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Chapter 703: Mythical Dragon Realm

Chapter 703: Mythical Dragon Realm
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"What are you talking about? A new friend?" Zhang Yang shook his head vigorously. "Ahh. I know what you mean. It's a new recruit with potential! Fatty Han said that he had something to do. I simply brought the new recruit for a dungeon raid the other day. Is that what you mean by new friend?"

"Noob tank, I have you know that our policy of truth is as simple as lowering your head humbly. Deny your claim, and we will forcefully dig it out." Wei Yan Er poked Zhang Yang.

"Those who lower their heads humbly, can even escape the wrath of a God. Those who deny their claims, could even go back home safely. So, little brat, what are you planning to claim from me? I have always been a straightforward man." Zhang Yang was nearly cornered by Wei Yan Er.

"I heard that new friend of yours is a super beauty. Is that correct?" said Han Ying Xue, again with the smile of hers.

"Yeah…well…She might be. But compared to you and the Ice Queen, she's miles away. I don't think that anyone could be a match for the both of you." Zhang Yang tried to divert the heat away to cool down the raging beast.

Even though they knew that Zhang Yang was just trying to get away by saying sweet things, but words of praise coming from the one they love, was still something worth being happy about. Their stoic expression somewhat softened a little. Wei Yan Er, on the other hand, shrugged and sang a song, "Liar liar pants on fire, teabagging in the face of hell,~~"

"Little brat!" Zhang Yang snarled. "It's all because of you and your big mouth!" Zhang Yang clenched his fist. The little rascal was such a tough nut to crack that they had been receiving calls from the university, concerning Wei Yan Er's notorious activities. She was once caught setting fire in the campus' football field, and even punctured a lecturer's car!

"Where are you taking me to? A gigolo shop?" said Zhang Yang as he realized that they had spent some time traveling.

"With that face of yours? I don't think anyone would want to have that."

"Hoho. You might be thinking too little of me. I certainly recall that a certain princess from a certain country has a certain interest to a certain someone here. Hm?"

"Please. Don't flatter yourself." Han Ying Xue waved him off and said, "We are going to a place called the Mythical Dragon Realm.

"What is that?" Zhang Yang heard of the name before, but could not remember from where.

"What? Even the official website released the advertisement for some time now! What are you doing on your computer all day? Surfing a certain web page for lonely dudes at night?"

"Hmm…I see that the foxy vixen has spent some time with you now, hasn't she?" said Han Ying Xue. By vixen, she meant Cheng Xue Yao.

"Come on! There's only a certain level of jealousy a woman can have!" Zhang Yang snarled back.

"The Mythical Dragon Realm is a map that spawns randomly. It's a little like a dungeon but there's no fixed spawn point. Furthermore, the monsters inside the Mythical Dragon Realm will not spawn again after being killed. Once all the bosses on the map are killed, the map will despawn." Daffodil Daydream explained it to Zhang Yang, based on the information she obtained.

After her explanation, Zhang Yang listened and remembered something similar that he had encountered in his past life. One thing was for sure, that the spawn point was never the same. Back then, the spawn points he encountered were beneath a willow tree. Other times, they were at the bottom of the ocean! Searching for the entrance of the map is like searching hay in a stack of needles! Although difficult to find, the map does provide a lot of benefits. Sadly, even though he found the entrance, he did not have the chance to enter the map himself.

"We found the entrance to the Mythical Dragon Realm yesterday. It's called something-something Spectre Kingdom. The monsters inside were so strong that we cannot continue on without a tank!" said Han Ying Xue.

"Fufu. Looks like I'm useful, after all!" said Zhang Yang nonchalantly as he gave a sweet glare to Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue. However, the two ladies rolled their eyes at him, leaving Zhang Yang a little letdown.

The team had spent over two hours traveling across Mar Gaia Forest and finally reached the destination. The entrance was a glowing portal that was hidden between two large boulders. Despite its glowing appearance, the entrance was so well hidden that it was hard to see.

Zhang Yang raised an eyebrow. He turned to Han Ying Xue and stared at her suspiciously. This sort of place could not be found that easily…Perhaps, Han Ying Xue had gotten lost and stumble upon the entrance by sheer luck... As expected of the broken compass…

"Why don't you bring in Fatty Han or Lost Dream?" said Zhang Yang.

Wei Yan Er gesticulated 'no' with her hands and said, "There's an entry limit. Only five could enter at a time."

"Huh. No wonder you picked me."

The Mythical Dragon Realms had four different modes. Small, Medium, Large, and Extra Large. 5 players would trigger the Small map, 25 players for the Medium map, 500 players for the Large map, and 10,000 players for the Extra-Large. As the map grows bigger, so does the number of monsters and bosses inside. Naturally, the difficulty would be harder as well.

Wei Yan Er walked towards the entrance. However, when half of her body entered the portal, she was thrown outward.

"Eh? Could it be…? There's someone inside!" said Wei Yan Er.

"Hehehe. This place is way off the city. How could someone find this place? Looks like b*tchy snow is not the only one who's a broken compass!"

"Please. I'm…I'm just bad with directions! That's all!" Han Ying Xue defended herself. She does not like it when someone points out her one weakness.

"Which bastards dared to take our map!" cried Wei Yan Er, on the verge of crying. She tried again and again to enter the portal but was kicked out each time.

"GRAH! We shouldn't have left the map, then this wouldn't happen!"

"It's not like we wanted to. Our equipment were in need of repairing."

The four ladies sighed. If the map was occupied when they had discovered it, it would not matter. They felt a little disgruntled since they were the first to enter the map, and had even killed a few of the monsters inside! How would they expect someone else to enter the map after just one night! The place was in the middle of nowhere!

"There is a chance we can enter. I think, if someone is killed inside the map, they would have to leave the map in order to revive. If they have no healers in their party, that is. Well, I'm going to sit down here for a while. If you guys insist on going in, let's wait here then. When one of them gets out, we can go in and kick them out!" said Zhang Yang.

Open-world events were meant to be fought over for. You may be the first to discover them, but it does not mean that they would belong to you. How else would guilds wage wars against each other for random bosses or Territories!?

"Of course we will wait! The Map belongs to us! I will not let anyone else take it away from me!" said Wei Yan Er proudly.

"Well then. I shall lie down here and wait." Zhang Yang found himself a nice flat rock and lay down flat. He then gestured to Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue and said, "Come, my fair ladies. Lay with me and talk about us!"

As Zhang Yang finished his sentence, he spotted a player that was riding on a mount that looked like a giant bug flying towards him. When he was closer, Zhang Yang could see the man's surprised reaction on his face when he spotted the party.

Zhang Yang smiled and rose back to his feet. "Looks like someone did die inside. That means, one of us may go in and kick four players' sorry butts. Who wants to do the honor?"

"ME! ME! OH! ME!" Wei Yan Er screamed with joy. She did not wait for Zhang Yang to give her the green light and leaped into the portal. As predicted, the player that had just arrived was a player that had died inside the map and was forced to revive outside the map.

"You…" The player was called "Eastern Lee". He was a Sacred Knight and perhaps was the only player in the party that could revive and heal. That was the reason why he had to get out and return to the map.

"Move aside! And, call out that girl who just went in! Don't make us kill you!" said Eastern Lee bravely. Even though he was facing four opponents, he stood tall and stoic will no signs of faltering. He then pointed his name tag and said, "Look here. I'm a member of the guild Eternal Flame! I'm not someone you can easily cross with!"

The only reason that Eastern Lee could be so boastful was due to Zhang Yang and the rest of the party had hidden their profile information. Even if Eastern Lee had one hundred players behind him, the man's ball will shrink back into his pelvis when he knows that he was threatening the strongest players in the world!

"Would Yan Er be okay inside?" said Han Ying Xue worriedly. Eastern Lee was Level 146 and was supposedly part of the main raiding party of the guild. If that is the case, the other four party members inside would be the same level as him. There was a chance that Scholar Musou and Longrich, the two strongest players of Eternal Flame would be inside the map! Both of them had A class Inheritances and would be on par with Wei Yan Er. It would be a rather dangerous situation for the little girl.

Zhang Yang proceeded to speak in the party channel, "Little brat! Come out now. I'll go in to wipe them all for you!"

"WHYYYY! Are you looking down at this little lady!?" said Wei Yan Er protesting his command. However, as hot-headed as she was, the little girl was not stupid. She knows that when Zhang Yang says something in this manner, it was for her own good. She then obeyed and came out of the portal, no sooner later.

They were having their conversation in the party channel, hence Eastern Lee could not hear their voice. From his perspective, he thought that Zhang Yang was calling out his party member inside out of fear. The man smiled smugly and scoffed. He then moved towards the entrance of the door blatantly and sighed. He saw Han Ying Xue and Sun Xin Yu and was captivated by their beauty. If the Mythical Dragon Realm was not at stake there, he could have recruited them into the party and bragged of his position in the guild. Perhaps, with a few Mythical tier equipment and some gold, he felt confident that he could entice the two ladies over to his side.

"Excuses me. Since when did we allow you walk inside?" Zhang Yang roared and attacked the man. Zhang Yang sheer force had knocked Eastern Lee back a few steps and took more than 100,000 damage. The attack alone had drained away more than 50% of his HP.

Wei Yan Er popped out of the portal and jumped at the player.

"Hmph. Prudent." Sun Xin Yu dashed with lightning speed and stabbed Eastern Lee behind his back. Her two swords danced around and dealt three instances of damage.

Eastern Lee falls immediately to the ground dead. With three ultra-strong DPS concentrated their attacks on a single player, no player could survive unless they are in their Transformation state. Still, if he at least knew the identity of his killers, he would be less confused and bewildered!

As such, Eastern Lee was enraged. He passed the information of what that had just happened outside the portal to the players inside. He had asked them to prepare for an assault. If they cannot deal with the players standing guard outside the portal, there was no way for him to go in the map to support them.

Fortunately, the players inside had not ventured deep. With haste, the four players inside rushed to the exit. However, at that moment, they did not think of a proper plan. What if it was just a strategy to lure them out? If the four of them exits the map, the enemy could go in easily! Since the map only allowed 5 players at a time, they cannot do anything until Zhang Yang clears the map or dies halfway through! It was a gamble that they could not afford to bet!

As they were hesitating, Zhang Yang entered the map and found himself surrounded by four players.

Scholar Musou, Sniper, Level 148!

Longrich, Cryomancer, Level 149!

Zhang Yang locked his targets on the two generals of Eternal Flame.