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Chapter 707: Blood Thirsty Skeletal Soldier

Chapter 707: Blood Thirsty Skeletal Soldier

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"Hahaha! You should have seen their faces when they jumped out of the portal! Hahaha! They looked like clowns!" Little Wei Yan Er laughed.

Zhang Yang scoffed and replied. "You're right. They are nothing but clowns! The fight was rather enjoyable, though!"

If Longrich and Scholar Musou could hear their conversation, they would perhaps, turn around and fight Zhang Yang to the death. They were, at the very least, players who had entered the top 15th Individual rankings. Anyone within the top 100, while possessing A class Inheritances were strong. If Zhang Yang were to call them clowns, where else could he find a true rival?

Even if someone were to complain about Zhang Yang's bad gaming etiquette, he had the right to say such things. Technically, he had faced 4 players alone, excluding the fact that Felice and the Phoenix were not players themselves. Out of the three Transformation skills, he had merely used the Phoenix's skill to defeat all four of them.

The party spoke about Zhang Yang's feat. Especially, the little girl who was clearly out of her mind when she said that she too could do the same if she had been allowed to enter the map instead of letting Zhang Yang.

The party entered the portal and ventured deeper into the map. Unlike the outside world, the place differed greatly. Like the Sahara Desert, the Spectre Kingdom was devoid of life. There was nothing but dirt and sand all over the bare valley. The sky and earth was dyed in an eerie reddish hue that extended to the horizon.

As far as they walked, there were no signs of any monsters. Perhaps, they had been cleared earlier by the Eternal Flame members.

As they walked, only the sound of the Phoenix wings could be heard. After Transforming, the bird had gained a massive constitution and was flapping its wings like a whale. Luckily, it had the skill to freely change its body size. Zhang Yang then controlled the bird and shrunk it down to the size of a horse.

The party of five continued on and came to an entrance of a huge valley. After crossing the threshold of the converging hills, the scenery changed immediately. The red hue was still there, but the field was sudeenly teeming with countless Skeletal Soldiers.

[Blood Thirsty Skeletal Soldier] (Spectre, Normal)

Level: 160

HP: 104,448

Defense: 4,360

Melee Attack: 21,992 – 29,992


[Force Strike]: Deals 100% physical melee attacks. 10% chance to inflict one additional attack.

[Leap]: Leaps across obstacles towards the target.

Note: Only the strongest warriors may leave the valley to face the trial to become one of the close guards of the Necromancer Lodac.

The soldiers in the field were attacking each other. Swords clashed on as bone fragments were sent flying everywhere. Even though there was no blood to be shed, the battle field was still vicious and filled with intense malice.

"Woah woah! Don't go about fighting like that. If you want to fight, fight us! Don't waste the hard-earn experience points!" cried Wei Yan Er as she saw countless of monsters being cleaved down by their own.

"Calm yourself. Look at the spawning rate," said Zhang Yang as he pointed at the spot where the monsters were killed. The moment a Skeletal Soldier falls, a new one would rise up from the earth to replace it. The number of monsters in the field was constantly being replenished.

"Wow! Look at that speed! If we could just camp here for good, we could gain a Level a day!" cried Wei Yan Er joyfully. By then, with their attack power and their monster killing rate, they could easily match with the monster's spawning rate. In a normal scenario, a player's killing rate would be much faster than the monster's respawn rate. Hence, much of the time spent on grinding was running around to search for more monsters in a new map. Training here would cut down their traveling time down to zero! They could, practically spend just one day to gain a level!

Zhang Yang laughed and shook his head, "It does not work that way I'm afraid. These monsters were fighting each other for a reason. Perhaps, when we enter the field and start killing, they would not be spawning so rapidly."

"What? That's just…It doesn't make sense!" Wei Yan Er pouted disgruntledly.

"Nothing has to. Even if they do not respawn after we kill them, the number of monsters available right now would be plenty enough! Don't be too greedy, little brat!" said Zhang Yang as he maneuvered the Phoenix to kite all the monsters there. The Legendary Beast's defense was so strong that normal monsters could not deal any damage to it.

"Yeah. You mustn't be greedy like a certain someone. He likes to take more than he can hold!" Han Ying Xue muttered angrily.

Zhang Yang signed and frowned. The woman was such a jealous sour patch. So what, if Cheng Xue Yao was beautiful? Zhang Yang only had one overworked cock that had to satisfy two pussies at home! Every single time they jumped on him, they would demand for every single drop of his precious semen. Zhang Yang could swear that one day his balls will shrink back into his pelvis! Even Yu Li, his first love had to wait for more than 10 days to a month to get a chance to be with Zhang Yang! If someone wants to complain, Yu Li should be the first!

To kite all the monsters in the valley in one go, the Phoenix had taken close to 6 minutes to travel back and forth. Any longer than that, and the monster's aggro will drop back to zero.

Keep in mind that the monsters in the valley were all normal tiered. Thousands of them coming in a large swarm would still be lethal. A sea of white skeletal with their eyes glowing bright emerald green flames was not a normal thing to deal with.

"Get behind me!" Zhang Yang cried. Even though there were thousands of enemies, they were all weak. Their attacks were so low that they could not deal any damage to Zhang Yang. For him to tank all the monsters, would be fine but the four other ladies behind him did not have equally high defense. They would die easily if Zhang Yang could not hold the defense line. It was most certainly dangerous, since the Sacred Knight of the Eternal Flame had died in battle.

It was close to impossible to control the aggro of more than thousands of monsters at that moment, without the aid of the Inheritance Transformation. At most, he could control a few nearby monsters around him and let them form a natural barricade to block the monsters behind. However, he would need to look out for monsters that could leap from the back.

When the Phoenix returned, it brought back a party of skeletal soldiers along with him. Zhang Yang consumed a bottle of [Power Potion] and braced for the moment of impact. When the Phoenix returned to his side, Zhang Yang swung the sword horizontally and casted {Horizontal Sweep}.

At then, Zhang Yang's normal attack could instantly kill a normal tier monster with ease. What more of a 200% AoE skill! In an instance, Zhang Yang had instantly crushed more than 10 monsters around him. The skeletal soldiers fell to the ground and were turned into bone powder by the stampede of monsters that moved to the front.

Sadly, even though {Horizontal Sweep} was strong, it was not a penetrative attack type. It had a rather limited strike zone and would not hit an enemy behind it, unlike {Blast Wave} which had a fixed AoE, which was 3 meters in front of Zhang Yang, shaped like a cone. {Blast Wave's} attack was penetrative. That means that all monsters standing in the 3 meter cone shaped AoE will receive damage.

Unfortunately, neither did the {Horizontal Sweep} nor did the {Blast Wave} triggered the sword's echo effect.

"Sigh…Noob tank. Looks like your sword is living up to your name. A noob sword indeed." Wei Yan Er teased Zhang Yang and threw a small handmade bomb that was created by Hundred Shots. The bomb exploded from within the crowd of monsters and dealt 2,000 Fire damage in a 3 x3 meters AoE.

The bomb was a product of the Engineer profession. It cost a rather high amount of money, yet it did come in handy when blasting monsters. Wei Yan Er was a natural born bombardier, hence, her inventory was stuffed full with explosives.

Even though the damage caused by the bomb was low, it did have high attack interval of only 1 second. Basically, a player can keep on bombing the monsters endlessly and cause high cumulative damage. It was especially useful for melee players who could not attack monsters that were out of their range. Might as well use the bomb to attack, since there was nothing that Wei Yan Er could do then.

Everyone was standing with their backs leaning against a side of the mountain. Technically, they were all safe and had only needed to worry about the monsters 180 degrees of their frontal direction. Zhang Yang blasted the monsters with {Blast Wave} and dealt 40,000 over damage, stunning them for 4 seconds.

After being stunned, the monsters behind the stunned monsters leap across them and landed close to Zhang Yang.

The Phoenix opened its fiery beak and blasted a long trail of flame that reached out as far as 30 meters. As the flames surged on, the monsters were burned with 200,000 fire damage and were instantly killed. The moving skeletal soldiers were immediately turned into a pile of scorched bones and gave the party valuable experience points.

"WAHHH! MONEY!" Wei Yan Er cried with pain when she saw the pile of coins kicked around everywhere by the incoming skeletal soldiers. She was infuriated and drew out her axe. She leaped out behind Zhang Yang and kept on throwing bombs as she picked up the coins.

Zhang Yang laughed hysterically and said, "Little brat. Perhaps you could try and join the ISIS for proper bombing lessons!"

"Hehehehe. After that, I will bomb your dog house!" said Wei Yan Er.

"Now that you mention it, how long has it been since you last took care of the dog?!" Zhang Yang sternly scolded.

"Ah…Hmph! Stupid monsters! Kick my coins!? I'll bomb your bones!" Wei Yan Er quickly changed the topic elsewhere and ran away from Zhang Yang. The dog was finally bought by Zhang Yang after being pestered by Wei Yan Er. However, after only three days of playing, the little girls had thrown the dog aside and had refused to take care of the poor canine. If Sun Xin Yu had not been a dear and took good care of the pup, the dog would have long left the house to search for a better owner.

The Phoenix was performing rather strongly at then! Since the Phoenix had activated its Transformation skill, its normal attack had received an extended range boost that increased its attack range to 30 meters. All it took was two seconds, and the entire wave of monsters would be killed instantly. Within a few minutes, all of the monsters that were kited back to Zhang Yang were killed, leaving a pile of shiny equipment and glittering coins.

Normally, the normal tier monster would not drop much equipment, to begin with. Perhaps, out of 100 units, only 1 of them would drop one piece of equipment. However, the number of monsters right then exceeded the thousands!

Sadly, the equipment was left there to collect dust. None of them could spare any time to pick them up. Especially Wei Yan Er and Han Ying Xue, they kept on urging Zhang Yang to quickly kill the monsters to allow them to pick the equipment! If they take too long to kill the monsters, the equipment will eventually disappear!

Hence, after a quick discussion between the two sisters, Han Ying Xue took a large bundle of bombs from Wei Yan Er and participated in the bombing!

"Sigh! Hundred Shots could not be that weak. The bombs he created can only deal 2,000 damage! If only they could deal 20,000 damage, that could be swell!" said Wei Yan Er while sighing.

"Think carefully of what you just said. Making a 2,000 damage bomb would have already burn a hole in his pocket. If he makes a bomb that deals 20,000 damage, that would have cost Hundred Shots' entire fortune!" Zhang Yang laughed.

The bombs can be used to damage targets and had its own independent cooldown system. While using it against multiple targets, it could provide a significant damage. It may be only 2,000 damage, and it was an extremely small number compared to Zhang Yang normal attacks, but for normal players, it was still a number that would make a difference!

Hence, the bombs cost and materials were extremely high, preventing large-scale production.

Wei Yan Er stuck out her tongue at Zhang Yang and said, "Hmph! Uncle Hundred Shots is not like you! A stingy old man!"

"Old man…?" Zhang Yang chuckled awkwardly.

Although the number of monsters was high, their HP were too low, to begin with. Hence, the party split up a little to attack from multiple angles to increase the AoE. By the time the monsters could reach them, they would already be half dead.

After 10 minutes or so, all thousands of monsters in the field were killed, providing a massive boost of experience points to the party. Daffodil Daydream was close to leveling before she had entered the map and after defeating the sea of skeletal soldiers, she had reached Level 150!