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Chapter 689: The New Territory

Chapter 689: The New Territory
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Zhang Yang was left with over 9 million HP left. Hourglass Figure planned to have Zhang Yang attack her, so that others might have the chance to attack him instead!

Zhang Yang applauded her strategy. By having an S class Inheritance, she was more than qualified to have him, another S class Inheritance holder to fight her. As for the attacks, she was more than capable of being on par with him, and with coordinated attacks, Zhang Yang could be killed.

Zhang Yang grinned and cast {Glare of the Death God}! Success!

A dark cloud formed on top of Hourglass Figure's character and crystallized into a grinning skull! Although the skill rarely ever worked on a boss, whenever it is used on a player or a monster, it would be a sure hit!

Zhang Yang snapped his fingers and called out Felice. Together, they attacked Hourglass Figure as rapidly as they could. Since {Glare of the Death God} deals damage by attack counts instead of attack damage, you might as well call out for more pairs of hands!



A large gigantic mechanical servant was summoned out and joined the battle. Every second counted for the skill's required attacks to proc its damage. With three entities attacking Hourglass Figure, it's a 30% chance of triggering the effects!

Perhaps she was unlucky that day. After just one second, the {Glare of the Death God} was triggered, the black skull grinned and opened its jaws wide to bite down on Hourglass Figure from above, leaving her with only 1 HP left. She had nothing left to defend with. All her defensive, evasive, and invincibility skill were used up trying to survive, during judgment day. There were a few healers who rushed into the fight and healed her. However, no matter how strong their heals were, if they could not heal 20% of her total HP in that instant, it would be doom for her. As such, Zhang Yang laid down a {Killing Cleave} and ended her life.

"AH!" With her cries, Hourglass Figure was now the first S class Inheritance player to fall.

Zhang Yang flew upwards into the sky and back to Han Ying Xue's side. She healed him immediately and scolded him for coming back with only so little HP left. Zhang Yang had paid a rather steep price to have Hourglass Figure killed. His 20 million HP was hacked down to left with only 3 million HP. Han Ying Xue scolded him again and again to remind him that the Command Order was in his possession. He cannot afford to be killed, now that the countdown was almost over!

However, while Zhang Yang had retreated back to his "headquarters", it did not mean that he could not attack. {God of War Crushing Strike} could reach out by as far as 50 meters radius around him. Even though it might take some time to charge up his EP up, each strike could deal as much as 120,000 Chaos damage. The battleground was not as large, now that many players had already perished. The best part, was that the players who still survived were all left with little HP. Taking 120,000 Chaos damage was something that they could not afford!

100…80…40…and the number still dropped. Even though Lone Desert Smoke had accepted the help from Snow Seeker, their surviving players were not doing too well. Mountain Mover does not put much time in battle and grinding. Hence, it was not strange for someone like him to not own an Inheritance. He had already been a target for assassination before the [Forbidden Scroll] was used. Since there were not much strategy to fight with lef, and none was needed as well, the battleground was left with few players, but with strong killing intent.

Despite being left with only a few players, they were but the strongest players. Hence, with no time at all, Snow Seeker and the other guild masters were killed, leaving only Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, Wei Yan Er, Daffodil Daydream, and Fatty Han left on China's side. Fatty Han was able to hold out longer than he had expected since he was able to mount on the Phoenix during its Transformation status. The rest of the team were at least A class Inheritances with a strong boost of HP. On the other hand, the enemy's side still had over 30 players standing. Right then, their current alliance still holds until Zhang Yang's death. After the Command Order was dropped, the battleground will return to be a chaotic mess.

The time on the countdown timer was ticking with 18 minutes on the clock…

"KILL ZHAN YU! AIM FOR ZHAN YU ALONE!" People started to panic as the time was cutting short. Since there were little to 30 players left on the battlefield, they gathered together, banded up and aimed for Zhang Yang alone. At that point, Zhang Yang had over 7 million HP. Han Ying Xue's MP was finally drained clean after healing him with everything she had and would require some time to recharge. It was the best opportunity to kill Zhang Yang right there and then!

"Haha! Things have gotten pretty interesting, I reckon. Which one would you want to fight?" said Zhang Yang as he unleashed his last trump card. Zhang Yang activated his {Shadow Clone} technique and created 5 copies of himself! All of them shared the same image as him and 7 million HP!

Zhang Yang had already pumped {Shadow Clone} to Level 5, which allowed him to summon a total of 5 shadow clones. Accounting himself into the fray, there was a total of 6 Zhang Yangs on the field!

Which one?! All 30 pairs of eyes were instantly dazed.

Confused, baffled, or rather bamboozled! Although they knew that their AoE attacks could hit them all, targeting even a single one of them would take a lot of time! 7 million HP is not a small amount! If they are extremely unlucky, they would have to kill deal 42 million damage to determine the real one!

"HAHAHAHA!" All 6 Zhang Yang laughed with the same manner and charged at the enemies. Although the information was only known to Zhang Yang and his friends, the enemies did not know that the shadow clones could only last for 120 seconds! There was no time to lose!

Each of the shadow clones could only deal 10% of Zhang Yang's original attack, hence, 5 shadow clones would increase Zhang Yang's overall DPS to 50%! The key point of Zhang Yang using the skill was not for its attack but for its psychological attack! The enemies did not know that the shadow clone could only deal 10% of Zhang Yang original attack. Hence, when they saw 6 Zhang Yangs coming right at them, what could they think of!? Just one of him could cause enough trouble to the heavens! Right then, there were 6 of him! How would one react to that?

Fortunately, the players there were left on the battlegrounds were veterans. They knew how to calm themselves and to formulate a plan at the very last second. If they were just amateurs or beginners, they would have sh*t themselves when they saw 6 Zhang Yang coming at them!

Even so, their morale suffered a great fall. Wavering, the enemies could not come up with any countermeasures of dealing with the shadow clones. Wei Yan Er took the chance and struck at them! Sun Xin Yu dashed in as well. She cast {Soul Cleansing} and could kill anyone within 5 minutes! No one could run away from death's grasp then!

2 minutes' up, and four shadow clones disappeared. One of them was killed, leaving the real Zhang Yang laughing at them. Lone Desert Smoke still stood strong with no casualties, while the enemy was left with 24 players.

It was a 6 vs 24 player battle. However, albeit the disadvantage in numbers, Lone Desert Smoke stills hold the upper hand of the battle. It was due to three S class Inheritance holders! Their combined power and endurance had turned Lone Desert Smoke as solid as an impregnable iron fortress!

The main reason why they were still at a disadvantage, even though they had 24 surviving players, was due to their allegiance. They were not all from a single guild and did not share a common goal. They could kill Zhang Yang with their numbers, but at what cost? It would not make sense if they have to offer their lives for someone else's region to win the war! In the end, they were all there for a single purpose, to kill and claim the Command Order and own the new Territory!

As the number of players dropped, the doubt in their heart increased exponentially. Each player did not want to go all out and wanted to keep their trump card until they could get a hold of the Command Order. That is, if only Zhang Yang was killed. When one stops to think, they had unconsciously provided Zhang Yang and his team breathing room to counterattack. 5 ultra-strong DPS and one super-charged healer, it was a battle where Zhang Yang could not lose.

In the end, the enemy's side was left with lesser and lesser players. Captain America roared, "You all are a bunch of selfish pricks! Why are you still holding back! That's Lone Desert Smoke's 5 strongest players, right there! If we can't kill Zhan Yu, no one gets the Command Order! Use all your ultimate skills and wipe them all clean! Only after Lone Desert Smoke is defeated, we can settle the score between ourselves, afterwards! You want to lose it all now!?"

His words made sense then. Or rather, the players on the battlefield were started to get weary of the fight. Any command they receive would be complied instantly. Hence, in an instant, all 18 players left on the battlefield had unleashed their hidden skill. Han Ying Xue's MP was already drained to the last drop. With no resources left to support her team, she could only stand at the corner of the church and watch teammates' HP bars being whacked down.

Zhang Yang reacted quickly. He gulped down a bottle of [Temporary Invincibility Potion] and cast {Vanguard's Aggression} to protect all 6 of them.


Zhang Yang had managed to create a short 10-second window to attack and command his team to lay it all out. Instead of targeting anyone, Zhang Yang took charge and marked one player at a time to maximized the killing rate. By then, none of the players on the field had a full HP bar. In fact, most of them had only half HP at most. Hence, Zhang Yang started weeding out the lowest HP player first and killed him within two volleys of attack.


By the time the enemies had been cut down to 10, Zhang Yang was the only person amongst all six of them who had been taking damage. However, he was still holding strong. His iron-clad defense was so strong that no one was able to hurt him when he had been killing them continuously! Having 1% HP or 99% HP does not affect a player's attack power, unlike the real world where the more damage you sustain, the less damage you could deal. Zhang Yang's character was able to take all the damage, and he forced himself to take them all for the team! With Han Ying Xue healing everyone with every drop of MP she regained, the team's destructive power had not dropped a single bit!

The end of the war was in sight. In truth, if none of the guild masters had used their [Forbidden Scrolls], it would have been extremely hard to predict how would the battle unfolds. After all, with numbers, even ants could take down an elephant. In fact, Lone Desert Smoke's powers versus the combined forces of the other region's guilds would be a landslide.

Thanks to the usage of the [Forbidden Scroll] and Han Ying Xue's super milk, the number of hostiles on the battlefield was reduced dramatically and the survivability of Lone Desert Smoke, or rather, China's defenders were extremely high! It was an unexpected turn of events. The enemies, plural, had mistakenly helped Zhang Yang to ease his burden!

A [Forbidden Scroll] is valuable but not as valuable as a Territory. However, the enemy was left burning in the war and Zhang Yang had poured petrol over them! All three players, Hourglass Figure, Seductive Wild Pussy, and Captain America had regretted their action so much that they now wished that they had sat down to discuss the attack plan!

Zhang Yang and his party had killed every single surviving member of the enemy. Even though the countdown had not ended yet, the battle was already over. The winner only had yet to step up to the podium.

While sitting and resting, Han Ying Xue suddenly asked, "Back then, when we were left with around 20 players, who were the bastards that backstabbed us?"

She had almost lost her life if she had not forgotten about activating an accessory skill. Without Han Ying Xue in the field, Lone Desert Smoke could have lost everything in the war.

Zhang Yang scoffed coldly. "The only people I could think of are The Dominators and The Myth. However, judging by the capabilities, the only guild that was capable of pulling such a feat would be Eternal Flame!"

The guild, Eternal Flame had been extremely active for the past few months. They had been actively recruiting strong players and even hosted strong class Inheritance holders in the guild. Zhang Yang did not cough out the name so casually. He had thought about it since the guild did have potential. Members of the guild Eternal Flame had been on passive mode ever since the start of the battle. They had chosen to hide in the corner of the church and pretended to fight. Instead of taking hits, they had chosen to lay low and reserve all their HP restoration skills at bay. That was the reason why many were able to survive the attack of three simultaneous {Forbidden Scroll} activation.

"Those bastards! They had hidden away their profile info! We have no proof!" said Wei Yan E.

"Are we officers of the law?" Zhang Yang turned to Sun Xin Yu and placed his fingers on supple lips. "Are we cops? Do we need proof? This is not China. This is a game! There are no rules! If we can pinpoint the real culprit, we will wage war with them. It's that simple," said Zhang Yang as he lowered his fingers.

"That's awesome!" Wei Yan Er cried. "So, when are we gonna start a war?"

There was no one else that was as battle lusted as the little girl. Zhang Yang sighed heavily as he felt that it was fortunate for him to take over the position of guild master from her.

5 minutes later, the countdown timer disappeared and Zhang Yang was now the owner of Souron's Castle. Zhang Yang immediately walked over to several spots to examine its compound. He then chose two areas in the castle and set up two Teleportation Points. One leads to White Jade Castle, and the other leads to Morning Town. Both Teleportation points were One-Way transports, if he had not set up the same manner of Teleportation Point in Morning Town, Zhang Yang would have to fork out a large sum of money for the Energy Crystals. These were incredibly expensive! When there's a chance for him to save some gold, Zhang Yang would go to all ends for it. He would rather spend some gold coins to reward the players who had participated in the war rather than spend them for the game developers to exploit.