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Chapter 704: The Four Man Team

Chapter 704: The Four Man Team

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The enemies were all mounted on their mounts, however, mounts were prohibited from flying in the map, hence, the players were not airborne, but merely riding their mounts like a horse. Besides Scholar Musou and Longrich, the other player present was Ink Wave, a Level 146 Guardian and Wind Chime, a Level 145 Bandit. Obviously, all of them were of the guild Eternal Flame.

"Hey! Don't you know who we are?" said Wind Chime as he brandished his swords out, grinning with smugness on his face as he threatened Zhang Yang.

"Before you get your sad face off this map, pay us 100,000 gold coins as a compensation for wasting our time. Mind you, don't even try thinking of running away. Pay up or I will find you and kill you every single day. The only way you'll reach Level 150 is in your dreams!"

"Stupid. That's just being too nice to them." Ink Wave snorted.

Wind Chime laughed, "It's fine. Rather than wasting more time debating here. I'd rather kill him right now. We still have a boss to kill. I've read about it, there will be a strong boss in every Mythical Dragon Realm! Hehe. We might even get ourselves some nice Holy tier equipment!"

Longrich did not participate in the mocking spree. Instead, the man rode his mount closer to Zhang Yang. Zhang Yang stood still motionless. When Longrich got close enough, he widened his eyes and said, "You're…Zhan Yu!"


Everyone stopped talking and paid attention to Longrich. Was that really Zhan Yu? The man who's the top in the game!?

Zhang Yang laughed hysterically and said, "Well…I guess I can't help it when I'm just handsome!"

Zhang Yang then summoned the Phoenix and Felice out to the open.

When the fiery bird emerged out, everyone's doubts were immediately cleared. It was his trademark. As for Fatty Han, no one would even cared.

There's no doubt about it then, a man with a shield, a fiery bird, a young female Battle Companion, the one and only legendary Guardian, Zhan Yu!

Wind Chime sucked in a deep breath. It was at that moment when he knew he f*cked up big time. If he knew earlier that the man was Zhan Yu of Lone Desert Smoke, he would rather quit Eternal Flame and not offend the strongest player in the entire world! The traumatizing event that had happened three to four days ago, the period when Lone Desert Smoke was still hunting every member of Eternal Flame flashed through his mind. He does not want to be the reason Lone Desert Smoke resumes the hunt!

Longrich remained cool as a cucumber and said, "Zhan Yu. You're strong. I have to admit that I can never defeat you in a fair fight. Yet, I'm sure that you cannot defeat the four of us at the same time. I'll have you understand that both Lone Desert Smoke and Eternal Flame are guilds that make China stand strong. Our petty quarrel will bring nothing but defamation and discord between each other. Now, let's talk about fair play. We were the ones who found this place before you did. By all means, make yourself presentable and allow us to continue, while guild master Zhan Yu retreats."

Zhang Yang was impressed by his logic. However, he could not allow them to proceed, for it will only force him to get out of the realm!

Zhang Yang laughed when he noticed Longrich said something about him losing a 4v1 match. He was even impressed that a person of great combat skill could also have great negotiation technique.

"Yes. You are correct. However, you have made a mistake there. It's not just me alone here. It's three versus four! Even so, I can easily take care of all of you easily."

Longrich knew that. Zhang Yang was right there. Felice and the Phoenix pet both had Transformation skills. Their transformation skills was so strong that it made them as strong as a B class Inheritance players after Transforming, and with super strong equipment at that! They were the perfect killing machines! Longrich froze in place when Zhang Yang called his bluff. Longrich wanted to talk their way out instead of fighting. The fact that he knew Zhang Yang's pet and battle companion could Transform was not that big an issue. The main issue there and then was that the four of them might lose to Zhang Yang!

Out of the four of them, there were two A class Inheritances, one B class, and one C class. The most important issue was that they had no healer on the field. If Zhang Yang targets Wind Chime, the weakest of the four, the enemy might come in to reinforce Zhang Yang. If it happens to be a healer, Longrich and the rest would be killed without a doubt.

That was the reason why Longrich wanted to talk instead of letting his fists do the talking.

Scared as if he was being pushed to a corner, Wind Chime roared.

"You think I'm scared? We too have Battle Companions and battle mounts!" Perhaps it was the feeling of helplessness, or the fight or flight nature of humans, Wind Chime presented himself to be intimidating when compared to the rest, who were still hesitating to make the first move. Wind Chime drew his swords out and got ready to fight.

Zhang Yang smirked. He knew that man had no choice but to fight. So what, if they had battle companions and battle mount? Can they Transform like Felice and Phoenix could?

The enemies began to mutter amongst themselves. It does not seem like they were debating, but were planning on how to tackle Zhang Yang. In the midst of discussing, Scholar Musou chuckled a little and turned to Zhang Yang, "Guild master Zhan Yu, are you determined to fight and be our enemy?"

"Without a doubt!"

Zhang Yang puffed and made the first move. Before the enemies could form a formation, Zhang Yang rode in with Phoenix and targeted Longrich first. A player's magic resistant is at its weakest before he could transform. However, since S class Inheritance Transformation could provide 40% magic nullification chance, magic attacks would be a lesser threat compared to physical attacks.

The reason he had chosen to attack Longrich first was due to the abnormal glare of the man. It felt like a viper hiding somewhere he could no see, waiting to strike at a given time.

The Phoenix bird swiftly glided through the ground and arrived beside Longrich in a split second. Without wasting time, Zhang Yang gracefully sliced across Longrich's side and dealt 118,932 damage. Zhang Yang damage had instantly hacked away 1/3 of the enemy's HP.

With that single attack, Zhang Yang's Rage bar was filled instantly. Zhang Yang locked on and landed a {God of War Devastation}.


Longrich's reaction was as quick as Zhang Yang himself. Before the attack could land on his character, Longrich blinked away like a flash of lightning, leaving Zhang Yang to cleave nothing but the air where he once stood.

Zhang Yang could not help but praise the man for his lightning fast reflexes. However, Zhang Yang's reaction speed was much faster than he. After all, he was the number one player in the whole world. He activated various of skills and made himself appear right in front of Longrich, no matter how hard he tried to escape Zhang Yang's death grasp. Felice and Phoenix moved in to attack.

Wham! Bam!

Two tongues of flamethrowers were spat out, landing directly on Longrich's character and engulfing the man in a sea of flames. However, two words popped out.

Immune! Immune!

Longrich had activated {Ice Barrier}. Both of them might seem to have done a lot so far, but in reality, everything had only happened in less than 2 seconds! Just then, Scholar Musou and the other two side characters arrived within Zhang Yang's area of attack.

Zhang Yang smirked, it saved him time anyway. Zhang Yang immediately changed his target to Wind Chime. Both Zhang Yang and Wind Chime were melee classes, hence, for Wind Chime to attack him, he must expose himself to the danger of being attacked himself.

The attacks that landed on Zhang Yang first was of Scholar Musou's arrow. He landed three attacks, with each supposed to deal 80,000 basic attack. However, Zhang Yang had only taken less than 40,000 damage. Zhang Yang was not as surprised as Scholaar Musou. He was so shocked at Zhang Yang's strong defene. Just how tough could the Guardian be!?

Just then, Wind Chime and Ink Wave arrived and landed their attacks on Zhang Yang. Both Ink Wave and Wind Chime did not use {Charge} nor {Vanish,} since the skill will force the player to dismount. Just the mount alone could provide a huge boost of over 100,000 HP! Neither of them were willing to let that go to waste. Unlike Zhang Yang who had the skill {Beast Taming}, the enemies could not dismount and still have their pets active in the field. Once they dismount, the pet will disappear from the field in 2 seconds.

Zhang Yang welcomed the enemies with a quick {Horizontal Sweep}, dealing powerful 200,000 damage. The Phoenix spewed out a long trail of fire that dealt close to 80,000 fire damage to the opponent.

The combined attack had nearly killed the two of them. Panicked, Longrich quickly roared.

"Use our Inheritance Transformation skills now. Don't wait for the boss! If we can't even kill Zhan Yu now, we would not even have the chance to see the boss' shadow!"

Longrich disabled his {Ice Barrier} and quickly put on a [Bandage] to heal himself. However, he did not activate his Transformation skill immediately just yet. Although Transforming provided a massive boost to one's HP limit, it will not restore a player's HP. If the player had 50% before Transforming, he would have the same 50% HP after Transforming. By numbers, it will be a huge waste if they do not restore their HP back to 100% before Transforming.

Longrich was attacked by Zhang Yang earlier, if he uses his Inheritance Transformation right now, he would have only have 1,500,000 HP, which was far from his maximum HP of 9,000,000 HP!

Right then, if he could only restore 10,000 HP, he could gain over 300,000 HP after Transforming!

Zhang Yang saw Longrich's reaction and what he was about to do. Without hesitation, he activated the Phoenix Transformation skill and turned towards Longrich to attack. He would not allow Longrich to restore any HP. Zhang Yang had only managed to disrupt one out of the four enemies there. If all four of them were to activate their Inheritance Transformations, he would have to do the same if he wants to stay alive.

Zhang Yang shot towards Longrich at intense speed. Pushed to his limits, Longrich did not care about restoring his HP anymore and activated his Transformation skill immediately. His Inheritance was the Death Swamp Inheritance. His Transformation had turned his entire character into a humanoid shaped pile of dark, gooey, viscous liquid. The same liquid flowed from his character to 40 meters around him, creating a swamp-like environment. Since the Phoenix was not flying, its movement speed was affected greatly when it tried to move in the thick liquid.

It was Longrich's Inheritance special effect, to reduce all target's movement speed by 50%! A damage-less {Thunder Strike}! The thing that made it strong was the slow effect did not have a fixed duration, but was a permanent aura effect!

Longrich took aim and shot a Frost arrow at Zhang Yang right after he became a swamp man. His Inheritance had granted him 400% damage boost! Zhang Yang had taken close to 160,000 damage from the Frost arrow.

The Phoenix pet had originally 700,000 HP at most. After Transforming, its HP would reach as high as 14,000,000 million. Combined with Zhang Yang's own close to 1 million HP, both Zhang Yang and the Phoenix's shared HP bar was as high as 15 million. Even though his own HP was not full when he activated the Phoenix's Transformation skill, it was still as high as 13 million HP!

Wind Chime and Ink Wave had consumed a bottle of potion and activated their Transformation skills. One grew twin horns from the forehead and gain a tail and an ox's lower half. Wind Chime had turned into a minotaur. On the other hand, Ink Wave had turned into a human shaped pile of mud.

C class Inheritance, Minotaur Inheritance and the B class Inheritance, the Mud Cloud Inheritance.

However, even though they may have taken a bottle of healing potion earlier, they had suffered a great deal of damage from earlier attacks and had only managed recover 50% HP, despite activating their Inheritance Transformation. Each Inheritance Transformation will grant the player a healing skill. Right then, it will only a matter of time for them to use it to save themselves.

Scholar Musou was the only player around that has a full health at then. He hesitated a little but activated his own Transformation skill, after the others did. His Inheritance was the A class Lord of Flame Inheritance, granting him the appearance of a burning stone golem.

Zhang Yang consumed a bottle of [Mobility Potion] and regained his original movement speed. The effect of the potion was shared with the Phoenix, since Zhang Yang was currently mounted on the Phoenix. Hence, with his original speed restored, Zhang Yang zoomed in and reached Longrich's face.


He swung his sword, but it dealt no damage to Longrich as the swords cleaved the air beside him.

Longrich's face lost all its blood, turning him pale white. He knew the skill. He had seen it once before with his own eyes. It was a skill that would allow Zhang Yang to deal a super-charged up attack after missing a target at the first strike!

Panicked, Longrich calmed himself down and activated his accessory's Invincibility effect.

As the game number one player, Zhang Yang's entire character was often analyzed from top to bottom. Everyone knew about him and his skills, as if he was a major world-level boss. Hence, almost all professional players knew about Zhang Yang's {Charge Up Strike} and the devastating power that it held!

Longrich's reaction to activate his Invincibility skill was indeed a wise move.