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Chapter 696: Andros’s Shadow Clone

Chapter 696: Andros’s Shadow Clone
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The boss had a Skill that could recover his own HP. Well, that had been a trend for every powerful boss that they had encountered so far, and it's quickly getting old.

"Time to get wretched fatty and the rest over here!" Han Ying Xue suggested. Well, the five of them could not do anything about the boss's {Demonic Build}. They might as well stare at the boss until the boss kills them all. Furthermore, there was also quite a large number of Elite Tier monsters guarding the boss. The situation was pretty f*cked up.

Zhang Yang took out [Andros's Jade Pendant] and said, "Let's try out the power of this little pendant! If we can't get this done even after we use this, then we shall summon fatty and the rest over to finish the job! Let's activate our Inheritance Transformations and kick the boss's *ss!"


Zhang Yang crushed the jade pendant immediately. A radiating door of light appeared right out of nowhere, followed by the appearance of a large human-faced spider crawling out from the light door. However, the situation became awkward a little right after the spider came out. Well, Zhang Yang broke the pendant and summoned the shadow clone of Andros while they were still in the sky. So the giant human-faced spider fell straight onto the altar and crashed.

The impact of the crash was so powerful that its tremble shocked Pauillac and his army of Dark Mist Divine Punishers. Pauillac let out a raging roar immediately and his army of monsters roared after him. Then, they charged at the human-faced spider without fear nor hesitation.

"Pauillac! I will tear you into pieces!" The human-faced spider was blazing with rage. A visible shockwave was radiated out from the spider's body into the surrounding. The Elite Tier monsters were rocked so hard that they fell with their faces on the ground.

[Andros's Shadow Clone] (Holy, Summon)

Level: 180

HP: 1,000,000,000

Defense: 18,470

Melee Attack: 149,398 – 209,398


[Web Entanglement]: Entangles all targets in the surroundings and stop them from moving. Lasts for 5 seconds. The targets will receive 50,000 damage every 3 seconds. Lasts for 15 seconds.

[Purify]: Nullifies the {Mind Control} of Pauillac.

Although 'brother' Andros was a Celestial Tier boss himself, his Shadow Clone did not seem to inherit all his power. Well, having a Holy Tier boss at their side was considered fair for Zhang Yang and the ladies to battle against Pauillac. The only thing that was not satisfying was that the Skills of this Shadow Clone were a little disappointing. The only Skill that could attack was the {Web Entanglement}. That was a little humiliating for a boss. Fortunately for them, the {Purify} would prove to be extremely useful in battling against Pauillac. As long as this Shadow Clone of Andros's does not die, Zhang Yang and the ladies should be safe from the {Mind Control} of Pauillac.

Furthermore, the body mass of Andros was initially larger than the altar itself! This Shadow Clone of Andros's is only approximately 30 meters high. It was totally not the size of its original form.

After all, the shockwave that was radiated out by Andros's Shadow Clone was merely a dramatic effect. It was not a Skill nor an attack. So the horde of Elite Tier monsters crawled back on their feet shortly after they fell. Then they continued to charge towards the Shadow Clone of the human-faced spider.

In an instance, countless spider strings shot out right from the body of Andros's Shadow Clone. The monsters were entangled and wrapped around by spider webs immediately, upon being touched by the spider strings. The effect was similar to the effect of a [Forbidden Scroll].

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "Well, a shadow clone is merely a shadow clone after all. The HP amount it has is far lower than the HP amount of the boss. Its DPS can only reach up to 80,000 damage. This shadow clone will not do much good if we don't step in soon with a full party!"

Zhang Yang quickly invited Fatty Han and the rest of his party of 10. After he landed on the altar, he immediately summoned the rest of his party members over to his location with the use of his [Party Summon Order]. If he did so before he lands, the rest of the party members that get summoned to his location would fall to their 'demise' if they were not mounted on their Flying Mounts.

"Just ignore the horde. The Shadow Clone will be able to tank them. Furthermore, it has a Skill that can hold the monsters down. All we need to do is to focus our attention on the boss!" Zhang Yang was telling his party members what to do when the boss battle began. At the same time, he activated his {God of War Transformation} getting himself ready for the boss battle. The boss that they were going up against was a Holy Tier boss. The kink in the situation that they were in right now was that they only had a few pieces of Holy Tier equipment equipped. Furthermore, there were only 10 of them in total. Without the support of an Inheritance Transformation, the DPS of the entire party could not even keep up with the boss' HP recovery rate.

Andros's Shadow Clone was filled with anger towards Pauillac. After he trapped the monsters in the surroundings, he did not attack the monsters. Instead, he moved his eight legs and charged straight at Pauillac. Andros's Shadow Clone stabbed the sharp tips of his front legs repeatedly at the boss as aggressively as he could. Even though the boss had such a tremendous amount of HP that he hardly felt anything after being poked around multiple times, but those stabbings had left quite a number of bloody holes on the body of the boss. Green blood was spilled repeatedly every time the boss was stabbed.

"Spider God?" Pauillac was stunned for one brief moment before he could say anything. Then he said, "Are you suggesting that you're going to wage war over us, the great Demonic Army of Darkness?"

"You slew my daughter! So, you can drop the act like nothing happened!" Andros's Shadow Clone roared in rage.

Pauillac was stunned by what he heard once again. Then he suddenly burst into laughter, "So you found out about it!" This demonic boss fixed his eyes on Zhang Yang and his party with a murderous sense flash across his eyes. Then he said, "So it was you who told the Spider God about it! It's really not a coincidence that you have brought yourselves to me. I will not have to send my army to search for you! Today is the day you all die here!"

"You're the one who is going to die here today!" Andros's Shadow Clone shot out countless spider strings once again into the surroundings and trapped the monster horde. Although the damage that this {Web Entanglement} deals could not match the damage that the {Sword of Life and Death} could deal, at least it could still deal 50,000 damage to the monsters once every 3 seconds. That amount of damage dealt was considered quite bad*ss itself! Each Elite Tier monster would only have approximately 5,000,000 HP. After receiving over 100 times that amount of damage, the monsters should all be dead in about 5 minutes.

Unfortunately, Andros's Shadow Clone could not receive any healing from Han Ying Xue and Fantasy Sweetheart. Even though he had over 1,000,000,000 HP, he would not be able to sustain the damage dealt by so many monsters at the same time.

Fortunately, Zhang Yang and his party were able to use their powerful AoE Skills on the boss and the monster horde at the same time whenever they manage to accumulate enough EP. Firstly, they could reduce the time needed to clear out the monsters in the surroundings so that Andros's Shadow Clone could do more in the battle. Secondly, the party would only receive Experience Point if they contributed in slaying the monsters. If the monsters are slain by the Shadow Clone alone, none of them would be able to receive any Experience Point nor loot.

There were over hundreds of Elite Tier monsters in the surroundings. The Experience Points and the loot must be extremely valuable!

Although Zhang Yang's Attack was slightly above the Attack of Andros's Shadow Clone, Pauillac was fixed on attacking the Shadow Clone. He did not even look at Zhang Yang while he was at it. Apparently, the boss would not be affected by the Aggro system of the game before Andros's Shadow Clone goes down and die.

That was actually great news. With a 'punching bag' distracting the boss, none of them had to face the wrathful attacks of the boss for the moment.

However, Zhang Yang did not switch his shield away because he had no idea of knowing whether Andros's Shadow Clone would hold on until the battle ends or not. So as a safety measure, it would be better for Zhang Yang to remain the number one on the aggro list of the boss. By doing so, he could prevent the boss from charging straight at Sun Xin Yu or Wei Yan Er right after Andros's Shadow Clone dies.

{God of War's Crushing Strike }! {Shadow Curtain }! {Thunder blade}!

Every 30 seconds, everyone would get 3 EP. They would pour their AoE Skills out without holding back to increase the efficiency in clearing out the monsters in the surroundings! Meanwhile, the Elite Tier monsters were trapped without being able to move at all for one-third of the time. Because they were all Melee combatants, they could only stare from one side, immobilized. Or else, Andros's Shadow Clone would succumb to a barrage or ranged attacks rather swiftly.

Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu had Class S Inheritances. Each of their AoE Skills could deal at least 100,000 damage to the monsters within the effective range of the Skill. Meanwhile, players with Class A Inheritances such as Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream would perform slightly subpar. However, they could still deal at least 80,000 damage to the monsters that were within the effective range of their Skills. Well, that amount of damage was enough to take out a quarter of the monsters' HP bars!

On the other hand, two Phoenix pets and a Red Dragon pet had joined the battle on clearing out the monster horde as well. Well, their normal attacks could deal area effect type damage. So when the three of them came into the battle, the situation became much easier for the entire party. Especially when Andros's Shadow Clone firmly had the main aggro of the boss fixed on him. So everyone could lose themselves in causing as much damage as they could to the boss.

In just one minute, the hundreds of Elite Tier monsters were blown to bits. Zhang Yang and his party received an immense amount of Experience Points! Each monster rewarded them with a total of 5,000,000 Experience Points. Each of them could get 500,000 Experience Point for each monster slain. There were hundreds of them, right? Each of them received at least 2,000,000,000 or 3,000,000,000 Experience Points! Their Experience Bar had increased by a large chunk just by slaying these monsters!

"This is great! If they can just send a few more waves of these monsters over, I might be able to level up by the end of this battle!" Fatty Han was so joyful that he talked with drool coming out of a crooked corner of his mouth.

"Fatty, why are you leveling up that slowly? You have a Phoenix pet, a pet that is way more powerful than any pet out there! So, why are you still at Level 148? What a disgrace!"

"Little Sweetheart, you know nothing about life! Life is short and miserable. I can't put all my time in the game. I need to put myself into other things that would keep my body and my mind healthy!"

"Brother fatty, could you be the renowned 'Mr.Whirlwind' on bed that 'shoots' in less than a minute?"

"F*ck you!"

"Andros! If the real you is here today, I profess that I would have fallen. However, you dare to send a Shadow Clone to fight me? This is not even enough to knock my teeth out! I shall control a few more of your sons and daughters and form an army of Spiders to serve our Demonic Army!" Pauillac was battling against Andros's Shadow Clone as he was teasing Andros with his poisonous tongue.

"Demon! You're not worthy of me to take you down myself!" Andros's Shadow Clone did not falter. Instead, he fought back with his tongue as well as he stabbed Pauillac repeatedly with his sharp legs. After the monsters were all out of the way, the drop rate on the HP bar of Andros's Shadow Clone was beginning to get under control. He still had over 30,000,000 HP left, which was enough for him to stay in the battle for a little longer.

--- the biggest threat posed by the boss were still his AoE Skills. Even though His single-target Skills were extremely powerful, they were not powerful enough to kill a Top Tier Tanker so easily. Or else, why would they need a Tanker in a party? Therefore, the horde of Elite Tier monsters actually posed a larger threat to Andros's Shadow Clone.

"Hahaha! Drizzler! Become my servant and serve me!" The boss suddenly roared out loud and pointed his finger at Wei Yan Er. A dark light shot right from the finger tip of the boss and entered the thick skull of the little brat. She immediately turned to attack Zhang Yang and the rest of the party members.

--- {Mind Control}!

"The divinity of light shall give without asking for any return!" Andros's Shadow Clone also roared out loudly at that instant. He reached out with one of his long legs and shot out a stream of golden light straight out from the tip of that sharp leg. The golden light sunk into the body of Wei Yan Er and nullified the {Mind Control} on her.

"Wah! Stinky boss! How dare you try to control me! I'll chop off your nose…no! Your head! Off with your head!" Wei Yan Er had once again screamed in anger, like a little b*tch. She began to swing her battle axe at the boss, and air was swept up by the force of the swing! Every single hit landed on the boss, causing devastating damage.

"Damn you, Andros! Just wait until I wipe out these pests! I will go to your Spider Kingdom and turn every subject in your Kingdom into my slaves!"

"You shall not get the chance to do that! Today is the day you die! Right here!" Andros's Shadow Clone shot out countless spider strings towards the boss. Even though the status restriction effect of the {Wen Entanglement} was not effective on Pauillac, 50,000 damage in every 30 seconds was still considerably deadly.

"Then, I shall kill you first!" Pauillac roared out in anger as if he was in desperation. He continued to shoot his {Shadow Arrow} at Andros's Shadow Clone. Each of the arrows could deal up to 200,000 Shadow Damage on Andros. Meanwhile, even though Andros's Shadow Clone had over 30,000,000 HP left, but he only took 150 shots of {Shadow Arrows} before he collapsed onto the ground and died. Well, one of the bigger reasons of him dying so quickly was because he could not receive any healing support from the players. So, he only held up for about 5 minutes before he had to die.

"What the f*ck… How can that Shadow Clone be so noob? I thought he might be tougher than this?!"