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Chapter 682: Orc Leader Grandlar

Chapter 682: Orc Leader Grandlar
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By having higher upper damage limit, does not mean the Zhang Yang would have higher DPS than Wei Yan Er. After all, Zhang Yang's {Charge Up Strike}'s cooldown time was 60 seconds. He could not confirm that all of his skills would deal Critical strikes!

Then again, as expected of a Celestial tier equipment, even though the stat boost was just from a single ring, it had nearly increased Wei Yan Er's overall performance by 30%!

Anita was greatly pushed back. Despite having strong AoE skills that could deal high damage and possessing knockback effects, the skill was suppressed by having a long 30 seconds cooldown. Under heavy fire, the boss could not even retaliate in a proper manner.

When it comes to this, the boss was still in fact, a main character from the villain's perspective. Now that the boss had taken a toll, many orcs came out rushing from nowhere and attacked the party. Although the orcs did not have strong attacks nor HPs, the monsters do have the numbers. With sheer volume alone, they could even kill a tank as strong as Zhang Yang!

Finally feeling frustrated with the sudden appearance of the orcs, Zhang Yang cried, "Starlight! Take the monsters!"

"Roger that!"

Endless Starlight rode off with his mount and activated {Devotion}. Once the monsters were all effected by the Aura damage, Endless Starlight triggered {Saint Storm} to deal massive AoE damage and aggro to all monsters.

Once the monsters were all drawn to Endless Starlight, Zhang Yang changed the Phoenix's attack targeting to assist Endless Starlight. Since the Phoenix's normal attack were AoE types, it would be extremely efficient at killing normal monsters in a large amount! Fatty Han joined the fray and sent in his Phoenix as well. With two Legendary Beast and one strong tank in play, no menial monster could survive to tell the tale!

Once all the random orcs were taken care of, the boss had nowhere else to run nor rely on. She had to take all the damage like a good punching bag from the party.

Although 160,000,000 HP seemed a lot, the boss was not a match with the massive DPS rainfall of the party. They merely took 5 minutes to kill the boss! It was all due to the newly obtained weapons and armor, not to mention the new Celestial tier ring that Wei Yan Er had!

Once Anita fell, Wei Yan Er was the first to jump to the dead boss' body and loot the items as fast as she could. She feared that Zhang Yang might remember about the punishment that he had imposed on her earlier on.

"Woohoo! We've hit the jackpot! Three Ethereal tier equipment, yo!" Wei Yan Er screamed. With the three equipment in her embrace, she rubbed her face all over them like they were her precious babies.

Zhang Yang did not spare any time to entertain her but yelled sternly, "Time to make a move on!"

"Hey hey hey! Noobie tank! Isn't it time for us to check out the goods for a moment, at least?" cried Wei Yan Er as she was still slobbering all over the equipment.

"Check out what? You think we're still in Kandiya Grassland or Gilstein?! The bosses here are not even the strong ones yet! All the drops would not be special! Just take a look at them! I'm 100% sure that they would have no reduced level special effect!" Zhang Yang snapped.

"Ah--" Wei Yan Er stuttered and took a look at the acquired equipment. As Zhang Yang had mentioned, all the equipment were Level 160 and did not possess any reduced level special effect.

"Tch!" Wei Yan Er clicked her tongue. With a greatly disgruntled facial expression, she kicked a tiny fallen helmet to the side and scorned. "What a useless boss! Making me all hyped up and all! Tch!"

Everyone could not spare any tiny attention to Wei Yan Er's acts and pressed on.

The number of monsters appearing on were continuous, without stopping. Eventually, they had reached to a point where the monster's tier was upgraded from normal tier to elite tier. Instead of orcs, they were wolf riding soldiers.

The wolf riders were a little troublesome due to their skills. They had a skill that could throw a net to immobilize a person. They could also rush over and stun someone like Zhang Yang's {Charge} skill. After stunning, they could follow up with a powerful blow which was the real threat to the party. As they proceeded onwards, Zhang Yang was careful not to draw in too many monsters at one go. They would all have to be careful since if they are all killed in this part of the quest, they might as well give up fighting the boss.

However, despite the increasing difficulty, the monsters provided the party with luxurious experience points which everyone enjoyed greatly. They were even wishing for the route to be endless so that they could all grinding effortlessly without running around too much, until they reach Level 160!

However, wishes were wishes after all, for the reality was shortly revealed. After the long pathway onward, the party reached a large plaza and found the second boss.

It was a similarly dark-green skinned orc but instead of standing on its own, the orc was seated atop an abnormally large wolf! He was scouting around casually, with a shield in his left arm and long spear in his right.

[Orc Leader Grandlar] (Ethereal, Humanoid)

Level: 160

HP: 160,000,000

Defense: 10,490

Melee Attack: 80,594 – 100,594


[Net]: Tosses nets at all directions, 30 meters around the caster. Traps and immobilizes all targets for 10 seconds.

[Sloth's Punishment]: While moving, targets will be inflicted with 20,000 Natural damage every 3 seconds for 15 seconds. However, every second the target stops moving, the damage inflicted will increase by 100%.

[Bone to Dust]: Ignores all Defense value and deals 150% melee physical damage. If the target is stationary, damage inflicted will be increased by 100%.

Note: During his birth, Grandlar had bitten down and mauled his own biological mother to death. The creature was born vile and vicious to the core. The lust of war and battle was born in his soul!

"Noobie tank! Look! Look! Even the ugly butt orc could equip a shield on one hand and a two-handed weapon on his other! Looks like the so-called God of War Inheritance is not something so rare after all! Nishishishi!" Wei Yan Er casually gave Zhang Yang a backhanded slap.

Zhang Yang shrugged and laughed. "Yeah. It might be. However, I seem to recall that a certain little flattest girl would die to have the Inheritance!"

"Ouuuu! Burn!"

Hundred Shots interjected in as he was trapped by the net. "What a troublesome skill! Paired with that DoT effect, the overall damage is extremely painful!"

Hundred Shots was right. Since the first tick of the DoT skill was 20,000 damage for the first instance. Once the net has successfully trapped someone, they would be considered to be stationary even though it is involuntary. Once they are rendered motionless, the 100% increase effect will kick in, hence, increasing the DoT damage to 40,000 damage. At the 10 seconds, the damage will be increased to 100,000 damage! It was indeed powerful for a DoT effect. If the skill {Net} is casted more frequently, the party would sustain a lot of damage.

"Don't be stingy on the Mobility Potion! Use them immediately if you are trapped! Do not let the skill kill you!"

Zhang Yang hurled himself towards the boss while spamming {Blast Wave} on the boss while mounted on the Phoenix.

"Here it comes!"

The boss snarled, exposing his massive fangs and growled. "Hahaha! Free food for me! How long has it been since I last craved for the flesh of Human and Elf!" Grandlar brandished his spear like the blades of a helicopter and lunged at Zhang Yang.

Zhang Yang anticipated the attack and raised his shield, facing directly at the boss. However, he had made a grave mistake, for the boss did not use the spear as a thrusting attack, instead, the boss used the spear like a huge pole and smacked Zhang Yang from the top and hit his head. Zhang Yang had a split-second movement to shift his shield upward and managed to block the damage successfully. However, he had also seriously underestimated the boss' strength. The attack had created a massive impact and vibrated the shield like a cymbal in a music band. Zhang Yang could have sworn that his fingers had almost given up! Even the Phoenix pet was slammed downward.

Infuriated, the Legendary Beast squawked with rage and made a quick turn and blasted the orc with a strong flamethrower attack.

"ARGH! I hate fire!"

At then, the boss was enraged and retaliated by thrusting, piercing, bashing, and many more unorthodox methods of using the spear.

Zhang Yang returned every attack he received to the boss with additional fury! His attacks were brought up at the battle, especially since the skill {Charge Up Strike} is paired with {God of War Devastation} could deal at least 9 times the normal attack damage. His attacks were so powerful that no one else but Zhang Yang could make the boss squeal in pain! Felice and the Phoenix were also Ethereal tiered hence, their attacks were no weaker than the boss himself, albeit having much lesser HP.

"I will kill! I WILL KILL ALL UNTIL THERE IS NONE LEFT!" The boss bellowed with might and fury. He flicks his hands and sends rays of blood-red light to the party members. It was the skill {Sloth's Punishment}!

"Stand still!" Just a few seconds later, the boss bellowed again and unleashed a fan of nets to all directions, entrapping everyone, including their Battle Companions.

Spellcaster and Hunters had skills to "teleport" away to safety. {Apparate} and {Tumble} both had only 30 seconds cooldown, hence it would be the first skill to use during scenarios like that. On the other hand, Warrior and the other class' status removing skill had a long, 1-minute cooldown. (Note: Warrior's Will cooldown will be 1 minute only if it is maxed out). Hence, when everyone was trapped by the nets, Zhang Yang and the others had immediately used their Mobility Potions to free themselves immediately.

It was the first {Net} skill. Besides the Battle Companions, the skill was not a threat to anyone else. Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart were able to focus their healing power on the Battle Companions, hence their load was eased off greatly. Even though the Battle Companions DPS were so insignificant, every bit of help counts during a crucial fight, hence it was practical to rescue them.


Zhang Yang was a little slow. Right after the boss tossed out his nets, he made a preemptive strike on Zhang Yang and used {Bone to Dust} on him. The damage dealt to him was extremely powerful, and everyone had to gasp in horror. Even the wielder of the God of War Inheritance had taken more than 160,000 damage! Imagine if it were someone else…

It was inevitable. Consuming potions brought out the slow process of taking out the bottle and gulping down the magical liquid down a person's throat. It was a process unlike skills that could be activated with a single thought.

After a series of rounds, Zhang Yang had calculated the frequency of the skill {Sloth's Punishment}. It will be used once every 15 seconds. It was as if the skill had a permanent Aura DoT effect. On the hand, {Net} will be cast once every 20 seconds which had surpassed the limit of all players around. At that moment, the overall party's HP was being hacked off speedily. Right then, Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart had to make a choice. They could either sacrifice the Battle Companion, or to bet on it all and heal everyone…Felice and Ankh were the only two Battle Companion that had the strongest DPS…

The boss was extremely troublesome and had so much HP that the entire battle was rather annoying. If Grandlar had 100 million HP, and had recovery skills, the battle will inescapably be dragged to more than an hour. If either Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart is unable to keep up with the healing, either of them would have to activate their Transformation skill!

However, the battle had only been 5 minutes, with no choice in hand, the party would have to bite down their frustration and consume potions for the moment.

Even though it was troublesome, the boss was not exactly tough. For Ethereal bosses were not the strongest bosses then!

Under the massive attack of fire and fury, the boss was killed in the end, leaving the entire party panting raggedly like a mad dog.

Although the experience points and loot were aplenty, Wei Yan Er solemnly picked up the loot as if she wanted to cry. Everyone had to laugh at her comical act.

After a good tease and rest, Zhang Yang pushed on and pressed forward.

After they proceeded, the number monsters appearing to obstruct their way increased in number. However, that was not enough to stop the demolition party from making their way to the tower! After a tiresome 3 hours of killing, the party had all arrived at the tower's basement in one piece.


"Did anyone felt that?"

"Yeah. It's a microquake."


"It's getting stronger now…"

"Ok. It's a proper earthquake!"

Right when Zhang Yang and the party had stepped on the floor of the tower, the entire castle quaked, like a massive earthquake was about to hit. Cracks formed in the ground and light burst out from them. The light all shot up and bent miraculously into the tower. The quake continued to rumble on violently, as if something was about to burst out from the ground like a monster from an eggshell!