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Chapter 679: The Dark Rider

Chapter 679: The Dark Rider
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As usual, Zhang Yang was at the head of his gang. Right before he stepped foot onto the ground, his Phoenix pet had already opened up its mouth, spitting out a stream of blazing flames! The flames caused impressive damage values to the monsters.

However, these wolf guards had the ability to throw nets at players. They were throwing nets at Zhang Yang and his gang without stopping. The Flying Mounts were falling onto the ground one after another after being entangled in the nets. Even the legendary beast Phoenix pet could not escape such fate! Fortunately, they were just trapped. The nets did not affect their assaults at all.

However, it was not a pleasant experience to be trapped! Zhang Yang immediately leaped down from the back of Phoenix pet. Well, he had the Skill called ‘Beast Taming’ after all. His pet mount would not disappear even after he is separated from his pet mount.


Zhang Yang clashed straight into the center of the horde and whirled his [Sword of Purging Devourer]. Even without his Transformation Skill activated, his Attack power was still as deadly as hell! Furthermore, Zhang Yang was well known to infuse his ‘Supporting Attack’ into his attacks while he was battling against his enemies. He broke the monsters, one after another like they were made of thin paper!

After he managed to lure the monsters’ attention to him, the rest of his gang began to unleash everything they had. AoE Skills were spammed over and over again by each of them. The HP bars of the monsters were reducing steeply. That really showed them how powerful the entire party was.

However, the Elite Tier monsters on this map were not comparable to those Elite Tier monsters in the previous maps that they had encountered before. The Attack power of these monsters were as powerful as the Attack power of a Mythical Tier boss! Even Zhang Yang would frown in misery as tens of these monsters could round up on him and beat him up.

Fortunately, these monsters were not on the same level as a boss after all. Any Status Restriction Skills were still effective. Zhang Yang only had to use his {Thunder Strike} in order to slow down the monsters’ Movement Speed and restrict their movements. However, these wolf guards were not easy to take on either. Their [Net] could also restrict the players’ movement. It would basically stop players from moving at all! Zhang Yang had to take his [Mobility Potion] to regain his movement again before he could make another move on the monsters.

However, the wolf guards also had {Charge}. They would randomly seek for one of the targets within range, and charge at the target. By doing so, their aggro values would be cleared out, completely. In other words, Zhang Yang would have to lure the monsters over to him again. Meanwhile, right after the aggro list of the monsters was cleared out completely, the monsters would immediately activate their {Strong Penetration,} causing a damage that would be 2 times higher than the damage they could cause with their normal attacks. Their Basic Attacks had reached up to 90,000 damage. They could still cause approximately 60,000 damage to Zhang Yang, even though Zhang Yang had Damage Immunity and other attributes!

If tens of these wolf guards could activate their {Strong Penetration} on Zhang Yang at the same time, Zhang Yang’s *ss would definitely be penetrated if he was not mounted on his pet mount!

The cooldown for {Charge} was the same as the cooldown for {Strong Penetration}. The monsters would use their {Strong Penetration} right after they used their {Charge}. Furthermore, the cooldowns for the two Skills were only 30 seconds. It could prove be fatal to take the explosive attack that could happen once in every half a minute head on!

Even Zhang Yang could not afford to be careless at that point. He had all his life-saving Skills on standby. He wanted to avoid any of his party members from being killed.


Zhang Yang pulled Fantasy Sweetheart over to his side. That pretty little lady with two huge tits was almost hit by 5 monsters with their {Charge} at the same time. If Zhang Yang was just one split-second later, Fantasy Sweetheart’s tits would have been crushed to jelly.

"Thank you, guildmaster!" Fantasy Sweetheart was speaking rather shyly. Well, that was her personality after all.

Zhang Yang replied her with a simple ‘Hmm’ and he continued to swing his [Sword of Purging Devourer] around. He activated his {Blast Wave} and stunned most of the monsters in front of them. He was working on luring the monsters over to him once more.

These monsters were really causing them a great deal of trouble. No wonder the quest was ranked as a Rank-A quest!

Well, Elite Tier monsters were merely Elite Tier after all. They only had a limited amount of HP. Furthermore, they did not receive any HP recovery support. Hence, the monsters began to die, one after another under the oppressive attacks of the gang. The guards that were protecting Malindor was getting lesser by the second! After killing the last guard by his side, Malindor became the last man standing in front of Zhang Yang and his gang.

Compared to his guards, Malindor was so much weaker than them. He was only a Normal Tier monster. Normal attacks would be more than enough to take him out.

"Master Souron’s plan must not be ruined by anyone! Especially by the likes of you!" A low pitch voice rumbled across the surroundings. When Zhang Yang and his gang turned around to look, all they could see was a skeletal horse racing towards them. There was a warrior wearing a full black set of battle armor sitting right on top of the horse. There was no way to differentiate which race the warrior belonged to. His body looked like he was in his prime.

[The Dark Rider, Souron's Servant] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 160

HP: 10,000,000,000

Defense: 1,000,000

Magic Defense: 1,000,000

Melee Attack: 42,892 – 52,898


[The Dark Rider's Kiss] Gives the target a fatal blow. If the target is hit, the target will die immediately, allowing The Dark Rider to recover 10% of his HP. If the Skill misses, The Dark Rider will be devoured by the force of darkness instead and lose 1% of his HP. Chanting time: 1 second. Range: 5 meters.

Note: The Dark Rider is one of the bodyguards of Souron himself. There were nine of them in total. Every time Souron is resurrected, they will rise from the depth of the death abyss and resurface to serve their master.

"F*ck this sh*t! Is this still considered an Elite Tier monster? That’s 10,000,000,000 HP! Are you kidding me?!" Fatty Han screamed like a sissy girl.

"If the monster only has 10,000,000,000 HP, we can still take it down without much of a problem. Look at his Defence! That’s a total of 1,000,000 Defence, 1,000,000 Magic Defence! Is this some kind of sick joke? How are we going to defeat that thing!?"

"Only noob tank and sister Sun can hurt that monster, because only both of them have {Eagle Eye}!"

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "We don’t have to slay the monster! We just have to slowly make the monster kill himself! Look at his Skill. When any one of you gets locked on with {The Dark Rider's Kiss}, just immediately run 5 meters away from the monster. The monster will cause damage to himself and lose 1% of his HP! We just have to repeat the process for 100 times before he dies!"

"However, it’s not easy at all to run 5 meters away from the monsters in 1 second!"

"Yes, that’s why the quest is a Rank-A quest!"

Zhang Yang glanced at Malindor and said, "Daffodil, just kill Malindor instantly and get our quest done!"


While they were talking to each other, The Dark Rider had arrived before them. Because the monster had overly high Defence and Magic Defence, the gang had no other way but to make the monster kill himself slowly. The monster came to Han Ying Xue and marked her as his first target. With the long sword of his arm raised high in the air, A chilly radiance flashed across the monster and a progress bar suddenly appeared right beneath the head of The Dark Rider! The progress bar was filling up fast!

{The Dark Rider’s Kill}!

As everyone had no idea how the sign would look like right before the Skill is activated, and the witchy Snow could not react in time. When she began to move away on her mount, the progress bar on The Dark Rider had filled up by 70%! Although the movement speed of a Flying Mount was extremely quick, it would only require one brief moment for the Flying Mount to get a starting step before it gains speed on moving around. Hence, the movement speed of the Flying Mount was not fast to begin with! So it was impossible for anyone to avoid the monster’s strike!


Zhang Yang quickly pulled Han Ying Xue to her side. By doing so, he managed to get Han Ying Xue out of the way of the attack! Coincidentally, the cooldown for Zhang Yang’s {Lure} was over.


With The Dark Rider hitting nothing but air, a huge damage value popped up right on top of his head! The monster started to do a number to itself!

Daffodil Daydream began to pursue Malindor closely to prevent him from getting away. She was a ranged player. She threw out a {Fire Ball} swiftly at Malindor, without any hesitation. With her current Attack power, she only needed to strike Malindor twice with her attacks.

The moment the {Fire Ball} hit Malindor, the attack was nullified by a transparent barrier that shielded him. Instead of torching him him, the fireball spread across the barrier and into the surroundings without touching Malindor at all!

Ineffective! It was as if Malindor had just activated an Invincibilty Effect on himself!

Malindor only had one Skill on him, {Fire Ball}. He did not have any Skills that could grant him Invincibility Effect. So, he must have activated some sort of item or accessory.

--- The One Ring!

The entire body of Malindor was beginning to fade, as if he was activating a Skill similar to the Thief’s Skill {Stealth}! Then, he vanished without a trace!

It was the ability of The One Ring, again!

"You shall not hurt My Lord’s guest!" The Dark Rider let out an intimidating roar and charged towards Daffodil Daydream. The horse was moving eerily fast! In one split second, the horse had arrived right behind Daffodil Daydream! The blade struck out again as The Dark Rider was activating his {The Dark Rider’s Kiss}.


Daffodil Daydream instantly moved away from where she stood. She activated the one special Skill that Spellcasters could use. She moved 10 meters forward and got herself out of the effective range of the monster’s attack range.


The monster had once again hurt himself and caused an immense damage to himself. The Dark Rider roared again and pulled his horse up. The horse also neighed clearly. Then it began to charge towards Zhang Yang. The monster once again struck out his blade!

It was another {The Dark Rider’s Kiss}!

Zhang Yang patted his Phoenix pet immediately, the Phoenix pet fluttered its wings and began to move. Although they only had 1 second to get away, as long as the reaction is fast enough, anyone could get out of the effective range of The Dark Rider’s attacks without using Skills like {Apparate} or {Tumble}.


"The Dark Lord shall rise again! The living shall tremble before the dominion of the Dark Lord! Do not resist! Rest for eternity, in the arms of death!" The Dark Rider continued to shake the air and the surroundings with his voice, while he was whirling his blades aggressively. Although his normal attacks could not instantly kill anyone, players would still feel the pain after being attacked for multiple times. Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart had to activate their Healing Skills whenever they were able to trying to maintain everyone’s HP bar at maximum.

Malindor had vanished without a trace. So, everyone focused their attention towards the monster.

All 10 of them were high Tier players. Everyone was acting carefully to avoid the assaults from The Dark Rider. None of the {The Dark Rider’s Kiss} had succeeded in landing on any of them. The long HP bar reduced steeply every time The Dark Rider missed. The rate of The Dark Rider activating his Ultimate Skill was not fixed, at all. Sometime, the monster would have activated it after 5 seconds. However, sometimes, the monster would only use his Ultimate Skill after waiting for over 20 seconds.

So, the monster would on average, activate his {The Dark Rider’s Kiss} once every 10 seconds. 16 minutes later, the monsters only had over 3% HP left. Victory was within grasp!

Everyone did not lower down their guards at all. Upon activating 3 more {The Dark Rider’s Kiss}, The Dark Rider with enormously long HP bar finally collapsed heavily onto the ground and died. Unfortunately, the Experience Points they earned by killing the monster was not 1,000,000,000 Experience Points. Instead, they only acquired 400,000 Experience Points!

Well, that should make sense at least. After all, they did not really kill the monster all by themselves. They were only making the monster kill himself without expending much effort, to be honest. So they should not have too much expectations towards the reward, from the beginning.

Upon bringing up the map, they saw that the red dot that represented Malindor had traveled quite some distance away. The gang quickly hopped onto their Flying Mounts and flew towards the direction of Malindor.

Half an hour later, they caught up to Malindor. When the Magic Apprentice saw Zhang Yang and his gang, he was shocked and angry at the same time. Then, he hustled himself forward without having the intention of stopping.

"You shall not hurt our Dark Lord’s guest!" Another Dark Rider appeared from afar, charging straight towards Zhang Yang and his gang. With a swing of his hand, Zhang Yang and his gang were pulled down to the ground. Then the monster began to attack them aggressively.

Meanwhile, Malindor had vanished without a trace once again!

"What the f*ck! Not again!" Fatty Han sighed heavily. "My hunch is telling me that the same thing would repeat itself the next time we catch up again!"

"There are a total of 9 Dark Riders. So there’s no surprise that we need to take them all out before we can get The One Ring!"

"This is outrageous! F*ck!"

Everyone sighed miserably as they got themselves ready for another ‘hide and seek’ battle.

Fortunately, everyone had enough experience of dealing with this kind of crap after their first encounter with a Dark Rider. They could survive the onslaught of the monster at the least, now. After the repetitive ‘hide and seek’ game over 17 minutes, the second Dark Rider had also died of ‘suicide’.

They went on to pursue Malindor, based on the map. As expected. Whenever they caught up with Malindor, there would be a new Dark Rider cutting in between the gang and Malindor. Upon repeating the same process over approximately 6 hours, Zhang Yang and his gang finally took out the ninth Dark Rider. They finally caught up to Malindor for the tenth time!