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Chapter 688: Backstabbing

Chapter 688: Backstabbing
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Three [Forbidden Scrolls] were used simultaneously. Zhang Yang could only assume that they had meant to target anyone that did not belong to their own respective guilds. As such, players with at least 1 million HP would lose 300,000 HP per second. That means that, it would take only 4 seconds to be killed! As for players with more than 1 million HP, they would also experience 300,000 damage per second. What more, the damage inflicted from the [Forbidden Scroll] would not be affected any defensive means!

Even though the names of the scrolls, and the attacks differed from each other, wotj each producing different destructive animations, however, all three scrolls dealt the same amount of damage! The total damage a player receive would be 9 million damage! However, that would only apply to players who were not from Land of Savage, Judgement, and Justice League. Since each of the guild will take one less scroll-worth of damage, the total damage they would receive would be 6 million.

Even well-equipped B class Inheritance players would find themselves having only over 5,000,000 HP, at best. Tank class player would have more. Sadly, tank or not, most of the players had already been enduring the brutal battle for more than half the time. Naturally, most of the skills were used to protect themselves, even though having a healer with an Inheritance could bolster their survival rate. However, equipment aside, having even S class Transformation would boost the DPS by only 3 times. Healing would be the same. B class Inheritance players would, at most, have 2 times the healing rate. With that little of a boost, they could barely survive on their own, so how would they heal others?

As the countless of icy spikes, fireballs, and the earth shaking blows came raining, the number of survivor remaining on the field started to reduce sharply. If only one [Forbidden Scroll] was used that time, C class Inheritance players would survive at the tipping point. However, when three [Forbidden Scrolls] were used simultaneously, the destruction power could wipe out 95% of all players in the battlefield.

As for Zhang Yang, he had over 20,000,000 HP. With that vast amount of HP, he could take 6 [Forbidden Scroll]s worth of attacks and still walk it off. In fact, he had been waiting for such an attack and had all members of Lone Desert Smoke stand close to him. When he saw the drastic change in the environment, a signal or a hint that a strong attack was coming, Zhang Yang did not hesitate to use {Vanguard's Aggresion} to save everyone.

The blue barrier burst out of Zhang Yang and enveloped all members nearby. Sadly, the damage from the [Forbidden Scroll] was a direct HP deduction, not an attack, rendering Zhang Yang's efforts of protecting the guild useless. It was not only {Vanguard's Agression}, even the skill {Shield Wall}, {Ice Barrier}, accessory skills, or any Invincibility effects were useless against the power of the [Forbidden Scroll]!

That is the power of a rare [Forbidden Scroll]!

Many had died even after they had spammed all their survival skills. This was the second occasion when multiple [Forbidden Scrolls] were used.

"F*ck!" Zhang Yang started to be wary. Zhang Yang gathered his senses close and charged up front. With his 20 million HP still standing strong against three simultaneous use of [Forbidden Scroll], Zhang yang took the initiative to kill the surviving players around!

Typically, those players were not soldiers. Under heavy pressure and the change of the battlefield, most of them would have already lost the will to fight. They came to fight for the Command Order, not to slaughter each other!

Many of healers had already given up on healing for their MP well had run dry. Many had chosen to use their potions and bandages instead. However, using bandages in the middle of an attack be of no use to them. Then again, even if they could heal over 50,000 HP, it would do no good to them! However, when it comes to the end of the world, a tiny drop of hope was worth grabbing on to!

Zhang Yang swiftly commanded Felice to return to the Battle Companion U.I, which allowed the little girl to dodge the attack. Unfortunately, the Phoenix would have to stay active in the field. At the very least, Zhang Yang had placed the healing responsibility to Han Ying Xue. Whenever she could, she would use her spare seconds to heal the Phoenix pet and keep it alive for as long as possible.

The only current player that dared to roam around the battlefield was Zhang Yang alone. Even Sun Xin Yu or Han Ying Xue would not dare to do the same even when they had the same S class Inheritances. The main reason was due to their class. They were considered to be "tofu
classes with inherently low HP. With Zhang Yang leaving their vicinity, they lost a total of 28% Vitality bonus from his aura. With less than 1.2 million HP, they had no choice but to remain on the defensive.

Zhang Yang slaughtered anyone he saw on the battle field. He wanted to kill all the Inheritance players. However, that required his attack power to be extremely strong. With {Charge Up Strike}, he could pull it off. However, the skill required a 1 minute cooldown time. Hence, even though right then, his original attack power was strong, the number of players who were killed by him were just a handful. That was before the coming of the [Forbidden Scroll]. Zhang Yang borrowed the damage inflicted on players by the scrolls and could now kill the players easily!

With the God of War Transformation active, Zhang Yang was the embodiment of calamity. A natural calamity that befalls upon all players! All sort of skills were unleashed, especially {Horizontal Sweep}. The sword's effect would proc out and deal repeated blasts of deadly attacks. The sort of attack coming from Zhang Yang was like pouring oil to a bon fire! Or rather, cutting the rope of the straw bridge when someone is struggling to cross over!

It was a pity, to others, 30 seconds might be an eternity, but for Zhang Yang, 30 seconds was not long enough for him to kill more players. 30 seconds was just enough for him to cast a {God of War Crushing Strike}, enough to deal 100,000 Chaos damage to only frighten some players.

30 seconds later, the world returned to normal. The skies cleared up, the ice melted, and the earth returned to its slumbering state. However, the aftermath of the [Forbidden Scroll] was that of a nuclear fallout. Buildings and houses were completely flattened to the ground. The surviving players were reduced from 2,500 players, to only over 100!

Naturally, China had the greatest number of survivors based on percentage. That was all due to Han Ying Xue's super healing capabilities. Her skill {Milkmaid Deity's Ripple} had restored 100% HP of all surviving players who were almost dying. Technically, players with more than 4,500,000 HP would have all their HP hacked away by the [Forbidden Scrolls]. A single use of {Milkmaid Deity's Ripple} was enough to negate the usage of the scroll!

As expected of the S class Inheritance! No! It was all thanks to Han Ying Xue, the true Milkmaid Deity!

Zhang Yang managed to survive due to his tank constitution while some others relied on Han Ying Xue's super healing to survive. Unfortunately, many C class Inheritance players had died, even with her 100% healing rate. After all, there were three [Forbidden Scroll] used on them!

So far, the remaining survivors of China were 33 players, and 19 of them were of Lone Desert Smoke members. As for the other three guilds that used their [Forbidden Scroll], they had lost approximately 80% of their own members. As such, their healers had got to work at speed in order to revigorate all the half-dead members. As for the random players, all of them were only at 50%, at most!

Zhang Yang laughed and attacked his way out of the church. With a loud, cheerful voice, Zhang Yang shouted, "Thanks for the help!"

What in tarnation?

Hourglass Figure, Seductive Wild Pussy, and Captain America were infuriated. Based on their initial plan, the use of [Forbidden Scroll] was to reduce the number of competitors, however, their main objective was to kill the most annoying person! Zhang Yang!

Little did they know that the guilds had not formed a pact to use the [Forbidden Scrolls]. In fact, it was mere coincidence that they had brought along and used the [Forbidden Scrolls]. They were all forced into a defensive stance and had pushed everything they had on healing to survive. Their uncoordinated actions had not only caused them their demise, but also helped Zhang Yang clear off random players!

Right then, although most of the players were killed, they were but scraps. The real threat were the three guilds that used their [Forbidden Scroll]. They were the only ones capable of standing with Lone Desert Smoke on equal grounds.

In short, they formed a quick alliance and shared a common goal. To kill the strongest player in Lone Desert Smoke and settle the rest for last.

If they had a thousand players, even Zhang Yang, the famous Iron wall of China would collapse, under concentrated fire. However, the number of players surviving on the battlefield could pose no threat to Zhang Yang. With utmost confidence, Zhang Yang welcomed them with opened arms and a wide grin on his face.

As long as Zhang Yang defeats the three remaining guilds, the battle would finally have its curtains fall.

However, the most undesirable event had occurred. A group of surviving players behind Lone Desert Smoke had launched their attack on Lost Dream, Wei Yan Er, and the rest of the guild members.

"WHAT THE F*CK ARE YOU GUYS DOING?!" Fatty Han was greatly infuriated. To protect himself, Fatty Han had dismounted his Hunter's pet and mounted on the Phoenix! With two B class Inheritance characters combining their HP, Fatty Han had gained a strong 10 million HP limit. He was almost like Zhang Yang, an un-killable cockroach. He drew his bow and opened fire the traitors. Unfortunately, the players had their information hidden.

It was not clear to whom where the traitors but the morale of the players were dropping greatly. Wei Yan Er and the rest of Lone Desert Smoke could only roar with agony as they changed their targets from the foreigners to their own men. The other enemies saw the commotion and charged abruptly at the church. It was a matter of luck. Whether or not they could kill the person that holds the Command Order, and endure for another 30 minute to be the new owner.

Luckily, Snow Seeker and the other guild master were loyal to Zhang Yang. Instead of turning their backs, they protected Lone Desert Smoke and stopped the attack from the traitors. However, their numbers were only down to the last 5. Even though they were strong, they were still helpless.

Zhang Yang avoided fighting with Hourglass Figure for the moment, because he wanted to kill the weakened lpayers. There was high chance that besides the guild master, other players would have little to no HP left after being bombarded by the [Forbidden Scroll]. Despite having elongated HP, healers could not heal the great HP lost in time! It is extremely hard to heal someone when their HP is at least 3 times longer than normal! It was possible, but that required more than 10 healers to heal just a single player. There were surely had to be more attackers than healers around at then! Surely, healers will find it harder to survive in the commotion earlier!

Zhang Yang charged into the mass and targeted players with less than 20% HP. He activated {Indiscriminate} and laid down the killing blows.

{Killing Cleave}! {God of War Devastation}! {God of War Heavy Axe}!

Each of his attacks were over a million damage. There were not simply attacks that could harm. No. They were meant to kill!

"Zhan Yu! You shall die right here!" Hourglass Figure finally chased after Zhang Yang and shot him with an arrow.

The current battle greatly differs from the war in War Canyon. This time, they would have to kill Zhang Yang since the Command Order was in his possession.

Zhang Yang grinned, "Do you really think that I can't kill you now?"

Zhang Yang flapped his wings and soared to her side. With a clean swing of his sword, Zhang Yang landed a cleave on her back.

Instead of playing chase with Zhang Yang, she stood there and fought him head on. She possessed the passive skills that removed the blind spot of a Hunter. (A Hunter cannot attack a target within 3 meters.). Her attacks were some sort of homing missiles. She shot arrows into the sky that could fly down and backward and struck Zhang Yang in his back. The attack had successfully dealt full damage, since they ignored the Defense value of the shield.