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Chapter 674: Strike Back on the Japan-Korea Region

Chapter 674: Strike Back on the Japan-Korea Region
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Speaking of tactics, the China Region was undoubtedly the most successful among them all. It only took approximately half an hour for them to collect a large amount of kill count to gain an advantageous head start over the others. As long as they maintain their pace until the battle ends, they should be the one claiming victory over the war.

As mentioned previously, taking control over the center point was merely one of many ways of attaining victory over the war. It was not necessary to take down the central point in order for the Region to win. However, everyone was blinded by the killing and slaughtering right before their eyes, that they lost track of the main objective. They were so eager to take control over the center point, that they lost track of everything. Even though there were a few who were clear-minded enough to stop and inform the rest by shouting and screaming, no one seemed to care about it at all.

Just kill them! Just slaughter them all!

Players of China Region no longer went to compete with the others at planting their flags on the center point. They were no longer the public enemies who had to take all attacks from all directions. The battle situation was a total chaos for the other 7 Regions in the middle of the center point. Everyone was killing each other in such a frenzy just to plant their flags in the middle of the place to claim control. Those who die had to run all the way back from their regional Graveyard to the center point just to get back into the battle. They were suffering major losses in their numbers as the battle progressed on.

Zhang Yang and his fellow China players continued to increase their kill counts at a constant rate keeping themselves ahead of the other Regions. At the central point, they also had more players remaining in the center of the battle. They managed to retain approximately 40 players at the center point over time. Meanwhile, the other Regions could only retain approximately 20 players of their own from time to time. The other players were seen running down the pathways.

There were still 19 Thieves lurking in the shadows by the Japan-Korea Region’s Graveyard. If they were included in the headcount, the China Region should have an even greater advantage over the other Regions in terms of numbers.

The fierce battle continued on. There was nothing to lose in death. Instead, players who died would get all their Skills reset back. Hence, everyone had nothing to worry about at all. They could just go all out without any need of holding back. They would just spam any ultimate Skills they had. If they die without doing that, they would have died for nothing.

Zhang Yang took advantage of such battle with his AoE attacks. His AoE Skills could reach out within a radius of 50 meters. He could easily take people’s heads off from afar. Basically, he was far sharper and more efficient than most of the Hunters and the Spellcasters. Compared to the range that his assaults could reach, the AoE attacks of Class A Inheritance could only reach 40-meter radius out. The AoE attacks of a Class B Inheritance could only reach out to 30-meter radius while AoE attacks of a Class C Inheritance could only reach out to a 20-meter radius. How about Class D Inheritances then? Well, Class D Inheritances had no Transformation Skills for them to amplify their power levels.

Of course, Hourglass Figure was also one of the best ‘head collectors’ in the war. After all, she had a Class S Inheritance. Her AoE attacks could reach out to as far as 50-meters. Furthermore, she is a Hunter, well-versed and a veteran at fighting from afar. Her ranged attacks had reached up to 40 meters thanks to her Inheritance. She could actually kill more players with extremely low HP, faster than Zhang Yang could!

Now, they were all competing to see which Region could score the highest kill counts, not the amount of damage they could deal. Therefore, the kill count that Hourglass Figure scored slowly caught up to Zhang Yang’s progress, even though his Attack power was number 1 in the entire game. Fortunately, Zhang Yang had Phoenix pet and Felice to back his firepower up. With the two of them spitting fire across his enemies, Zhang Yang still managed to stay number two on the Kill Count Ranking list.

--- the first on the ranking list was Sun Xin Yu! She was born a Thief. Hence, she was earning kill counts as easily as breathing!

However, individual efforts would not change the outcome of the strategy. Players of China Region followed the tactics that were initially laid out by Mountain Mover. No one took out the China flags. No one even attempted planting their flags on the center point. They were just sniping and picking off players from other Regions. By doing so, not only could they increase the kill counts for their own Region, they could also reduce the rate of casualties of their Region.

They could only deal more damage efficiently if they stay alive all the time. The same theory applied to their current situation. They could only kill more players if they keep themselves alive all the while.

However, 60 minutes into the battle, the situation of the battle suddenly changed. One of the China player suddenly went up and planted a China flag right in the middle of the center point. Instantly, Zhang Yang and his fellow China players once again became the primary targets of all other Regions. Other than Zhang Yang and his gang, a large number of players instantly being sent back to their regional Graveyard.

Meanwhile, that player who planted the flag was one of those arrogant, yet idiotic players who thought they were the best. Although he overheard complaints and cursing upon him, he acted like he did not care about them at all. He did not even realize that he did something wrong there. He also attempted to debate with the others, saying that taking down the center point was the only key to winning the war because they could have used the Magic Cannons to boost their kill count number up! His filled his face with disdain while thinking ‘You bunch of idiots, can’t you see that that’s the only way?’ sort of idea.

The China Region had put themselves way ahead of the other Regions by getting a very high kill count for themselves initially. As long as they take control of the neutral center point and let no one else take over it, then their victory should become certain! However, the kill count of China Region had not been increasing significantly after that idiot planted the flag. Ever since the China Region was almost wiped out earlier on in the battle, they had not been able to progress smoothly. On the other side of things, other Regions, especially Europe were increasing their kill counts rapidly. They took that opportunity that the idiotic China guy provided them to catch up.

As expected! It’s true when they say that a tough rival beats you; a piggish teammate f*ck you in the *ss!

It would still be alright if that idiotic son of the b*tch did only once. It would still not be able to shake the fact that the China Region was ahead of everyone on the Kill Count Ranking list. However, things would become different for them if there are more of those idiotic people. They might be the key to crippling every effort that Zhang Yang and his fellow China Players had produced all the while, throughout the war! What concerned Zhang Yang and the others, even more, was that son of the b*tch did not even reflect on his own mistake made! If he gets another chance, he might just repeat the same mistake all over again!

The worse part of this was there were more than just one like of him!

The most hateful thing in the entire world of gaming were these sorts of people who always feel that they are much more superior than the others. They would always believe that they were the correct ones. They would never listen to others and do whatever they wanted. This was a real live example of one rotten spoils the whole barrel! Furthermore, there were more than just one rotten one!

"When a China man is alone, he could perform like a dragon! But when a bunch of China fellows are together in a team, they will only perform like a bunch of lazy worms! These are the kind of people that would cause the entire team to lose!" Lost Dream sighed in anger.

"If Brother Fatty finds him in real life, his *ss would be prodded over a thousand times!"

Nothing much could be done to these idiotic people who will never listen to anybody. Zhang Yang could only request the Healers to stop healing them. Let them rot fast and resurrect fast, then let the cycle go on! At least they would not be able to accomplish anything if they die a quick death! The China Region would be better off without them around.

Everyone raced towards the front line and continued on with the battle. While everyone was working their *sses off trying to earn as many kill count as possible, the Europe Region and the North America Region actually joined forces. The system would not recognize their ‘Alliance’. Their AoE attacks would still spread across anyone who was within the effective range of the attacks. However, these two Regions no longer battled against each other. When the Europe Region planted their flag in the middle of the neutral center point of the map, the North America Region did not try to destroy their flag. Instead, they were aiding them in guarding their flag!

The two Regions were very powerful, to begin with. Upon joining their forces into one, they managed to defend Europe’s flag for 2 minutes!

Instantly, the neutral center point fell into the hands of the Europe Region. Their firepower became tremendously insane. Not only did they gain support from the Magic Cannons, they were also able to substitute the number of players who died on the battlefield much faster than they could anticipate!

Zhang Yang had to guess that the Europe Region had laid out the conditions with the North America Region for helping them. They must have agreed to certain terms such as the two Regions taking turns of taking control of the neutral point for 30 minutes. They were willing to put aside their pride just to squeeze China Region down from being number one on the ranking! And now, other Regions would stand a fair chance to work for number one and number two!

Taking part in a battle royale was basically like playing a game of chess.

Unfortunately, China Region had taken over the neutral center point for over 30 minutes in the early game. So they would not be worried even if the center point was taken over by other Regions. They became concerned because of that idiotic son of the b*tch who went in and planted the China flag previously. That had really delivered a blow into the face of China Region, because they had lost quite a lot of numbers back there, thanks to that moron. It was now possible that the Europe Region might be able to catch up with the China Region now!

Well, shit happens. No point lingering over it for so long. It would be dumb to actually start a war among themselves, right?

Upon gaining control over the neutral center point, the Europe Region had naturally become the public enemy number one of all Regions, except the North America Region. After all, they made a deal under the table with each another. The two main Regions joined hands in defending the flag on the center point. With the advantages of having Magic Cannons at their disposal and having a Graveyard extremely close to the center of the battlefield, the Europe Region managed to increase their kill counts rapidly.

It was a totally different situation where 1 Region had to defend themselves against other 7 Regions. It became 2 Regions versus 6 other Regions which was equal to 1 versus 3. The pressure on them had been reduced by god-knows how many times! Since Europe Region had managed to stabilize their control over the center point, they began to focus on killing as many players as they could.

Without any hesitation at all, Zhang Yang made a crucial decision. He said, "Everyone, charge over to the Japan-Korea Region’s pathway!"

Killing anyone could contribute to the kill count of their own Regions as long as the players they kill are not of their own Region. If 6 Regions could combine their forces in taking on the Europe Region and the North America Region, they might be usurped.

However, the Japan-Korea Region would never cooperate with China Region. Never! Well, after every humiliation that Zhang Yang did to them, it would need more than just a miracle for them to join forces with China. Without the chance of them working as one, charging towards the center point would only be giving free kill counts to the Europe Region!

Since that is the case, why not put their focus on slaughtering the Japan Korea Region instead? After all, they were one of the main reasons why it was impossible for the other 6 Regions to join forces in the first place! By doing so, they could also stem the flow of forces charging at the Europe Region and reduce the kill counts that the Europe Region could score. Though it would reduce even more pressure on the Europe Region, Europe Region would not be able to collect as many kill counts as they initially can!

Zhang Yang took the lead and charged straight towards the base of the Japan-Korea Region. Upon charging forward for a brief moment, he could see a bunch of Japan-Korea players, approximately 30 players, heading towards the center point. --- their number were that low because Sun Xin Yu and her Stealthy Strike Force were doing a hell of a job. They could not even step out of their own Graveyard before they die again! Zhang Yang let out a battle cry and flapped his wings. He charged towards the enemy base like a flying general.

{Charge Up Strike}!

Zhang Yang engaged in battle with those Japan-Korea players. They were already rounding up on Zhang Yang. They planned to instantly kill Zhang Yang while the Healers from his rear were still too far away from Zhang Yang to provide any support. Well, their hatred for Zhang Yang boiled the moment they saw his face. Everyone was dreaming off becoming the person who ‘slays’ Zhang Yang. They even came up with a title called ‘The Slayer of Zhan Yu’. Whoever who does that would definitely be sculptured and praised as the hero or idol of Japan-Korea Region!

{God of War Devastation}!

Zhang Yang had over 100 EP at the moment. Instantly, 37 strikes flurried out and caused a basic damage of approximately 2,600,000 damage to those players!

That was insane! What the f*ck!

Combining the attack of {Charge Up Strike} with {God of War Devastation}could allow Zhang Yang to deal up to 101 hits with an amount of damage that was 9 times higher than his initial normal attack! Furthermore, that was not the end yet. The special effect of Zhang Yang’s [Sword of Purging Devourer] was triggered, causing another wave of approximately 2,600,000 Basic Damage to the players of Japan-Korea once more!

"Argh! Argh! Argh!"

The total amount of damage dealt to them exceeded 5,200,000 damage! Even players with Class B Inheritance would be instantly killed by the two strikes if they were not well-equipped! As Zhang Yang’s sword flashed across the battlefield, the Japan-Korea players screamed in misery. More than 10 of them were instantly killed!

Zhang Yang could instantly kill players who have already activated their Inheritance Transformations? What the hell was that?

The Japan-Korea players were staring at Zhang Yang as if they just saw a monster. Even Han Ying Xue, Snow Seeker and his other fellow China players were so badly shocked as if they had just seen a ghost! What the hell! That was just purely terrifying!

Zhang Yang was a player from another dimension! He was just too powerful!

Although more than half of them had survived the two strikes, their HP bars were now extremely low. Just as they were attempting to fall back, the China forces had arrived at the front line. They easily took out the remaining players and sent them all back to their Graveyard!

Push on!

Even though the pathway was long, it only took them about 5 minutes to clash into another two batches of Japan-Korea players. The Japan-Korea players had stopped charging forward. They were waiting for everyone to get resurrected at the Graveyard first before making any move. They have decided to go head-on with Zhang Yang and his fellow China players!

After all, their regional Graveyard was extremely close to them. They could rely on that to cover up their forces. They would not need to worry that they would run out of men to fight against the China Region.

However, it did not matter which Region claims victory over the other. The most important thing would still be the kill counts that each Region gets.

Well, Zhang Yang and his gang were here to kill, after all!

When Zhang Yang and the China forces pushed the Japan-Korea players back to their Graveyard, Sun Xin Yu and her Stealthy Strike Force no longer need to stay in the shadows. They revealed themselves and joined the great battle.

Zhang Yang, Endless Starlight, One Sword Stroke, Sword of Light and the other Tankers held their shields up, tanking against their enemy on the front line. They were driving through the Japan-Korea players’ defense line back, like a huge powerful tidal wave. The two sides met and the battle devolved into an all-out melee.