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Chapter 684: Dark Star Shield

Chapter 684: Dark Star Shield
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The match goes on strong. As long as Zhang Yang could hold on for as long as he could, the healers stop death in its tracks, and members of the party do not get killed by {Death's Touch}, and nothing else could factor the fall of the party, in the end, the boss fight would only be a manner of time.

However, even if after activating Inheritance Transformation and gain 300% or 500% attack boss, it does not mean that their DPS would increase by 3 times or 5 times. It was a matter of calculation.

Take Zhang Yang for example, before any buff, Zhang Yang's raw attack power was 31,612 – 39,612. After adding up the equipment damage buff and the God of War Inheritance of 100% and 50%, the basic attack was increased to 79,030 – 99,303. After activating the God of War Transformation, the damage calculation would take the raw attack power into account. Which was (31,612 – 39,612) x (250% + 500%) = 237,090 – 297,090. If he consumes a bottle of [Power Potion], the calculation would take the resulted attack power and multiply it by 140%.

Hence, technically, after activating the Transformation skill, Zhang Yang had only gained 3 times the attack power instead of 5. In his case, the stronger the equipment buff, the less percentage of the Transformation buff would add, since Zhang Yang himself was already at his peak. Taking into account the DPS of the other members, the ETA for the boss' defeat would be 53 minutes.

53 minutes would allow the boss to enrage 53 times. That leaves the party members 53 times of heart-stopping moments. The boss would not only target Zhang Yang alone, but also deal AoE damage to everyone with the skill {Shadow's Touch}. Wei Yan Er was the only one in the party who had an extremely high Shadow resistance, allowing her to negate a large sum of damage. Other party members would also have a certain increased elemental resistance, however, there were players like Lost Dream, with only B class Inheritance who would take so much damage in a single hit that would deduct 25% of their total HP. Luckily for them, there were not many B class Inheritance players around, or else Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart would be having a tough time handling them.

The boss was just merely a Holy tier boss and not a world class open-world boss. Still, Souron was still tough to defeat. In fact, everyone present there had equipment slightly lower than the "recommended" equipment tier. They were only able to hold on for so long, due to three S class Inheritance players and many A and B class Inheritance as well. Although B class was the lowest tier in their party, it was still strong enough to hold off the boss' attack. C class or lower Inheritance players would probably have fallen in the first two minutes. Han Ying Xue, being the one and only S class Healer Inheritance was able to heal everyone as if she was the Goddess of Healing. Thanks to her powerful healings and Fantasy Sweetheart helping out, the battle was made much easier.

They had also used the [Forbidden Scroll] to further ease off the difficulty of the battle. To put crudely, the boss will be stunned for 10 seconds every 30 seconds. 10 seconds was more than enough to provide breathing room for players to rest and recuperate. They could either take the chance to readjust their skill cycles, or to allow their skill to finish its cooldown.


A good amount of time was spent fighting the boss and everyone had burst into a killing frenzy when the boss' HP was left with 20%. Especially the little brat. She had the Darkness Inheritance and gained a natural high resistance to Shadow attacks, hence, she had not needed to waste her potion cooldown time on consuming health potions. Instead, she took a bottle of [Power Potion] and charged at the boss with all she had.

The little girl's normal attack had far surpassed Zhang Yang's due to The One Ring in her hands. However, skill wise, she was not able to keep up with Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang had various skills, passive and active alike, that could increase his overall DPS! However, the little girl's DPS had gained a massive boost after taking the [Power Potion].

Sun Xin Yu's attack was on a whole other level. After acquiring the skill {Eagle Eye}, she was able to narrow the gap between Zhang Yang and her. In fact, she was winning by a tiny nudge. She was equipping two types of weapons to be exact, after all. Just one of the weapons was an Ethereal tier which had granted Sun Xin Yu a massive 30% increase in attack, allowing her attacks to be 4% higher than Zhang Yang!

However, that was comparing a player's attack. Zhang Yang still had the Phoenix pet and Felice! The two god-like entities even possessed Transformation skill! It was like having Lost Dream and Hundred Shots linking their attacks to Zhang Yang! How could anyone compare their total DPS with Zhang Yang!? The man is a beast!

Hence, to compare normal attacks alone, Zhang Yang would rank at the third place. However, to put it in all, Zhang Yang's DPS would rank out of the entire chart!

"Meanie tank! I challenge you to a proper fight! Unsummon the fire bird and Felice and fight fair and square!" said Wei Yan Er, dissatisfied. It was a rare chance for her to be able to "defeat" Zhang Yang in a DPS match, but she was "interrupted" by Felice and the Phoenix.

Zhang Yang laughed, "Aww. Don't be too salty. This is my fate! And yours? You'd just continue being the little brat that we all know you are!"

"WHAT!? Noob tank! I'll bite you!" Wei Yan Er snarled like a palm-top tiger; fierce, but harmless.

"Mortal…mortal power…are you really just mortals?!" Souron finally accepted the truth. After his long HP was drained down to 15%, Souron movement and speech changed from demeaning to frightened. Although 15% or 200 million HP was considered to be quite long, the party's anxious and restless fighting prowess had treated the 200 million HP as nothing.

"There's nothing to hide! We are mortals! You may be a god or demon, but you're nothing but an enemy that we will destroy! You have but one eye. Though you can see and destroy humans as far as 10,000 km away, what you did was nothing out of the ordinary! You could at least use your incredible foresight to peek at girls!" said Endless Starlight nonchalantly.

It was not clear to whether Souron understood Endless Starlight provocation. However, the boss was a demon. Even though it may have been born from a single eye of the real God, he was still of a god's essence! Would a god peek at girls? Perhaps Zeus would. Souron roared in anger and increased the casting of {Shadow's Touch}, sending out countless of black skulls to fly around and attack everyone.

Luckily, it was not the skill - {Demon Unleashed} that was used rapidly. Or else, the team might be knocking on death's door!

"How could a few pesky rats have infiltrated my army! Cunning souls! You have lured my army to fight a meaningless war elsewhere!" Souron roared to the sky; and even the dark clouds started to lose their color.

"Haha! You couldn't even defeat a few of us rats! What makes you then? A large cockroach!?" Fatty Han laughed manically.

"You think you could last this long without The One Ring in your hand!?" Souron roared back.

"Fight us without your eyeball then!"

"Enough with the boss! Stop talking!" Zhang Yang finally snapped.


Every time the boss fell below the 10% HP threshold, the usage rate of {Shadow's Touch} would be increased. As long as the skill is not used during his {Demon Unleashed} state, everyone should be fine. Furthermore, the effect of the [Forbidden Scroll] was still in effect. The boss will be chained at every crucial moment for him to attack, rendering him useless at times.

3%...2%...1%...The boss was about to be defeated.

"Hm…hm…you may have won this round, but I am eternal. As long as there are the living amongst the land, I shall return! You have defeated me today, but I am only going to sleep for another 10,000 years. I shall be back, and when I do, the earth shall scream in terror! The sky shall rain blood! The world shall be mine!" Souron gave his last speech before falling back into the earth. His massive body crashed and turned into dust. What that was left was only an overly large eyeball, which exploded into a pile of loot.

'Ding! Congratulations on killing the first open-world Holy tier boss. Your glorious deeds will be recorded in the Hall of Fame! As the Party Leader, please state your party designations to be recorded!'

A system notification rang and Zhang Yang received an additional command box. Zhang Yang keyed in the usual advertising slogan and the server channel was flooded with the red colored text. Additionally, everyone in the party received 1 Luck attribute, Reputation points, and gold coins.

The standard procedure next was Zhang Yang to received many other guild master's congratulations. While others send them their regards and warm praise, Snow Seeker had moved beyond that, she had even asked Zhang Yang for a few good Holy tier equipment to buy! Naturally, the buying price should be lowered to a point where no one would believe their eyes!

Zhang Yang had not much time to handle the other replies. After some quick appreciation messages, Zhang Yang went on to the little brat and slapped his back hard to give her a chance to loot the drops. It was the server's first ever Holy tier boss. If the boss had not dropped any good items, Zhang Yang might as well abandon the quest line, right there and then.

Wei Yan Er roughed Zhang Yang up a little before rubbing her back to pick up all the loot. While everyone else was anxiously waiting for the loot, the little girl took her slow sweet time to pick them up as a means to show her retaliation for Zhang Yang slapping her back. She organized the loots by rarity and displayed them all.

The boss had dropped three counts of Holy tier equipment. A dark golden magic staff, a shining metallic triangular shield, and one silvery swirly dagger. There was also a [Skill Point Crystal], three counts of books, a black color command order, and a bunch of Level 6 Gemstones.

Zhang Yang took out the [Identifying Scroll] and went through all the Holy tier equipment before distributing them. The first was the magic staff.

[Dark Lord's Wand] (Holy, Magic Staff)

Magic Attack: 18,481 – 24,481

{Level 6 Socket 1}

{Level 6 Socket 2}

Equip: Increases damage dealt and healing rate by 40%

Equip: Increases Critical strike rate by 8%

Equip: Chance to generate a Shadow Barrier after every successful cast. The barrier will nullify all types of attack.

Level Requirement: 170

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

The magic staff was rolled by Han Ying Xue, Fantasy Sweetheart, and Daffodil Daydream. As a result, Daffodil Daydream trumped over Han Ying Xue - the lucky queen and claimed the staff. However, Daffodil Daydream would have to wait for a least 9 more levels to equip the Level 150 staff. It was not too long, nor too short either. She would have to put her back into grinding for the next coming days.

The next item was the triangular shield. Since the only players around that could use the shield was Zhang Yang and Endless Starlight, Endless Starlight quickly muttered, "INT! INT! INT!"

If the shield has Intelligence attribute, it will automatically belong to him.

Wei Yan Er snickered and waved her hands, gesturing a demeaning move. "Tch tch tch. Are you lacking Intelligence that much that you're asking for a little brain for your empty skull?"

[Dark Star Shield] (Holy, Shield)

Defense: +13770

Vitality: +26449

Equip: Increases maximum HP by 52,890

Equip: Absorbs 5,091 damage on attack.

Equip: Grants the ability to inflict reduced 10% Magic Resistant for {Cripple Defense}.

Level Requirement: 170

Special: Level Requirement reduced by 20 Levels.

Endless Starlight shed manly tears as he turned his back and sobbed quietly. The shield was incredibly strong. However, since Endless Starlight did not have the skill {Cripple Defense}, Zhang Yang had gained the right to take the shield. The man had even wiped away a tear as he watched Zhang Yang inserting the shield into his inventory U.I.