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Chapter 708: Violet Scale Spiked-Back Creeper

Chapter 708: Violet Scale Spiked-Back Creeper
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After reaching Level 150, the best thing that they could do then was to equip their Level 170 Holy tier weapons!

Daffodil Daydream was the first to equip hers. She swapped out her old staff for the new [Shadow Lord's Staff] and gained a massive boost to her attack stats. For any class, or any player at all, the best way to gain higher damage was to equip a stronger weapon!

Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er continued to clear the loots on the ground. However, there were drops of more than thousands of monsters. How long would they take to pick them all? In the end, Zhang Yang had only permitted them to loot all the equipment and item. As for the coins, it would be a waste of time, since the total coins they could loot would only sum up to several thousand gold coins. It was a number which was valuable to noob players, but worthless to Zhang Yang and his party.

Although they were greatly disgruntled, it was something that they would have to give up on. The team moved on and left the valley, and proceeded to a lake that was filled with dark water.

The lake was surrounded by high cliffs on both sides. There was no clear land route that circled around it. Furthermore, the map had restricted flight. Flying mounts could only soar to a certain height and glide for a short distance. The only way to cross the lake then, was to swim across.

Zhang Yang summoned the Mythical Turtle. Han Ying Xue had her Crimson Gold Crab, while the others had to rely on [Underwater Breathing Potions] and hitch a ride on both Zhang Yang's and Han Ying Xue's mounts.

After the pets moved into the water, they shot across the water like torpedoes, towards the other end. The problem was that, on land, the lake was so huge that they could not see the other end. Underwater, the vision was shrouded in such darkness that they could not even determine the right direction without resurfacing every once in a while.

Out of the sudden, a shady entity appeared in their line of sight. A long trail of bubbles followed the entity as it broke the water in half, as it traveled like a speeding missile. As it approached the party, the surface of the water burst open like an explosion. A huge four-legged creature revealed itself to stop the party. The creature has a violet scale body and had spikey bones protruding out of its back. The head of the creature was shaped like a duck, and had a flat beak like a platypus. Its long neck was as long as its entire body!

[Violet Scale Spiked-Back Creeper] (Elite, Spectre)

Level: 165

HP: 4,950,000

Defense: 6,640

Melee Attack: 43,947 – 52,947


[Water Impact]: Strikes the water around it and knocks every target within 30 meters of its character for 20 meters back. Deals 40,000 melee attack.

[Spike Pierce]: Fires of the spikes on its back. Randomly targets a single target to deal 150% melee physical attack.

Note: The Creeper was once the Lord of the Lake. However, after the essence of the Spectres corrupted the lake, the beings that live in the lake have turned into fellow Spectres. Losing all sense of pain, the Lord of the Lake only became even stronger and vicious.

When the monster appeared, the first target it attacked was Wei Yan Er. Its massive beak was spread wide open, revealing six eerie rows of sharp teeth, as it sank them into Wei Yan Er's petite body.

"Aiyayaya! Stupid monster! Why are you attacking me first!?" cried Wei Yan Er. She unlatched her axe from behind her back and gave the monster a good swing. As expected of a Berserker. The little girl's strength was a complete mismatch to her timid body. With a powerful swing, she managed to strike the monster back!

Han Ying Xue laughed hysterically and said, "Yan Er, did you know, the only way to get bigger is to have more fat in your body! How are you going to grow cup sizes when you are burning all your fats away?"

"HAN YING XUE! ENOUGH WITH MY FLAT CHEST! I WILL BREAK UP WITH YOU!" The little girl shouted at the top of her lungs. Perhaps it was not just Han Ying Xue, Teasing the little girl about her flat, small, undeveloped chest was also other players hobby.

When the little girl was raging on like a mad king kong, the Creeper grew angrier as well. It was the Lord of the Lake! Its strength and superiority were unmatched to any being that lingered in the lake! To think that it could be slammed back by a timid creature, its anger grew exponentially, as it shrieked in a high pitch cry that was so deafening, even underwater. The Creeper zoomed forward and attacked Wei Yan Er again.

This time, Zhang Yang reacted quickly. With a quick push, the Mythical Turtle shot in front of Wei Yan Er and charged at the monster, stunning him. Zhang Yang hurled his sword downward and cleaved the monster's back.

The Creeper recovered quickly from the stun and charged towards Zhang Yang. Out of the blue, the Creeper rose vertically and slammed downward with such force that Zhang Yang and everyone else was pushed away. They had also taken 40,000 damage.

Even though the battle log had indicated that Zhang Yang had received 40,000 damage, the amount of HP that he lost was only 7,255, due to his overwhelming defense and damage absorption. Swiftly, Zhang Yang used {Charge Up Strike} and landed a {God of War Heavy Axe}!


An impressive damage text floated upwards the monster, which was equivalent to almost 20% of its HP. Even though the monster's description had mentioned that the monster would not feel pain, the essence of life that was hacked away from it was enough to cause it to rage on furiously.

"Woohoo! Dummy is getting stronger!"

"Wow. If guild master could equip the Ascended tier weapon, would the damage go up as high as 2 million, with {Charge Up Strike}?"

Back then, during the war in Emerald Kingdom, Zhang Yang had taken the chance to land the killing blow towards the King and managed to collect an Ascended tier two-handed axe. Sadly, the axe would have to wait until Zhang Yang reaches Level 180 before he can equip it.

"Oh yeah! Noobie tank is hiding that Ascended axe! Come on! Give it up!" Wei Yan Er eyes glinted with joy and greed. The little troublemaker was almost craving for a stronger weapon in order to have a stronger attack power than Zhang Yang.

"Don't even think about it!" said Zhang Yang almost immediately before Wei Yan Er could reach out. It was one of his goals to equip a Level 180 Ascended tier weapon in order to surpass his former self when he was only Level 179 before he "died". To pass the threshold was to enter a new realm, a checkpoint of strength!

"Hmph! Stingy!" Wei Yan Er muttered. However, when she turned back her head to Zhang Yang, the next utterance was simply too shocking to believe. "How bout a kiss to change your mind?" Wei Yan Er even attempted a seductive wink. There was some kind of expression on her that was rather enticing.

Zhang Yang nearly choked on his own breath. He quickly turned around and saw that Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, and Daffodil Daydream had the same darkened expression. All of them had assumed that he was some kind of lolicon pervert, tricking Wei Yan Er! As quickly as his reaction speed could be, Zhang Yang quickly turned to the little girl and said, "Little brat! I'm warning you! Watch what you're saying there! I'm the one that will be in trouble!"

Han Ying Xue ignored Zhang Yang and grabbed Wei Yan Er. "Yan Er, did that dummy did anything to you? Anything at all!?"

A little surprised, Wei Yan Er shook her head and explained, "No. But he has always been bullying me. Calling me names like, brat and little girl. He even said that I was a naughty girl! He cursed me, saying that I will never be able to grow my chest! What a bastard! Punish him!"

Zhang Yang nearly cracked out a laugh, but resisted it, as the tension of the atmosphere was truly a bad timing to do so.

"Well then, where did you learn how to kiss?"

"Huh? Kiss? I've never kiss before. At most, I'll kiss you on the cheek. That's all. It was just a method I learned from the girls back in the university dorm. They said it was a good way to make guys bow down to their wishes! Sigh…Looks like Noobie Tank was too good…that or…noobie tank is a girl!?"

Zhang Yang frowned furiously and ignored the monster for a moment to give the little girl a good rap on her head.

"Wei Yan Er! You're coming back to the house! You are not allowed to stay in the university dormitory! Bloody hell! What on earth are you learning there!? Everyone agrees?" said Zhang Yang.

"Yes." Han Ying Xue, Sun Xin Yu, and even Daffodil Daydream nodded their head in unison.

The battle did not take too long, and before they knew it, Zhang Yang had landed the killing blow. The Creeper turned belly up, floating to the surface for a while before sinking back deep into the lake. Wei Yan Er rubbed her head in pain as she quickly swam to the dead body to loot all the items before they sunk in along with the body.

Not too far from the first fight with the Creeper, another similar Creeper emerged out of the depths and attacked the party. The battle continued on but had only dragged the time Zhang Yang and the party to move forward.

The map was too large, to begin with. Half a day later, they could not even see the end of the lake, for the hue of the water was too dark! Zhang Yang grunted with annoyance and checked the world map. Lo and behold, they were only a little more than a quarter of the distance from the end! Since it will be a while before they could finish the map, they logged off together and Zhang Yang went for a quick exercise. Sun Xin Yu and Han Ying Xue both were awake at the moment and followed him to the gym to workout. The difference between them however was, one was training to maintain an optimal fighting condition, while the other two were just stretching out to maintain a slim waist and ample breast to butt ratio.

After the workout session, Zhang Yang left to the office to sign a bunch of papers. After a quick swish and flick of his magnificent ball pen, Zhang Yang logged into the game. The four ladies had already started off without him. When Zhang Yang logged in, Han Ying Xue had quickly cried out for him to hurry over. Since Zhang Yang was not present then, Han Ying Xue had used Messick as a replacement for the tank. The pervert scoundrel had been going on with his foul mouth, which was surprisingly effective at making the monsters attacking him alone. Too bad, even the ladies that he was supposed to protect were disgusted at his foul mouth!

When Zhang Yang arrived, Han Ying Xue immediately unsummoned Messick. Only then, the ladies in the party could calm down.

The party continued on forward and only managed to clear half of the massive lake by noon! They had to log out to continue later after lunch. Naturally, Zhang Yang had to have his lunch in the company's cafeteria with the 6 super beautiful secretaries. One would feed him while the other would ask to be fed. It was like a plaything for a King! Sadly, Zhang Yang was not enjoying the blissful moment that 99% of the men in the world would enjoy. Zhang Yang could not help but suspect that every rich man in the world would face similar treatment. Who on earth would want that!?

After lunch, Zhang Yang returned to his office for some real work. As usual, he was handed over a bunch of papers to sign. Zhang Yang had ordered important documents to be handed to him as a priority to allow him to finish his work as soon as possible, to not interrupt his gaming time!

Just the black water lake alone had taken the party close to one whole day and one whole night in real time. Only 24 hours later, the party had managed to cross the lake and walked on the land at the other side. Thankfully, the abundance of monsters and their incredible amount of experience had allowed Han Ying Xue and Wei Yan Er to gain a level. Zhang Yang and Sun Xin Yu were still at the same level, but gained so much experience points that they could gain a Level in just a half a day's time.

At the other end of the lake, there was a triangular, steep cliff. In its side was the entrance of a cave.

The party did not hesitate to move on. With Zhang Yang taking the lead, the party entered the cave, one after another. Since the cave was considered an indoor environment, everyone's pet, except for Zhang Yang's Phoenix was automatically unsummoned. At that moment, Zhang Yang's skill {Beast Taming} was greatly admired by everyone.

As he recalled, there were only 20 or more [Indistinct Skill Books] in his previous life. Moreover, the skill {Beast Taming} had appeared more often than the rest. However, the chance of getting the skill book was almost the same as striking a 5 million dollar lottery ticket!

The cave led them downward. As they ventured deeper, the walls of the cave started to turn to dirt to hot molten lava. The entire cavern system was brightly lit up by the intense, red-hot glow of the molten rocks. As the temperature grew higher, everyone started to sweat like pigs, their faces glistering with sweat!

"If only Sister Daffy is a Cryomancer! She could conjure some ice to reduce the heat around here!" said Wei Yan Er.

"It's better to just get on with the place!"

Everyone sped up and heard a bird's cawing sound. Seven oddly large crimson birds emerged from the flowing lava and charged towards the party.

[Adult Crimson Fire Crow] (Elite, Beast)

Level: 170

HP: 5,100,000

Defense: 7,000

Magic Attack: 25,048 – 35,048


[Fire Breath]: Spews a trail of fire, dealing 200% Magic Fire Attack to a target. If the target carries the effect of {Flare}, damage is increased by 50%.

[Flare]: Blasts a wave of flame, 30 meters around the caster. Stuns all target for 3 seconds and deals additional 50,000 Fire damage within 15 seconds.

Note: Born of hot molten lava, the Crimson Fire Crows are vicious and wild beasts. They attack in groups and could even defeat large monsters, such as the Violet Scale Spiked-Back Creeper!