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Chapter 706: Victory

Chapter 706: Victory
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Zhang Yang turned his head immediately to an empty patch of land and commanded the Phoenix to attack that area. As the trail of fire blasted the area, Wind Chime was forced out of the shadows.

That was an intense shocking revelation for Wind Chime.

"How could you detect me!?" said Wind Chime as he panicked. "I was using {Sprint}!"

"Haha! I knew that you were going to use {Sprint,} and that's exactly why I could predict your location. If you hadn't, I would probably have lost you!" All seven Zhang Yangs laughed and used {Charge} at Wind Chime, stunning him all at the same time.

Aggravated. Wind Chime could do nothing but to accept the fact that Zhang Yang was strong. He had already activated {Sprint} at the instant he entered Stealth. It was a complex command that only a proficient Thief player could execute. Little did he know that Zhang Yang had anticipated his move and predicted where he would be!

Putting aside that he was caught red-handed, Wind Chime had other serious problems to worry about. Zhang Yang's attacks were like the claws of a bear. His sword sliced and diced, hacking away Wind Chime's HP bar to the bottom!

Scholar Musou bit his lips and turned to Longrich. "Should we go back?"

"…Go back? Which out of the seven Zhan Yus would you want to take?" Longrich almost laughed cynically.

"…D*mn!" Scholar Musou fell silent.

After Transforming, each of them had strong AoE skills. However, the cost of activating the skill will usually be 3 EP. The entire battle had only taken less than 20 seconds. In just that short amount of time, they had only gained 1 EP each. What could they do with it?

What a confounding situation. If they had 100 EP, they could at least do some serious damage to all Zhang Yang, including the original one. One of them could deal close to 80,000 damage. If all three of them ganged up together, they could easily destroy all Zhang Yangs and even force the original Zhang Yang to get back on his Phoenix.

As they spoke, everyone in the party could see the chat. Wind Chime had concluded that the other two had no intention to come back for him anymore. Hence, with all that was left with him, he had steeled himself to gain at least 3 EP to activate his recovery skill and deal a little more damage to Zhang Yang before he is killed.

He had no clue as to which one was the real Zhang Yang, hence, he shifted his target to the Phoenix, since he knew that Zhang Yang will eventually get on it. Might as well reduce the Phoenix's HP to reduce Zhang Yang's odds.

It was actually an obvious and straightforward strategy. Out of the hundreds of millions of players worldwide, perhaps, Zhang Yang was the only weird mutant that was a Warrior and could have a pet, like a Hunter. Furthermore, the pet he owned was a Phoenix! A Legendary Beast that had the ability to Transform like an Inheritance player! Hence, in normal circumstances, no one in their right mind would target an adversary's battle mount. It was a common mistake, since normally, battle mount would disappear after a normal Warrior dismounts. In fact, a Hunter's pet would be too weak to deal any threatening damage, hence, under normal circumstances, no one would kill the pet.

Both Scholar Musou and Longrich saw what Wind Chime was doing and had an epiphany. Both were a little mad and ashamed of themselves. It was inevitable. Again, Zhang Yang was the only oddball that they had seen so far in the game that could own a pet like Hunter. In fact, at that point in time, it was known that there was a total of three players who owned a Legendary Beast as their pet or battle mount. Then again, perhaps the number could increase someday.

Now that they had a plan, the two players turned back to the battle and began to attack the Phoenix at their longest, 30 meters range.

If you can't defeat an adversary's sword's play, it would be better to aim at their fingers!

Zhang Yang did not react to their sudden change of plans and only aimed at Wind Chime. As long as he kills Wind Chime in 30 seconds, he would die before he has the chance to use his recovery skill.

It was a certainty that every Inheritance Transformation player would have a recovery skill. Unlike the S class Inheritance, other classes would require 3 EP to be used. For example, Wei Yan Er's {Ripple of the Shadow} would require 3 EP to activate to restore 50% HP. With every additional 1 EP, the skill will restore 10% HP in the next second.

B class Inheritance skills were weaker. For example, Fatty Han's {Bat Form} will require the same 3 EP, and every additional 1 EP will only extend the skill's duration by 1 second. Technically, Fatty Han would require 10 EP to restore full health. An A class Inheritance player would need to spend an extra 2 EP.

C class Inheritance recovery skills are basically 3 EP for 30% HP restoration. Every 2 additional EP will restore 10% HP in the next second.

Wind Chime had over 3 million HP then and he would restore at least 900,000 HP with a single trigger of his recovery skill. It's not that Zhang Yang was afraid of him, he just wanted to save more time and squeeze out less effort while doing so.

Zhang Yang {Shadow Clone} skill had only 10% attack power of the original caster. However, six clones would grant Zhang Yang an additional 60% attack power. Paired with the Phoenix and Felice's attack, Wind Chime was just a strawman waiting to be hacked away by a sickle.

Why didn't he use any accessory to grant him Invincibility? That was due to the fact that accessories itself were rare. Players who are able to fill in the empty accessory slots are lucky! To have an accessory that also possesses an additional active effect would be extremely rare! Perhaps, in the entirety of the Eternal Flame guild, only Scholar Musou, Longrich, and Ink Wave possessed such luxurious items!

As Zhang Yang was beating down Wind Chime, Scholar Musou and Longrich were attacking the Phoenix. The problem was, Phoenix was in its Transformed state. With more than 30,000 Defense value and 20 % Magic attack nullification rate, the both of them were using forks to scrape the steel plates off the Empire State Building!

The best thing was that, Longrich's attacks were not Ice based! They were Fire based magic attacks! All attacks that lands on the bird will only heal it! By the time he realizes it, it would be so late!

Wind Chime was still attacking without stopping. The worst part for him was the fact that he did not know which one was the real Zhang Yang. He wanted to throw a few skills to debuff him, but it was only a one time thing. If he misses the skill, it would be extremely wasteful! In the end, right at his last drop of HP, Wind Chime cast {Blind} on a random "Zhang Yang". Sadly, the skill landed on the wrong person.

"Argh!" With a swift stroke, Zhang Yang ended the player's life.

He then brandished his sword and flicked the blood off the blade. He turned to Longrich and Scholar Musou and grinned, "It's 3 versus 2 now!"

With an intense malicious aura, Zhang Yang had successfully inflicted fear into the hearts of the enemy! However, despite the danger, the two survivors were professional players. They kept calm and cast aside all negative thoughts, solely focused only on attacking the Phoenix.

Then again, it was bad for Zhang Yang to kill these two at this point of the melee. They had A class Inheritances with 30% Magic nullification rates. With their flight capability, they could dodge Zhang Yang's attacks easily. Their only threats were Felice and Phoenix's attacks.

However, Zhang Yang could fly as well!

Zhang Yang jumped back onto the bird. Since attacking the Phoenix was the same as attacking Zhang Yang, he felt no need to hide his true identity any longer.

"Zhan Yu! Prepare to die!" Scholar Musou roared at an intense volume and clapped his hands. A magic circle appeared around him as his eyes glowed with an intense, fiery trail. A ball of flame came shooting down from the sky and slammed down on Zhang Yang brutally. The ball of flame bounced off Zhang Yang and landed on the ground, creating a massive crater. In an instance, the flames died down a little, and concentrated itself around a stone golem which emerged out of the crater.

[Fire Demon Lord] (Elite, Summoned)

Level: 148

HP: 1,480,000

Defense: 5,920

Magic attack: 21,002 – 29,002


[Growth]: Gains 1% HP, Defense and Magic Attack for every kill.

[Flame Rock]: Hurls a burning rock towards a target and deals 200% Magic Fire attack. Instant. Range: 30 meters. Cooldown: 2 seconds.

The summoned unit was the ultimate skill of the Lord of Flame Inheritance. It requires 10 EP to activate and summons out a Fire Demon Lord. The summoned unit will last for 10 minutes. For every EP used during the cast, it will extend the active duration of the summoned unit for 10 seconds. The summoned unit was strong. If protected, it could grow with the skill and become extremely strong after every successful kill. As expected of the A class Inheritance's Ultimate skill.

At the same time, Longrich activated his own ultimate skill and created a black whirlpool in the "swamp" environment. As long as any target steps into this range, they will take 100,000 of Shadow Damage!

Similarly, it has a short active duration and required EP to last longer. Although they were only A class ultimate skills, they were still strong enough to deal large damage, pushing Zhang Yang to the verge of death! His HP had dropped below 20%!

The two surviving players then activated their skills similar to that of {Killing Cleave} (skills that can only be activated when a target's HP is less than 20%). In an instance, the overall damage done to Zhang Yang was increased dramatically.

Zhang Yang kept his cool. He still had the {God of War Radiance} to instantly restore 100% HP. There was no reason to be afraid!

{Charge Up Strike}!

Zhang Yang swung his sword and dealt 0 damage. Right then, Longrich's face was drained of color. His skill {Apparate}, and {Ice Barrier} was still in cooldown. He had no choice but to take the incoming devastating hit.

{God of War Devastation}!


Longrich has taken some damage from the battle earlier. Even though Zhang Yang may have been damaged, Longrich suffered a great deal of damage from the combined attack of Zhang Yang, Felice, and the Phoenix. Before he knew it, he too had entered the danger zone.

He knew of the power of a Warrior's combined {Indiscriminate} and {Killing Cleave}. If he takes the attack, his head would roll. Hence, in a state of panic, Longrich decided to heal himself. Sadly, with {Destructive Smash}'s effect still on him, he had only managed to heal at a 25% efficiency, boosting his 5% HP to 30% HP.

After Longrich healed himself, Zhang Yang followed and healed himself back to 100% HP. That's a whopping 14,793,620 HP in total!

It was the main reason why Zhang Yang wanted to kill Ink Wave first in the first place. Without his {Destructive Smash}, Zhang Yang would not have to fear the reduced healing effect. If the tank is left alive till the end, Zhang Yang might haveee only healed 50% of the intended amount!

"F*CK!" Both Longrich and Scholar Musou yelled with agony. Just when they had tried their best to kill Zhang Yang, he had simply turned the tables around by healing himself back to full HP!

Zhang Yang continued his barrage of attacks on Longrich unrelentingly. He had forced the opponent to use their ultimate skills and also their healing skill! Right then, they had no cards left on the table.

"Musou! We're leaving!" said Longrich halfway through as he jumped to safety and rushed over the exit. If Zhang Yang has only 4 or 5 million HP, they could still put up a fight. However, 14 million was a ridiculous amount of HP! The main issue there was that the Phoenix was too strong. It was merely comparable to a B class Inheritance player yet it possessed HP much higher than an A class Inheritance!

Such a Legendary Beast!

Zhang Yang patted the Phoenix, feeling grateful for Fatty Han's efforts in making this possible.

Since the beginning of the battle, Zhang Yang had never attacked Scholar Musou. Somewhat, he felt like he was being ignored. It was the sort of feeling that he was not worthy to be even seen as an opponent!

The two of them left the map safely. As expected, players with flying capabilities were hard to stop. By the time Zhang Yang left the portal to chase them, the two players were already 50 to 60 meters away!

"Woah there! Did you seriously just win a match against four players?!" Wei Yan Er gasped.


Zhang Yang stood by the party, instead of chasing after the players. Although the Phoenix movement speed was fast, it was roughly the same speed or slower than an A class Inheritance Transformation flying speed. He could give chase if he uses his own S class Transformation.

Then again, it would be a waste. After all, the main objective was to take over the Mythical Dragon Realm in a hostile fashion. Now that they had forcefully made them leave the map, and even had the opponents wasting their Inheritance Transformation skills, they would be able to proceed uninterrupted for some time, unless the enemy would actually swallow their pride inform their guild of this most embarrassing series of events and rope them in.