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Chapter 700: Snowbark

Chapter 700: Snowbark
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If they had known that Chen Xue Yao would summon a high-level Tanker to aid them, they would have suggested looking for a Tanker themselves. If Unkillable Cockroach's colleague could bring him to farm the Level 20 dungeon, then they would not have problems clearing this dungeon at all.

At first, the three male players were competing against each other to see who could win the girl over. They were trying to show off their strong suites one after another. A fight almost exploded among them, even. However, when Zhang Yang showed himself, the three of them agreed on to stand on the same line to repel their 'strongest competitor'.

"This is the CEO of the company where I work at!" Chen Xue Yao smiled sweetly at them.

Is this some sort of joke? A hidden story between the boss and his secretary? Damn!

The three of them revealed a strong sense of jealousy on their faces. A thousand thoughts were racing through their minds at the same instant. Like a knave who uses his own yardstick to measure the motive of an upright man, some filthy people might have imagined others to be just like themselves.

Although Whitey could not match Phoenix pet at all, it did not take long before it reached the entrance of the dungeon. After seeing that the place was empty, Zhang Yang sighed with all sorts of feelings welling up in his mind. Two years ago when the Banka Underground Tunnel was first unlocked, this place used to be so crowded that it looked like a bank or an Auction house. There was no need to worry that one could not find a party to enter the dungeon.

Zhang Yang had currently reached Level 153, and he was leading the Number One guild in the entire game server. Furthermore, he had conquered a total of 3 Territories. Not to mention, he was no longer the newbie who freshly joined. He had become one of the best players, no… the best player in the entire game server! Now that he changed so much, he could not help but to feel emotional when he saw that everything here still remained the same, except there was no crowd here.

"Banka Underground Tunnel is a 10-player scale dungeon. Why don't we look for another high Level player first before we start?" Unkillable Cockroach gave Zhang Yang an unfriendly stare. Then, he suddenly stopped moving. It was most probably that he was sending private messages to look for players.

Zhang Yang was shocked for a brief moment. Then he understood --- over the greatest beauty hangs the greatest ruin! Some girls were just too pretty to be true. As long as you stay by her side, you would catch some fire unintentionally and you might even get yourself burned! Zhang Yang did not mind and he smiled it off. Well, he was here to show off, anyway. So he just had to continue what he was trying to do.

Unkillable Cockroach asked Chen Xue Yao to add another player called 'SuikaTaro' into their party. That guy was complaining about them asking him to come. Well, he was about to hit Level 100 and he was just one step before entering Chaos Realm. If he was not Unkillable Cockroach's colleague, he would not have come here, even though they paid him 1,000 gold pieces.

Unkillable Cockroach instantly taunted Zhang Yang by staring at him. Can you hear him? Our friend is about to hit Level 100! So don't you think that you're the only one with high level now!

Zhang Yang was bored. So he took out all sorts of materials and began to make potions. When Unkillable Cockroache and his friends saw Zhang Yang making potions such as [Armor Piercing Potions], [Invincibility Potion] and [Level 6 Healing Potions], they began to drool. Although they had not reached the Required Level to consume those potions just yet, they knew enough to know that these potions were extremely valuable!

--- Zhang Yang's Little Merchandize Shop had turned into a second Auction House in the server. Countless players would visit his shop to make purchase of things they required on a daily basis. Whatever valuable and good, anyone who had set foot into his Little Merchandize Shop would know. The items that were demanded the most would surely be [Armor Piercing Potions] and [Temporary Invincibility Potions].

Zhang Yang was also a Grandmaster grade Alchemist. He could make 10 Potions in one single process. If he could perform the process once in every second, he could have made 600 potions in just one minute!

The three of them were drooling because they knew that one bottle of that [Temporary Invincibility Potion] could cost up to 500 gold pieces. With that price tag, the items was still out of stock very often! If they could just get the potions that Zhang Yang made to the market and sell them, how much money could they make out of them?

Hundreds of thousands gold pieces? Or maybe Millions?

How can this fellow be so rich!

Zhang Yang had never been short on ingredients required to make potions. He would constantly let his Herb Foraging Familiar out to gather the ingredients. Of course, he did not do that in this dungeon. The reason was simple. The Herb Foraging Familiar was paid, according to time. The herbs and other ingredients that could be found on this map were definitely of low Tier. Zhang Yang would not be able to even cover the cost of summoning the Herb Foraging Familiar in that case.

Since making potions required time and patience, Zhang Yang was willing to wait for that 'VIP' SuikaTaro to come over. After waiting for approximately 25 minutes, SuikoTaro finally came together with his white ram pet mount. The moment when he saw Chen Xue Yao, his arrogant face instantly vanished. Instead, his eyes was glowing violently, as he was staring at Chen Xue Yao with a sense of horniness on his face.

"Haha! So you guys want to repeat clearing this dungeon, right? No problem! Even though the Hardcore Mode of the dungeon would only refresh once in every 3 days, we can still enter the Normal Mode and the Hard Mode repeatedly without any restrictions, whatsoever!" Although SuikoTaro was talking, his eyes were fixed on Chen Xue Yao.

Chen Xue Yao had a glimpse of doubt on her face. Well, she was indeed a true newbie here. She only knew that Tankers were meant to tank the monsters out front, and the Healers would be healing from the rear. The DPS players would be dealing damage from whichever angle, suitable according to the situation of the battle. However, she basically had zero knowledge of levels and equipment. Hence, she felt strange upon hearing SuikoTaro, a Thief, saying that out loud.

They began their farming with the Normal Mode. Zhang Yang did not try to snatch SuikoTaro's opportunity of showing himself off. He only let Whitey handle the monsters while he was making potions at the rear. Time was precious. There was no way that he would waste his time killing low-level monsters.

With a Level 99 Thief and Whitey's support attacks, their progress was so efficient that they could not believe it themselves. Well, Whitey was basically abandoned in Zhang Yang's inventory. It was only Level 124 currently. Furthermore, Zhang Yang had ripped off most of its Skills. So, Whitey could only deal a limited amount of damage.

--- Because Whitey did not have any AoE Skill, SuikoTaro could lure a bunch of monsters and wiped them out with his {Blades of Fan}. So, Whitey's damage was just simply not enough when it was compared to SuikoTaro's.

SuikoTaro felt like a boss because he was clearing the entire dungeon like a boss, literally! Meanwhile, he continued to brag about himself while he was clearing out the monsters. Well, he was trying to butter himself nicely so that Chen Xue Yao could have a good impression about him. As he talked nonstop in front of the girl, the other 3 male players were beginning to feel irritated.

"Brother Liu, the new manager of that department is a rich and handsome man! Many girls have fallen for him, you know? You better make sure your wife doesn't get hooked away!" Unkillable Cockroach said. Firstly, he said it out loud was to stop SuikoTaro from bragging on about himself. Secondly, he wanted to inform Chen Xue Yao that this man already had a wife.

SuikoTaro was very unhappy about it. So he said, "Pui! Even though he's tall and rich and handsome, but what else can he do? My wife had told me once before! That man is just looking good on the outside! That little brother of his beneath his pants is just 2 inches long!"

"Haha!" The men were laughing together.

However, they stopped all of a sudden. The situation became awkward all of a sudden.

How would his wife know how long is the other man's 'little brother'? Obviously, SuikoTaro had been put on a green cap. In other words, his wife cheated on him with that man that they were talking about.

For the next few minutes, everyone stayed quiet while clearing up the monsters in the surroundings.

Because only Chen Xue Yao and another Thief called 'DodoRyu' had a need to farm the dungeon, everything that was dropped from the monsters were given to either of them only. So, there was no snatching or quarreling among them, because they tend to resolve that matter in a civilized manner. Well, Chen Xue Yao had no idea whether an item or an equipment was good or bad. The others had to explain things one by one so that she could understand things bit by bit. Through that, she finally understood that Intelligence Attribute could boost one's Spell attack power, and Spirit Attribute could increase the rate of MP recovery.

After clearing up the Hardcore Mode of the dungeon, the four men that were basically drugged by the mesmerizing appearance of Chen Xue Yao were tapping on their chests suggesting that they would be more than willing to aid her in grinding her level. They even tried to boast that they could help her level up another 20 levels more. Upon doing so, they would then take her to the Marzerway's Lair for another farming session. Zhang Yang rubbed his nose a little bit. Well, he was almost done with making potions. There was no point that he should stay behind for all this.

Unfortunately for him, he did not have a chance to show off in front of Chen Xue Yao.

After Zhang Yang made up his mind to leave, they walked out of the dungeon. Suddenly, Zhang Yang noticed that there was another bunch of players arrived at the entrance of the dungeon. They were carrying the title of 'The Myth! Their leader was a Spellcaster wearing fancy clothes named 'Snowbark'. He was currently at Level 142. He was the most powerful one among that bunch of players.

Zhang Yang instantly felt a rage blazing right in his heart. This Snowbark, was one of the two second graded generals that served under Liu Wei in his previous life. During his previous life when he was leading Clear Water, this Snowbark and the other second graded general called 'All Beetles' would always lead their own party to slaughter the members of Clear Water who were trying to grind their levels. They worked together, trying to bully Zhang Yang's guild members by using the advantages of having high levels.

During that period of time, Clear Water hated Liu Wei, Snowbark and All Beetles the most for that reason. Some had even made puppets with their names on them, trying to curse them.

"The Myth is grinding here! Anyone who is not one of us should get lost now!" One of them spoke arrogantly.

What a bunch of arrogant sons of b*tches! Everyone could make their room for the dungeon. It would not bother them at all if there were others there to clear the dungeon as well. These people were actually trying to clear everyone out of the dungeon for their own joy? That was not a normal kind of arrogance anymore!

However, Zhang Yang had never really cared about the people from The Myth. Meanwhile, SuikaTaro and the others had no balls at all to be so cocky in front of those people. Although The Myth was not considered as one of the top Tier guild, under the showering of Liu Wei's money, the guild still managed to grow into one of the large-scale guild. Well, they were still too powerful for SuikaTaro and his friends to take these people on/

Furthermore, casting aside the name of the guild, that Snowbark was Level 142, currently If he wanted to, he could have instantly taken out SuikaTaro and his friends by just moving his fingers. So SuikaTaro and his friends were not daring enough to 'bark' back at them even if they wanted to.

"Hold on!" A Berserker fixed his eyes on Chen Xue Yao and widened his eyes. Then he said, "Brother Snow, look at that chick!"

"What a decent, fine looking chick!"

"What the f*ck! That *ss and those tits! Her top is going to rip at any moment! Look at that!"

"If I can rub my d*ck in between her two tits, that would be heaven!"

Foul and indecent words were heard talking right out of those idiots' mouths. People of The Myth were fixing their perverted eyes on Xue Yao. They looked like hungry wolves which were staring at a harmless lamb!

"Leave the girl behind and you guys, get lost!" Snowbark spoke in disdain.

"Quickly! Into the dungeon!" SuikaTaro was not an idiot. He knew that as long as they get back into the dungeon, they would be safe from these group of goons. No matter how powerful they were, there would be no way for them to pursue them.

They quickly went back into the dungeon one after another. When they were in the dungeon, all they needed to do was to take out their [Teleportation Scrolls], and they could just go back to the main city or Territory.

"Huh? Where's Zhan Yu?" Xue Yao was doing a headcount. She was surprised when she realized that Zhang Yang was not with them. Then she said, "Oh no! Zhan Yu hasn't come through yet! He must have been cut off by those hoodlums! We must get back and help him!"

"Zhan Yu?" the other 4 players began to laugh, "Sister Xue Yao, you're cheated! Zhan Yu is known as the Number One player in the entire server, the best player in the entire world! How can that fool be really him?!"

"That's right! He thought he can hide his character information so that he can disguise himself as Zhan Yu? What a naive man he is!"

"No wonder he did not even try to do anything while we were busting our *sses, trying to clear the dungeon! So, he was actually scared that we might see through him!"

"Sister Xue Yao, this cheater deserves to be killed! We don't have to care about him at all. Since we've completed the dungeon, we can go back to the main city to hand in the quest. We can take you to another place to grind your level!"

"Furthermore, if he is the real Zhan Yu, he could have taken out them all without a problem at all! He won't need our help at all!"

The four of them were trying to talk Chen Xue Yao out of helping Zhang Yang. From their point of view, Zhang Yang was just like them. The reason he approached Chen Xue Yao was to get her to sleep with him in bed.