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Chapter 702: Identity

Chapter 702: Identity
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With Cheng Xue Yao's help, the Unkillable Cockroach trio was able to waltz out of the dungeon with their chests held out proudly. They had said it then, it would not matter for them to lose their experience points since it was only worth a day's work. In fact, they were only saying that to get to Cheng Xue Yao's good side.

On the other hand, SuikaToro was greatly dismayed. He was Level 99 and was about to reach Level 100. He was that close to entering the Chaos Realm! A further chapter of the game! Hence, he bit down his pride, thought over it thoroughly and realized that he did not have the urge to gamble. If he is able to win the lovely lady's heart with the bet, he would be all in for it. However, at that point, it was already too late for him. Eventually, SuikaTaro had decided to give up all up and used a [Teleportation Scroll] to leave the dungeon.

With the dead bodies on the floor, the trio walked over to Zhang Yang. With excitement and admiration, they asked, "Are you really Zhan Yu?"

"The one and only." Said Zhang Yang with a smile. After he claimed the [Book of Revelation], he was rather in a good mood!

The trio jumped with joy and cheer happily. They opened the in-game screenshot function and played it cool with Zhang Yang, as if he was part of their crew! They were so happy that they could take a picture with the strongest player in China and possibly the whole world! Imagine the glory they could fish out with the picture with the tagline saying: Lookie here! World's Strongest is our bro~!

Zhang Yang smiled awkwardly and turned to Cheng Xue Yao. "The dungeon has been raided, and you've got the good friends here. I'll be leaving then."

"No. You did nothing there! You have been making those potions for more than an hour!" Cheng Xue You puffed her cheeks out angrily. She knows that Leveling was important and Levels determined the strength of a character. She had realized that when she saw the Level 99 SuikaTaro slicing the monsters up like tomatoes! If he was that strong, how would Zhang Yang be when he is already Level 153?!

Even though she was indeed a beginner, she was still good a basic mathematics!

Zhang Yang laughed at her petty comments and bade her farewell, either way. He took out and equipped the [Lover's Charm] and teleported to Han Ying Xue.

The four girls were still clearing quests all over the place and were gathered together to fight a bunch of Spectres. Zhang Yang joined the party and helped clear a few monsters. In the meantime, Zhang Yang nudged Sun Xin Yu's slender waist and caught her attention. "Here. Have this. It's an extra life!"

Sun Xin Yu took the [Book of Revelation: Chapter 8] and kept it in her inventory. Zhang Yang had no problem handing over the book to Sun Xin Yu since she was a Thief class that would excel at keeping itself alive. Since Zhang Yang already possessed another book in his possession, the effects would not stack together. Might as well diversify the effect so that Sun Xin Yu could gain the extra damage buff when he is not around. The only person that Zhang Yang could not trust the book with was Wei Yan Er. The grumpy, reckless little girl was the worst candidate to have the book. When she gets into battle, she only cares about killing and not guarding herself. If she insists on having the book, Zhang Yang would rather have Han Ying Xue give her the [Resurrection Monolith] instead, since it possessed the same instant revival effect.

The party continued playing until it was nightfall in the real world. Cheng Xue Yao made Zhang Yang come to her for just a simple goodbye greeting before leaving the game. Zhang Yang and Cheng Xue Yao logged out and bade each other goodbye before she left the office. Zhang Yang could not read her like how he would read other females easily. The woman swayed her hips and catwalked out of the office with such a seductive aura around her. Her thin fabrics ironed themselves out on her butt, and Zhang Yang could make out the outline of her *ss perfectly. Uff…That shape was just too good to be true!

Later that night, Cheng Xue Yao held a cup of red wine and sat down in front of her computer. She had just come out from her bath and was dressed in a loose and comfortable nightgown. Her supple breasts were plastered beneath her thin clothes as her long, dark hair sways in her back. She flung out her hair to sent a few water droplets off her wet hair.

"Meow~" A white Persian cat come out of a corner and leaped onto its master's lap. The woman gently caressed the feline and continued using her computer. She typed something on the keyboard and the image of Zhang Yang appeared on her screen. She read each article slowly and finally sighed. "I see that you're that famous, huh. But..why would you hire private investigators to dig out the past? What does Liu Wei have to do with you? Are you two more than just game rivals?"

"Meow!" The white Persian cat brushed her head on Xue Yao's chin, inviting her to play. The feline creature reached out with its claws and tried to clamber up. However, with little effort, the cat had only managed to pull down her nightgown and her clothes fell down her shoulders, revealing her supple breasts and pink nipples to the poor mammal. Sadly, she was alone in her room, then. Such an erotic scene could only be enjoyed by the cat alone. Her breasts were on par with Han Ying Xue's herself!

"Whitey? Where did you learn to undress a woman? Haha! Did you learn that from a bastard?" Cheng Xue Yao gently caressed the cat's head and placed the feline on the floor. She could not even bothered to adjust her gown and let it slide off her silky smooth skin. Naked, she waltzed to the window of her room and stared down at the street beneath her. There was a smile on her face. A genuine smile.

"Mr. Zhang…Can I really trust you…?"

In a poorly lit room, somewhere at the corner of the city.

A beautiful woman was sitting in front of her computer talking with a rather good-looking man through the computer screen. The woman was tall and had a perfect complexion. Her body figure was good and slender. She even a tiny mole on the corner of her lips that only enhanced her seductive aura.

"…Why…How could you fail!?" said the young man on the screen. There was an intense dissatisfaction in his voice as he grunted as he kept his composure stoic and cool. His complexion did not give off the kind of impression that an angry person would portray.

The woman wiped away her cold sweat. She had been following the man for more than 2 years now, she had seen the man with a face that speaks of peace and harmony, yet she knew that he was capable of making people disappear. Permanently.

She quickly explained her situation. "During the interview session, there was another woman there…She was chosen instead…"

"Oh. Is that so…" the man stoic expression changed. Although it was extremely subtle, the woman was able to pick up hints of him being intrigued. "How could you, a woman like yourself lose to any other?"

"I'm sorry." The woman apologized while bowing her head in front of the computer screen.

"Hmm. In that case, I would really love to have a look at the woman who defeated your beauty," said the young man. Perhaps it's was an unconscious move, but the man soon reverted back to his stoic expression after smiling slightly. "Find another angle of attack. I have only 6 months left to get what I want!"

"Understood, sir," The woman bowed down. The connection ended.

The woman raised her head only to realize that the man had finally hung up. Her breathing was hastened and ragged. She pulled the drawer under the desk and took out a picture of Zhang Yang coming out from a limousine. The women played with the piece of polyester plastic and grinned. "Sigh…You may be good looking, but who asked you to pick a fight with Young master Hua over a woman. Then again, perhaps you're in luck. At the very least. You could have me in your bed." She got off her seat and tossed the picture on the desk. She picked up her phone and fiddled with it for a moment before sighing heavily. "Why are the women in this country so oppressed! After this, I should go off to a place where no one knows me. Starting from scratch does not seem that bad…" The women lay on the bed and snuggled with her pillow.

Zhang Yang could not help but notice that something was extremely odd. It was a sixth sense of his. Right when he had just received a new bootylicious boom secretary the other day, a few days later, another one comes in. Out of the original six secretaries he had, one of them had left the job for marriage, and the other left the country. In just five short days, he had lost two "obedient" secretaries! Was it all just coincidence?

Zhang Yang praised the organization's efficiency at picking secretaries for him, as the new one was also a beauty to behold. Although she was not on the same level as Cheng Xue Yao, she was at the very least better than the old one. There was something special about her. For others, some might pay attention to a girl's hairstyle, the smile, or other specific feature that made her easy to remember. As for the new secretary, it was her mole on the corner of her lips. There was a certain seductive aura that was only emphasized when she smiled.

Zhang Yang could not put down the feeling on uneasiness about the latest girl. He decided to find someone to investigate her origins. It could be something bad. Perhaps, Liu Wei, or even the annoying Zhong Xiu Hua!

Zhang Yang got into the game and was greeted immediately by Cheng Xue Yao. In the office, she was well-mannered, and even behaved like a real secretary! However, in the game, she was different. She addressed Zhang Yang rather intimately, as if both of them were close friends, not that it bothered Zhang Yang at all.

The woman's leveling speed was rather fast. In just a few days, she had managed to push herself to Level 30 and forced Zhang Yang to teach her the ways of a Spellcaster. Hence, the two of them developed a rather close friendship. Not as close as his real friends, though.

The other secretaries in his office were all using nicknames. Zhang Yang knew that Xiao Yue, Xiao Fan, or Xiao Min were pseudonyms. The latest girl was named Liu Xin Min, and she was an exceptional vixen. Whenever she has the chance, she would bring Zhang Yang files, coffee, or anything at all just to lower her chest and let Zhang Yang enjoy the full view of her deep cleavage. It was an act that Zhang Yang did not dislike much.

Playing games are the same as drawing, singing, or dancing. It's a matter of inert talent, that not all humans have. To play such a high-leveled realism game such as 'God's Miracle,' one would need to have the highest of reaction speeds. It was something that could be trained but required a long time to do so. We are not talking about a year or so. It has to start since birth.

Cheng Xue Yao does possess such a talent, and Zhang Yang felt that with a little cultivation, she could become one of the top 10 Spellcasters of the world! Hence, at the moment, Zhang Yang placed Xue Yao in the secondary guild with Fatty Han.

Although he was greatly intrigued by the sudden recruit, he was unable to resist the lady's charm. With just a simple feminine greeting, Fatty Han had succumbed to anything she asked for. For the next few days, Fatty Han had brought Xue Yao across numerous dungeons. In truth, she needn't even ask, Fatty Han was just a wolf and would wag his tail obediently to do anything that she asks.

Zhang Yang had two chapters of the [Book of Revelation], naturally, he was fascinated by the entire book. He went asking around for the book and if he is to find someone with the book, he would have to apologize for it. To complete the Legendary tier item, he would willing to go all ends, including, killing the player for it.

However, he bore little to no expectation of finding the rest of the chapters in time. Zhang Yang and Snowbark both had the chapters in hand, and the system had not indicated any information about it. It was unlike Inheritance Fragments. Even though someone might have the chapters in their inventory right beside him, he would not know about it! Hence, it would be extremely tough to find the rest of the chapters for the [Book of Revelation].

Zhang Yang got back home from the office and had dinner with the girls in his mansion. Later that day, he logged back into the game and was immediately recruited by the four girls to their party. They had found a good training ground which required him to be the tank. The five of them went to town and had their equipment fixed, items resupplied, and set off for Souron's Castle to head towards their destination.

"Hey, dummy. I heard that you have a new friend," said Han Ying Xue with a smile on her face. Despite that, the tone of her voice carried a sharp intonation, as if her words could turn into blades that would slice off Zhang Yang's neck.

That little brat!

Zhang Yang glared at Wei Yan Er angrily. Yesterday, Fatty Han had to go off to help Xiao Wei buy some grocery. He then begged Zhang Yang to babysit Cheng Xue Yao. Thus, he agreed and brought the girl to Poison Fireland dungeon. Unfortunately, the little girl found out about it and decided to pay them a visit. She had come all the way from Chaos Realm and found Zhang Yang and Cheng Xue Yao walking into the dungeon. Zhang Yang caught the little brat and persuaded her to keep her mouth shut about it by bribing her with a brand new LV bag. Sadly, even that branded handbag was not enough for the little girl to keep her mouth shut.

Wait a minute…Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue both knew about it, and there was nothing that he could do about it. However, why was Daffodil Daydream being conscience about it…

The little brat… When Zhang Yang glared at her, she turned her head quickly to avert his gaze and whistled nonchalantly as if she had done nothing.