Regions were not daring enough to charge and attempt to bring her down. After all, they did not possess insanely high Defense like Zhang Yang did. They would be wasted right away if they try to squeeze themselves into the crowd of the China Region players, trying to make their way to Han Ying Xue. Hence, they could only launch their assaults on Han Ying Xue by launching their ranged attacks.

Because of that, their tactic created a significant flaw for all of them. None of them would be able to cast {Destructive Smash} on Han Ying Xue. Because of that, none of them could restrict the powerful Healing Capability of Han Ying Xue.

Although Han Ying Xue did not have super high Defense or super high Damage Immunity, she still made it through the difficult times that lay upon her with the help of Mountain Mover’s wise strategies! Mountain Mover allocated 3 Guardians to stay by her side. Whenever she got in danger, the Guardians would take their turns to activate their {Sacrifice} on her, followed by their {Vanguard’s Aggression} to help Han Ying Xue get through her difficult times.

Moreover, she also had [Banshee's Howl]. Upon activating that accessory, everyone who launched an attack on her would be afflicted with Terror Effects and they would run around without having control over their own body for a period of time.

Two minutes had passed without anyone’s knowledge. The system notification came in with the news that the neutral center point had been secured by China Region. The 16 Magic Cannons immediately let loose their cannonballs at the enemy units, showing no mercy at all!

"Hundred Shots, Hannibal, Jurrasic Lover, Martin and West Snow! Remember the plan! Stick to the plan! Guard the flag no matter what, and let no one touch the flag! The others, head to the blasting range of the Magic Cannons and begin your slaughtering! Show no mercy!" Mountain Mover gave the command to charge.

"Forget about Zhan Yu and that Priest! Nothing good comes from killing them now! They’ve already taken down the neutral Graveyard. Killing them would only help them more than harming them now! Focus on the ones with lower HP now! The condition of winning the war is not taking down the neutral point but killing as many enemies as possible! Kill as much as you can, you idiots!"

It seemed that there was at least one commander-like player from each Region was screaming in the battlefield. Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue could feel that the boulders on their shoulders suddenly lifted the moment when they realized that they were no longer the main targets of their enemies. Scattered attacks such as arrows and fireballs would sometimes come at them from here and there, though they were not frequent at all.

The Magic Cannons were extremely powerful. However, they were not as powerful as the strength of approximately 700 players combined together. In just a brief moment, the death count for players from other Regions hit the number of 84 while the death count for China Region had reached 197!

Judging from the statistics, China Region was suffering a tremendous loss which shamed them pretty deeply. However, first of all, players who die during the battle would not receive any form of punishment. They would not lose any Experience Points nor drop any equipment upon their deaths. Even the durability of their equipment would not drop. Whoever who dies during the battle would be automatically resurrected by the Graveyard once every 30 seconds. Their stats would all be replenished while the cooldown of all their Skills would be reset. They would rejoin the battle in their best forms.

Second of all, the headcount of 80 deaths on the 7 Regions’ side was counted as the score of China Region --- the other 4 got killed because they got caught up in the middle of the powerful bombardment of AoE attacks activated by players that were not from China Region. On the other hand, the headcounts of 197 deaths of the China Region would be divided down by 7 because there were 7 Regions. That being said, each Region only scored approximately 20 headcounts, on average. From that sense, the score of China Region was still much higher than the scores of the other Regions.

Moreover, Sun Xin Yu and her ‘Stealthy Strike Force’ had begun their killing spree at the Graveyard of the Japan-Korea Region. 19 Thieves forming a chain of consecutive Status Restriction Effect son the players could torture any player slowly to their deaths with ease!

"This is really fun! I’m so contented!" Wei Yan Er’s face was filled with joy and content. She continued to wield her battle axe as she charged into the enemy crowd slashing up people like an intimidating general on the battlefield. Her Class A Darkness Inheritance provided her quite some immunity against Physical Damage and Shadow Damage. Although she was not as tough as Zhang Yang, at least her HP was abundant enough to keep her alive for a long time.

On the other hand, the Attack of the little brat was almost as strong as the Attack of Zhang Yang --- of course, it would only be similar if her Attack is compared only to Zhang Yang’s individual Attack. If the Attack of his Phoenix pet and Felice are included, the total Attack of the three combined would be so powerful that no one in the game could match their standard just yet. Even Sun Xin Yu would have to admit defeat in such regard!

As Wei Yan Er’s performance was atrociously outstanding, of course she would become the next main target of their enemies. Everyone was focusing their attacks on her.

However, she did not have a tough Defense like Zhang Yang did. Furthermore, she did not put any effort in avoiding the Warriors on the enemy side at all. By carrying the effect of {Destructive Smash} which reduced her healing efficiency, even Han Ying Xue could not maintain her HP bar. The little brat was taken out after going wild for a brief moment.

Upon her resurrection, the little brat was infuriated. She once again swung her battle axe around like an insane lady and charged straight back into the fight. The agitated face of hers got ‘amplified’!

For 99% players in the game, they battled in order to win. They battle in order to acquire the First Clear of a dungeon. However, the situation was different for Wei Yan Er. She only strove to get the drive and rush that she could get from killing players and monsters in the game. Those were the things that cannot be acquired in the real life.

Taking advantage of the Graveyard at the central point, Zhang Yang and his fellow China players barely secured the center point. However, it did not mean that they were so powerful that they could carry out a 1 VS 7 battle. They managed to do it because the other 7 Regions were lacking communication and mutual understanding. They only killed for their own Regions by the end of it. When most of them died and they were required to start all over again, their pace of launching their attacks at the China Region was out of sync.

Small waves could not possibly punch down a large dam. However, if the small waves were combined into a huge tidal wave, would it be able to destroy the dam then?

The current situation for the 7 other Regions was similar to the metaphor described. The players were battling only for their own Regions. Instead of pressuring Zhang Yang and his fellow China players, they actually gave them plenty of room and opportunity to breathe and kill players to increase their score. Well, the situation was unavoidable, anyway. The only way for players from different Regions to communicate with each other is to shout as loudly as they could at each other. There was no other way for them to communicate from a far distance. Meanwhile, who would stop and listen to other people’s shouting when the heat of the battle only got worse in every passing moment?

100, 200, 300!

The number of kills the China Region scored was increasing rapidly. On the other hand, the number of kills the 7 other Regions could get was not that great. The strongest, Europe Region only managed to score 145 kills while the weakest of all, the Japan-Korea Region scored as low as 23 kills. The main reason was because the number of players from the Japan-Korea Region had been reduced by one third the moment they were spawned at their Graveyard. Some of them already got killed even before they could get their chance to activate their Inheritance Transformation!