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Chapter 695: Dark Mist Canyon

Chapter 695: Dark Mist Canyon
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As the levels of the players keep rising and improving, more and more equipment with higher Tiers will appear. The difference between the normal players and the top Tier players was getting wider and wider as time passed by. However, top Tier players were only one small cluster of the entire population in the game. Furthermore, they were so busy grinding their levels and killing bosses to farm for better equipment. Even if there is a PvP battle, it would only happen between players who are about the same level and Tier. Therefore, the normal players would not really be affected much.

It would be just like normal people watching two rich people fighting against each other. No matter how much money those two rich people had, it would not affect the plebians.

Wei Yan Er let out a raging roar and swung her battle axe straight at the monsters. Well, her Attacks were not weak at all. She could cause more than 70,000 with her basic attack, which was way more powerful than the Elite Tier monsters. With just one chop, the Dark Mist Divine Punisher had its chest cleaved right open. Green blood oozed right out from the cut wound like a fountain.

"You ugly piece of monster! You think I'm an easy target? You think you can bully me and walk away like nothing happened?!" Wei Yan Er continued to mutter on as she was attacking the monsters aggressively. Well, her personality and mentally was basically still that of a child. She actually believed that the monster had picked her as its first target because it thought that she was a much easier target compared to the others. Could it be because the monster saw that her breasts were small, so she was supposed to be an easy target to pick on?

Zhang Yang laughed out loud. Then, he commanded his Phoenix pet and charged at the Dark Mist Divine Punisher. First, he activated his {Lure} to get the monster's attention over to him. Then he threw a few more Skills on the monster to maintain the aggro.

Sun Xin Yu clanked her two swords lightly against each other. Then she went straight for the back of the monster immediately. She stabbed and slashed the monster's back causing immense damage values to the monster. Ever since she had attained {Eagle Eye}, her Attack, especially her secondary weapon's attack had been boosted insanely. Due to that reason, her DPS has increased tremendously.

Although there were only 5 of them on the party currently, the damage output of the 4 of them, with the aid of Felice, Phoenix pet and Ankh the Assassin managed to empty out a total of 5,000,000 HP with ease. Why 4? Because Han Ying Xue was a Healer who needed to keep the HP bars of the other 4 party members 'well fed'. She would not be free enough to deal damage to the monster while she is busy healing the others after all.

Even though Ankh the Assassin's initial Tier was only Gray-Silver Tier, her Attribute Growth Star points are one hell of a kind if compared to the others. Now this Battle Companion has an entire set of Mythical Tier equipment, exclusive for Battle Companions only. She is currently much more powerful than Felice when she was Level 130. Unfortunately, Ankh did not have a Transformation Skill. Well, if she did, that would be a nightmare!

Felice should be the only Battle Companion with a Transformation Skill in the entire game.

After the Dark Mist Divine Punisher died, the monster unexpectedly dropped a piece of equipment! The equipment was picked up by the little brat with her fast-scanning eyes and agile hands.

[Demonic Warrior's Hood] (Ethereal, Leather Armor)

Defense: +48

Vitality: +1,129

Strength: +323

Agility: +718


Equip: Increases both Damage and healing Efficiency by 2.1%

Equip: Increases Maximum HP by 2,250.

Equip: Increases the Shadow Damage of your weapon by 30%.

Required Level: 160

Demonic Warrior's Armor Set (1/5): Demonic Warrior's Hood, {Demonic Warrior's Chest Plate}, {Demonic Warrior's Gloves}, {Demonic Warrior's Leather Greaves}, {Demonic Warrior's Boots}.

3-Piece Set: Increases the Shadow Damage of your weapon by 50%.

5-Piece Set: When hitting a target, there is a rate that a {Shadow Ball} might be triggered to cause 50,000 Shadow Damage to the target.

"Huh? This equipment is quite awesome in its own way!" Zhang Yang could not keep his joy from overflowing. Even though Hunters and Thieves basically relied on dealing Physical Damage to their targets, they would also acquire some Skills that deal Shadow Damage. It was similar to having a Frost Damage and that sort. Meanwhile, after the Inheritances were introduced to the game, Physical-type players would sometimes acquire Skills that could deal Magical damage to their targets as well. For instance, let's take a good look at Wei Yan Er. A lot of her high Attack Skills could deal Shadow Damage to her targets. Therefore, this sort of equipment was becoming more popular currently.

Wei Yan Er pouted and said, "What a waste… this is not a Heavy Armor type of equipment, and it's just a Mythical Tier!"

She had the Darkness Inheritance. Such an equipment with additional Shadow Damage would be extremely suitable for her to have. Well, this sort of equipment would increase an additional 30% to 50% of Shadow Damage to players who equip them. If the little brat gets a few pieces of this set, her single attack could match the Attack power of Zhang Yang, or maybe she could even surpass his Attack power!

If that was true, she could show off in front of Zhang Yang like a little b*tch! That would be a fun thing for her to do.

"You better be grateful for what you can get these days. This type of equipment can really increase your damage. I don't even have the opportunity to get this kind of equipment!" Zhang Yang laughed and said. With his current God of War Inheritance, his Skills could only either cause Physical Damage or Chaos Damage to his enemies. The game did not seem to have any equipment that would add Chaos Attack to the players.

"Cheh!" Wei Yan Er continued to look at him in ire, because Zhang Yang sounded like he was complaining and showing off at the same time.

The party was progressing forward at quite a high pace. They slew quite a number of Dark Mist Divine Punishers along the way. Although the rate of these monsters dropping any of the Demonic Warrior's Armor Set was extremely low, the number of Dark Mist Divine Punishers they encountered was quite high. When they were almost halfway through the canyon, they actually managed to collect two sets of Demonic Warrior's Armor Set. They even got two pairs of extra hoods and boots.

At that time, the monsters that they were encountering had changed. Now, they began to encounter countless green slimy monsters --- Slimes.

[Dark Mist Slime] (Elite, Elemental)

Level: 168

HP: 5,040,000

Defence: 6,640

Magic Attack: 23,461 – 33,461


[Putrefying Acidic Bubbles]: Spits out bubbles that dissolves everything that gets in touch with them, causing 200% Magic Attack of Nature Damage to the target. Also cause 50% reduction to target's Attack. Last for 15 seconds. The effect cannot stack. Instant activation. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

"Wah! What kind of interesting sheets are these?" Wei Yan Er instantly widened her eyes and pointed her finger at the slime that was wiggling towards her, "Noob tank! Don't kill it! I want to keep one for myself!"

"Keep your sister1!" Zhang Yang humphed coldly and swung his [Sword of Purging Devourer] to purge this slimy thing of this world.

"Are you keeping my sister, now?" Han Ying Xue giggled.

Zhang Yang instantly frowned. Daffodil Daydream cut in to save his day, "We can get quite a large sum of money by selling these two sets of Demonic Warrior's Armor Sets, right?"

"That's for sure!" Zhang Yang regained his mood instantly and said, "Each piece of the set can be sold at the price of hundreds of gold pieces. Well, since players can acquire set effects by collecting enough pieces of the Armor Set, players would still purchase them, even if we sell each of the equipment pieces at the price of 10,000 gold pieces… or maybe, we can sell them in sets at 100,000 gold pieces!"

"Just look at your moneybag face! Disgusting!" Wei Yan Er immediately revealed a disdainful expression on her face. She was backed up by the other ladies as well.

"Then, I should just keep all profits to myself!" Zhang Yang purposely sighed as he was slaughtering the poor little slime up.

"No! How can you say that?!" Wei Yan Er did not want to play along anymore, "I need you to pay me my next month's salary in advance! I want to buy a new purse!"

"In advance again?" Zhang Yang turned around and gave a good rap on the little brat's skull, "The money that I paid you in advance is more than enough to cover 3 years from now! And don't you think that I don't know about it! You even took Sun Xin Yu's share!"

"Hehe!" Wei Yan Er turned her large eyes around, pretending to be innocent. Then she began to laugh out loud and continued to smash her battle axe into the slime. She tried to act as if she had never brought anything up at all.

Zhang Yang and the other 3 ladies laughed it off.

Whenever they talked about 'shares' or 'profits', they were usually referring to the profit that they earned from Zhang Yang's Little Merchandize Shop. Each member of Zhang Yang's party of 10 could receive 5% share of its profit. However, Zhang Yang only gave the little brat 100,000 dollars as her pocket money to prevent her from spending like a little b*tch.

Though the little brat was very stingy, most of the time, she would not hesitate to spend all her money on luxurious items such as purses and bags. Because of her recklessness, she had overspent so much that her 'debt' to Zhang Yang could only be repaid back if she does not get a dime from Zhang Yang for one whole year.

"Pfff!" The slime had no face, nor arms or legs. Therefore, there was no telling what kind of emotion the slime had because, it could not express its emotion on a face! However, its wrath for being underestimated was clearly displayed. The slime began to spit bubbles at Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang was instantly covered in green sticky liquid. Hmm… this seemed familiar…

"Aiyo! You look disgusting, noob tank!"

"What the hell! I'm trying to protect you ladies, you know? Why don't I switch places with you? Witchy Snow can surely heal you up for good! So little brat or not, anyone of you should be able to do good in my position!" Zhang Yang planned to push the responsibility of tanking the monster to the ladies.

However, the 4 ladies shook their heads at the same time. Well, if they ever get sprayed with such gross sticky substances all over them, especially their faces… there would be nothing they could do to remove the stigma off their names.

The further they walked into the canyon, the more slimes they encountered. Zhang Yang was sprayed with the green goo so often that he was completely covered in it. The four ladies were laughing and giggling all the way. Zhang Yang could not stand those ladies anymore. So when there were 4 slimes coming at them, Zhang Yang only lured 3 of them over to him and left the last one to the ladies. The slime, of course, began to spray at the ladies as aggressively as possible.

"Noob tank! You're doing this on purpose!" Upon slaying the slimes, the four ladies began to complain. A 'war' was about to be waged.

"I can't do anything about it! These monsters can reduce 50% of our Attack. The best I can do was to take three of them! Four would have been dangerous, even for me!" Zhang Yang pushed the blames away, nice and clean.

The monsters here were indeed powerful. Reducing 50% Attack of a Tanker would have easily make a Tanker looser most of the aggro value on him. Once a normal party is OT by an Elite monster, that could end up in a disaster. The party might even get wiped out instantly! Only Zhang Yang and his powerful party would have the capability to challenge an Elite Tier monster alone.

Another 1 hour had passed, Zhang Yang and the ladies arrived at the bottom of the canyon. The dark mist was getting thinner in that area. They could finally things further ahead. All they could see was a large altar, right in front of them. The altar was approximately 50 meters high. It took the shape of a cylinder. The altar was approximately 50-meters wide.

Because of its elevated position, Zhang Yang and the ladies were not able to see what was on the altar. However, they were very sure that this altar was the same one that they saw in the light screen of Andros. Pauillac The Manipulator must be sitting on top of that altar at that instant.

Well, it was not a problem at all for Zhang Yang and the ladies to get onto the altar. They summoned their Flying Mounts and flew straight up.

However, when Zhang Yang and the ladies made it up to the top of the altar, they could not help but feel an intense chill up their spines! There was really a boss right in the middle of the altar. However, there were also at least hundreds of Elite Tier Dark Mist Divine Punishers closely knitted around boss's surroundings. With the monsters and the boss so packed up in one spot, there was no way that players could hit the boss without getting swarmed up.

Furthermore, there was also a boss there. Any reckless move would cause certain death.

[Pauillac The Manipulator] (Holy, Demon)

Level: 175

HP: 17,000,000,000

Defence: 17,760

Magic Attack: 89,694 – 100,694


[Mind Control]: Temporarily controls an enemy target, making the target serve Pauillac. Lasts 30 seconds. Pauillac won't use this Skill on the player with the highest aggro value.

[Shadow Decay Aura]: Cause 50,000 Shadow Damage once in every 5 seconds to all targets within the effective range.

[Shadow Arrow]: Fires a Shadow Arrow at the target causing 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage. If the target is in a stunned state, the damage dealt on the target will be increased by another 50%. Casting time: 2 seconds.

[Shadow Blast]: Radiate out a blast of Shadow Attack into the surroundings, causing 200% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to all targets within the range of 50-meter radius. Targets will be stunned for 5 seconds.

[Demonic Build]: Recovers 1% HP every 30 seconds. The amount of HP recovered will not be affected by any other effects.

Note: Pauillac The Manipulator is infamous for befogging the minds of the people. He is also renowned to be a badass existence among the demon armies.

TL Note:

1. Raise your sister (养你妹): A phrase used to scold people in a joking manner