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Chapter 675: The True Pushing Technique

Chapter 675: The True Pushing Technique
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Mountain Mover did not join the battle. He remained on a Flying Mount. He was levitating 3 meters above from the ground while observing the situation of the battle and giving commands to the other players.

In any 1 VS 1 match, the important thing was a player’s strength and skills. In any 2 VS 2 match, collaboration becomes crucial and important if you wanted to win the match. When the number of players in a match reaches a certain height, collaboration would become so significant that strengths, equipment no longer matter much.

In terms of Strength, Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er and his other gang were way much more powerful than the players from Japan-Korea Region. For instance, the standard of the Japan-Korea players’ equipment were the worst among all thanks to the China Region. They had been cornered and bullied by Zhang Yang while the others had snatched the good equipment out there. They only left the weak and lousy equipment for the Japan-Korea players to salvage. How about collaboration?

Under the command of Mountain Mover, the 100 China players were collaborating in a perfect sense that they were able to outdo the effect of 1 plus 1 equals to two. The complex combination of tactics and collaboration that the China players were implementing left the Japan-Korea players confused. They did not even know how to react to the situation. They did not even know where to start!

The Japan-Korea players would need to send out 10 players on their side just to kill one China Region player. Even though they had the advantage of having their Graveyard close to them, it did not seem to be enough for them to hold themselves up against Zhang Yang and his fellow China players. They were basically being cornered up and slaughtered now!

Meanwhile, their Stealthy Strike Force had also been wiped out. Japan-Korea Region had a total of 76 players. All of them were now being cornered up by their own doorstep! Once they are killed, they would be resurrected once in every 30 seconds, only to be killed again. The cycle went on. Well, they were contributing to the kill count of the China Region in a way. Meanwhile, the China Region was not backing up as well. They were performing outstandingly at increasing their kill counts. Their momentum could almost match the momentum of the Europe Region at that rate!

As long as they keep their current pace up, they should be the ones claiming victory over the war!

The players from Japan-Korea Region were beginning to cry their eyes red. What the actual f*ck! The China Region did not just push them back, but also cut off their escape routes! Why don’t they just attack the other Regions? Why must they come at them? Kill, kill, kill! Killing one China player is better than killing none!

Some say that a cornered foe would be at its most dangerous state. However, desperate courage is not always enough win the battle! These Japan-Korea Region players had outdated equipment and low levels. Furthermore, they were not organized at all. They intended to fight the battle with only courage alone. Such a mentality would just place them in an even more difficult situation than they already were in! Furthermore, the resurrection system on this map was automated. In other words, players would automatically release their souls 30 seconds after they died. Furthermore, they would be set to be resurrected on the Graveyard of their own Region. They could not stop themselves from resurrecting even if they wanted to.

Moreover, although players would regain full HP status upon their resurrection, they would still need to activate their Inheritance Transformation Skills manually. If they react just a little slower right after they are resurrected, they would be instantly killed by the bombardment of AoE attacks in the area.

One time, ten times, thirty times! The rage of those Japan-Korea players were starting to lose its heat after countless times of being killed. Instead of being angry, they felt more desperate as they hoped that the battle would just end right away. They had suffered enough and they were now hoping that their suffering would end as soon as possible.

The only thing that would be fortunate for them was that there was no live broadcast of the situation in the War Canyon. So no one would be able to see their miserable faces as they are being slaughtered up like pigs. However, if any of those god damn China players decided to record the entire situation down with their ‘record’ function on the game, then...

The battle had entered its 90th minute. Zhang Yang had received a system notification saying that the neutral center point had been taken over by the North America Region! Obviously, they were right about their guesses back then. The Europe Region and the North America Region really did strike a deal under the table. Unfortunately, the China Region could maintain their pace of staying ahead of every other Region by slaughtering up the Japan-Korea players as many times as they like. They need not even care about who was controlling the center point.

However, the Europe Region was not stupid at all. They took advantage of the North Americans by wanting to be the first to take over the center point. Now that the center point was passed on to the North America Region, they could finally focus their assaults on the China Region.

The Europe Region sent out a team of Assassins over to the Graveyard of China Region. They intended to kill any China players who were newly resurrected from death.

The situation had definitely become unfavorable to Zhang Yang and his fellow China players. Because not only they would lose some manpower, they would also be pushed back by the Japan-Korea players once their numbers drop to a certain level.

All they could do was to hold on for as long as they could. They only needed to last for another 30 minutes before they could finally claim victory over the war!

Healers that were stationed on the front line were being extra cautious. The Tankers had their eyes peeled on their own UI and healthbars, moreso than the fight before them. They were not stingy at all in activating their Skills on their comrades who were in grave danger. They were focused completely on minimizing death counts.

Fortunately, the spirit of the players from Japan-Korea Region had been extinguished awhile ago. They were just trying to get by without putting up much of a fight. That was probably why they had not noticed the number of players from the China Region decreasing steeply.

100 minutes! 110 minutes!

The China Region still remained number one on the Kill Count Ranking list. They scored 120 more kill counts than the Europe Region. Well, they scored 287 more kill counts than the North America Region who was ranked number three on the list.

If that pace goes on, China Region would definitely be getting number one by the end of the battle!

The Europe Region decided to take a risk. Other than putting a stealthy team by China’s Graveyard, they also sent out their remaining forces into the Japan-Korea Region pathway. They intended to sandwich the China Region in between themselves and the players of Japan-Korea Region. They intended to trap the forces of China Region, leaving no place for them to escape!

By doing so, they should be able to score another 50 kill counts to surpass the kill counts of China Region. After becoming the number one on the Kill Count Ranking List, they could move on to ravage the players of Japan-Korea Region to earn even more kill counts. After killing Zhang Yang and the other China players, Zhang Yang and the other China players would have to run all the way back before they could reengage in battle. It would be another 10 minutes later when they get back into the fight. The battle would have ended by then!

Theoretically speaking, the tactic should work splendidly.

After a brief moment, the main force of Europe Region began to march forrh on the pathway of Japan-Korea Region. They came at Zhang Yang and the other China players like they had nothing else to lose.

Mountain Mover immediately made some arrangements to counter the tactic that the Europeans were implementing at the moment. His tactical commands had finally been brought into play in the crucial moment of the battle. The 100 players were utilized by Mountain Mover so brilliantly that they were performing at 200%, maybe even at 300 % effectiveness!

The Japan-Korea Region did not strike back with much vigor. They were all acting like men who just got their *sses poked multiple times over. Although a stronger party had come to push the bullies on them away, they were so broken by then that they only knew how to cry.

Without the cooperation of the Japan-Korea Region, the Europe Region did not gain any advantage. They were only sent back to their own Graveyards. Well, speaking from the perspective of time, they did not have enough time to walk all the way back to get back into the fight.

The numbers on both sides were decreasing steeply. Their combat capabilities were almost similar. Hence, the advantage of having a good commander was beginning to reveal. The China Region had crushed the delusional dream of the Europe Region and took out the entire force of the Europe Region! Of course, the China Region had also sacrificed almost two-thirds of their forces just to eliminate the threat posed by the Europe Region!

"Retreat!" Zhang Yang did not hesitate to call off their attacks. Their number had been reduced so significantly that they did not have enough men to push back the Japan-Korea Region to their starting point. They were beginning to feel the pressure from the Japan-Korea Region. Therefore, it would be wise to retreat at the moment. Truth be told, the outcome of the war had been decided. After getting a beat down from the China Region, there was no way that the Europe Region would get back on their feet and catch up with the progress of the China Region. Meanwhile, the kill count for the next runner-ups, the North America Region, was too far off from the kill count of the China Region. Hence, they could only strive for number two on the Kill Count Ranking List.

Seeing Zhang Yang and his monstrous China players retreating, the Japan-Korea players staggered for a moment before they realized what was really going on. They quickly pursued the China players in an attempt to kill them.

Unfortunately, everyone from China Region were on their Flying Mounts. The Japan-Korea players were left behind without much of a problem. Unless they had a super speed Flying Mount like Zhang Yang’s Phoenix pet, it was not possible for them to catch up with players on their Flying Mounts.

116 minutes, 118 minutes, 120 minutes!

The battle was over!

On the Kill Count Ranking List, China Region had scored over 1,278 kill counts to be ranked Number One. Europe Region scored over 1,144 kill counts to be ranked as Number Two while North America scored over 1,097 kill counts to be ranked as Number Three on the Kill Count Ranking List. As expected, Japan-Korea Region was the last on the list. Being the bottom feeder on the ranking, the Japan-Korea Region could only score over 345 kill counts. This time, they were truly shamed for good!

The moment when the battle was over, the system unlocked the War Canyon. The three Regions who earned their tickets into the ‘promised land’ could now enter the map through the new portal. However, the portal would stay open for only 7 days. After 7 days, the portal would be closed and no longer be available to the three Regions. Players would have to join another battle royale and decide which three Regions would be able to enter the War Canyon.

Monsters in the War Canyon were ranging from Level 120 to Level 150. There was no quest available on this map. However, because players could enjoy 15% additional Experience Points, their leveling up efficiency was way better than they were when they were on other maps!

Of course, the main thing a large-scale guild would focus on would be clearing the six new sub-dungeons!

Keeping the promises they made earlier on, Lone Desert Smoke would be taking the 10-player scale Death Swamp. Crimson Rage would be taking the 10-player scale Death Jungle. Meanwhile, the guilds of Imperial Sky, The Radiance, Sunset Amber and Rolling Rocks would take the remaining 4 5-player dungeons. These 6 guilds were the most powerful guilds in the entire China Region for the moment. Each of these guilds at least had Class A Inheritances to back their power level!

Of course, guilds like Floating Clouds and Brilliant Star were also very powerful. But they would be a little off compared to the 6 most powerful guilds in the entire China Region. They had allocated the dungeons much earlier on to prevent any unnecessary competitions among their own Region. Well, conflict is always inevitable.

For instance, Zhang Yang had clearly stated that he and his guild would be clearing the Death Swamp. Therefore, when the other guilds heard him loud and clear, they would avoid going over to that dungeon to compete with them. Lone Desert Smoke’s Dungeon Exploration Party contained 3 players with Class S Inheritance, two players with Class A Inheritance and 5 players with Class B Inheritance! Furthermore, they also had two Phoenix pets and a Battle Companion which could also activate Transformation Skills! Who would want to go up against a party with such an intimidating lineup?!

It would be suicidal to even think about going up against them!

Therefore, Imperial Sky and the other powerful guilds had to endure the pain of not being able to take down the First Clear for the 10-player scale dungeons, even though the First Clear for those 10-player dungeons were extremely beneficial (Each First Clear could give each player 1 Skill Points! 10 players would be able to benefit from it at the same time!). Whoever who tries to clear the same dungeon with Lone Desert Smoke and Crimson Rage would not only lose the chance to get 10 Skill Points, but also lose the 5-player scale dungeon to someone else as they would be too busy fighting either one of the two powerful guilds. After all, there were already a large number of guilds, powerful enough to clear a new dungeon, these days.

After the system had teleported everyone out of the War Canyon, Zhang Yang quickly assembled his party of 10. Then they reentered the War Canyon through the temporal portal. This time, the 8 pathways in the dungeon were no longer empty. There were hordes of monsters swarming up the pathways! It seemed that players could enjoy the perks to grind their levels by killing these monsters now!

Of course, the dungeon no longer restricted players from flying. They could just ride on their Flying Mounts and fly to the center point of the dungeon. That was where the entrance to Death Abyss was located at.

Because the modes of the dungeon were locked, players would need to unlock the modes consecutively from Normal Mode to Hard Mode before unlocking the Hardcore Mode. So they had to start with Normal Mode. Zhang Yang had the two Phoenix pets activate their Transformation Skills. They lured all monsters in the surroundings towards the first boss and took out everything, including the first boss! Then they used the same tactic on the second boss, third boss, forth boss, and the fifth boss! Zhang Yang and his party cleared the Normal Mode of the dungeon in under 17 minutes!

Well, the difficulty of the dungeon was too easy, to begin with!

Upon entering the Hard Mode of the dungeon, Endless Starlight, Wei Yan Er, Lost Dream, Hundred Shots and Fantasy Sweetheart activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills. Then they also used the same tactic to clear the entire dungeon. The better part of it was they managed to shorten the time required to clear the dungeon down to 16 minutes 34 seconds! They took even less time than they took to clear out the Normal Mode of the dungeon!

Lastly, it was time for them to clear the Hardcore Mode of the dungeon and seize the ‘First Clear’ title of the Death Abyss! Everyone activated their Inheritance Transformation Skills at the same instant. Zhang Yang made a mad decision. The moment they step foot into the dungeons, they lured everything including the first boss, second boss, third boss, forth boss, and the fifth boss all together in one spot. Then, they unleashed hell upon them with everything they got! Everything was done in one single motion! It was an absolute massacre!

11 minutes 34 seconds!

The Hardcore Mode of the dungeon had been cleared by Zhang Yang and his party! The moment when the server announced the result, the 20,000,000,000 players from all around the world had to recheck their bearings with reality!