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Chapter 673: A Bottled Up Battle

Chapter 673: A Bottled Up Battle
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Sun Xin Yu and her ‘Stealthy Strike Force’ was rather crafty. When the number of Japan-Korea players that got resurrected was too great, they immediately went into Stealth Mode and fled the scene. They only needed to activate their {Vanish} to get away for the worst-case scenario. On the contrary, if the number of Japan-Korea players was small, then the Graveyard would become their ‘Slaughtering Feast’!

Many of them were only able to open their eyes after they were resurrected before they are killed again. Those poor souls would have to repeatedly wait for the 30-second countdown to end before they could get resurrected by the Graveyard again.

Players from Japan-Korea Region hated the ‘Stealthy Strike Force’ to the point that they could tighten their teeth so hard that their teeth might fall off eventually. Despite that, they were also inspired by it. They also sent a small ‘Stealthy Strike Force’ over to the China Region’s Graveyard! What a bunch of smarty-pants! However, what they tried to do was pointless. The China Region’s Graveyard was basically abandoned at the moment. It was a futile act to go all the way there, trying to set up an ambush. In the meantime, the neutral Graveyard by the center point was too near to the chaotic battle that was occurring at the moment. Furthermore, it was within the blast range of the Magic Cannons! So, the notion of going over there to set up an ambush would be suicidal!

Without having any other resolution for it, the Japan-Korea players were forced to put their worst enemy aside. Instead, they sent their ‘Stealthy Strike Force’ into the Graveyard of the Australia Region to set up their ambush. Currently, the Australia Region was ranked at the second last in their kill counts. Well, stealthy assassinating was far more efficient than they had expected it to be. In just tens of minutes, the kill counts of the Japan-Korea Region had actually exceeded the kill counts of the Australia Region! They managed to prevent themselves from becoming the last in place...

"Zhan Yu!" Suddenly, Zhang Yang heard a squeamish voice calling out to him, followed by an arrow hitting straight on his chest. He instantly received a damage of ‘-468,802!’ without any sign of warning! That was also the most painful hit Zhang Yang had ever received throughout the entire battle up to this point.

His eyes were frozen for a moment before he turned his attention towards the direction where the arrow came from --- it was a beautiful lady elf with mesmerizing features, it was Hourglass Figure!

Indeed, only another player with Class S Inheritance like herself could deal such immense damage to Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang did not ‘entertain’ her. He continued to pick on players with only Class B Inheritances with the intention of wrecking them up. After all, they were here not to compete against each other to see who was the bravest or strongest of all. They were here because they had a war to win, a war that would affect the future of the entire Region! Therefore, killing more players was the only important thing throughout the entire war. There was no other way of winning the war!

Being one of the most significant players in the entire China Region, Zhang Yang had to make sure that he does his part in setting an example for the others to follow. If he ignores the arrangement of Mountain Mover and goes on to do whatever he liked, would the others still be listening to the commander then?

Seeing that Zhang Yang took no notice of her, Hourglass Figure was infuriated. She humphed with her soft voice and continued to shoot arrows at Zhang Yang. Well, her attacks did bring quite a handful of problems to Zhang Yang, especially her {Concussive Shot} and {Breaking Shot} which had the annoying Status Restriction Effects. Those Skills did some great job in holding Zhang Yang off from going about with his killing spree. It held him back to the point that he no longer looked intimidating! That was really some achievement over there! After all, Zhang Yang’s {Warrior’s Will} could only be activated once per minute.

"You really are persistent!" Just when Zhang Yang was having a headache trying to battle against Hourglass Figure, Seductive Wild Pussy suddenly appeared out of nowhere and joined into the battle as well! The two of them joined forces together to take Zhang Yang on. Now that the two Top Tier players in the entire world had joined forces to spam their Status Restriction Skills on Zhang Yang, they were able distract him, even though they could not kill him. Well, one of the reasons they could not kill Zhang Yang was that Han Ying Xue was supporting Zhang Yang with her super healing capability.

Without the most powerful ‘cannon’ supporting the China Region, the firepower of China was Region reduced steeply. After all, one of the China players with Class S Inheritance was busy reaping souls at the Japan-Korea Region’s Graveyard while the other China player with Class S Inheritance was a Healer who could not do much of a damage in a battle. Therefore, the China Region only had players with Class A Inheritance such as Wei Yan Er, Daffodil Daydream and Snow Seeker to contribute to the number of China’s kill counts.

Obviously, there was no one else who could replace Zhang Yang!

First of all, Zhang Yang’s focus attack was so powerful that they did not seem to be humanly possible! Secondly, he was good in both Offense and Defense! He could just charge into the formation of the enemy and destroy their Defensive line like a monster tearing up a piece of paper! Now that Zhang Yang was completely occupied with two strong and dangerous ladies at the moment, the death rate of China Region had increased tremendously. Without Zhang Yang charging at the front, the formation of the China Region began to scatter. Even the 30-second cooldown of the resurrection period at the Graveyard could not keep up with the death rate of the players from China Region!

"Damn it!"

Zhang Yang cursed and raced straight towards Seductive Wild Pussy. If he doesn’t take out one of these ladies first, he would eventually be locked dead in the corner!

"Darling --- are you finally thinking about f*cking me? But you look fierce and terrifying now! I’m a little scared!" Seductive Wild Pussy had not changed her habit yet. She still attempted to tease Zhang Yang with her dirty words while giggling all the way throughout the battle. Her hands remained busy, firing arrows at the same pace.

Zhang Yang had encountered her several times in the Individual Ranking Competitions. So he had a glimpse of understanding towards her Inheritance. This woman acquired a Class A Inheritance called the ‘Arachnid Inheritance’. Other than the trap Skill that she initially has when she signed up as a Hunter, she could also litter her webs anywhere she went. More annoyingly, those sticky webs could slow down a player’s movement speed upon touching them!

Speaking of Attack power, the power-up that the Class A Arachnid Inheritance could offer would definitely not as good as the power-up that the Class S Shadow Striker Inheritance could offer to a player. However, the Arachnid Inheritance could offer much more Status Restriction capabilities than the Shadow Striker Inheritance could ever offer! In other words, a Class S Inheritance might sometimes not be as good as a Class A Inheritance. A Class S Inheritance could provide an overall power up on a player, where the player would get a tremendous boost on both Offense and Defense. On the other hand, a Class A Inheritance could only provide a support more suited for Player vs Player matches.

So did she really believe that Zhang Yang was a mud figure who does not know how to get angry?

"Little Wild Pussy, you’re running around so far away from me. How am I going to show you my love!" Zhang Yang laughed gently and activated his {Lure}. Instantly, that wild little pussy was pulled straight over to Zhang Yang’s side!

Initially, Seductive Wild Pussy wanted to tease Zhang Yang with a few more of her foul words. She had never thought possible that she would be pulled over to Zhang Yang’s side all of a sudden! Her reflexes were extremely fast as well. Just when she was attempting to leap away from Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang smacked her head with his {Brutal Smash} and stunned her for 4 seconds.

She knew that she could not afford to let Zhang Yang unleash his damage unto her. Well, the Attack power of that insanely powerful being could no longer be deemed as a being on earth. Hence, Seductive Wild Pussy activated her accessory to become invincible over a brief period of time without any hesitation. Then she threw an {Frost Trap} right beside herself. Would Zhang Yang be avoiding this? Or would he step onto it straight away?

If Zhang Yang decides to dodge, she could take advantage of that one brief moment to get away from Zhang Yang. By doing so, she could shake Zhang Yang off her tail.

At the same time, Hourglass Figure was also launching her attacks at Zhang Yang as aggressively as she could. Unfortunately, her Status Restriction Skills also had cooldown periods. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang had been waiting for that moment ever since they began battling each other!

Zhang Yang had made up his mind to gut up and send the little wild pussy to the Graveyard. He went around the {Frost Trap} and continued to stick himself on the back of Seductive Wild Pussy.

As he was going around the {Frost Trap}, Seductive Wild Pussy was given a brief moment to pull herself away from him. Without wasting any of the precious time the god had provided her, she quickly ran towards the opposite direction from Zhang Yang. However, she could not do a {Leap Shot} because she could not pull herself 3 meters away from Zhang Yang, yet!

Zhang Yang flapped his wings and pursued on. The greatness of a Class S Inheritance player was instantly exhibited to whoever that was watching the battle in their surroundings. His speed was so fast that Seductive Wild Pussy could not even react to it. His speed had also exceeded the speed of a Hunter and even a Thief! Those two Classes were deemed to be two of the fastest Classes in the entire game!

8 seconds of invincibility was over in just a blink of an eye. Upon seeing the golden light on Seductive Wild Pussy vanishing, Zhang Yang swung his sword straight towards her. However, the blade missed her and went through the air --- {Charge Up Strike}!

Seductive Wild Pussy froze for a brief moment before she began to regain control of her body. It was extremely rare to see a top Tier player miss an attack. Furthermore, Zhang Yang was the top of the top sort of players in the entire game! She could feel that something was extremely off. So, she immediately activated her {Leap} and flipped 10 meters away from Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang did not give any quarter to Seductive Wild Pussy as he had already reacted to the situation. He clashed into the wild pussy hard. Followed closely with a swing of his [Sword of Purging Devourer], he gave the wild pussy a normal slash and a powerful {God of War Devastation}.



Poor little Seductive Wild Pussy. Even though she had over 9,000,000 HP, she still lost approximately 30% of her total HP after taking two solid hits from Zhang Yang. She freaked out after seeing the damage values she received! Fortunately for her, she had Healers backing her up. They quickly attempted to heal her up with their best Healing Skills they had. However, Zhang Yang had afflicted her with the 75% reduction of Healing Efficiency with his {Destructive Smash} earlier on. Hence, she could not heal efficiently at all!

Felice and the Phoenix pet had approached Seductive Wild Pussy at a most opportune time. They joined up with Zhang Yang to lay waste on the wild pussy. That moment was the moment Seductive Wild Pussy realized that Zhang Yang had made a firm decision to kill her.

The three of them were not joking around as they were attacking their target at the same time. The damage that the three of them could deal to their target was substantial! Furthermore, the 75% reduction of the Healing Efficiency of Seductive Wild Pussy had put her HP recovery to work rather poorly. Because of that, the rate of her HP recovery could no longer catch up with the rate of her losing her HP. She activated all of her ultimate Skills and life-saving Skills. She even transformed herself into a giant female arachnid and drained Zhang Yang’s blood to recover her HP. However, everything that she did was futile. She was no longer in control of her own fate!

With the three of them transformed, no one would stand a chance to best the combined force of Zhang Yang, Felice and Phoenix pet in any 1 VS 1 battle!

Other than that, Seductive Wild Pussy did not have any space or chance to escape because she was closely surrounded by Zhang Yang , Felice and the Phoenix pet. She was pinned down like a helpless doll.

{God of War Battle Axe}! {Horizontal Sweep}! {Frost Strike}!

Zhang Yang consecutively activated all his deadly Skills and sunk the HP level of Seductive Wild Pussy down to 20%, forcing her to enter the most dangerous ‘Killing Cleave’ state.

"Big brother Zhan Yu! How can you be so cruel to me!" The little pussy revealed a pitiful expression, trying to soften Zhang Yang up.

"Save it and get going! The Graveyard is waiting for you!" Zhang Yang was not swayed by her pitiful appearance at all. He activated his {Indiscriminate} followed closely by his {Killing Cleave}!


"Argh!" Seductive Wild Pussy let out a miserable cry while her remaining 20% HP was taken away by Zhang Yang’s 1 hit!

After he was done with that little pussy, Zhang Yang fixed his eyes upon Hourglass Figure all of a sudden. That Indian girl felt a chill up her spine the moment she realize Zhang Yang had diverted his attention towards her. She quickly kept her fear in check and continued with her role in restricting Zhang Yang’s movement. Because the other 7 Regions had obtained an absolute advantage over the China Region, they managed to suppress the defensive line of China Region down to the neutral Graveyard!

When they could finally breach the defensive line of China and set foot onto the ground of the neutral Graveyard, it would become much easier for them to remove the China’s flag and rid the control of China off the neutral center point! By then, there would be another chaotic battle among the Regions to reclaim control over the center point again.

No one could afford to have Zhang Yang step in to ruin their efforts at that crucial moment. After all, that crazy son of the b*tch could ruin any favorable circumstance for anyone with his oppressive firepower! Zhang Yang was more than just intimidating by just standing there. His very existence was purely frightening! So far, not many had seen him battling at his full power just yet!

It had been more than 20 minutes since the battle began. The battle had hit it’s hottest point that it was currently. The defensive line of China was on the brink of being breached. It would only be a matter of time before the defensive line falls. Everyone went on securing the center point, knowing that would happen eventually. However, the main point was, how long could they hold on to the center point while scoring as many kill counts as they could for their own Region?

On the other hand, the other 7 Region had suffered quite significant losses in order to take down the defensive line of China Region. Players from China Region got the opportunity to blast their enemies with the defensive facilities. By doing so, their kill count was increasing so rapidly that it kept them on top of other Regions!

Although Zhang Yang had taken care of the little pussy problem, he was still under the suppression of Hourglass Figure. He only managed to work under 50% of his initial efficiency in supporting his fellow China players. He could no longer stand firm as a rock in mid-stream for the moment. Finally, 25 minutes had passed. The China flag had been removed from the middle of the center point. With their flag gone, China no longer had control over the center point. Every single one of the Magic Cannons was no longer under the control of the China Region as well. Any China players who died afterward were resurrected at their regional Graveyard. They would have to run over a long distance before they could engage back in the battle.

However, the moment when the center point had no ownership once again, the 7 other Regions who once joined forces to take on the China Region turned against each other immediately! It was a battle of chaos! Everyone was attempting to plant their Region’s flag right in the middle of the center point --- whichever Region that got to secure the center point would become the public enemy number of the other Regions. However, the priority would be killing as many players as possible. The China Region had proved that securing the center point could really boost their kill counts!

Under the command of Mountain Mover, everyone from the China Region did not rush into the chaotic area of the battle to attempt planting their China flag. Instead, they took advantage of the chaotic situation. They went on to pick on those players who were on the brink of death and ended them to increase China Region’s kill counts. If the situation gets even messier, it would definitely give China Region an advantage. It would be even better if there aren’t any Regions securing the center point. With the current advantage they had over the others, they could easily claim victory over the war!

The fact that Zhang Yang and his fellow China players no longer required to defend their flag meant that they could finally focus fully on launching their attacks onto their enemies with nothing to worry about. All they needed to do is to attack whoever that was holding the center point, regardless of their Region. No one should be able to secure the center point! No one!