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Chapter 693: Dragon Marquis

Chapter 693: Dragon Marquis
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Sun Xin Yu pulled some strings and discovered the real identity of Dragon Marquis from the databank of Dream Technology. It was a surprise to see Sun Xin Yu so shocked at her own discovery. Her face turned gloomy for quite some time after that.

So, this Dragon Marquis had the surname 'Zhong'. His full name was Zhong Xiu Hua. He was in fact Sun Xin Yu's playmates in her childhood --- when Sun Xin Yu was still small, she had stayed in Beijing for quite some time. This Zhong Xiu Hua was her neighbor right beside her house.

According to Sun Xin Yu, Zhong Xiu Hua had liked her ever since they first met. Meanwhile, she hated the personality of Zhong Xiu Hua. She felt that this man was a little too devious. Sometimes, even though he is angry, he would still put a smile on his face. That personality trait of his made quite a hypocrite out of him.

Later on, Sun Xin Yu and her family moved out from Beijing. However, Zhong Xiu Hua did not stop contacting her. He would call her every single day just to stay in contact with his beloved girl. Until two years ago, things began to change after Sun Xin Yu left her house and worked at the police station. Then, she had also moved into Zhang Yang's big bungalow. Ever since then, Zhong Xiu Hua no longer phoned her up on a everyday basis.

However, that did not mean that Zhong Xiu Hua had given up on hope.

Truth to be told, ever since Zhong Xiu Hua set foot in 'God's Miracle', he had been doing everything just to get close to Sun Xin Yu. According to Sun Xin Yu, Zhong Xiu Hua was a very prideful person. He could be stubborn as hell, defeating his enemies in their own turfs. He wanted his enemies to lose their balls and will to fight.

When he was recruiting players into Eternal Flame, his slogan was to 'Defeat Lone Desert Smoke'. Obviously, it was not merely a slogan for Zhong Xiu Hua. It was his actual goal! He wanted to defeat Zhang Yang and Lone Desert Smoke to prove himself as the strongest in the game.

He knew that Sun Xin Yu loved this type of game very much. So, he followed her interest and joined 'God's Miracle'. Of course, Zhong Xiu Hua had not yet found out that Sun Xin Yu was currently madly in love with Zhang Yang, that they would basically 'heat up the bed' together every night. He just thought that Sun Xin Yu liked strong people in the game. So he had set his goal to defeat Zhang Yang and become the strongest player in the entire game. He believed that by doing so, he would win Sun Xin Yu's heart over.

After listening to Sun Xin Yu's 'story', Zhang Yang could not help but frown bitterly. Then he said, "If that's the case, this Zhong Xiu Hua really is a faithful son of the beach! He still loved you after all these years!"

"Are you jealous?" Sun Xin Yu said without any expression on her face.

"Ha! Who would want to get jealous because of a piece of ice?" Zhang Yang pinched Sun Xin Yu's cheeks and squeezed a smile out of her face. Then he said, "This is really bizarre! How would a man for you, a piece of frosty ice?"

"Then, why are you still filling this piece of ice up every night?" Sun Xin Yu forced Zhang Yang's hands away from squeezing her face and rolled her eyes at him. Well, when a cold frosty girl begins to flirt, men might get 'shocked' straight down to the bone marrow, and they would feel numb from head to toe. Zhang Yang fell for her, mostly because of that. That was why he always raised his 'gun' and 'saluted' her well every night.

Zhang Yang laughed 'evilly'. Well, there was nothing to feel embarrassed about between 'husband' and 'wife'. So he said, "So after all the storytelling session, you haven't told me who Zhong Xiu Hua really is yet!"

Sun Xin Yu knitted her pretty eyebrows for a little while before she said something again, "His father is Zhong Jin Shan. So after the election, he would probably take over his father's place."

"Take over? What kind of takeover are we talking about? Is he going to become the President, then? Haha!" Zhang Yang laughed out loud.

However, Sun Xin Yu did not laugh at all. She only stared calmly at Zhang Yang as he continued laughing it off.

"What the f*ck! For real!?" Zhang Yang realized something was off. He immediately understood and lost his voice.

"You scared?" Sun Xin Yu's large pretty eyes became teary all of a sudden. She turned around and leaned against Zhang Yang's body, "Then, why aren't you afraid of me?"

"Hehe… that was because you forced yourself on me! I'm innocent!" Zhang Yang raised both of his hands high in the air to express that he was innocent. "So that's why when we were pressuring Eternal Flames, so many guildmasters came up to me. Now I've finally understand the reason behind all that mess!"

Knowing that Zhong Xiu Hua had such a powerful background backing him up, everything made sense now. No wonder he could pressurize so many guildmasters in the game.

However, Sun Xin Yu smiled with a disdainful expression on her face, then she said, "This Zhong Xiu Hua thinks too highly of himself. If you haven't forced his hands so tight, he would not have used his background to influence the entire network to solve his own sh*t! Humph! His father did lay quite a bright path before him with all the political strings he had in hand. Plus, his grandfather was the previous Prime Minister of the country, and his mother is currently the President of the board for the Business Investment Fund Corporation. If it weren't because of all that, how could he have everything going his way, then! Such hypocrite is just as disgusting as the worms in the drain!"

"You seem to understand him quite well!"

"Humph! He's nothing but a spoiled brat in his family tree. He's just squandering off his parent's money just to show off!"

Zhang Yang could on shake his head and said, "He doesn't seem to be as shallow as you say he is. I think you're underestimating him a little too much! That Zhong Xiu Hua must have some complicated agenda up his sleeves. Currently, the 'God's Miracle' is becoming the largest marketplace in the world. Everyone would like to be part of the 'new market'. For instance, just look at our Territory. Ever since we entered the Chaos Realm, the Teleportation Circle has grossed over 20,000,000,000 dollars profit per month for us! Even after deducting the cost of funding our guild members and all other costs of maintaining our guild, that remaining amount of profit is all to us and only us! So, how many large-scaled companies could earn that much in the real life?"

Sun Xin Yu nodded to express that she agreed with Zhang Yang.

"Other than the Territory, there are also other kinds of tradings happening around the game. Look at the number of materials and items that are being traded on daily basis. That amount is so huge that even astronomical values cannot be used to measure them! If anyone can just profit from a small tiny part of that value, that person will be as rich as f*ck! Other than that, there's also the advertising effect! Look at our company. The sales for our company when it comes to selling undies and panties are extremely good. All thanks to our party building up our name in the first place!"

"Humph! That company belongs to that foxy b*tch! It has nothing to do with me!"

"Can't you two just get along already?" Zhang Yang sighed heavily.

"It's just shameful to know that you're talking bad behind others, you know?" Han Ying Xue came right up from the other side of the bed as she revealed that mesmerizing naked upper body of hers.

"Please wear a bra, b*tch! That two chunk of your fats are dangling so low that they're about to cover your belly button!"

"You're jealous of me, aren't you Ice queen?"


Now that a rival of his love interest came out of nowhere, it's normal that Zhang Yang felt like having a small piece of thorn buried underneath his flesh. However, Sun Xin Yu convinced Zhang Yang that Zhong Xiu Hua would only duel him and Lone Desert Smoke in the game. Zhang Yang felt a little relieved upon hearing that. However, he would not let his guard down so easily.

Even if Zhong Xiu Hua really had a darker side hidden from Sun Xin Yu, Zhang Yang would have to be careful a little to avoid any surprise attack form him. Fortunately, he was just alone without any relatives. Even if he had relatives, he would not have to worry that his relatives would be targeted by his enemies. They were not close to each other in the first place. Meanwhile, Silky Soft Holdings had become a company that could sustain itself. Upon eliminating Wei Yan Er's relatives from the company and reorganizing of the company, the company was transparent and clear on their finance. They had nothing to worry about, even if their company goes under investigation.

For now, Zhang Yang believed that Zhong Xiu Hua would only compete with him in the game fair and square. However, that guy is destined to lose! Well, would a spoilt brat that thinks so highly of himself willing to admit defeat after he is defeated? Especially when the reason he was fighting for involves a factor called 'woman'!

When he loses, he would be using all sorts of dirty tricks to defeat his enemy. If he cannot defeat Zhang Yang in the game, he surely will try to push Zhang Yang to his demise in real life! After all, Zhong Xiu Hua did not only aim to get Sun Xin Yu, he also saw the great business opportunities that lay in the game. So he would not just give up, even after he is defeated. Furthermore, he had invested so much money in the game ever since he joined the game. He would not let go so easily now.

However, Zhang Yang had no reason to worry about it too much for now. Although Zhong Xiu Hua had not made any big moves yet, the Sun family was also a vital influence in the realm of politics. Even if Zhong Xiu Hua really gets the chance to take over his father's place, he could not do much harm to the Sun family. After all, the two families were deeply rooted in the realm of politics. If the two families clash into each other, the end result would be disastrous! No one could afford such a catastrophe to happen!

As he hacked wild boars apart, Zhang Yang smiled bitterly. In his previous life, although he was considered poor and insignificant, he was so insignificant that no one would even pay attention to him. In this life, he is so significant that he was going to have a 'duel' with a future 'President'! Not to mention that he also had a royal lady, a Princess grade woman on his bed's 'collection'! He even had another future Duchess in Luxembourg waiting to 'devour' him as her own. Zhang Yang's luck with women in this life was a little too flared up, don't you think?

Upon farming to increase their Reputation for over 10 days, Zhang Yang and the ladies had finally attained 'Revered'. They had finally earned enough Reputation points to get set on a journey to worship the Andros the Spider God.

Because Hundred Shots and the others did not have the quest on their quest list, they did not come back to join up with Zhang Yang and the ladies. After all, they would never know what sort of rewards would be waiting for them upon completing the quest. It would be pointless for them to join up with Zhang Yang and the ladies for now. Furthermore, even if Zhang Yang suddenly needs their aid, he could just conveniently use his [Party Summon Order] to summon the rest of the party.

Zhang Yang had finally obtained the Recipe for making [Level 6 Healing Potion]. The ingredients required to make the potion was not a problem at all. Zhang Yang could let his Herb Foraging Familiar collect them in no time. Zhang Yang had nothing to worry about at all. All he needed were the recipes. If he has the recipes, he could make anything up.

As he did not bring along many empty bottles on him, Zhang Yang had to travel all the way back to the main city to make the potions. Since he had the [Lover's Charm], he could just get back to the ladies in no time.

The [Level 6 Healing Potion] could instantly heal up to a total of 60,000 HP. If Zhang Yang could transmute the potions up to Grade 10, each bottle of the potion could heal up to 120,000 HP! Currently, Zhang Yang has already increased his Lucky attribute up to 29 points. So there would be a rate of 2.9% of a Transmutation occurring in every potion made. If Zhang Yang makes more potions, more potions would undergo a Transmutation.

Sun Xin Yu and the ladies were almost Level 150 now. Zhang Yang distributed the [Level 6 Healing Potions] among his party for free. With the current fortune in his possession, he could easily afford to give those Healing Potions that were at least Grade 5 Transmutation or better. Endless Starlight and the others were surprised and overjoyed for that reason.

Although these Healing Potions were insignificant to players who have already activated their Transformation Skills. These Healing Potions would still be very practical when they are not transformed. Furthermore, players with Inheritance could only transform once in every 3 days. Most players would not activate their Transformation Skills right after the cooldown was over. They would only transform during a large battle or during a battle against an extremely powerful boss. Hence, the time that players stayed transformed wouldn't be long.

After preparing all the necessary support items, Zhang Yang traveled back to the Spider Kingdom once again and rendezvoused with the ladies. Then, the five of them made their way to Andros's 'palace'.

Upon a few hours of rushing, they finally arrived at the entrance of a large forest. They saw that the sky was full of spiraling spider webs that hung a large palace in the middle of the sky. The scene was oddly spectacular.

However, Zhang Yang felt like an idiot all of a sudden. He regretted that they had wasted so much time to raise their Reputation. This place was huge and conspicuous. It should have been very easy to spot if they had gone around the map in the first place. There was no need for them to waste their time and effort to increase their Reputation at all. Now, Zhang Yang could only use the [Level 6 Healing Potion] Recipe to comfort himself for doing all those pointless things back then.

The entire forest was covered in spider webs. There was no way of entering the forest at all. However, the palace that Zhang Yang and the ladies wanted to go was hanging in midair. So, they hopped onto their Flying Mounts and flew straight towards the palace without wasting any more time.

"Who goes there? How dare you trespass the palace of the great Andros!" A string of spider web shot across the air at lightning speed. Zhang Yang and the ladies found themselves wound up in web. Their mounts were also tied up along with them. With another pull, they were all covered up in spider webs like a bunch of candied haws dangling around the sky before they were all spread-eagled on a large spider web.

A human-faced spider, as large as a mini mountain crawled up to the spider web from one of its sides. The eight legs were extremely black. There were countless barbs on the surface of the legs. They looked so sharp that it gave a chill up the spines of whoever saw them with their own eyes. The spider's round butt looked exactly like a gigantic concrete mixer behind a large truck! The spider's human face was full of wrinkles.

[Ganross, the Protector of the Palace] (Holy, Humanoid)

Level: 175

HP: 17,000,000,000

Note: The bloodline of Ganross is very close to the bloodline of Andros. He is extremely powerful.