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Chapter 687: Spamming the Forbidden Scroll

Chapter 687: Spamming the Forbidden Scroll
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Now that someone had taken the lead to charge into the church, the others followed closely behind. Other players had also followed his footsteps and activated their own Inheritance Transformation skills. While the commotion was happening, many other stronger, famous guilds stood aside and watched the action from the sidelines.

It was not a war that sought to destroy the Territory's main hall. It was a war to kill the player carrying the Command Order and to hold on to the item until 3 hours end. Even if someone is able to hold onto the Command Order until the very last minute, someone else might sneak up on him, kill the player, and claim the Command Order!

Even though Hourglass Waistline was not the guild master of Land of Savages, however, the power she held due to her background had given her the authority, instead of the real guild master which was Savage Lord. She stood on the sidelines, smiling as if she was watching her plans being carried out. Her plan was, to have all other players beside her own guild use their Transformation as soon as possible and fight the meaningless battle. She would then, use a [Forbidden Scroll] after 2 hours to kill 80% of all players around to eliminate her competitors. Even if players with active Transformations survive the attack, they would definitely be left with little to no HP left. And her own team of elite players would easily take them out and claim the Command Order for herself!

Little did she know, others were thinking the same thing!

Seductive Wild Pussy of Judgement guild, Dusk Phoenix of Hell's Family, Captain America of the Justice League, and many other foreign guilds were not moving an inch! However, if each of the guild master has a piece of [Forbidden Scroll] in hand, the situation might be chaotic when all of them use it later!

Zhang Yang, Endless Starlight, One Sword Stroke, Sword of Light, and other strong tanks were in charge of holding players behind the entrance. When they saw the large human-tiger character charging into the church, Zhang Yang was the first to rush up to him and attack. He was extremely familiar with the Inheritance, since he had fought many other players of such Inheritance in his past life.

When the human-tiger player came into the vicinity of the church interior, Zhang Yang used {Charge} to stun him for a second. After gaining enough Rage points, he then waited until the first stun ended and landed a {Brutal Smash} to further stun him for another 4 seconds.

During that that time, all the DPS behind had frantically blasted the player with attacks and skills. Facing with such a concentrated attack, even if he was in his Transformation status, the player had lost 30% of his HP in a blink of an eye! He would have lost even more HP if the Inheritance had not provided him with magic resistance! The player was still shocked and had immediately used his accessory skill to dispel the stun.

However, not all dispelling spells carried an Invincible effect as well. As such, Zhang Yang smirked and blasted the player with a {Blast Wave} to stun him for another 4 seconds.

The poor player could literally cry right there and then. Just how many stunning skill did Zhang Yang have!? He had literally zero seconds to react!


Another barrage of skills and attacks landed on the player, causing him to lose another large portion of his HP. Even though there were some fearless healers who had used their Transformation skill to rush to the front to heal, they too were forced to suffer a heavy rain of attacks! On the China side, many players had also activated their Transformation skill!

The human-tiger player was a Guardian, hence, after panicking for a second there, he quickly activated {Shield Wall} and used {Warrior's Will} to break free of the third stunning skill. Little did he know that Zhang Yang had leaped in grandly with {Heroic Leap} and stunned him for another 4 seconds!

Mama mia!

Zhang Yang had already used all his stunning skills for now. Since the player had used {Shield Wall} to gain an impregnable defense, he quickly summoned Endless Starlight over to have him continue the chain-stunning. A Defender has {Sanction} and {Hammer Drop} that could also stun. With two more skills coming at him, the player would surely be dead in a few moments.

The chaos had started when players of Crimson Rage had used their Inheritance Transformations skill one after the other. Even though most of them were C class Inheritance, they were at least in their Transformation states which could increase their maximum HP and attack. It was rather crucial then, during the intense initial defending stage.

AoE spells and skills filled the airspace. Those that survived could attack, and when there's an attack coming, the ones who fall were those who could not endure the massive barrage!

The entire church had turned from a holy ground to a blood fest. Every moment of every second, there would be pillars of light that blasted into the sky, indicating that players had already died and chose to revive somewhere else. Mountain Mover was not in the battle, instead, he was sitting back behind in the center plaza, far from the fight. There, he had several U.I opened as he constantly monitored players' formation, line-ups, party formations, and many other aspects that he could control to maximize survivability and attack.

Zhang Yang could hear his voice ringing in the chat page as he commandeered the flow of the battle. That was the sort of strategist that he should be. Zhang Yang could never be any prouder to have such an asset.

His prowess was emphasized during the battle at the War Canyon and back then. As such, his deeds had spread throughout China which led to many guild masters offering up a high price to have him on their side. Fortunately, Mountain Mover was a man who does not care about money. He was having a great time in Lone Desert Smoke and everyone had even appreciated him for his work! Unlike the other guilds that would interfere with his judgment, Zhang Yang had given him full authority over the guild during a war. Hence, he showed no signs of ever jumping ship. That left Sword of Light and One Sword Stroke stumped at their own persistent offers.

Since it happened right under Zhang Yang nose, he quickly butted in and said, "Hey hey! You guys might want to have a step back there. You've already accepted the wages I've offered. Why are you still trying to steal my own asset there, huh?" Although his tone was that of joking, the other guild masters that were trying to recruit Mountain Mover felt guilty and quickly retreated.

The bloodbath continued on chaotically. More and more players were forced to use their Inheritance Transformation skills under such pressure. All but Zhang Yang, Endless Starlight, One Sword Stroke, and other stronger tanks had remained adamant about not resorting to their Transfomations. Unlike them, the other tanks who were not as strong had to use their Transformations to survive under heavy fire.

Although they may have the geographical advantage, China had killed the most players, yet they had suffered the most casualties as well. Initially, they started off with over 3,000 players. Slowly over time, they had lost more and more players. After just 1 hour, they had lost so many players that their numbers were left less than 500!

Luckily, it was already 1 hour past the start. When the timer ticked into the second hour, almost all players who had not activated their Inheritances flashed out their skills and Transformed! If they had chosen to remain in their original state, it would be a complete waste!

Zhang Yang gained a pair of radiant wings and soared into the sky as soon as he did. He already had Felice and the Phoenix use their Transformation skill earlier. Right then, with three super charged characters in the battle ground, a random B class Inheritance player in his Transformation form would surely die within a few exchange of blows with Zhang Yang!

With nothing held back, Zhang Yang unleashed all his warrior skills. {Horizontal Sweep}, {Blast Wave}, {Thunder Strike}, and other AoE skill were blasted out. Not a single God of War Skill was used then. He wanted to built up his EP as much as he could.

Right then, Han Ying Xue had also activated her Milkmaid Deity Transformation skill and healed all the players around with her "milk", Zhang Yang had no worries of charging into the front lines. His sword danced around like a dragon in the sky and slaughtered players as if they were made of soft tofu! Since the church was considered to be an Interior environment, mounts were not permitted inside. Besides S class and A class Inheritances players who had flight capabilities, other Inheritance players could only be the fight on ground level, since their Transformations did not grant them wings. Zhang Yang flew around the ceiling of the church, landing as many attacks and skills as he could. As such, he had been spamming the {Temporary Invincibility Potion}, {Mobility Potion}, accessory, and the skill {Warrior's Will} to keep himself mobile at all times.

Naturally, by flying around amongst the players with his glowing, radiant wings on his back, he had become a strawmen's target for all enemies. He had to fly back to Han Ying Xue and have her and other healers heal him urgently. He was the main attacker then, hence, he had gained the utmost healing priority there. Despite having a crazy long HP, with more than 10 healers focusing their heals on him, his HP bar was filled back instantly without much delay!

Finally, after a painful 1000 seconds later, Zhang Yang had amassed a full bar of 100 EP. He then targeted a random European player and used {Charge Up Strike.}


The priest was stunned at his damage-less swing and jumped.

{God of War Devastation}!


A total of 101 swords appeared in the air around him and flew towards 101 targets, dealing 2,200,000 damage to 101 targets!


The Sword of Purging Devourer procced its effect and 101 swords appeared again!

Zhang Yang had earlier set his attack mode to Regional Targets only. All of his attacks would not hits players from China, hence, there was no need to hesitate at the moment of attack! Paired with Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er, and other A and B Inheritance players, their combined attacks had instantly killed 89 players! 12 of them were fast enough to escape the grim reaper's grasp at the very last second by activating their life preserving skills.

Zhang Yang's feat was instantly noticed by all. What sort of power does he have to kill close to 100 players in their Transformation mode?

The attackers started to fall, not physically, but mentally. Even though they had once witnessed Zhang Yang godly powers in the War Canyon, it was only players of Japan and Korea. At then, Zhang Yang had displayed his powers to all top tier players from all 8 regions of the game server! Let none remain oblivious to his name!

In truth, some had over speculated Zhang Yang's prowess. To be able to deal such immense power, Zhang Yang would have to accumulate 100 EP! It was 1,000 seconds! Others might had a different perception. The only thing they could think off was that Zhang Yang could easily whip out 202 swords in the air and kill 101 players without a problem!

It was truly a magnificent sight to behold. When Zhang Yang activated {God of War Devastation} the invading 7 regions players were all held back. China was able to grasp the opportunity to push back and gain control of the church slowly.

90 minutes…100 minutes…120 minutes…Slowly, yet unconsciously, 2 hours had passed in a flash. From over 20,000 attacks, China was able to hack away their numbers down to only 2,500 and below. However, China had lost a great deal of fighters as well. The odds were 100 against 2,500!

120 minutes…130 minutes…150 minutes…

"It's about time." Hourglass Figure opened her inventory U.I and took out a scroll. She tore the scroll in half and tossed both parts into the sky.

[Forbidden Scroll: Ice Age] (Usable)

Use: Relives the past of the Ice Age! Deals Ice based attack to all targets within 5 kilometers of the caster. Deals 10% HP as damage per second. Damage dealt cannot exceed over 100,000 damage per instance. Lasts for 30 seconds.

Level Requirement: 100

The entire castle, in fact, the entire forest of Mar Gaia was blanketed in thick snow. Ice covered the ground they stood upon and countless ice swords formed in the ground to stab players around. As long as the players are not of the Land of Savage, everyone and everything within the area will receive damage. Even if they were players from India as well!

It was not something out of her character. She was merely being selfish as usual. In fact, within a region itself, guild wars were a common scenario. She wanted to eliminate all her competitors, both foreign and domestic!

Right then, the sky was scorched with a bright amber hue. White clouds were quickly replaced with red crimson clouds that rained down fireballs! Buildings, houses, huts, and even trees were destroyed! It was as if judgment day had come and there was nowhere safe for you!

It was another [Forbidden Scroll]. The Falling Starfire, cast by Seductive Wild Pussy of the European region!

Now that it has come to that, Captain America whipped out his own scroll and cast it out.

It was [Forbidden Scroll: Earth Shaker]!

Three [Forbidden Scrolls], three catastrophes, one chaotic battleground.