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Chapter 683: The Dark One, Souron

Chapter 683: The Dark One, Souron
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The earth split apart violently and out came a massive humanoid creature from within the creases. The monster crawled out and stood at nearly 30 meters tall. Fully clad in armor-like scales, the beast had a long, spiky tail, and a horn as long as its head, that stuck out of its forehead. The beast had only one eye which had taken almost half of its face's surface area. The dark, orange and black stripes pupil glared at the party with a killing aura so strong that it made a little visible crack on the rusted helmet on the ground.

[Shadow Demon Souron, The Dark One] (Holy, Demon)

Level: 170

HP: 1,700,000,000

Defense: 17,660

Melee Attack: 140,086 – 200,086


[Death Glare]: Blasts a powerful death ray towards a target within 30 meters. Deals 200,000 damage. Damage will be increased by 100% for every 10 meters a target is away from the caster. Maximum Range: 10,000 meters.

[Rotting Strike]: Wastes away a target's defenses and deals 150% melee physical attack.

[Shadow's Touch]: Deals True Strike damage to all targets within 50 meters. Deals 100% Shadow melee damage.

[Demon's Constitution]: Restores 1% HP every 30 seconds. Recovery amount would not be affected by any effect.

[Demon Unleash]: Becoming the demon that all fears. Increases damage by 1000%, movement speed by 1000%. Note: A certain item could dispel the effect.

Note: The embodiment of evil, shadow, and destruction. The Shadow Demon was born from the left eye of the Shadow God. Possess part of the Death God's power.

Holy tier!?

"Don't waste time! Use your Inheritance Transformation now!" Zhang Yang screamed at the top of his lungs. Zhang Yang was the first to transform and he unmounted the Phoenix to allow the beast to fly freely. Now that Souron had entered the battle field, the Eye in the sky had changed, instead of only attacking units in the sky, it now attacked units that were also on the ground. Hence, there was no sense in anchoring oneself to the ground. Zhang Yang instructed everyone to move around and not leave the boss' range. As long as they are within 30 meters, they would only receive 200,000 basic damage.

Zhang Yang sighed painfully. The boss had over 1 billion HP and could restore 1% or close to 570,000 HP every second! If everyone does not rely on their Inheritance, the total DPS of the party would not be able to even match the heals per second! The few methods of defeating this boss were the same as it was with any other open-world boss. You could either gather a small team of powerful DPS and healers, or two, to have a sea of players attack the boss in waves.

All sorts of Inheritance was used. Shadow Dancer…Milkmaid Deity…Darkness…Frost…

Everyone, including the two Phoenixes and Felice had used their Inheritances at once. It was one of the first few times the entire party, including the Battle Companion and the Pets, had used their Transformation skills altogether. It was, after all, their first battle with the game's first Holy tier boss!

Fortunately, the boss was only Level 170. If it were slightly higher, all of them would have suffered from the Level Suppression System!

"The world…is mine." Souron raised his right hand to the sky with his palm opened wide. Storm clouds form at the top of the sky at the direction of his palm. With a powerful clench of his fist, the storm clouds crack a thunderbolt to the ground everywhere! It was merely a display of power. The sort of power that could change the world at his will! The power of the Death God!

"Alright, guys. No time to admire his fancy tricks. It's time for us to kick his butt!" Zhang Yang soared towards the boss and launched his first barrage of attack.


Reserved Swing! {Charge Up Strike}!

'-2,687,166!' God of War Devastation!

Although the attack is good enough to kill anyone over and over again, the boss felt nothing but a tiny tick on his HP bar. It is expected, since the boss had over a billion HP. 1 million attack damage was nothing but a tiny prick. However, Souron was still mad and glared at Zhang Yang with fury. His eyes glowed with an intense red hue and Zhang Yang knew it was time to dodge. However, the attack was instant and could not be evaded. A long beam of black ray blasted Zhang Yang, dealing 152,002 damage.

Zhang Yang took a direct hit but it was only a tiny bit of damage since he had over 20,000,000 HP. 100,000 damage was nothing but 1% of his total HP.

"Looking at the boss and our boss. I feel like big boss is the monster! Phew…" Endless Starlight cried.

"Yeah…Zhang Yang has always been a monster!"

"Noobie tank is not a monster! He is a meanie!"

Zhang Yang frowned and yelled. "What are you doing!? Stop talking and start fighting for god's sake!'

Everyone gulped down a mouthful of saliva and charged towards the boss with everything they had. At such a battle, those who had no Inheritance Transformation skill could only fill in the odd numbers up for their damage was too low. Players like Lost Dream and Hundred Shot had their mounts active since they could at least help their master deal a menial amount of damage. On the other hand, players like Sun Xin Yu or Daffodil Daydream had to unsummon their mounts since their Inheritances did not allow mounting. It's either keep or be killed by the boss in one hit.

{Shadow's Touch}!

Souron used his first AoE attack skill and unleashed countless waves of black, floating skulls around. The attack was of Indiscriminate attack type, which means, the attack will also deal damage to Souron's own lackeys, if they are within the area!

170,000 basic damage is strong enough for a hit. Even though everyone had already activated their Transformation skills and had their HPs boosted, the damage received was significant enough to put a toll on the healers. If Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart had not obtained strong Inheritances, regular healing powers would not be enough.

After the first round of {Shadow's Touch}, everyone prepared themselves. However, just after 10 seconds of breathing room, the boss used {Shadow's Touch} again.

The prowess of a boss depends on its AoE skill prowess. Other factors, including the AoE skill was the most prominent. Souron's 10 second {Shadow's Touch} frequency rate was not as powerful as Princess Serena with her rampaging. However, it is still strong enough to cause all 13 members of the party to take more than 220,000 damage a second. The amount of healing required to make sure everyone continue breathing would be extremely taxing.

The main point of the battle was that the boss does not have one skill. Souron had been keeping Zhang Yang extremely busy by continuously bombarding Zhang Yang with attacks. Occasionally, he will also use {Death Glare} to harass other players around which causes a small disruption to the healers. If they were to lose just one member, the tide of the battle might shift dramatically towards the boss' side. The battle could be ended in a flash!

"Zhang Yang! Use the Forbidden Scroll!" Lost Dream panted tiredly.

The entire party had only possessed one [Forbidden Scroll] and it was the Absolute Bind. It would be effective to any targets under Level 180. The effect of the scroll is to bind a target at a certain chance every 3 seconds for 10 minutes! Zhang Yang contemplated for a while and decided to use the scroll since the scroll had an "expiry date" at Level 180.

"Alright. Get ready!"

Zhang Yang flipped open his Inventory UI and used the scroll to the boss.


Not too long ago, when Souron conjured the dark storm clouds out of nowhere, it was only within the vicinity of the tower while the rest of the skyline was still bright. However, when Zhang Yang used the [Forbidden Scroll], the entire skyline from horizon to the other horizon darkened immediately. Dark clouds swarmed in from all directions and crack a thunderbolt that was far larger and louder than Souron's. The thunderbolt blasted down at Souron and formed pillars of black pillars that were taller than Souron! The pillars formed in a circular manner surrounding Souron like a cage.

"What is the meaning of this!" Souron growled. He then ignored the pillar, since it did not deal any damage to him, instead, he focused his attention on Zhang Yang and landed a {Rotting Strike}.


The skill was the boss strongest and most annoying single target skill. With almost 250,000 basic damage, it could kill 99% of all tanks in the world! However! It depends on the player's status, if they had a Transformation skill activate, it would be a whole different story.

Souron pulled back his arms and crossed them boldly.

"Hmph. Such a pitiful being. The battle should have ended a long time ago!" Despite his demeaning speech, the boss was clearly disgruntled for dealing too weak of a damage on Zhang Yang. After a loud roar, Souron's mono-eye glowed with an intense blood red hue. As he roared to the heavens, the horn on his forehead grew longer and larger.

"HMM!" With glowing red eyes, Souron hurled his fist at Zhang Yang.


Zhang Yang lifted his shield, but it was useless. The attack crushed his legs into the earth.

Groaning with pain, Zhang Yang yelled. "Little brat!"

"Huh? Oh yeah! The ring!" Wei Yan Er aimed her ring at the boss and mentally activated its effect.


The ring glowed with an intense golden luster and blast out a golden ray. The light bent in midair and blasted Souron's eyes.

"GRAH!" Souron retreated as he covered his eyes. The horn on his forehead shrunk back to its normal size as he retreated.

The skill {Demon Unleashed} was casted by the boss. That was the reason why he could deal more than a million damage in a single strike.

"THE ONE RING!" Souron snarled through his teeth. "How do you possess The One Ring!? D*mn! D*mn it all! So be it! The One Ring is just a ring! A tiny piece of metal from the gods! I am the King of the Shadows! I am the Dark One! I am Invincible!"

{Glare of the Death God}!

Zhang Yang jumped in heroically and casted the skill. However, the skill immediately bounced off the boss and rewarded Zhang Yang with one sad word. "Resist!"

"Feeble mortal! Weep in despair as you succumb to my powers!" Souron roared and clawed Zhang Yang in midair as he fell back to the ground. However, just as he was about to touch Zhang Yang, black chains formed from nowhere and bound his movements, pulling Souron back and locking him from moving!

The [Forbidden Scroll] effect had kicked in!

"Hmm…No matter from what angle I see it from. I just couldn't shake the feeling that the skill looks a lot like the fifty shades of BDSM," said Fatty Han as he smiled with a perverted expression.

Everyone took the chance to attack while the boss was immobilized. Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart had even tried to make used of the 10 seconds binding effect to recharge their MP and to heal everyone back to their full health.

Zhang Yang smirked. As expected of a [Forbidden Scroll]. Its effect was truly something powerful!

"D*mn it all! I will kill you! I will consume your souls!" After 10 seconds, the chains broke off the boss and released the boss from the binding shackles. He then chased after Zhang Yang to attack. The boss was mad. How could he not be? He had been sleeping and accumulating his powers for ages. And when the time was ripe and it was his time to wreak havoc, he is being toyed with by a bunch of insects!

{Demon Unleashed}!

In less than a minute, to be precise, in just 50 seconds, the boss had used his ultimate power again. His eyes glowed with rage, his horn grew with power, his attack, speed, grew exponentially! Unfortunately, The One Ring effect had only a 1 minute cooldown! The boss had gained 10 seconds of advantage over the party!

In that 10 seconds, the boss could wipe the entire party clean! Hence, all they could do before the ring was ready to purge the boss' berserk state was to hold on as long as they can.

Just when the boss was about to land his attack after gaining a huge buff, the dark chains materialized again, binding the boss in place. Not even the boss could do anything about it by having godlike powers! It was unfortunate for the boss. When the shackles were off and the boss was freed, Wei Yan Er blasted the boss with the ring's golden light.

"GRAH!" the boss cowered again. Blinded temporarily, the boss lunged himself blindly at Zhang Yang. He was the embodiment of Evil and Destruction! Even though he was not formed perfectly, he still a powerful entity! To be ridiculed by mere mortals with power of a piece of paper…

"Aiyayaya! What a poor boss." Fatty Han winced as he attacked from the side.

The skill {Demon Unleashed}'s cooldown countdown started counting down the moment the boss was "out" of the effect. Hence, The One Ring's cooldown will always be 10 seconds slower than {Demon Unleashed}. However, 10 seconds buffer period would not always be danger-free, since the chains from the [Forbidden Scroll: Absolute Bind] could not always proc at the right time. Hence, Zhang Yang had to use skills like {Shield Wall} to buy some time for the ring. If {Shield Wall} is on cooldown, there was nothing Zhang Yang could do then but to take the hit like a champ.

Luckily, his HP was that of a real champ. {Shield Wall} had only 2 minutes and 30 seconds cooldown. So, tanking 10 seconds of brutal punches from the boss was nothing to be worried about.